If I Was Her

BY : Nine Tailed Mistress
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Chapter 1
Nine Tailed Mistress

It was bright out that day, big fluffy white clouds in the sky, the background pained a beautiful light blue, which blended darker as it touched down with the horizon. In short, it could be discribed as happy, but for Akito Sohma this was no happy day.

He could feel it, the head ache and the throbing in his muscles. Falling onto his side, he stared at the sky as best he could from the corner of his eye, which only served to make the pain in his head increase. He didn't bother looking up when the shoji door opened or as feet padded across the floor, drawing nearer to him. After all, he knew who it was, there was only one person who would never knock and wait for permission, that person was Hatori.

He could hear the ruffling of clothes then a cold hand touched his forehead. Supressing a smile, he pressed his forehead closer to the cool touch, until that sensual voice started to fill the room, making his heart flip in his chest.

"You are becoming sick more often now, Akito. If you don't take better care of yourself it won't be long before you may not recover from an illness." The hand was promptly moved away, leaving the head of the Sohma house wanting it back.

"And I bet you're so torn up about it, am I right Hatori?" After the sarcastic taunt passed his lips he was almost affraid that the dragon would actually answer.

"It isn't my business to complain whether or not you die, I am merely telling you that you should take better care of yourself." The pain, that often occured during their meetings, presented itself as it twisted and jabbed at Akito's heart. He hid his pain though, turning onto his back and staring up at Hatori.

"And what if I wanted it to be your business?" He reached up a thin hand and brushed it over Hatori's cheek.

"I am afraid that, that isn't a possibility." Akito stared at him, his heart hammering painfully against his ribs as Hatori's words stabbed at the fragile muscle. Covering his pain by smiling up at Hatori while dropping his hand.

"I guess you're right, but you know, since I'm probably going to die soon, would you..." He paused, looking away, thinking over his next words before his deep grey eyes focused on the handsome face of the family doctor. "Would you become my lover for the remaining time I have left?" Hatori glanced down at him, their eyes meeting for a moment before he went on, doing his work.

"It isn't humorous to speak of such things." Hatori said, turning away and standing up, walking over to a cabinet at the far end of the room, taking Akito's tea cup, then walking back over and setting it down on the table close to where Akito usually sat. The thin younger man, on the otherhand, sat up, and slowly stood, striding to his futon, where he sat back down, his eyes following Hatori's every move.

"I wasn't joking Hatori."

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