L x Light

BY : Genevieve
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Warning: contains a spoiler about L's name


It can't be helped.

Even while he knows Light is Kira, even while he knows that Light wants
his life, L finds himself somehow affected, head resting defenselessly
in Light's lap, kneeling silently on the stone floor before him while he

He's even gone so far as to dress a cut on Light's thigh one night –
his own doing – which sends Light into a startled wake, and, staring uselessly
through his blindfold, Light asks,

"What are you doing, Ryuuzaki?"

L swallows quietly and replies,

"I'm dressing your cut, Light-kun,"

And Light stiffens rapidly at the feel of lips against his thigh.

"I'll give you a massage, too," he continues, strangely melancholy,
"I'm pretty good at that."

Light gasps, clearly uncomfortable but nevertheless reserved. "Do whatever
you want," comes the reply.

There is a tender agony in L's manner and the way his thin fingers handle
Light which Kira bears silently, uncomfortably reluctant to acknowledge
the affection attempting so painfully to gnaw at his lack of remorse.

While it's true that Light is Kira, there was also in him desire enough
to give his own life to save L, and the undeniable sacrifice and determination
there haunt L through tremors and terrible dryness in his throat.

While Light is bound, blindfolded, and has, for all intents and purposes,
reached a dead end, he is nevertheless somehow the more dignified of the
two, because he remains elegantly calm at the mercy of the heartbroken
tenderness bestowed upon him, both heart and flesh. He shudders silently
when it's finished, raising L's chin upward with a cuffed hand.

"You're all wet," he says with a cold gentleness.

There are tears in L's eyes that Light can't see, and, very quietly,
L replies,

"I'm sorry," and Light wipes at his lips with an awkward digit.

He sleeps at Light's side, head in his lap, nearly every night, and
when at last he decides to examine the secret watch compartment and the
paper within, it is neither Ryuk nor Rem who reveal themselves, but rather
Misa Amane, who had taken her own life by deliberate asphyxiation on food.

At the time, Matsuuda, who witnessed this through a monitor, had run
in to her defense, but she had deliberately clenched her jaws shut that
he may not reach beyond to clear the airway.

As rightful owner of the Death Note, she had taken place as shinigami.
Sorrow had taken its toll on her, and, on the verge of collapse in cold
sweat, Ryuuzaki stares ahead, just barely recognizing the apparition before

"I hope you understand, L. Lawliet," she says, addressing him by his
real name for the first time, "that changes should be made in Light's sentence."

L chokes.

"What's happened to you…? What do you plan to do?"

"I'm prepared to kill you personally. I could do so right now."

There's an icy seriousness to her he has never seen before.

"I pursue this mission at the risk of my life," he replies when at last
he can find his voice.

She has never seen him so terrified.

"I continue to support Kira," her voice is like a distant echo of whispers,
"and I'm prepared to help him at all costs."

"How—" L murmurs almost inaudibly, "how does he—how do you carry out
the murders?"

Silence as she considers.

"I may give you information," she says, and her voice writhes with foreign
dignity and intelligence, "in return to repeal his sentence."

To be continued…


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