Eyes of the Dragon

BY : Darkephoenix
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“Well, my Lady, it looks as though you’ve had an interesting night,” Melee said, lounging in the doorway to the divination room.

One eyebrow lifted. “And I suppose you’ve been chasing a monkey around all night?”

An evil smirk came from the other individual and she had to wonder what really lurked behind those impossibly colored eyes.

“Naturally, my Lady. I even got him to agree to a date with me. Though the gods only know if he’ll actually go or not. Yes, I know I said I thought it was too soon but I couldn't resist. But enough of that,” Melee said, one slender hand waving negligently. “I came to tell you that the others have gathered in the great hall and the “centerpiece” is prepared. We had to tie her, unfortunately. Along with casting a silencing spell on the brat.”

“That is hardly surprising. Do we have anything else to deal with that’s pressing?” she asked.

“Not at the moment. Though a few of the others are getting restless about the humans beginning to encroach on their territory.”

“That argument never goes away nor will it ever. What does it matter at any rate since it’s a completely different dimension? At most they can only see what’s happening and not be effected by it.”

“I am aware, my Lady. Though I think it’s the wanton destruction and greed that has them up in arms and wanting at least a portion of the old days returned.”

“Which portion? The times when we lived together in harmony, all of us as the family we were always supposed to be? Or the times when humans feared all of our kind and hunted us nearly to extinction?”


Hatori woke much later than usual. His eyelids felt as though they’d been glued shut and when he managed to open them they still felt gummy and disgusting. He’d tossed and turned most of the night, having had the strangest dreams. He lay in bed, trying to remember and oddly enough most of what he had dreamed came back to him. He had dreamed of a woman coming into his room and sitting on the edge of his bed and just looking at him for the longest time it seemed before actually speaking. She wasn’t exactly pretty. In fact, he gathered that in normal circumstances she could be easily overlooked. But she was . . . striking and there was a sense of presence about her that far surpassed even the most beautiful woman. They had talked for what had seemed like hours. What was her name? He tried to remember for a moment before it came to him. Tiamat. That was what she had told him it was.

“Tiamat,” he mused aloud, putting his forearm over his eyes. “Dear gods. The mother of all dragons.”

He heard someone snort and glanced around for the source before realizing that it was once again inside of his head.

I’m hardly the mother of all dragons. Though I was named for her.

“Where are you? This can’t be real. There’s no scientific proof that full telepathic conversations can be held,” he said, frowning slightly.

And there’s also no scientific proof that human beings can turn into members of the Chinese zodiac when hugged by a member of the opposite sex. But it apparently happens.


He heard soft laughter in his head. You really should get up, it’s very late.

He frowned a little then rolled to look at the clock and bolted upright in bed. “Eleven!”

I did say it was late

Hatori made a noncommittal grunt and swung his legs out of bed and sat up, scrubbing at his face with both hands before noticing something odd. Something that couldn’t possibly be real. He blinked and brushed his hair back from his face. It wasn’t possible. It just couldn’t be. He stood and went to the bathroom then stood staring into the mirror, both hands gripping the sides of the sink as though trying to anchor himself. Both eyes, perfectly matched in every way including vision, stared back at the startled man in the mirror.

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