Eyes of the Dragon

BY : Darkephoenix
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“My Lady,” Melee said, coming into the Divination room. “She’s ready.”

She looked up from the cards spread out before her. “Good. It isn’t for a few hours. You still have time to go find your monkey.”

“I had thought about that but I don’t think he’s quite ready for me to try wooing him just yet,” Melee said, walking over to the small table where she was seated and looking interestedly at the cards. “What or whom are you reading for?”

She quickly put both hands out to cover the cards spread out on the table. “Nothing. It was a whim.”

One of Melee’s eyebrows rose disbelievingly. “You never read on a whim. Nasty start, ten of swords crossed by the eight of swords. Someone has had a rough time of it. Your dragon knight, I presume.” Melee flipped two of the facedown cards over. “King and Queen of Swords, strong and logical man and woman.” Melee’s glance went to her. She was sitting perfectly still, allowing the reading to go on. “The Tower, false structures and beliefs torn apart. Death, reversed, refusal to accept change, immobilization due to fear. This is not a happy reading so far, my Lady.”

“No. It isn’t.”

Melee turned the last two cards. “The Star, hope and guidance.” A wicked little grin spread across Melee’s face. “The Lovers. At least the last part of the reading is good.”

“Melee,” she nearly growled at him. “Go find your monkey.”

Melee put both hands on the little table and leaned forward. “Only when you go find your dragon.”


Hatori was exhausted. It had been two weeks since Akito’s disappearance and he had finally needed to get the police involved in the whole debacle. They had been highly suspicious to say the least. Wondering why it had taken so long for the disappearance of the head of the family to be reported. They had even gone over the compound with cadaver dogs to make sure that no one had killed Akito and buried her somewhere on the grounds. It had been a nightmare. They had questioned him repeatedly, along with everyone else who lived at the compound, including Haru and Momiji. They couldn’t very well tell the police that they had seen an individual with long white hair and very pale skin of undetermined sex just disappear with Akito. So they told them the shortened and slightly off version of the story. That they had heard Akito scream and when they had looked the head of the Sohma family was gone. The police had also found it really damn odd that no one had sent a ransom note or tried to contact anyone else in the family, the head of a prominent family was surely worth millions. Then there were the panicked calls from the family. On and on it went until Hatori had finally had enough and shut off the ringer switch on the phone and barricaded himself in his office, refusing to see anyone.

By midnight he was too tired to concentrate or even think very clearly. He went home, took a shower and changed for bed. He flopped back onto the pillow and closed his eyes. Then heard . . . something odd. He shook his head to try clearing it. He could have sworn he was hearing voices. Not only voices but part of a conversation it seemed.

Why not?

You know perfectly well why not. He’s human. Their lives are barely a blink compared to ours.

Everything and everyone dies eventually. It isn’t a process that can be fully stopped for anyone. He’s been through so much, sacrificed so much for the family and trying to do what’s right. Does this sound familiar yet?

The conversation seemed to stop there and Hatori chalked it up to exhaustion and an overactive imagination. Which he’d never had before but there was always a first time for everything.

He woke at around four in the morning with the nagging sense of another presence in the room. He blinked and tried to sit up only to find himself restrained by a hand on his chest. He tried to focus and couldn’t make out anything other than what seemed to be the figure of a woman sitting on the side of his bed.

“Relax, dragon. You’re only dreaming.”

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