Eyes of the Dragon

BY : Darkephoenix
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She stood at the edge of the pool, watching as one by one images flashed past at an almost dizzying rate. Putting one clawed hand above the water she stopped the flow of pictures, holding one stationary as she perused it. Lips drew back from incredibly sharp teeth and she hissed in anger at the image. One by one she advanced the images, trying to get the full impact of the scene and growing more incensed as each went by. As the last of the pictures skittered by she gripped the edge of the gazing pool hard enough to crack the white tile surrounding it.

“Something disturbs you, my Lady?” the slender, androgynous being behind her asked.

“It does,” she growled.

“How may I be of service to you?”

She waved her hand and a full three dimensional portrait of an individual came into view. “At the current moment they have no real concept of suffering. I intend to correct that oversight so they are intimately acquainted with it.”

“It will be as you wish, my Lady. What are your orders?”

“Bring me the brat. Use whatever means you deem necessary.”

“And if I’m seen?”

“It hardly matters. It isn’t as though any human laws can touch you.”

A small smile. “That is true enough. Where can this person be found?”

“In the land of the rising sun.”

A nod and the other individual disappeared leaving her alone with her thoughts. “You truly have no idea as to what viciousness is. But you shall soon enough.”

Hatori Sohma looked over his shoulder fully expecting to see someone standing in the doorway of his clinic. He’d had the very strong feeling of being watched. He shook it off, thinking it had to be his imagination until a few minutes later when both Momiji and Hatsuharu came bursting into his office. The smaller boy was visibly shaking and staying close to Haru’s side.

“Something is really wrong,” Haru said, wrapping one arm protectively around the obviously terrified Momiji. “We’ve all had the feeling of being watched and Momiji said he saw what looked like red eyes staring at him through the window.”

Hatori forced himself not to show any unease at Haru’s statement as that might worry both he and Momiji even more than they already were.

“Are you certain it isn’t just the effect of too much sugar and four slasher films in a row?” he asked calmly.

“We haven’t been watching any scary movies, Hatori,” Momiji whimpered.

This was so uncharacteristic of the usually cheerful boy that it sent Hatori’s internal worry meter off the charts. Maybe he really had seen something unusual. But that couldn’t be, the compound was locked down for the night. If anyone had tried to get in they would have set off the alarms. He frowned and grabbed up the phone on the first ring as a distraction.

“Ha-san? What the hell is going on?” came Shigure’s voice from the other end of the line.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about Haru calling to see if we were okay. Then, Kyo and Yuki taking off after someone who was looking in the window and them just disappearing.”

“That isn’t possible,” Hatori said, trying to get some control over the situation before everyone started to panic.

“I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t seen it. They were there one minute then gone the next. That isn’t the strangest part of it. I was checking where they’d been standing and it smells weird.”

“What do you mean, smells weird?”

“Just that. Like a human being but . . . not. There was an overlying animal scent I can’t place.”

“I don’t think . . .” Hatori began but was startled into almost dropping the phone by a shrill, eerie scream. “I’ll have to call you back,” he said, hanging up hastily and hurrying out the door, followed closely by Haru and Momiji.

Hatori skidded to a halt just outside of the clinic and gawked at the strange sight before him. Someone, he couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, with long white hair and dressed completely in white was standing in the compound’s courtyard with Akito hanging like a ragdoll over one shoulder. The individual smiled slightly as Hatori started toward them, intending to take back his patient.

“That’s far enough,” the person said, holding up one hand and effectively stopping the doctor in his tracks. Hatori tamped down the sudden wave of panic as he realized he couldn't move. “Stand down, fledgling. This isn’t something you can control.” With those words, they disappeared taking Akito with them.

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