If I Was Her

BY : Nine Tailed Mistress
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Nine Tailed Mistress

"Kana and I wish to be married." How could he say that? As if my soul was thrown from my body, I watched myself grab the legs of the table next to me, swinging it in a fit of rage causeing the decorative plate to go flying at him. With a loud crash it broke against his head, blood splattered across the floor and pieces of plaster flew in all directions.

"No! I won't allow it! I refuse to allow it!" Then I seemed to be back in my own body, staring, in horror, at the sight of my beloved, holding his left eye and hissing in pain. I fell to my knees before him, "Hatori, what's wrong? Haotri..." I sounded pathetic, even to my own ears as I reached for him, but too affraid to touch. Then it struck me, all of this, everything was because of her. If she hadn't shown up and taken his heart from me this never would have happened. With my renewed anger I stood, hands shaking as I pointed an accusing finger at the woman who I despised more than anything else in this world.

"You did this! This is your fault! If Hatori loses his sight it's your fault! It's your fault." I was so consumed with my own anger that I didn't hear the shoji door open and that damned dog call my name, or the surprise in his voice as he digested the sene before him and my beloved's name passed his unworthy lips.

"Do you think you can lift the Sohma curse? Do you!?" I shouted at her, almost ready to lung at her until Shigure wrapped his arms around me, holding me back from killing the pathetic creature that held my beloved's heart in her hands.

"Kana! Hurry! Take Hatori out of here." It hit me in that moment, Hatori was still hurt. He needed me, then the struggling started, but the dog's arms tightened around me, and I watched powerless as Hatori crawled toward the girl sitting farther back in the room.

"Let me go! Let me go! You can't lift the curse! We don't need you! You're worthless to us! It's your fault! It's your fault! It's all your fault!" I shouted, how many times I don't know, but I wanted to go to him, the dog, on the other hand, had other plans and kept me away while Hatori and that vile creature escaped.

A few weeks later I commanded Hatori to my room. There he sat and listened to me as I spoke.

"It's especially at times like this that your techniques become useful, don't you agree?" I didn't look at him, and he didn't look at me either, "We both know that her memory should be erased. Before now, I doubt you would have even hesitated." I glanced down at him, before continuing, "At this very moment it's her memories of you, her feelings for you, that cause her to suffer." I turned to him, kneeling down before him. His expression was blank, it amazed me, though, how he looked so good, even with a bandage over on eye. I wanted to touch him, but I felt that I shouldn't so, I grabbed his tie, sliding my hand up until it reached his collar, "You're the only one who can save her." I breathed, wrapping my fingers around the silky material. "You can put an end to her suffering... It will be your final act of love... Hatori." I said spitefully as I stared at his angelic face, his eyes expressionless, and it hurt me to know that it was because of that woman's suffering that he was like this. I leaned in, wanting to kiss him, but knowing that I would scare him, I moved toward his ear.

"The truth is she wants you to release her," I could feel his breath on my cheeks, and futher I leaned, my lips almost pressed against his ear as I continued, "The truth is, she wants to forget."

I awoke, laying under the blankets of my futon. I stared up at the ceiling, my heart heavy and broken as the wounds from the past resurfaced. My beloved Hatori hadn't spoken to me outside of check ups since then and it hurt me to know that I could never hold such an important place in his heart, if any place at all. Sitting up I turn to my small desk and crawled toward it, situating myself before it. Opening the small drawer I move my journal and reach for the picture below it. The picture was of Hatori standing next to a tree, the sun was bright and there were clouds in the back ground. It had been taken by the rabbit that was so fond of Hatori and when I found out that he had it I secretly took it from his room. I stared at it fondly, stroking Hatori's cheek fondly as a small smile found it's way onto my lips.

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