Eyes of the Dragon

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She sensed the presence long before it arrived and smiled a little when she walked into the great hall.

“I see you were successful in your errand,” she said, giving the cage a little swing.

“Did you doubt me, my Lady?”

“Not for an instant. You’ve done an excellent job as always. Did you have any trouble?”

A little half smile appeared on the other being’s face. “None that I didn’t invite, my Lady. I had to find out where it was, did I not?”

“Naturally. What exactly did you do?”

“Only looked in a few windows. Might I ask you a question though?”

She laughed. “When have you ever asked permission to question me?”

“Point taken. Why are you showing interest in these individuals? They’re only humans, my Lady, and fairly ordinary ones at that aside from the curse they all bear.”

“Therein lies my interest. I don’t believe that anyone should have to suffer for the actions of another in their family. Certainly not for so long.”

“Hmmm. It is quite a strong one to have lasted so many years. Will you try to break it?”

“I don’t know if I can. You are aware as to how difficult it is to unwind another’s spell, much less a dark one like a curse.”

“And this has prevented you from trying since . . . I’ll stop teasing you now, my Lady.”

“You’re lucky I’m so fond of you, Melee.”

“Honored as always, my Lady. I do have one request to make of you.”

“Which is?”

“I’d like a pet monkey.”

Her eyebrows went up in question. “I take it you mean the one who changes into the monkey.”

“I do. He’s lovely. If not a little high strung.”

“From what I’ve seen of the boy, were he any more high strung passing aircraft would pick him up on radar.”


“Oh, for pity’s sake!” Hatori growled after trying to coax Ritsu out of the bathroom for the fifth time in the last half an hour.

He supposed it was a good thing that Aya had gotten worried when Ritsu hadn’t made it to the shop as scheduled. Apparently, Ritsu had seen something very similar to what Momiji, Kyo, Yuki and Haru had seen the night before. Only he had seen it from his fifth story apartment window. The one without the fire escape attached to it. Ritsu had planted himself in his bathtub immediately afterward and refused to move even for Aya.

Hatori and Aya finally grabbed either of Ritsu’s arms and dragged him out of the bathtub. He immediately plastered himself to the floor apologizing for inconveniencing them, then for not getting to Aya’s on time, then for dragging Hatori away from the clinic. They managed to get him off the floor and into the living room. It took five more minutes to get something other than incoherent, terrified babbling from him.

Aya made a cup of tea and brought it to Ritsu, who had calmed down to . . . well, as calm as Ritsu ever managed to get.

“Arrigato, Aya-san. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

Aya waved away the apology. “Don’t worry your pretty head about it. My dear little brother had a similar experience last night as well.”

Ritsu took a sip of the tea before saying miserably. “I doubt Yuki-kun hid in the bathtub. I’m sorry I’m so worthless.”

Hatori sighed and restrained the urge to roll his eyes. “Ritsu, did you see anything but the eyes? Any kind of facial features? Anything?”

“N-no, Hatori-san. Nothing else. Why?”

Hatori scrubbed a hand across his face, wondering how much he should tell Ritsu about what had happened the night before. He was trying to keep a tight lid on the fact that Akito had been kidnapped. While Ritsu usually took very little interest in Akito’s machinations, knowing the head of the family was missing under such bizarre circumstances could send him off into another panic attack.

Truth be told, Hatori himself was still a little shaky about the whole incident. He was puzzling over the individual who had taken Akito calling him a fledgling as though he were some mindless child. But it had been said in an almost affectionate tone of voice. The whole situation was just off the charts odd. Hatori shook his head to clear it a little.”

“Hatori-san, even I know it isn’t possible to look in a fifth story window without a ladder or anything. The eyes just seemed to be floating there,” Ritsu said with a shiver, clutching the teacup as though it was the only thing that anchored him to Earth.

“Tori, maybe I should take him back to the shop. He can stay with me for a few days,” Ayame said, looking pointedly at his cousin to convey the message.

“Oh, n-no, Aya-san, I wouldn’t want to cause you any trouble,” Ritsu demurred.

“Nonsense,” Aya said, pulling him up and shooing him toward his bedroom. “I insist. Now go pack some clothes.”

As soon as Ritsu was out of earshot Aya turned to Hatori. “So, what are we doing?”

“About what?”

“About this situation, Tori,” Aya said exasperatedly. “We can’t very well call the police because Akito would kill all of us if we got them involved.”

“I doubt the police would be much help in this case,” Hatori said thoughtfully.

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