For the Love of Evil

BY : Mimi Uesegi
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A two months later. . .

Ever since Hisoka moved into Oriya’s house six weeks ago, it had been turned upside down. During that time Oriya fell in love with Hisoka’s little son, Koichi. Oriya didn’t mind getting up at three o’clock in the morning to feed him because he wanted to. He remembered the shock on Hisoka’s face when he found out that the hospital had put Oriya on the birth certificate as the father of Koichi. He and Hisoka had argued about it for days. Oriya did it so that any of the Syndicate members that were left couldn’t do anything to hurt Hisoka for selling out Seichiro to the Yakuza. Hisoka finally agreed that it had been a good idea.

Oriya also remembered the first time he saw Hisoka in a dress and was totally and utterly shocked. He didn’t know that Hisoka was a cross dresser because the day he had seen him outside that café he had been wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He had also taken Hisoka to get him and Koichi some much needed stuff, such as everything. All of Hisoka and Koichi’s things had burned up in Seichiro’s house because of the bomb Oriya had planted as a distraction when they went to get Asato. Therefore, he had to buy Hisoka new things to replace the ones he had destroyed.

Presently, they were at Oriya’s legitimate restaurant, The Gliding Swan. Hisoka was up front working as the hostess, Oriya was in his office doing the accounts and Koichi was sleeping in his basket, that sat on the couch in Oriya’s office. Oriya was sitting at his desk using the computer when Koichi began to cry and Oriya knew that cry, Koichi wanted his mommy. He got up, picked up Koichi, and held him tightly against his chest.

“Shh, it’s okay, Koichi, I’ll take you to Mommy. He’ll know what will make you better.” Oriya whispered to him. He walked through the restaurant and he could see Hisoka at the hosting booth about to seat some customers. Hisoka was wearing a green Qipao that made his wheat blonde hair appear golden and his emerald eyes even more striking than before.

“Welcome to The Gliding Swan. How many in your party?” Hisoka asked.

“Four, miss.” the man said. Hisoka grabbed four menus and smiled up at the group of men. They came in everyday at the same time to each lunch. Hisoka thought it was because they liked the food at the restaurant and Oriya thought it was because they came to see Hisoka. Business had picked up since he had started working the Hosting booth there.

“Please follow me, Sir.” The group of men followed Hisoka as he led them over to a table. Once they were seated, Hisoka smiled as he handed them their menus and told them, “Your server will be here in a moment.”

“Thank you, miss.” the man said, a big smile gracing his lips.

“No problem.” Hisoka turned and walked back to the hosting booth.

Hisoka was amazed at how much he liked working in a restaurant. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye and turned his head, he saw Oriya walking towards him with a fussing Koichi in his arms. Hisoka’s breath caught in his throat when he saw them, they looked so much alike that they could be father and son, Koichi’s hair was just as dark as Oriya’s. Everyone who worked at the restaurant thought Koichi was Oriya’s especially since he was always holding him. They thought that Hisoka was his girlfriend or something because Oriya had him working there. Hisoka found out a few days after he had started working there that Oriya never hired anyone to work there personally, ever.

“He was crying and wanted his mommy. Here you go, Koichi, now you have your mommy.” Oriya said as he placed Koichi in Hisoka’s arms, Koichi began to quiet down the moment he was in them.

Oriya bent down and kissed Koichi on the forehead. When he pulled back, his and Hisoka’s eyes locked together and Hisoka blushed a bright crimson. He lifted Koichi onto his shoulder and Oriya watched as Hisoka walked away, noticing the sway of his hips. Oriya had to loosen his tie because all of a sudden it felt like he was being choked by it. He watched as Hisoka disappeared down the back hallway and he was brought out of his revive by the ringing of the phone on the hosting booth.

Hr turned and lifted the receiver, “The Gliding Swan. This is Oriya, how may I help you?”


Oriya turned off the engine to the car, he was so glad to finally be home so he could relax. It had taken him all day to do the restaurant’s accounts.

“Hisoka, do you want to relax and watch a movie tonight?” He asked but didn’t get a response. He turned to see why Hisoka didn’t say anything and smiled when he saw that Hisoka was passed out asleep in the seat next to him. Oriya chuckled when he realized that Hisoka had kicked his shoes off too, the high heels must have made his feet hurt. Oriya got out of the car and Koichi’s nanny, Nanami, came to gather up Koichi and his things from the car. One of his men stepped forward to grab Hisoka but Oriya shook his head at him.

“I’ve got him, Ryu. Help Nanami with Koichi, she looks like she has her hands full.” he said.

He bent down, undid Hisoka’s seatbelt then lifted him in his arms. Hisoka snuggled closer to him, wrapped his arms around his neck and sighed. Oriya grabbed his shoes before he stood up then turned to walk up the front steps. He walked through the house and down the hall to Hisoka’s room. He sighed in relief when he saw that Hisoka’s bedroom door was open. He walked over to the bed and laid Hisoka down, tossing his shoes over by the closet. Oriya sat down on the edge of the bed and undid the collar of Hisoka’s dress. He sat there and stared at Hisoka for a few minutes, pushing his hair away from his face. Hisoka mumbled something unintelligible as he turned onto his side. Oriya smiled as he pulled the blankets from under him and covered him up. He rose from the bed and walked to the door. He turned back for a second, smiled, and left.

He walked across the hall to his room. As soon as he was in his room, he began stripping off his suit. He leaned over to turn on his lamp and the baby monitor. He could hear Nanami singing a lullaby to Koichi through the baby monitor and smiled. Koichi loved it when you sang to him and whenever you did he would be asleep in minutes. Oriya threw his suit on the chair next to his armoire and pulled on his pajama bottoms that were sitting on the floor in front of it. He walked over to his bed, pulled back the blankets and sighed when he lay down. He undid his watch, placed it on the nightstand, turned off the light and settled down to go to sleep.


Oriya was jolted out of his sleep by a scream. Then he heard it again, it was coming from Hisoka’s room. He threw back the blankets, jumped out of bed and ran to Hisoka’s room. He opened Hisoka’s door and Hisoka was sitting up in the middle of his bed, crying hysterically.

“Please don’t hurt me anymore, Yutaka. I’ll do whatever you want just… don’t hurt me anymore.” Hisoka said in anguish as tears streamed down his face and then he screamed again.

Oriya walked further into the room, he saw that Hisoka’s eyes were open. Oriya realized that Hisoka was dreaming but it was as if he didn’t see anything but the dream he was trapped in. Oriya walked over to the bed and sat down on it. He reached out and pulled Hisoka into his arms, Hisoka began to struggle against him.

“Hisoka, it’s me, Oriya. Hisoka!” He said. He watched as awareness bloomed in Hisoka’s eyes as he awakened. He blinked a few times and looked at Oriya.

“Oriya?” Hisoka whispered.

“Yes, it’s me. You were having a nightmare.” Oriya said as he slowly stroked Hisoka’s hair.

“Oh God…” Hisoka gasped and began to cry in huge gulping sobs.

Oriya pulled him into his lap and held him, Hisoka’s arms slid under his hair to wrap around his neck. Oriya could only guess what the dream was about, he and other Yakuza had found the remains of Yutaka’s ‘lovers’ in the past. A lot of the time, the bodies would be too mangled to be identified. Oriya could never imagine the horrors that Yutaka had inflicted on Hisoka. All he knew was that Hisoka was lucky to be alive.

“Shh, it’s going to be okay, Hisoka.” he whispered as he stroked his hand along Hisoka’s back.

“No, it won’t, Oriya.” Hisoka said against his neck. Oriya shivered at the feel of Hisoka’s warm breath sliding against his skin. “You don’t know what he did to me, Oriya. He made me so ugly that no man would ever want me. Look and see what he called his ‘art’.”

Hisoka leaned back, ripped the rest of the fastenings loose on his dress and pulled down the top of it. Oriya’s eyes widened when he saw the scars of knife wounds across Hisoka’s chest. Some of them were wide and jagged, others were thin and raised. There was a big one, that was darker than the others, that ran diagonally from the top of Hisoka’s right shoulder, across his chest and stomach, then down towards his left hip.

“Oh my god, Hisoka. How did you survive it?” Oriya asked. Hisoka turned his head away from him and shook it, Oriya could see fresh tears running down his cheeks.

“I don’t think I did. I eventually learned to never cry out because the screams were what he wanted, Oriya. I was a ghost in an empty shell. I was happy when he gave me to Seichiro even if it was only for a little while.” he whispered.

“How did you get the biggest scar?” Oriya watched as Hisoka’s fingers reached up to trace the part of the scar that went across his chest.

“Yutaka took a knife and heated it until the blade became red hot. He stuck it in me and drug it through my skin. As the knife cut me, the searing heat sealed the wound. He always did things like that when he was bored and he still did things to me when I was with Seichiro. I was glad when I had gotten pregnant because Seichiro wouldn’t let him do anything to me anymore. I remember the screams of his new ‘lovers’ at night and was happy that it wasn’t me. I prayed that he would never be able to do that to me again.”

Oriya watched as Hisoka went to pull his dress back up but he stopped him with a hand. Hisoka turned and looked at him questioningly. Oriya leaned forward and kissed him on the shoulder, right where the big scar began.

“Oriya?” he quietly asked.

“I think you’re beautiful, brave and strong, not ugly, Hisoka. Yutaka is ugly for what he did to you and you were wrong when you said no man would want you… because I want you.” he said and then pulled Hisoka into a passionate kiss. Hisoka moaned and wrapped his arms around Oriya’s neck, his fingers sliding into Oriya’s sable tresses. Slowly their kiss ended after a few minutes and Oriya rested his forehead against Hisoka’s.

“You’re the only man who has never treated me like a thing to be possessed. You make me believe in fairy tales, Oriya, but I know their not real.” Hisoka whispered and Oriya shuddered as Hisoka’s warm breath slid across his lips.

“I won’t lie and say that I don’t desire you, Hisoka, because I do but I’m willing to wait until you’re ready to be in a relationship.” Hisoka looked up at him in surprise, his emerald eyes becoming as round as saucers.

“You want to be in a relationship with me?” Hisoka asked. Oriya smiled and nodded.

“Yes, I want to be in a relationship with you and like I said, I’m willing to wait until you’re ready.”

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