Eyes of the Dragon

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Melee walked, bounced rather, into the room of divination and closed the door firmly on the screaming going on in the next room.

“Noisy little thing, isn’t she?”

“Well, we knew that was bound to happen. Stay where you are for a minute, Melee. This is very delicate work and any jarring could upset it indefinitely,” she said, running one fingertip along several threads of the tapestry at once. “Luckily nothing was damaged when you slammed the door.”

“I apologize, my Lady. I was in such a good mood I’d forgotten what you were working with. Have you managed to track down the origins of the curse yet?”

She shook her head. “No, not as of yet. Though I believe I’ve managed to garner some changes that will make things a bit easier on the cursed ones.”

“Really? What?”

“I believe I’ve managed to manipulate the curse to a delayed reaction when one of them embraces the opposite sex. Unfortunately, it won’t give them an excessive amount of time but it will delay the transformation for a minute or so and they won’t change if contact is broken. That should cut down on accidents tremendously.”

Melee looked thoughtful. “That’s true. If they don’t transform instantly then bumping into someone of the opposite gender won’t be a problem. What about the dragon? There’s still that little trouble with him turning into a seahorse. While I know that isn’t such an embarrassment in the East since a seahorse is a baby dragon, it is somewhat dangerous. After all, he can only really move in water so he’s just stuck wherever he lands until he changes back.”

“Yes. That does pose quite the problem. I do think I have a solution to that as well even though I can’t make him a full dragon.”

“We all are what we are, my Lady.”

“Speaking of what you are, I heard that you had a monkey literally fall into your arms,” she said, smiling over one shoulder.

“That is indeed true.”

“What were you at the time?”

“Male. Though with one of us it hardly matters since we wouldn’t cause a transformation.”


Momiji bounded into Shigure’s house and immediately headed for the kitchen and Tohru. With “Tohru-kun!” as a battle cry of sorts, he landed firmly on her chest, wrapping both arms around her. Tohru waited for the flash of light and smoke but they didn’t come. She stepped back and held Momiji at arm’s length for a moment, looking at him curiously.

“What?” he asked.

“You’re still human, Momiji.”

Momiji blinked and looked down at himself, then let out an excited squeal and grabbed her again. He let go and raced into the living room babbling excitedly.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Kyo demanded.

“I just hugged Tohru and I’m still me!” he said, bouncing like the rabbit he sometimes was.

Shigure dropped the paper he was reading and stared at Tohru as she came through the doorway from the kitchen.

“Tohru-kun, it this true?” he asked, his glasses sliding down his nose a little as he peered up at her.

Tohru nodded, still in a mild state of shock. Haru was peering at her interestedly.

“Tohru-kun, may I?” he asked, standing up and starting to walk over to her.

“Keep your damn hands off, Haru!” Kyo said, immediately shoving him out of the way and putting his arms around her himself. Again there was no immediate transformation. He leaned back a little and looked at her curiously. He hugged her again, holding on for much longer this time and suddenly found himself a cat.

“That’s very . . . odd,” Yuki said.

“Maybe it’s just that Tohru knows so we can hold onto her longer,” Momiji suggested.

Shigure frowned a little. “It’s definitely strange. We can’t just go testing that theory with random women though. I’ll talk to Hatori and see what he thinks about it.”

She smiled a little and reached up to give the cage a spin. Akito was forced to hold onto the bars as the contraption rocked and swung wildly. When it came to a stop she glared down at the other woman standing there smiling serenely.

“Now that I fully have your attention, we can begin in earnest.”

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