For the Love of Evil

BY : Mimi Uesegi
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Oriya walked through Muraki’s house towards his office. He really needed to talk to him about this supposed ‘Syndicate’ and how they were cutting in on Yakuza territory. He opened the door to Muraki’s office and stopped when he realized that Muraki had a woman bent over his desk and was fucking her from behind. He thought it was a woman but the long hair could easily belong to a man too. Muraki smiled when he saw Oriya come into the room.

“Just the person I wanted to see. I’ll be with you in a few moments.” he said. He began to smack the woman on the ass as he began to thrust into her faster. Her moans of pain shot to the core of Oriya’s soul and then Muraki was done. He stepped back from the woman and smacked her on the ass.

“Cover yourself, whore, and go to my room. I will be there in a few minutes.” Muraki said.

The woman rose from the desk and pulled on the kimono that was lying across the desk quickly. As she turned to walk out of the office, Oriya caught a glimpse of her Adam’s apple. He should have known it was a man, Muraki wasn’t known to fool around with many women. He loved to humiliate men he considered smaller and weaker than him. As the man walked past him, Oriya’s breath caught in his throat when he saw the man‘s face, he had never seen a man that beautiful before. His eyes were like amethysts and his skin was the exact same hue and texture of cream.

“That was my reaction when I first saw him too. Oriya, I’m glad you’re here because we need to speak about this ‘Syndicate’ group that’s trying to take over our territory.” Muraki said as he sat down in the chair behind his desk.

“Well, Muraki, I have information about their leader. He’s a man named Seichiro Tatsumi and -” . . .


Seichiro Tatsumi was lying on his bed staring at his young lover, Hisoka. He slid a hand through Hisoka’s wheat blonde hair. He smiled when Hisoka made a noise that sounded like a purr and scooted closer to him, his small hand coming to rest on Seichiro’s broad chest. Many people thought he was a teen due to his diminutive height. Seichiro lay on his back and pulled Hisoka closer as he thought about what his right hand man, Yutaka Watari, had told him about the whereabouts of Asato. Asato Tsuzuki, his lover that was kidnapped by the Yakuza leader Kazutaka Muraki a little over four years ago.

Seichiro had finally gotten definite information on Asato’s whereabouts, he was in Muraki’s own house. The Yakuza leader has been using him as his sex slave this whole time. That’s what his informant had told Yutaka. He wondered how Hisoka would feel if he found out that, as soon as Asato came back, he was being replaced by the only person who had ever held Seichiro’s heart. He knew he had to free Asato some way somehow.


Asato was sitting in an armchair that was near one of the windows in his and Muraki’s room. This was the only way he could see the gardens because he wasn’t allowed outside. Asato slid his hand over his slightly rounded stomach. He was glad that Muraki didn’t beat him anymore, that had stopped the night he’d noticed Asato’s rounded belly. Asato was so scared that night, he thought Muraki was going to hurt their baby but he didn’t. The morning after Muraki had his pregnancy confirmed, Asato had woken up to a room filled with roses. The sick bastard was ecstatic that he was going to be a father in less than four months. Sometimes Muraki was sweet to him but he could be cruel as well. He heard the door to their room creak open, Asato turned and saw Muraki standing in their doorway watching him. Asato quickly wiped the tears from his cheeks. Muraki hated it when he cried.

“Have you been crying, Asato?” Muraki asked as he closed their bedroom door. He walked over to where Asato was sitting and Asato shook his head.

“No, not really. It’s the pregnancy, it’s making me all weepy. I know you don’t like my tears and if I could stop them for you, I would.” Asato said fearfully.

Muraki merely smiled and held out his hand to Asato, who lifted his own and placed it in the one that Muraki held outstretched. Muraki helped him rise from the chair and pulled him towards the huge bed that dominated most of the room. He untied Asato’s obi, pulled him free of his kimono and yukata then helped him into the bed. Asato watched as Muraki stripped himself of his clothing and crawl into the bed next to him. Muraki smiled as he lay down next to Asato and stroked his hand across their unborn child.

“It’s your daddy, little one. I can’t wait until you get here.” Muraki said as he bent down and kissed Asato’s belly.

Muraki may be an evil bastard and a killer but he loved his unborn child. Asato also believed that Muraki loved him as well, in his own sick and twisted way. Asato actually liked him when he was in one of his loving moods, like he was now, but his moods were like the wind and could change in an instant. Asato reached out hesitantly and slid his hand along Muraki’s pale cheek, Muraki turned his head and placed a soft kiss on the palm of his hand. Asato gasped, that was the first time Muraki had ever done anything like that. Normally Muraki would have slapped him and told him that he didn’t have the right to touch him that way.

“Seichiro is looking for you again.” Muraki said quietly and Asato froze.

Just hearing that name used to bring out feelings of love and happiness for him but not anymore, his place was with Muraki and their unborn child. He looked at Muraki, his mismatched eyes glowed in the growing darkness of the room and Asato could actually see uncertainty in them. He thinks I’m going to leave and take our baby with me.

“I don’t want him, Kazu… My place is here with you and our baby.” Asato said quietly, Muraki looked surprised at what he said and the name he’d called him.

“You would willingly stay here with me, Asato?”

“Yes, I would. I don’t love Seichiro anymore and I haven’t in a very long time. I won’t lie and say I love you but I do have feelings for you, Kazu.”

“At least you’re honest with me, Asato. Most would lie to please me but you don’t. I wonder why that is.”

“Why lie about something when the truth is better? You’re a man who respects honesty above all things. That much I have learned about you, Kazutaka Muraki.”

Muraki slid up Asato’s body and laid his hand along his cheek. He bent and kissed Asato softly on the lips. Asato gasped at the contact but Muraki didn’t force his tongue into his mouth like he usually did. What was going on? Something about him is different tonight. Muraki pulled from the kiss and laid his forehead against Asato’s.

“You know me so well, Asato. Let’s go to bed because I have a long day tomorrow.”

Asato watched as Muraki pulled off his glasses and laid them on the nightstand next to the bed. He pulled the covers from under them and Asato turned to lie on his side. He was shocked that Muraki curled himself around him and placed his hand gently on their baby, tears pricked Asato’s eyes. He’s never been this gentle with me before. What’s changed? Asato knew Muraki hated his tears but he couldn’t help himself. Asato tried to hide them the best he could but a small sob escaped.

“Asato? What’s wrong?” Muraki whispered as he turned Asato around to face him. Asato didn’t say anything, Muraki could see the fear in his eyes.

Muraki just pulled him close and held him tightly in his arms, against his chest. When did I fall in love with this amethyst eyed temptress? I would die if he went back to Seichiro. He’s the mother of my child and I love him more than anything in the world. The gentle way Muraki was holding him made Asato cry even more. He knew something had changed between the time Oriya had come into Muraki’s office and the moment Muraki had walked into their bedroom. Asato slowly stopped crying but Muraki still held him and stroked his hair gently. Oh, thank you, Sweet Amaterasu, for answering my prayer to give Kazu gentleness.

“Why? Why have you been so gentle with me tonight, Kazu? Just tell me the truth. Please, I beg you.” Asato asked. Muraki laid there not knowing how to answer Asato‘s question.

Muraki took a deep breath and whispered, “The truth? The truth is that from the moment I heard that Seichiro was looking for you again, it no longer became about holding my enemy’s most prized possession… it became more about holding on to what I love.” Asato pulled back and stared at him intently. That’s what different with him tonight. Wait, did he just say he loves me?

“You… You love me, Kazu?”

“Yes… I love you and our baby, Asato. Seichiro can’t have you because you’re mine and I refuse to give you back.”

“I don’t want him, Kazu. I’ve been with you for four years, even if it was unwilling at first, but I WANT to stay with you. I may not love you but I care about you and what happens to you. Every time you leave to handle Yakuza business I worry if you’re going to come back.”

They stared into each other’s eyes, then Muraki dipped his head and their lips met in a soft kiss. That kiss meant more than either of them could’ve imagined. Then the tenor of the kiss changed and became hot and steamy. Asato moaned and slid his fingers deep into Muraki’s sliver hair. For a long time they kissed and the passion of their kiss shifted again to something neither one of them had words for. Muraki slid his hand down Asato’s body and when his hand touched Asato’s stomach, something moved and shifted beneath it. They pulled apart quickly, both of their eyes wide with shock.

“Did you do that, Asato?”

“No, I thought you did it, Kazu.” Then Muraki felt a definite thump against his hand, a smile grew across his lips.

“It’s our baby, Asato, he’s kicking.” he said with a smile on his lips and looked up at Asato. He sighed because Asato had passed out that quickly. Muraki chuckled to himself as he lay down and settled Asato in his arms, pulling the blankets up over them. He kissed Asato softly on the forehead and settled down to go to sleep.


Two days later. . .

Hisoka, Seichiro’s young lover, was out shopping when he noticed a very handsome man with silver hair sitting at a table outside of a café. He stopped in mid stride and so did the bodyguard that carried his bags, he knew the man. It was the Kyoto Yakuza leader, Kazutaka Muraki, the very man who had stolen Asato from Seichiro. Hisoka hoped that Asato wouldn’t come back so he could keep Seichiro to himself. He stroked his hand across his rounded, but hidden, belly and smiled. Soon Seichiro would notice that he was showing and then he would forget about Asato. Hisoka watched as another man walked up to Muraki‘s table. This new man was gorgeous, more so than any man Hisoka had ever seen. He had long dark brown hair that was almost black, stunning features and his broad muscular body was encased in a designer suit. The man turned and sable and emerald eyes locked together, it was like bolts of awareness shot across the distance between them. The man smiled at Hisoka, walked around to the other side of the table and sat down. Hisoka composed himself and kept walking down the street, he could feel the man’s gaze on him as he walked past.

“That was Seichiro’s lover, Kazutaka. His name is Hisoka Kurosaki. He’s twenty-two years old even though his height makes him look like he’s a teenager… I’ve never seen him up close before.” Oriya said as he watched the little blonde walk down the street. Muraki stared at his friend and smiled, Oriya just found his kryptonite.

“I’ve noticed that Seichiro has a thing for beautiful companions. There is something I wanted to tell you, Oriya.” Muraki said as he lifted his cup of tea and took a drink.

“What’s that, Muraki?” Oriya asked as he crossed his legs.

“Our guest has decided to stay regardless if Seichiro wants him back. He told me that he was more than willing to stay and that he didn’t want to go back to him.”

“Now, why would he do that?”

“Because our baby is due in less than four months, that’s why.”

“He’s pregnant? When did that happen? How long have you known?”

“I’ve known for about two weeks and I will kill anyone who dares take him from me.”

Oriya sat there and stared at Muraki. He had known him since grade school and he knew when Muraki was in love. Oriya smiled and wondered if things had changed for the better because Muraki was most definitely in love with Asato Tsuzuki.

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