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No human who uses the Death note may go to heaven or hell – that
is, when they die, humans who used the death note become shinigami.

There is at the body’s disposal a variety of sensory receptors, all
comprised of axonal nerve endings specialized in one way or another. These
range from tactile mechanoreceptors to visual photoreceptors to pain-sensitive
nocioceptors; the Death Note works not by means of one but rather a combination
of two types of sensory receptors, these being olfactory chemoreceptors
together with vascular baroreceptors. While the baroreceptors – which sense
variation in blood pressure – dominate here, chemoreceptors exert a subtle
but fundamental effect in the sense that, both evolutionarily and neurologically,
olfaction is the sense most closely associated with emotional memory.

This is what happens now, and this is what sends Light ever so subtly
into a panic when, upon slipping unto the floor, his hand triggers the
lever and latch of a secret compartment in his watch, revealing a seemingly
innocuous but nevertheless potent slip of paper which, like practically
everything else in the universe, is a source of airborne particles. And,
like everything else incompletely sealed away, it hasn’t entirely prevented
the outward diffusion of said particles – particularly not now that its
compartment has been opened entirely.

This, of course, is unknown to Light, L, and most likely anyone and
everyone who has ever used the Death Note, but the effect is nevertheless
real and potent. Light hasn’t touched the paper yet, but he stares down
at it in curious alarm. Frighteningly, it almost seems right to him that
a slip of paper should be so deliberately hidden away in his watch.

“Ryuuzaki,” his voice is hoarse and broken as he pulls himself, naked
and wet, from inbetween L’s arms, “now. Do it now.”

L rises to his knees, and before Light’s next words come forth, he has
the boy’s wrists bound together behind his back.

“Listen closely,” Light breathes, “It’s true that I’m Kira. And Misa
Amane is the second Kira. You have to arrest us both. Separately.”

He bites his own lips hard enough to draw blood. L doesn’t hesitate,
and within seconds he has Light bound and cuffed and, as Light asks next,

“And blindfold me so I can’t see. This is especially true for Misa.
She can see the names.”

Naked as the day he was born, L leads Light, cuffed and bound, back
to the cell from which he was released only a week or so before.

“Is there anything else you remember?” L asks, having definitely noticed
the open watch compartment but not yet sure whether to take it away quite

Light thinks. “Not so much that I remember as what I can figure out.”

“Then you don’t remember how you killed them?”

Silence. Of course, L does not believe everything Light tells him, but
it’s more convincing than anything else he’s said because it’s in accurate
accordance with L’s previous deductions, and he plans to give it time.
Besides, it was hardly conceivable that deliberately asking to be placed
under arrest and surveillance without chance to communicate would help
Light and Misa execute some secret plan. L is going to think about this.

The last thing Light says before the beginning of a long silence is
cryptic and intriguing:

"If you write it four times," Light murmrs, and L thinks he would be
looking directly at him were he not blindfolded, "and you write it wrong--then
it's rendered useless."

Rem, of course, is very unhappy, and when at last Light’s skin comes
in direct contact with the slip of paper in his watch, he understands that
there is out there a death God very upset with him and very close to bringing
him to an even earlier execution than he is about to receive.

It is Misa, however, whose memory is deliberately restored by virtue
of this death God, herself, who asks Rem to spare Light.

They are both now facing the death penalty regardless, and head cocked
oddly against one arm, L gazes absently into Light’s cell, aware of a change
that had taken place and not exactly sure what and how.


(To be continued)

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