Love & Death On The Pokemon World

BY : Wendell Urth
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Part 3: Mandatory Conjugal Visits

The climax of the trail was supposed to be Jessie’s testimony. The news media had leaked stories of secret societies, vast international conspiracies and black ops teams financed by international criminal rings & terrorists. That was the reason for the lackluster defense up until that point. It was to lull the prosecution into a false sense of security.

She was pale woman. Her hair had been cut short, punk style. Actually, most of it had been burnt off in the fire – it wasn’t another bad fashion choice though the media portrayed it that way. She wore too much makeup. The jury didn’t like her. She made it obvious she didn’t like them. She smiled at the wrong times. She was aloof. Juries hate that. The fact that she was dosed with pain killers and anti-depressants to keep her conscious during the long days never came up.

She was the only defense witness on the list. When she was called to the stand the bailiff held out his holy book for her to recite the oath. She placed her hand on the Helix Bible and said in a low voice, “Prepare for trouble…”

It took her 22 seconds. Stunned silence in the court room. Then she sat back down at the defense table and never said another word.

Ash fled the courtroom.

The news media played the oath over and over and over again. They compared it with many other recordings on file of Jessie and James’ motto. Editing always kept her on the screen and James & Meowth off.

The average run time was 26 seconds, PhD’s with degrees in arts & crafts explained how her ‘speedy’ 22 courtroom rendition was a clear sign of sociopathic deviance.

Popular unemployed political analysts said it was the last defiant oath of a failed revolutionary.

Police officials from towns no one ever heard of said it was clear admission of guilt.

Church officials without parishes or congregations blasted her for trying to make a mockery of religion.

Doctors with impressive degrees in dentistry and podiatry criticized the psychology of allowing unsupervised children to wander the forests, engaging in mock battles.

A Pokemon battle expert who never actually participated in a match (he had a deathly phobia of intelligent animals) used the trial to try to have Pokemon outlawed, though how that could be done since Pokemon outnumbered humans by 50 to 1, was never discussed. After the interview he broke an ankle running away from a toy piplup.

Did anyone other than Ash notice the slurred speech, the wooden expression and hear her stumble when she said “And make it double”?

It took four hours for the jury to come back with a verdict. Jessie’s defense attorney claimed that as a victory. The truth was that the jury just wanted to squeeze one more free lunch out of the state. They found her guilty by voice vote in the first two minutes. Then they played cards until lunch arrived.

Sentencing was automatic. The death penalty was invoked. There was no appeal.


“I don’t understand this con, congrual…” said Ash with anger

“Mandatory conjugal visit?” said the Prosecutor with a smile.

“Yeah, Brock explained it to me. We’re not married and you can’t force me. Besides, I’m a kid.”

“Look Mr. Ketchum… Can I call you Ash? Please?”

A reluctant “OK.”

“Ash, when a minor freely goes on a Pokémon training journey, he becomes exempt from certain protections of the law. It’s one of our oldest traditions. You were eleven when you began your travels. You automatically became emancipated. At the same time, you took on the responsibilities of an adult.”

“But I’m not married to… to her.” Ash heard the note of fear in his own voice, he hated whining but couldn’t seem to control himself.

The Prosecutor smiled. He knew the boy was filled with anger directed at him, but the Prosecutor was winning him over. The boy was raised without a father in the home. Except during Pokémon battles when he was filled with rage and confidence, he tended to become submissive around other men, manipulative men like Brock & James. The Prosecutor was ambitious and had no qualms about using this boy for his own ends… like Brock and James. He had seen the videos of Ash & James; he was already an expert in manipulating people.

“I don’t think your friend Brock really explained Mandatory Conjugal Visits to you. It goes back thousands of years to a time when long prison sentences, and yes, the death penalty was more common.” He waited for the explosion.

“You’re going to kill her. It was an accident; she didn’t mean to kill him.” Ash cried out.

“I know you believe that right now,” cutting off Ash. Placing a kindly arm on the boy’s shoulder, “I know you want to see the good in her, but the jury decided. They heard the evidence, they heard you. She never defended herself. Your own friend saw her put the explosive gas in the balloon. Ash, it wasn’t an accident. You know that.”


“Was your friend Misty lying?” Then forcefully, “Is she a liar?!”

“No… I guess…”

The Prosecutor looked deeply into the boy’s eyes. “Almost there”, he thought. "Let me go on. Please. Is that OK with you?”

Numbly, Ash nodded.

He handed the boy some water, Ash took it gratefully, “Thank you,” he said.

“Bingo” thought the Prosecutor

“Years ago when someone was in prison for a long time it was decided that as a mercy to their families we would allow wives to join husbands… and yes, sometimes husbands to join wives for brief intimate periods. It was considered humane, a comfort for both.”

Before the boy could object again, he gently squeezed his shoulder. The Prosecutor knew that the boy was helpless to the touch of ‘caring’ adult. “Do you think it was fair that only married prisoners should be allowed that comfort? What about common law companions?”

Sullenly, “I don’t know... “

“Ash, your parents were a common law couple. Did you know that?” Ash nodded; the Prosecutor knew he did. “He was good man, your father, but you know he did some things he shouldn’t have.” Ash nodded reluctantly. The Prosecutor knew the boy had to be honest with himself.

“If he had gone to prison, and you know that would have been a possibility, would it have been fair to deny him a conjugal visit with your mother because they were never legally married? Do you think that would have been fair?”

“No, I guess that wouldn’t be fair.”

“Same sex companions? Back then marriage was forbidden to gay couples.”

“No,” Ash said, “No. that wouldn’t be fair. But she and I… I mean us, we never…”

The Prosecutor continued, “And what about people who had no mates, no companions or even no friends? There were… there are… a lot of lonely people who did things they shouldn’t, was it fair to them facing long sentences or facing the loss of their lives without someone to comfort them? You don’t have to answer, I think I know how you feel.”

He continued, “Back then it was considered an honor to be chosen to comfort someone about to face death. We call it ‘mandatory’, but it isn’t, not anymore. No one is going to force you. But it’s a sacred duty Ash. A blessing to someone who is alone with no friends and no hope.”

There were tears in the boy’s eyes. “Good,” the Prosecutor thought.

“I know you see good in her. I think if you feel this way… maybe I can see it too.” He paused for effect. “She’s asked for you, Ash. No one else. Just you, to share her final moments.”

“But… Misty & Brock, they wouldn’t like…”

The Prosecutor was ready for this. It was a gamble, but worth the risk “Let me show you something.”

The boy was crying now, betrayed. Betrayed again by people he cared for.

Misty, naked in the grass, slowly lowering her head, teasing, tasting Brock’s cock. He rubbed it across her lips, she laughed. He slapped it once, twice across her cheeks… Her mouth opened to receive him.

Another scene. Ash recognized the lake in the background... last year… Misty ran to a tree and turned to face her pursuer. She smiled, slowly unclipping one of the suspenders from her cut offs. Brock’s hands on her, stroking her face, his fingers going to her mouth. She kissed them. She licked them and sucked them into her mouth, drawing them in slowly. Her shorts sliding down her legs. Panties seeming to float downwards, following in slow motion. Brock kissing her as his hand reached down, down. Stroking her skin. Leaving damp trails on her naked thigh. Then one finger probed, danced, and then drove inwards. Again, and again. Then two fingers, Misty screaming silently. She lifted her leg. Three fingers.

The Prosecutor stopped the video. Misty’s silent scream, Brock's leer. “Son, are you really worried about what ‘they’ would like you to do?” He waited.

Ash tried to look away, but couldn’t.

“There is still a way to save Jessie’s life. Get her to save her own life, actually. But only you can do it. I can’t force you. The judge can’t force you. I wouldn’t try to force you if I could. That would be wrong. But if you do this, you can save her life.” The Prosecutor waited, his hand gently massaging the boy’s shoulder.

“What… what would I have to do… to save her life?

The Prosecutor brought out a green card. Dull green. Muddy green

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