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And to make matters worse, L sleeps with Kira.

Like, really sleeps with him, in the full sense of the word.
There’s a room for Near and Mello, together, as if, almost mocking, L is
testing to see just how well the two can tolerate one another, and when
he allows them to retire for the night, he leaves for Kira’s room. The
one where they saw him sleeping earlier.

With all the cameras still on.

This, Mello decides, goes far beyond merely allowing him to live. L
is gentle with Light,  affectionate almost, and even though, alert
as ever, he doesn’t release the younger boy or let him out of his sight,
when he removes the iron shackle, he binds him to himself, instead.

It’s repulsive.

“Why are you watching that if it only makes you mad?” Near murmurs matter-of-factly
as he walks past.

“I—I don’t care! What business is it of yours, anyway…?!”

Near doesn’t need to reply; he’s made his point, and, besides, he all
but comes equipped with the most infuriating of smiles, charged so much
with sarcasm and ridicule that at times it seemed to Mello he’s practically
begging to be punched.

And then there’s the monitor screen.

Why. What. How. How can something like this be possible? Is this simply
because Mello doesn’t understand well enough what L has figured out? Why
are they friends? Is he that far impressed by Light?

He can’t show L how far affected he’s become. He can’t lose his focus;
he hasn’t come this far just to become emotionally involved. He’s going
to get that notebook, himself.

No, he shouldn’t do anything rash; he knows better than to try something
L has undoubtedly thought of already and has clearly decided against.

L has conducted a full search of Light’s clothing and person, which
has produced only this extract. While there were notes and pieces here
and there, there were no other traces belonging specifically to the
third book

And apparently, the extract alone isn’t enough to allow any person to
see a death God—it doesn’t even seem to be enough to fully restore Light’s
own memory.

Later still into the night, Light awakens to find his mouth covered
by Mello’s hand. Entirely calm, he says nothing, and merely raises an eyebrow,
eyes rolling in the boy’s general direction.

“Enough of this bullshit,” Mello whispers, “you’re gonna tell me what
you know.”

There’s a gun trained on the side of Light’s head, that, apparently,
Mello has managed to procure, and he’s also managed to pick the lock on
the handcuffs binding the two.

Polite and compliant, Light nods his head and raises his hands in surrender
as the younger boy leads him out of the room.

Light knows that Mello isn’t going to kill him. Although they haven’t
been formally introduced, Light knows he needs him, they all do. And also,
he’s not going to tell them where it is—and there’s nothing any of them
can do about it.

In fact, Light is smiling behind Mello’s palm, because at last he’s
been released.

When the hand comes off, seductive as ever, he grins coyly, “you must
be working with us to get the third book,” he says, rubbing at the back
of his wrist where the cuff had been. “You must know that I’m Kira, then.”

Mello’s eyes widen, gun still at full aim.

“And you must know I’m completely innocuous without the notebook.”

“I’ll do the talking,” Mello hisses, and suddenly, eyes narrowing, he
glares directly at Light,

“You know where it is.”

Light is actually smiling, and in the calmest of voices, replies, “I
can completely understand why you would think so.”

He’s almost as aggravating as Near.

No—he’s even more aggravating than Near.

“I’m sure Ryuuzaki has explained to you that I’m working together with
you toward this goal.”

The mention of L all but infuriates Mello, who, almost unconsciously,
lashes at the older boy and slams him against the wall.

“If you think L is stupid enough,” Mello whispers in anger, “to believe
that you’re working with him on anything, then you have another
thing coming!”

“Please calm down,” Light whispers, fascinatingly composed and pleasant,
“I wholly regret that I haven’t got anything to tell you that you don’t
already know. I don’t expect you to trust me, but think of Ryuuzaki’s reaction
to this. If truly you suspect me, shouldn’t you have me bound again?”

Such an insult.

L is mine.

“I’m not buying that for a second,” Mello replies, and down come his
hands on Light’s wrists, slamming him against the hard floor.

To be continued…







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