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“You assume that I am not a minor then,” L replies without hesitation.


“It is true I can see your life span,” she replies, “but you are right
– I can’t see your age.”

She can see his life span then. Isn't that interesting.

She volunteers other information as well, all of which L takes with
a grain of salt but which he nevertheless keeps in mind.

“We must be careful,” he explains to the task force later, “a deliberate
request to help us capture the third Kira may well conceal some motive
in the means of collaboration.”

He isn’t at all sure of what shinigami are and aren’t capable, but he
understands that even now Misa will go to any extent to help Light, who
has been unsettlingly silent since his arrest. L truly begins to wonder
whether the two communicate in some way and what dangers await the task
force upon following a death Goddess in the hunt against the third Kira.

Light murmurs a warning of disapproval against L’s hand when he wakes
later that night to the unwelcome sensation of being carried.

Shhh…” L quiets him, “this will only take a moment. Please be
patient, Yagami-kun.”

Light can feel the slender fingers fumbling with his wrists, and then
comes the rapid slip of metal as his watch falls to the mattress.

“Ryuuzaki, what are—?”

“Can you tell me about this watch, Light?”

The handcuffs, of course, remain securely in place as L examines and
fumbles with the watch behind Light’s back, ultimately finding how to open
and close the secret compartment. There’s a latch and a clasp and also
several tiny bolts and screws that come out and in, and one very long,
thin metal rod that L slides out with a great deal of curiosity.

I wonder

Light remains silent, and doesn’t yield even when, following a quiet
apology, L reaches from behind Light’s back and closes his fingers on the
clasp of his belt.

His breath hitches when the slender fingers delicately unfasten the
buckle and reach tentatively for the copper underside

L’s wrists move swiftly with gentle patience, eliciting no reaction
from Light save the occasional uncomfortable gasp, and L tells him he hopes
to be finished soon.

The belt clasp appears entirely ordinary, as do the contents of Light’s
pockets, as well as—

The fingers run under the blindfold and then down Light’s face and against
his mouth, protruding inward with careful attention and then—

“Please open, Light-kun.”

Light refuses, and, with a genuine attempt at gentleness, L forces past
the clasped jaws and presses downward against the molars, eliciting an
unintentional whine of desperation from Light, whose eyes are beginning
to tear now.

“Shh, just please calm down,” L murmurs against the curve of his ear,
now pressing upward at the roof of his mouth. When at last comes the warm
wetness of tears against the back of L’s wrist, he cannot help but wrinkle
his brow with regret, gently withdrawing and allowing Light to exhale.

His breaths come slow and echo with the broken tremble of shame when
the hands he can’t see shift against the protrusions of his vertebrae and
the alternating ridges of ribs to the manubrium of the sternum and back,
until at last they slide away. His lips press together tightly in defiance
of the tears still trailing his face, and L closes his hand around Light’s
rigid palm in silence.

He understands now that they aren’t really tears of shame but rather

L, do you know?

L turns Light’s palms in his hands and runs his fingers along the slender
digits, holding them by their tips and inspecting the nails.

And there it is.

Sure enough, there’s a fine powder coating the underside of his nails
– Light gasps when L brings his fingers to his face and inhales tentatively;
perhaps an explosive or some kind of inflammable substance.

I’m not doing this because I want to.

The shinigami does, in fact, direct the task force toward someone she
claims is the third Kira – some guy named Higuchi from the Yotsuba corporation.
She mustn’t really leave his side, but she nevertheless spends some time
with L and the others to explain how they should go about capturing Higuchi.
After they have all touched the paper and acknowledged her existence, she
tells them about the Death Note and the shinigami eyes – he doesn’t have
them, she says, so he cannot see the names as she does. When they come,
she will stay by his side as to avoid drawing suspicion, and they will
find his Death Note as proof.

The fact that they’ve already begun suspecting Yotsuba gives validity
to Misa’s claim; but when the task force members arrive as she has directed,
one by one they fall astonished to the ground – Mr.Yagami, Aizawa, Mogi
– all except L, who rushes in to find Higuchi grasping his desk in a cold
sweat. He had just made the eye deal when he saw them coming, but for some
reason he could not kill them all; it is now Higuchi against L, who had
lost any trust he had in Misa. So will those remaining at the main building
when they realize the magnitude of the tragedy that occurred today, and
they will definitely not release Light.

Mid-struggle, Higuchi doubles over, staring vacantly as he collapses
to the floor; Misa follows, disintegrating to dust and sand and, with her
dying breath, whispers,

Burn it.

Only L remains, frozen in shock and staring down into the ashen remains.

Sure enough, there lies a small black booklet in the dust, and when
L picks it up and begins paging through it, he cannot read the writing;
a different language. His attention is drawn to a second notebook lying
open on the desk – this one is labeled Death Note in English, as Misa had
told them earlier, and there really are names inside – written in Japanese.

She really did mean to help them; while he cannot read the first book,
L understands that she must have written Higuchi's name there - and this
somehow ended her own existence, as well. That is, she gave up her life
for this, and knowingly so, he thinks. As he reads through the last several
names written in the notebook, he understands that Light had saved him
a second time. His name is written there together with the other members’
– but the notebook was rendered useless in his case.

Kira cannot exist without shinigami.

These awful notebooks must be destroyed.

“Light,” L’s voice issues forth strained and hoarse. He stands outside
the cell, defenseless and unstable, the notebooks hanging limp from his

Light is quiet as usual.

L had read through the notebook labeled Death Note and found many rules
written in English inside. One referred specifically to destruction of
the booklet and claimed that all who had contacted it would die in such
an event. Another stated that someone who used the notebook must write
names continuously for thirteen days or face death. The shinigami never
told them about these rules, and he shuddered to think the chaos and tragedy
they’ve experienced resulted from meticulously-planned instructions. Whatever

Had he destroyed the notebook, would he survive, considering it was
rendered useless against him? Who else had touched it? Higuchi was already
dead, and so was Misa. If Light had used this notebook, would he die in
such an event?

Burn it, Misa said before she met her demise; it was inconceivable
to think she would endanger Light. She took her very life for him.

And the inflammable powder hidden under Light’s nails may well have
been a means intended for destroying the notebook were it found on him.

Light, himself, had confessed to being Kira – and he did not die after
going far more than thirteen days without using the Death Note. The rules
must be at least partly false.

“Light-Kun,” L tries again, and now Light raises his chin, and then
actually rises from the bench and paces blindly toward the cell bars.

He can’t see through the blindfold, but in the cool darkness he hears
the hissing flicker of matches, then the echo of blaze followed by the
familiar warmth of fire. His face cringes almost in pain, fingers wrapped
around the steel bars a safe distance away from L and the burning booklets.

L has burned the torn piece of note, as well, and he looks from the
crackling flames toward the cell, searching for any changes in Light, who
continues standing eerily quiet on the other side of the bars.

His first words when, fingers trembling, L reaches into the cell and
pulls the blindfold down from his eyes, come distant and awkward,

Find it before I do.”

Light squints, his eyes unused to the brightness in the room, and he
knows something terrible has happened.

Through the bars, he collapses, shivering, against L’s form, and he
has grown decidedly thinner and weaker. L’s long arms come around the frail
body and grasp it as it falls; he is still alive.

“What will we do now?” L thinks aloud, is it over? Higuchi and Misa
are dead, and the Death Notes have been destroyed. Nearly everyone on the
task force has died, as well.

Light draws away from L slowly and raises his eyes to his.

Something terrible has happened.

“I’m sorry, Light-Kun,”

L says very quietly,

“Police Chief Yagami has died.”



To be continued…


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