If I Was Her

BY : Nine Tailed Mistress
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Chapter 5
Nine Tailed Mistress

At night was the only time that Akito could see Hatori and pretend that they were a happy couple, excitedly awaiting the birth of their first child. This was the twelth night in the last two weeks, after the insident in his room, that Akito snuck from his bed and ventured to Hatori's bedside. He had an uncharacteristic smile on his face as he took Hatori's hand in his then pressed the other's palm to his cheek.

"I love you, Hatori." He whispered to the sleeping figure then placed the large hand on his stomach. "We are going to be a happy family. You know that right? Even though you might not be happy now, I know that when the baby is born you'll see how beautiful it is and know that it was all because I love you." Akito slowly leaned down, pecking his love on the lips before laying down at his side, resting his head on the other's chest.

licking his lips, he played with the pattern on Hatori's kimono, staring at the his finger as he drew the patern, "I was thinking that if the baby was a boy then we could name him Aimu and if it was a girl then we could name her Emiko, what do you think? Good right?" Akito nodded then sat up, looking down at the dragon's sleeping face.

"Well I best be going, I need to sleep as well." The younger stood and tip-toed out of the room as quietly as he could, knowingly to him, the eyes of his love fluttered open behind him as he closed the door.

Akito was always faced with the hard truth every monring when Hatori came in to his room, demanding how long he was going to continue with his little games.

"Akito, you know you're too weak to nurture that child. If you don't die during child birth then you won't live for much longer after that." Hatori said in all seriousness.

Akito glared at the taller man then a sadistic smile found its way to his lips. "Wouldn't that be satisfactory though? My death, that is. Even if I got rid of the child I will die someday, that is inevitable, something that you are aware of. Really, if I was that woman you would be jumping for joy and taking responsibility by marrying her. So, maybe it is just that you don't want any evidence of my existence, am I right Hatori? You would rather not be burdened by the memory of me and so you are trying to trick me into erasing something that is of my being. Right?" He looked away then laughed, "It is useless Hatori, so save your breath and leave me already."

Hatori stared at Akito, an exasperated sigh leaving his lips as he turned and left, Akito glaring after him. As the shoji door slid shut, Akito laid on his back, staring at the ceiling.

On the other side of the shoji door Hatori sighed, as he stepped lightly down the halls. When he reached his room he sat in a chair, reclining as his thoughts wandered. He was confused why Akito visited him nightly, whispering such sweet words in his ear and touching him like he would a lover. Pressing his index fingers to his temples, he rub in soothing circles with his eyes closed.

'What am I going to do? Am I doing my job by looking out for his health, or is it as Akito says? I don't want the child because it isn't Kanas?' Another sigh passed his lips, this one heavier and more exasperated as he let his head hang back. His dark orbs studied the ceiling tiles as he mentally contemplated his current situation.

It was another one of those nights when Akito ventured into the lair of the dragon, doing his routine of caressing Hatori's palm over his cheek before placing it over the slight bulge of his stomach.

"Hatori, today I was--" He was cut off though as Hatori pulled his hand away and the other sat up, obviously awake. The other backed away, surprised. "Hatori... you--"

"I've been awake the whole time, Akito." His words were cold as he stared at the blanket covering him. He didn't see the desperate smile on Akito's lips as the other crawled back toward him.

"Then you know that I... I love you. We could start over with the baby and be happy." Akito said, smiling at Hatori as he placed his hand over the other's.

"That is impossible, Akito. I can never return your feelings and we cannot live happily with something that should never exist in the first place." The older man's words were spiteful as he glared at the white sheets over his legs while pulling his hand from Akito's touch.

Akito felt his anger rise as he snatched Hatori's hand and pressed it over the bump on his stomach, the other looking at him amazed.

"Just because it shouldn't have happened doesn't mean you can discard it and pretend that it doesn't exist!" The dark haired man shouted as he glared daggers at the other. The dragon tugged at his hand, trying to pull it away, but the younger male held it firmly in place. "This, Hatori, was created from our love making, so even though you may be able to throw away my feelings like unwanted garbage, I can't. Even if I have to take of this child alone, I will do it!" The younger Sohma seemed to have enough of their arguing and threw Hatori's hand away before getting up and storming from the room.

Author's Corner:
This chapter is really short, heck this story is going to be short, but I have a good reason to stop here. So please, be patient for the next chapter, I might make the next chapter the final one, but it'll be long... er longer than the other chapters -.-;;. Thank you my awsome readers and my beloved reviewers.

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