For the Love of Evil

BY : Mimi Uesegi
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This story also contains situations that deal with or have:

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- Profanity

- Alcohol and/or Drug use

- Sexual Situations

- Violence

This writer is not promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, underage sex, violence or moral corruption. This story is based off characters of popular anime and manga.

Viewer Discretion is advised.


One month later…

Asato was walking through the house towards the library to get a book to read. He was bored and Muraki was out of town for the week. He had some kind of Yakuza thing in Tokyo and would be back on Friday. Asato would be by himself for four more days, Kazu had already been gone for one. Asato smiled as he remembered the phone conversation they had that morning.


“I miss you, Kazu.” Asato said as he stroked his hand across Kazu’s empty pillow.

“I miss you too, Asato. I had trouble sleeping last night because I don’t have you cuddled up next to me.” Muraki whispered. Asato could hear the exasperation in his voice.

“Me too. I’m laying in our bed right now and cuddling your pillow at the moment.” he said as he took a deep breath, hints of Kazu’s cologne and the citrus soap he used slid over his senses.

“How’s our baby doing?” Muraki asked as he chuckled.

“Kicking up a storm right now, he kept me up half the night. I think he misses you.” Asato said and smiled when their baby kicked as if to emphasize the statement.

“I miss him too. Well, I have to go, Asato. I have a meeting in about forty minutes. I’ll call you when I get out. Okay?” Muraki said sadly.

“Okay, Kazu. I love you.” Asato said quietly.

“I love you too. Bye.”



Asato was jolted out of his thoughts by what sounded like a massive explosion. Then the whole house shook and he almost fell because the floor under him shook violently. A group of twelve Yakuza members came out of nowhere yelling and screaming.

“Grab the boss’s wife and get him some place safe or we’ll all be dead like the stupid fucks outside.” one of them said. Two of them ran up to Asato, grabbed a hold of his arms and nearly drug him down the hallway.

“Come with us, Mistress. We’re under attack by the Syndicate and we have to get you some place safe.” the taller one said. Asato remembered that his name was Hanoshi.

“Okay, Hanoshi, I’ll go with you.” Asato said. He looked taken aback that Asato had remembered his name.

They hurried through the house the best they could. There was gunfire and screaming everywhere. The other Yakuza that was with them took a bullet to the neck, blood sprayed all over Asato and Hanoshi. Asato was so scared, he silently prayed to Amaterasu to protect him and his baby while they made their way through the house. They made it to the garage and when Hanoshi opened the car door, gunfire exploded into the room. Hanoshi protected Asato with his body and when the firing stopped, Hanoshi slumped against him.

“Are you okay, Hanoshi?” Asato asked. Hanoshi nodded but he coughed and blood spilt from his between lips. Asato could see a blood stain rapidly spreading across his shirt.

“You’re hurt, Hanoshi. We have to get you to a doctor.” Asato said in a shaky voice.

“Don’t worry about me, Mistress. You must get away, you have a baby to think of. I’ll distract them so you can run away. Go, save yourself.” He said as he struggled to stand and Asato helped him up. Hanoshi pulled out his gun and leaned against the open car door.

“When I say go, you go and don’t look back. You need to contact Mr. Muraki as soon as you get away from the house.” Asato nodded. Hanoshi started shooting at the Syndicate members who walked through the door that connected the house to the garage.

“Run! Get away as far as you can!” he screamed through the gunfire and Asato took off, holding a hand against his stomach so he wouldn’t hurt his baby.

He made it out of the garage somehow and ran through the bushes on the side of the house. Then suddenly, he felt something strike him on the back of the head. He dropped to his knees and tried to keep going as his vision faded in and out. He lay down on the ground when he couldn’t go any further. As he slid out of consciousness, he could hear a man’s laughter.


Muraki was in a meeting with other Yakuza leaders. They were talking about the problem the Syndicate was causing within their respective territories, when the door to the conference room burst open and Oriya ran in, his face extremely pale.

“What is the meaning of this? We’re in the middle of a meeting, Oriya Mibu. Muraki, your second in command better have a good reason for interrupting us.” said Masanobu Kasumoto, the leader of the Tokyo Yakuza.

“What is it, Oriya?” Muraki asked.

“The… pant… Syndicate… pant… has… pant… attacked… pant… your… pant… estate… pant…” Oriya said as he tried to catch his breath. Muraki slowed stood up, his face becoming extremely pale.

“And Asato?” Muraki asked and Oriya shook his head.

“They took him and as far as I know… pant… he was okay… pant… Hanoshi Yamada saw Tatsumi’s blonde second… pant… Yutaka Watari… carrying him to a car… pant… They must have been waiting until you left so they could take him… pant…”

“The Syndicate have fucked with the wrong people this time.” Kasumoto said. “Who was this Asato, Muraki?”

“Asato is my wife and seven and a half months pregnant with our first child.”

“This is most unacceptable. They have their nerve attacking one of our families. If this is how the Syndicate conducts business then we need to wipe them out for the last time. You have my full support, Muraki.”

“Thank you, Kasumoto, your help is much appreciated. Oriya, we need to make plans because I intend to kill Seichiro Tatsumi. He has fucked with me for the last time.”


Seichiro walked through his house towards the room Yutaka had placed Asato in, he opened the door and walked in. He saw Asato, who was passed out, lying on the bed and his enormously pregnant belly was prominent against the white satin coverlet. Seichiro stood there staring at Asato and that’s when he saw the ring on Asato’s finger, the huge diamond twinkled in the fading afternoon light. He married the son of a bitch! Seichiro grew angry and stalked over to the bed. He drew back his hand and slapped Asato. Asato cried out as his eyes shot open from the pain of the slap. He sat up and scooted away, looking around quickly and that’s when he saw Seichiro standing next to the bed, his midnight blue eyes flaring with anger.

“You married that demon Muraki?” Seichiro asked. Asato scooted back up against the headboard of the bed and didn’t say anything. “Why won’t you answer me, Asato? It’s because it’s true, isn’t it? Why, Asato? Why him of all people?” He watched as Asato’s hands slid down to his belly.

“Because I love him, that’s why.” Asato whispered.

“He made you love him, didn’t he? DIDN’T HE!” Seichiro yelled as he stared at Asato. Asato closed his eyes for a second and swallowed heavily as he shook his head.

“No, he didn’t, Seichiro. The first two years I was there he never spoke to me. He’s the one who gave me the pictures of you and Hisoka. He never said one word to me when he handed me that envelope either. Then the beatings started the third year I was there and he never spoke then either. But I had already begun to love him before he ever laid a hand on me… I loved him long before he ever spoke one word to me.” Asato said as he rubbed his hand along his belly. His baby was kicking up a storm. What he said was the truth, he did love Kazu before the cruelty had started. That’s why it had hurt so badly when Kazu had started to beat him.

“So, you truly love him, don’t you? That’s why you gave him the medallion and not me.”

“I would have given you the medallion if you had come and gotten me. However, you didn’t, Seichiro, you left me in the hands of your enemy. A man who is always bluntly honest no matter the reason… a man who has never lied to me. I’d rather have his honest cruelty than your lies of love, Seichiro.” Asato said quietly.

“Then so be it! You made your choice but I will cut that demon’s seed from you. He has sullied you with his imperfection.” He reached out, grabbed Asato’s ankle and dragged him across the bed.

“Seichiro, please don’t! Don’t kill my baby! Please don’t!” Asato screamed as he tried to fight him but Seichiro was stronger than he was and outweighed him by at least a hundred pounds. Seichiro wrapped his huge hand around Asato’s neck and began to shake and choke him.

“Oh, Amaterasu, save me from he who has loved and now has chosen to hate! Holy Mother, protect me and my baby!” Asato screamed out and then suddenly he was free. He laid there and coughed as he tried to drag air into his lungs. He knew he was going to have finger marks on his neck from Seichiro. That was the first time Seichiro had ever hurt him.

“You’re lucky that I still have feelings for you or else I would have killed you and your demon spawn. The moment your baby is born… I will kill it. Your protests won’t save it then, Asato.” he said. Seichiro then turned and left from the room, slamming the door behind him. Asato broke down and wept the moment he was alone.

“Oh, Goddess!… Kazu, where are you?… Our baby needs you… I need you… Save us from this monster…” Asato cried brokenly.

As Asato was crying, heavy footsteps walked down the hall away from his room and then another set, quieter and lighter, followed.


Have you figured out where Seichiro’s stronghold is yet, Oriya?” Muraki said as he stared out the window of his office. He fingered the medallion around his neck nervously.

“Yes, I have. My informant contacted me ten minutes ago and said that Seichiro’s estate is located right outside of Kawaguchi. I have the coordinates right here, Muraki. Right now, we’re waiting for the rest of the men Kasumoto sent us. They’ll be here within the hour.” Oriya said while looking at his watch.

“Good. The moment they get here we leave, Oriya. Seichiro Tatsumi will learn for once and for all that no one takes what’s mine and lives to tell about it.” Muraki said and then began to laugh. The pale moonlight glinted across his mismatched eyes causing the ice blue one gleam eerily in the silvered light.

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