If I Was Her

BY : Nine Tailed Mistress
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Chapter 2
Nine Tailed Mistress

Hatori stared down at the man, ready to be taken by him, but something twisted in his gut, telling him that it was wrong. Dropping his head, he readjusted his pants, buttoned them, and slid the zipper closed. Akito saw this, his heart sped up and tightened all at the same time while his stomach churned with the realization that Hatori didn't want him.

Just as the brown haired man got up to leave, Akito sat up, wrapped his arms around his shoulders and placed his chin on the curve of his neck.

"What's the rush, Hatori?" His voice was smooth, unwavering. Hatori turned his head, his words cold.

"This isn't right, Akito." Akito covered the sting of those words with an amused chuckle and ran his hands over Hatori's bare chest.

"How long, would you say it has been, Hatori? Since you have held another in your arms, and felt their warmth?" Akito placed a smirk on his lips, running his hands down to the still present bulge in the other's pants. "Far too long, I can only assume. It's obvious that you want this just as much as I do. So do not deny yourself the pleasure of my company, even if it is only for a few short hours."

Akito had to congradulate himself on a job well done when he felt Hatori's shoulders sag in defeat and felt him turn in the gentle enbrace. Their eyes met and Akito had to stop himself from pouncing on his love that very moment. Instead he leaned in, pressing their lips together and once again unclasped Hatori's pants. As their tongues danced with one another, Akito slid his hand down to join his other hand at Hatori's trousers and slowly worked together to slide them off his hips.

Pushing the dragon back, Akito straddled his hips and sat on Hatori's thighs, their erections rubbed together, causing Akito to moan and arch his back. Placing his hands on Hatori's chest, he leaned on them slightly before lowering himself, placing a chaste kiss on Hatori's bottom lip. He trailed open mouthed kisses down his chin and over his jaw, then followed his neck down to his shoulder, then along the curve of his colarbone. He nipped and sucked, ensuring the presence of a love bite before licking his way down the middle of Hatori's chest to his belly button. Lightly he kissed the dip then left wet kisses along his lower stomach then pulled away, looking Hatori's monster erection up and down. It was large, in both length and width, his manhood looked like a child's compared to Hatori's giant girth. A deep blush colored his lips for a moment as he leaned in, giving it an experimental lick over the weeping slit.

Hatori's hiss of pleasure reasured him that it was alright and so took it in his hands, rubbing it while he enveloped the head with his mouth, pushing his tongue against the slit and sucking lightly. Closing his eyes, he slid his lips farther down the shaft, taking as much in as he could, using his hands to rub the rest of it. The groan of pleasure that fell from Hatori's lips made Akito smile around his cock. Sliding his lips up and down on the dragon's arousal, Akito sucked with all his might but pulled away, lifting three fingers of his left hand to his lips and slowly slid them into his mouth, sucking enough to wet them then slid his hand down to his waiting entrance. He licked up and down the vein on the underside of the giant shaft while pushing two fingers in, ignoring the initial discomfort, scissoring his fingers in his own entrance before sliding the last finger in. When he felt that he was prepared enough, he slid himself back up to be eye level with the man beneath him.

Pressing their lips together, he rolled them over, giving Hatori control. The other broke the kiss, staring into those deep grey eyes.

"Are you sure that you'll be okay without lubrication?" Akito nodded, his heart jumping in excitement at the care Hatori was showing toward him. Wrapping his arms around the strong neck, he felt Hatori positioning his manhood at the puckered entrance, guiding it as he slowly eased himself past the ring of muscle. Akito held in the gasp of pain that shot up his spine, instead closed his eyes and tightened his arms around Hatori.

Slowly he slid in, inch by inch. Akito whimpered as tears formed in the corners of his eyes, the pain like lightning bolts up his back, but he stuck it out, waiting for that final moment when he would be one with his love. With one last pain filled gasp, the dragon was fully sheathed inside of the darker haired man. Stilling, he waited for Akito to adjust to his size while the younger panted, his eyes closed and a thin wet line from the corner of his eye and disappeared into his dark forest of hair. Thin legs wrapped around his waist, telling him the other was ready and slowly he slid out, with a small mewl from Akito. Gently he thrust back in, causing the other to groan.

It was slow for a while, until Akito breathed out the command to go faster, and what were once groans of pain were now moans and mews of pleasure. Hatori closed his eyes, as sweat started to slide down his brow and dampen his hair. Their bodies moved together, soon though, Hatori found himself wandering to a different situation, one from long ago. The body under him was no longer that of the Sohma head, but of a healthier petite one, with full round breasts and soft skin. Instead of the throaty moans of a Akito it was Kana's cries of pleasure ringing through his ears. Thrusting with more vigor, he moaned as well, grabbing the boney hips in his strong hands and pushing farther into Akito, causing the latter to bite his lips and throw his head back in ecstacy, his seed spurting out in small jets all over his own stomach as his chest heaved. Hatori too lost in his fantasy only registered the fact that he felt his climax rushing in on him.

"Oh god," he groaned out then arched his back, burying himself deep in the waiting body of Akito and releasing himself, then one name found it's way past his lips. "Kana."

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Hope you enjoyed that and just so you all know, I am currently using a program that does not have spell check and I'm too busy to look for one on the internet.

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