If I Was Her

BY : Nine Tailed Mistress
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Chapter 4
Nine Tailed Mistress

'Kana?' Akito thought, his heart stabbing and twisting with pain. He looked up at Hatori who was panting as sweat trickled down his brow, his manhood still seated in Akito's backside, slightly erect. Licking his lips, he leaned forward and captured the pink lips of his love, flipping them over so he was on top. Soon he broke the kiss, staring down into those beautiful green orbs.

"Never speak that name again, Hatori." He demanded, his eyes challenging as the other's expression became serious, but gave no reply. Akito smirked and squeezed his inner muscles around Hatori's shaft before speaking again, "This time, call out my name when you release, but say it louder and with more passion and I may forgive you."

Hatori looked away and slowly sat up. Gently, he pushed Akito away, pulling out of him in the process, then stood up, looking for his clothes. The younger sat on the ground, staring up at him, his fragile heart beat thumping against his ribs, but only succeeding in pumping the hurt through his entire body, one that braught tears to his eyes as he turned away.

"I guess that is all for today." His words were nonchalant, but underneath Hatori's rejection was doing its worst.

"Don't anticipate this ever occuring again." Hatori said, pulling his pants on and buttoning up his shirt, bending over to grab his lab coat before walking from the room, not even throwing Akito a sideways glance. The pale man fell onto his side, tears silently streaming down his face.
~~~One Month Later~~~

Hatori hadn't mentioned what took place that day, but had continued on with life as if nothing happened. Everything was about to change though as this was the third morning in a row that Akito had his head in the trashcan, vomiting his guts out before sitting back and wiping his lips. Slowly he crawled back to his futon and flopped down, moaning softly as the material of his kimono rubbed his sensitive nipples.

He was tired but his forming erection prevented him from a mid-morning nap. Turning onto his back, he pushed aside the layers of cloth and began stroking his manhood. Using his freehand, he placed them on his lips before sucking them into his mouth and licking them. When he was satisfied that they were wet enough, he moved that hand down to his puckering entrance and slowly pushed one finger in, moaning as images of his one time lover flowed into his mind. He pushed another finger in, arching his back and moaning louder. Releasing his cock, he moved that hand to his chest to play with his nipples, which were standing at attention and burning red like the petals of a rose. Toying with himself, he saught out the bundle of nerves deep inside himself and when he found it, he poked and pordded at it, sending pleasureable shocks up his spine. When he finally came, he fell back on the cusion of his futon with a heavy sigh and panting.

'Is this how pregnant women are?' he wondered to himself as he turned on his side, one hand on his flat stomach, which he stroked fondly. He had known since the day before that he was going to be carrying the child of his love, having been around long enough to see some Sohma women bear their husbands children and knowing that he was now able to do the same for Hatori. Smiling softly, he patted his stomach, closing his eyes and preparing to go to sleep.

"Are you nauseous again, Akito?" That smooth voice said, sending chills up the younger's spine.

"I'm fine." he sighed, sitting up and looking at Hatori. 'I have to tell him...' Slowly he stood, walking over to his one time lover.

"This has been going on for a while now, has it not?" Hatori watched Akito as he sat down on a pillow, Akito sitting beside him.

"Well I've had morning sickness, nausea, my nipples are sensitive, and I'm tired more than usual." Akito said boredly, trying to drop hints. Hatori, on the other hand, had a puzzled look on his face. Slowly starting to lose his patience, Akito grabbed Hatori's right hand and placed it on his stomach. "I'm pregnant, Hatori!" He said, slightly exasporated, then a small smile found it's way to his lips. "It's your's Hatori."

The other jerked his hand away, stunned into complete silence. Akito stared at him, hurt on his face, he didn't bother hiding it. Slowly licking his lips, he dropped his head.

"You're disgusted right? The person that is the bane of your existence is now carrying your child."

Hatori stared at him then shook of the initial shock of his proclaimation, "It is impossible for you to be pregnant, Akito."

"You forget Hatori, there are many strange things that occur in the Sohma family." Akito lifted his head, staring into Hatori's beautiful green eyes, his own eyes challenging.

"You can't keep it Akito." The older stated. Those words stung Akito more than anyothers from those soft lips, but he knew that Hatori would act this way, after all, why would he want the product of his one time union with his enemy. He was Hatori's enemy, he had prevented his love from being with the love of his life, Akito knew that Hatori secretly hated him for pushing him and Kana away. Akito dropped his head, staring at his hands.

"If I was her... you would want it wouldn't you?" Akito's words were accusing and sharp.

"That isn't he point, Akito. I--" The youngers head snapped up, glaring daggers at Hatori as he interupted the other.

"It is the point! If I was her you wouldn't be telling me to kill this child! If I was her you would be in l--" Akito caught himself and looked away. "Get out! I don't want to talk to you right now." The black haired man said, fighting back the tears that he knew would fall.

Slowly Hatori stood and walked over to the shoji door, and slid it open, not even looking back at Akito as he stepped out then slid it closed.

~~~Author's Corner~~~

I'm still editing this chapter, but I figured I get it done for you guys and then do revisions later. Hope you enjoyed! Review please!

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