For the Love of Evil

BY : Mimi Uesegi
Category: Descendents of Darkness/Yami No Matsuei > General
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This story also contains situations that deal with or have:

- Homosexuality

- Sexually Explicit Language

- Profanity

- Alcohol and/or Drug use

- Sexual Situations

- Violence

This writer is not promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, underage sex, violence or moral corruption. This story is based off characters of popular anime and manga.

Viewer Discretion is advised.


Oriya slowly opened his eyes and smiled when he saw Hisoka lying in bed next to him, curled up on his side with his back to him. Hisoka had kicked the covers off during the night and his shirt had slid up. Oriya could see the edges of a tattoo on Hisoka’s back peeking out of the top of the waistband of his pajama pants. Oriya reached out and pushed down the waistband of the pajamas so he could see what it was. The tattoo was of a demon covered in flames and within the flames, he could just barely make out writing. The words read as ‘When you sign with the devil, you’re bound to get burned’ and Oriya chuckled at that. Hisoka shifted onto his stomach and made a strange noise that sounded very much like a purr.

Hisoka’s lower back was so tempting that Oriya reached out and stroked his hand across his back, he heard Hisoka moan in response. Oriya looked up and realized that Hisoka was staring at him with sleepy emerald eyes. Hisoka stared at the sexy picture Oriya made fresh from sleep. His sable hair was unbound, flowing over his chest and around his shoulders, and his golden skin glowed in the faint sunlight. His nearly black eyes had a slumberous and sensual quality to them. Hisoka’s breath caught when Oriya smiled at him, dimples appeared in his lean cheeks and made his face seem softer.

“Good morning, Hisoka.” Oriya said in his deep sexy timbre. He reached out and pulled Hisoka against his hard muscular body. Hisoka looped his arms around Oriya’s neck and smiled up at him.

“Good morning, Oriya.” he said in return. Oriya smile grew bigger as he leaned down and gave Hisoka a good morning kiss. Hisoka moaned at the feel of Oriya’s lips against his. Oriya growled when he felt Hisoka’s tongue glide across the seam of his lips, he opened them and Hisoka’s tongue slid between them. Oriya moaned at the sensation of Hisoka’s tongue stroking against his. Oriya groaned in frustration when he heard a knock on his bedroom door, it could only be Nanami bringing Koichi for his early morning feeding. He slowly pulled from the kiss and rested his forehead against Hisoka’s.

“Who is it?” he called out.

A muffled response came through the door, “its Nanami, sir.”

Oriya groaned as he got up and Hisoka giggled. He watched as Oriya opened the door. Hisoka could see that Oriya’s erection was making a tent out of his pajama bottoms. Oriya opened the door, making sure to keep his waist behind the door.

“I’ll take him to his mother, Nanami. Hisoka’s not quite awake yet.” he said as he lifted Koichi from the nanny’s arms.

Oriya closed the door and walked towards the bed. Hisoka pulled back the blankets so Oriya didn’t have to. Once Oriya was back in bed, Hisoka sat up and took Koichi from him. Oriya watched as Hisoka lifted his shirt to feed Koichi. Oriya was still amazed that Hisoka was able to breastfeed him. Oriya could see in the early morning sunlight that Hisoka did have breasts, they were diminutive like his height.

“I have a question, Hisoka.” Oriya said. Hisoka lifted his head and stared at him.

“What is it, Oriya?”

“Is Asato like you?”

“If you mean is he a hermaphrodite then the answer is yes. Asato just looks more male than I do but has bigger breasts. In addition, he has an Adam’s apple whereas I do not. However, when it comes to our sexuality I’m bisexual and he only likes men. It’s actually weird to explain it.”

“You’re not mad that I’m asking you these questions?” Hisoka raised a hand and placed it against Oriya’s cheek.

“No, I’m not mad, Oriya. I’m glad you’re asking questions. In the past, I’ve dated men and women who have totally freaked when they found out that I was both sexes. I’ve been called names, spit on, and beat up. You and Seichiro were the only ones to ever accept me the way I am. He was gay but didn’t want to admit it but as far as his men knew, I was a girl.”

“Are you serious? He was that insecure about his sexuality? I’m proud to say that I’m not. My men know that you are a ‘guy’ and they know better than to say anything to me if they have a problem with it.” he said as he watched Hisoka switch Koichi to his other breast. Oriya couldn’t stand not having body contact with Hisoka so he picked him up and placed him in his lap.

“Oriya, what are you doing?” Hisoka asked.

Oriya reached behind Hisoka and readjusted himself. Once he was done, he shifted Hisoka so that he could lean against his chest. Hisoka eyes widened when he felt Oriya’s straining erection along his back, his eyes grew even wider when he felt it twitch. Oriya wrapped his arms around Hisoka and Koichi.

“I just wanted to hold the two people I love in my arms.” he whispered.

Hisoka didn’t say anything and just sighed as he lay back against Oriya’s chest. Koichi seemed to sense what was going on and took his time feeding. Oriya stroked a finger along Koichi‘s little hand, Koichi reached out and wrapped it around Oriya’s finger. The three of them sat like that for a long time. Hisoka raised Koichi to his shoulder and burped him when he was done. Oriya looked down at Koichi and smiled when he saw Koichi holding his head up, his little green gaze trying to focus on him.

“He’s holding his head up, Hisoka, and trying to look up at me. Hi, Koichi. Are you trying to look at me?” Oriya said with a proud smile.

“Is he? You suck, Oriya, he loves you so much more than me.” Hisoka sadly.

“Awww, Soka, no he doesn’t. You’re his mommy and I’m just something pretty for him to look at.” Hisoka turned in his embrace and looked up at him strangely.

“Don’t ever say that, Oriya Mibu. You’re so much more than that. You’re his daddy in all ways but one.” Oriya felt tears prick his eyes at Hisoka‘s words.

“So, I’m his daddy. When did that happen?” Oriya said hoarsely, trying to hold back his tears.

“The moment you began to love my son and treated him like he was your own you became his father. You always have been, Oriya, you just weren’t ready to accept it yet.” Hisoka said with a smile.

“Oh, Soka.” Oriya said. He bent down and gently kissed Hisoka as one lone tear slowly slid down his cheek.


It was a little after one in the morning when Oriya had finally made it home. After a day filled with meetings, accountants, fights and two possible shootings, Oriya was just ready to lie down and go to sleep. As he made his way through the quiet stillness of the house, Oriya wondered if Hisoka could still be awake. Oriya opened his bedroom door and stopped on its threshold, one of his bedside lamps were on and a sleeping Hisoka was lying against a stack of pillows. Koichi was in the crook of Hisoka’s arm, wide awake. Oriya walked quietly over to the bed and sat down on it. He pulled off his shoes and socks and he looked over at Hisoka and Koichi. He smiled when he saw Koichi looking over in his direction. He reached over and gently lifted Koichi from Hisoka’s arms.

“Hey, Koichi, why are you still awake? Were you waiting for Daddy?” he whispered with a smile and Koichi waved his little arms and kicked his legs in response, Oriya chuckled.

“Oriya?” he turned at the sound of Hisoka’s sleepy voice.

“Well, hello there, sleepyhead.” Oriya said with a smile. Hisoka gave him a sleepy smile in return. Hisoka looked towards the windows and frowned when he noticed that it was dark outside. How long have I been asleep?

“Damn, how long was I sleeping? What time is it, Oriya?” Hisoka asked as he shifted to a better position. He winced when he felt a sharp pain in his left hip.

“It’s almost one thirty in the morning.”

“Almost one thirty?” Hisoka said as he sat up. He stretched his stiff arms and back. “It was daylight when I came in here.”

“How did you and Koichi end up in my bed?”

“Well, earlier today me and Koichi had doctor appointments. We both ended up getting shots and he was fussy when we got home. Nanami had the day off so I‘ve had him all day and he just would not stop crying for any reason. I came in here because I left my pajamas here earlier. I sat down him on the bed and he completely stopped crying. I think your scent is what did it but it fooled him only for a little while. So, I laid down against your pillows, held him in my arms and he quieted down again. I also fed him and put him to sleep but I guess I fell asleep too.” Oriya laughed as he shook his head. He looked down at Koichi and smiled.

“You and Mommy can sleep in my bed anytime you want. Do you want to sleep in here with Daddy? Do you think Mommy wants to, Koichi?” Koichi cooed at Oriya.

“I think that was a yes. What do you think, Mommy?” Oriya asked as he stared intently at Hisoka and Hisoka smiled at him.

“I would love too, Oriya. What about all of my stuff? Where are we going to put Koichi? He is not sleeping in the bed with us.”

“I’ll got get his bassinet and we can have the boys move all your stuff in here tomorrow. Now, here take Koichi and I’ll go get his bassinet.” Oriya handed Koichi to Hisoka and left quickly left from the room. Hisoka laid Koichi down on the bed.

“Oh my god, now this is me and Daddy’s bed, Koichi. I think I’m going to cry.” Hisoka said happily and Koichi cooed at him.

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