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“Tell me, then. What do you make of this?”

L has chosen both Near and Mello as his successors. Despite competition
all but bred into them by virtue of the race for the position, they have
managed to work impressively well together on the project he gave them.

He didn’t tell them everything; they deduced a great deal on their own.

He made it clear that they are to share the role and that if something
were to happen to one, the other would lose his place, as well; this is
proof, Mello thinks, that he doesn’t trust them entirely to work together

“The purpose of these notebooks,” Near says quietly, “is to allow for
new shinigami to come about.”

L thought of this, as well.

“But the reason that shinigami exist – who knows.”

“So there is a third book,” Mello interjects, “and if we were to find
it—wherever it is—that might be a way to talk to a shinigami.”

He likes that he managed to impress L. He likes that L specifically
asked them to come to Japan to meet with him. That he asked their opinion
on the Kira matter, no less.

He doesn’t like that he has to share the position with Near. It almost
makes the position as L’s successor somewhat of a punishment – having to
work with Near for the rest of his life.

“Come with me, please,” L says as he unfolds his long legs from his
chair and steps down to the floor, and the boys follow.

Where are we going? Mello thinks to ask, but he already knows.

It’s the control room, the one with all the television monitors, and
L directs their attention to one.

Near remains expressionless, but Mello’s eyes go big.

“This is Kira,” L says quietly.

Light is almost angelic as he sleeps, all but oblivious to the shackles
securing him in place, freshly washed hair scattering across the sheets

This is Kira, Mello thinks in astonishment, he’s got Kira
right there in that room. He’s not killing him because he needs him to
find the third notebook.

“Kira is wet,” he finds himself murmuring, and, suddenly charged with
strange envy, he also finds that he loathes him from the very bottom of
his heart.

“He doesn’t remember everything,” L says, and Near nods, “this is because
he relinquished ownership of the notebook—but he kept parts.”

“That’s right,” L replies, “there was a small note in his watch that
belonged to one of the books and powder under his nails that is probably
from the third notebook.”

“It’s specifically from the third one because he mentioned a name that
probably belongs to a death god—and not the death god you saw before,”
says Near, and, unbeknownst to himself, Mello grits his teeth.

“Two names,” comes L’s voice, “Rem and Ryuk. Specificlaly, not Rem;

“Three notebooks, three names,” says Mello, but L comments that it isn’t
quite that simple. Misa, he remembers, had two notebooks of her own: one
that she had while she was alive, plus a second one she gained upon becoming
a death Goddess.

“But if it was under his nails up until now, then he was touching it.
Then how is it that he doesn’t remember everything?”

“Maybe he does,” L replies, “or maybe it’s not concentrated enough.
Maybe it was mixed with something else; either way, he remembers some things.”

And Light – oh, Light is not innocent. Of course, he doesn’t like being
bound and at the mercy of L and whoever else might be watching through
the cameras that undoubtedly jut out from every crevice in the foundation.

L has found the powder; L knows it’s from the third book. He’s going
to ask Light to help him find it, but even after he does, Light can’t use
the notebook to kill L. He doesn’t want to; what he wants is to get the
notebook for himself and make L forget.

That is, to give the notebook to someone else.

This isn’t about my personal feelings, he remembers hearing someplace
in the forgotten passageways of his mind, and indeed, it isn’t; he must
do this for the sake of justice.

“He’s going down so fast,” Mello hisses, and L raises his eyebrows.
“Oh, we’re not going to kill him.”

“Yeah, I know, I mean—I mean after we destroy the third book.”

“You seem quite intent on the matter, Mello-Kun.”

Mello blushes anxiously. “W—what do you mean? You weren’t going to kill

L’s black eyes roll up and to the left and suddenly he seems deep in
thought. “It’s like Mello said,” he replies, “the real issue lies in the
notebooks. What we need to do is to destroy them and make him forget.”

And all it takes to push Mello just right over the top is a smug little
smile from Near following L’s comment.



To be continued...

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