For the Love of Evil

BY : Mimi Uesegi
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Two weeks later. . .

It was three o’clock in the morning and Muraki was just finally getting home. He may be the leader of the Kyoto Yakuza but he was also a doctor and he had to go check on his patients at the hospital periodically. He thought he was never going to make it home but emergency after emergency kept presenting themselves. He opened his bedroom door but he didn’t see Asato in their bed. He looked around the dark room and smiled when he saw Asato asleep in a chair by the window. He walked over to Asato, slid his hand down his cheek and bent down to kiss him softly on the lips. He watched as Asato slowly opened his beautiful amethyst eyes. Asato smiled when he saw Kazu and he placed a hand against his cheek.

“Kazu, you’re home.” Asato said sleepily. Muraki nodded and laid his hand on Asato’s ever growing belly. Their baby kicked him in greeting and Muraki chuckled.

“You didn’t have to wait for me, Asato. Why aren’t you in bed?” he asked.

“I was in bed, Kazu. I woke up at midnight and noticed that you weren’t back yet. I was worried about you. Did you have a long day?” he asked.

“Yes, very long. I just want to curl up next to you and go to sleep. Let’s go to bed.”

Asato smiled and nodded. Muraki helped him to stand and ushered him to their bed. He pulled Asato’s robe off and pulled back the blankets so Asato could crawl in. Asato watched as Kazu shed his clothes, place his glasses on the nightstand and got into bed. Asato scooted over so Kazu could lie in the middle of the bed. Muraki laid against the pillows, pulled Asato against him and sighed.

“Mmmm, I’ve waited for this moment all day.” Muraki whispered as he closed his eyes, Asato laid there and watched him.

Two weeks ago, Kazu told him he loved him and everything changed. All the Yakuza had begun to treat him differently because they saw the way Kazu treated him. No more taunts or name calling anymore, they now showed Asato respect and he didn’t know what to make of it. Sure sometimes Kazu still slapped him but it was never hard enough to leave a bruise and he always made sure he didn’t hurt him. Even Oriya acted differently towards him but then again Oriya had known Kazu for a very long time and knew him better than anyone else did. Asato brushed Kazu’s sliver hair away from his face. Why hadn’t I ever noticed how handsome my Kazu is? Asato stared at Kazu intently. My Kazu? Then he realized that whenever he would see Kazu, it had begun to feel like everything was right in the world. Asato just wanted to lay his head against Kazu’s chest and have his arms wrapped around him. Oh my god, I love him. Asato reached behind his neck, unclasped the necklace he always wore and clasped it around Kazu’s .

“Kazu?” Asato whispered. Muraki grumbled and pulled him closer. Asato smiled, laid his head against his chest and listened to his heartbeat.

“I, Asato Tsuzuki, promise to love you, Kazutaka Muraki, the best way I know how and for as long as you wish.” Asato whispered in the silence of their room. He snuggled into his Kazu’s chest and drifted off to sleep. Muraki opened his eyes and stared down at Asato, he fingered the medallion that was on the necklace Asato had placed around his neck.

“I love you too, Asato Tsuzuki.” he whispered as he kissed him on the forehead. He smiled, laid his hand on their baby and drifted off to sleep.


The next day. . .

“This sucks, Seichiro. Why did the doctor have to put me on bed rest? I’m only pregnant not sick.” Hisoka whined. Seichiro rolled his eyes at Hisoka. God, he wanted to kill the whiney little bitch.

“He put you on bed rest because you’re so little and my baby is so big. Now, be a good boy and rest like I want you too. If you’re good, I’ll bring you back something nice.” Seichiro told him. Hisoka perked up at the mention of a gift.

“I’ll do whatever you want me to, Seichiro.”

Seichiro walked out of their bedroom and rolled his eyes. He walked through the house and into his office. Yutaka was sitting in a chair by the window drinking a cup of tea.

“Yutaka, just the person I wanted to see. Did you set up the meeting with Muraki?” Seichiro asked him.

“Yes, I did.” Yutaka said and then looked at his watch. “We have to be there in an hour.”

“Where is the meeting at?”

“His home.”

“His home? Why would the meeting be at his home?”

“I don’t know but I was told that our people could keep their weapons and that you could bring me and two others with you inside the house. Everyone else has to stay outside in the car. He said that he would make sure that he would only have the same amount of people in the house as you bring.”

“Muraki is a strange man but he’s honest in his dealings. Do you think I would be able to see Asato?”

“Probably not. Muraki has him guarded at all times and he never leaves the grounds of the estate.”

“Well then, let’s get this meeting behind us.”


Asato hurried through the house towards Kazu’s office. His bodyguard had told him that Kazu wanted him, Asato couldn’t wait to see him. He knocked on the door and he heard Kazu say come in. Asato opened the door and as soon as he saw Kazu, a huge smile lit upon his face. He nearly ran across the office to Kazu but stopped halfway across when he noticed there were other people in the office with him.

“Asato?” a surprised male voice said. Asato turned and there was Seichiro in the flesh. Asato stared at him wide eyed and felt nothing at all. He watched as Seichiro stood up and took a step towards him, Asato backed away from him.

“What are you doing here, Seichiro?” Asato asked.

“He’s trying to buy you back, Asato.” Muraki said. Asato eyes narrowed and he stared at Seichiro with venom.

“It’s been four years, Seichiro, and you’re just now trying to get me back?! Well, I’m sorry to inform you of this but… I refuse to go back with you.” Asato watched the happiness fade from Seichiro’s eyes.

Seichiro glared at Muraki in hatred. “What have you done to him, Muraki?” Seichiro growled out.

But before Muraki could reply, Asato screamed out, “He’s done nothing to me, you arrogant son of a bitch! The first two years I was here he didn’t even speak to me! Look at me and tell me why I won’t go back with you, Seichiro Tatsumi!”

Seichiro stared at Asato intently, his mahogany hair was longer than it used to be and his normally thin face was rounded. Seichiro eyes traveled up from Asato’s bare toes, his jean encased legs and the long sleeved white top that covered his fat stomach. He saw the hand Asato had on his stomach. Fat stomach? Seichiro looked closer, Asato wasn’t fat… he was pregnant.

“Oh my god! You’re fucking pregnant!” Seichiro yelled.

“Yes, I am, Seichiro, just like your little whore at home. What? You didn’t think I knew that you had replaced me with that conniving little bitch Hisoka within weeks of my kidnapping? I hope the little bitch was worth it because from the moment I found out about him, you lost me forever.” Asato walked over to Muraki, who wrapped his arm around Asato’s waist and pulled him close, placing a hand on their baby.

“You have to calm down or you’ll make our baby upset, Asato.” Muraki said as he stroked his hand across Asato’s distended belly, their baby kicked at his hand. Asato saw anger and hatred light up Seichiro’s midnight blue eyes.

“I know, Kazu, but he makes me so mad. I’ll try to be calm but I’m not making any promises.” Asato said and Muraki chuckled. Oriya noted that Asato had called Muraki a nickname in front of the other Yakuza present and Muraki didn’t hit him for it. That right there confirmed that Muraki was totally in love with Asato.

“You’re nothing but a Yakuza whore, Asato.” Seichiro said, his voice dripping with hatred.

“It’s better than being your Syndicate whore. I’d rather be with him than with you because at least he’s honest with me. I stopped loving you after I found out that you had replaced me, Seichiro. You said you loved me but you didn’t. I was nothing but a possession to you. You can go back to your little blonde tramp because I’m not leaving. My loyalty is to the father of my baby not some asshole who will just use me.” Asato said and then turned his back on Seichiro. Muraki stared at Seichiro, his mismatched eyes gleaming with delight.

“I think you have your answer, Seichiro.” Muraki said.

Muraki watched as Seichiro and his men left. As soon as the office door shut, Asato broke down in tears. Muraki pulled Asato into his arms and stroked his hair, he signaled for Oriya and the others to leave. After they left, Muraki kissed Asato softly on the cheek as he held him.

“Shhh, it’s alright, Asato. He’s gone now.” Muraki whispered.

“I hate him… I hate him… I hate him…” Asato said and began crying even harder.

“It’s okay, Asato, I hate him too.” Muraki said with a smile and Asato gave a watery giggle.

“Kazu, quit making me laugh when I want to cry.” Asato slid a finger over the medallion he had given Muraki last night. “Kazu?”

“Yes, Asato?” Muraki asked as he sat down in the chair behind his desk, he pulled Asato down into his lap.

“Seichiro asked you were you got this, didn’t he?” Asato asked as he picked up the medallion and ran his finger along the edge of it.

“Yes, he did. I told him that you gave it to me. Why would he ask about it? Did he give this to you?” Asato let the medallion drop to Kazu’s chest as he shook his head.

“He didn’t give it to me, my mother did… right before she died. It’s my family’s most prized possession. The story of the medallion is that one of my ancestors had received it from his lord for an act of bravery and he in turn gave it to the woman he loved. The tradition in my family is that the oldest child receives the medallion so they, in turn, give it to the one that they truly love.”

“Seichiro knows that story doesn’t he?” Asato nodded. “So, I’m the one you truly love? Even after all the cruelty I’ve showed you?”

“Kazu, everything in nature is both loving and cruel. I’d rather have your honest cruelty than Seichiro’s lies of love.”

“So, you were telling the truth when you said you loved me last night.” Asato gasped.

“You heard me last night? I thought you were asleep.” Asato said. Muraki shook his head, chuckled and kissed Asato softly.

“I never go to sleep before you, Asato. So, you really love me?” Asato nodded. “And it’s not just the pregnancy talking?”

“I had feelings for you before I knew I was pregnant so I know it’s not the baby talking. I love you, Kazu, even your cruelty. When you truly love someone, you love all of them not just parts.”

“I love you too, Asato.” Muraki said and then pulled Asato into a kiss neither of them wanted to pull away from.


“So, what do we do now, Seichiro?” Yutaka asked. Seichiro looked at him and Yutaka could see the hatred gleaming in the midnight blue orbs

“Muraki has somehow convinced Asato that he wants to stay. We have to create a plan to get Asato away from that house so he could return to the way he was.” he said as he rubbed his chin in thought.

“Why did you ask Muraki about that necklace he wore?”

“No reason, Yutaka, it just looked familiar. No reason at all.” Seichiro stared out the window at the landscape.

I will kill you, Kazutaka Muraki, for corrupting my Asato, making him your whore and then I will kill that thing that is your child…This I promise you.

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