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The whole thing was a rather odd situation for Momo to be in. He was, after all, minding his own business, intent on nothing but getting his order of cheeseburgers and soda. Then, in a confused jumble of seconds and conversation, all of the sudden Atobe was there and paying for him, and now the captain of Hyoutei's tennis team was sitting across from him as if it all wasn't very, very strange.

"My, God, Momoshiro," Atobe said, distaste clearly visible in every feature of his face, "you can stop to chew every now and then."

"What's it to you?" Momo asked around the chunks of burger meat in his mouth, one of which fell out on his plate. Then, certain he was being... well.... probably not as polite as Atobe's kind seemed to be, he swallowed his mouthful before talking again. "You don't have to keep watching me eat, yanno. Why don't you go order something?"

"Atobe Keigo eat fast food? Hardly."

"Then why'd you even come in here?" Momo asked, his tone all kinds of confused. Not that it stopped him from taking another huge bite of his cheeseburger.

"Well." Atobe smirked. "I saw you in here, and you looked so cute I just couldn't resist joining you."

Momo sputtered before quickly looking around to make sure no one heard that. "Jeez! Don't say weird things like that."

Atobe was definitely a very, very strange person.

"You're the one who asked," Atobe replied.

Feeling very awkward and extremely uncomfortable, all Momo could do was rush through his meal and try to ignore Atobe's eyes on him. The older boy seemed very amused, and Momo wondered if this were all some kind of strange joke. Maybe it was some kind of payback for Seigaku beating Hyoutei the last time they met? But then, Momo thought dejectedly, he had barely been involved in that victory at all. At any rate, he was so unnerved that he couldn't even enjoy his food.

"All right." Momo stood up abruptly, clutching the sides of his near empty tray so hard that he could feel his fingernails bending back. "I'm off."

To his utter horror, Atobe stood up and followed him to the trash can, and then outside.

"Do you need a ride?" Atobe asked, all good manners and diplomacy.


"Then I suppose I could walk you home, though it would be rather inconvenient."

"What?" Momo was trying to unlock his bike, but he couldn't stop fumbling with and dropping the damnable lock. What the hell was Atobe talking about? "Why would you walk me home?"

Ah, there it was... now all he had to do was put the chain away, get on his bike, and peddle the hell out of there.

"Why wouldn't I walk you home? Isn't that the proper thing for a man to do, after a date?"

That was just all kinds of wrong.

"First of all," Momo said, turning to poke Atobe in his smooth and well-shaped chest, "I am not a girl. This was not a date. Second, weren't you hitting on Tachibana Ann?"

Atobe shrugged, not bothering to remove Momo's finger. "Ann is a flirt and a tease. Besides, you're even cuter than she is when you're mad."

Momo turned all shades of red at that comment. He got on his bike, prepared to peddle away, when... he got back off again and started to walk it home, very aware of the boy in step beside him. He didn't know what he was thinking. He really should have biked off, but then he had let Atobe pay for his lunch, so maybe it would be okay to let Atobe hang around for a little more. Besides, it was at most a fifteen minute walk home.

"Would you care to take a detour through the courts?"

"Don't push your luck," Momo had ground out, but Atobe only laughed at him.

Momo thanked Buddha that the trip home was relatively silent, and that he didn't have to make conversation with Atobe Keigo. He didn't know what he would have in common in with Hyoutei star, save for tennis, and talking about tennis with Atobe would only remind him of how he wasn't really a regular during the match their schools played together. As soon as they got to his house though, Momo regretted letting Atobe walk him home. Now he knew where he lived.

"This is your house?" Atobe asked, eyeing the upper middle-class abode. "How quaint."

"So, yeah," Momo said awkwardly, one hand behind his head, "thanks for the food. Later."

"Don't I get an end of the date kiss before you go?"

"What?" Momo stepped back a few steps. "I told you already, I'm not a girl, so stop treating me like one."

"Is that a no?"

"Of course it is! We're both boys!"

Atobe sighed. "Really, Momoshiro, if you're so homophobic, why on Earth did you let me buy you lunch and walk you home? You've been sending me mixed signals the whole time we've been together."

"I'm not homophobic... I just... " Momo struggled with his words, flustered. This day just kept getting odder and odder, and he wasn't sure how to handle it.

"Good. Then maybe you'd like to join me on Friday night. The tennis club is having a party at Oshitari's house. As their coach, I feel obligated to go, but the whole event might be more enjoyable if you were there."

"Huh? I-"

"Be ready by eight. I'll have a chauffeur pick you up."

Momo stood at the front gate to his house, shocked, so that by the time he came to his senses enough to call out "Atobe! Wait!", the other boy had already left and was out of sight.

"You're going out with the monkey king," Echizen snickered at him the next day. Echizen seemed to find the whole thing immensely humorous, and Momo thought in retrospect that it had been really stupid to confide in his best friend. "You two make a good couple, Momo-sempai."

"Shut up," Momo said, although it came out as a kind of whine.

"Who is Momo going out with?"

Momo sunk further into his depression... that voice was unmistakable.

"Atobe, Fuji-sempai," Echizen said. Why, oh why, did Momo think the brat would keep his mouth shut? "They had a lunch date yesterday, and they're going to a party together on Friday."

"Really. How interesting... does the rest of the club know?"

"I'm sure they will," Momo muttered under his breath, "after you tell them."

"What was that, Momo?"

"Nothing, Fuji-sempai."

"Still," Fuji turned his head to the side and smiled at Momo in that really creepy way he did sometimes, "I can't help but be jealous."

Momo was sure Fuji was anything but. "Why is that, Fuji-sempai?"

"Atobe's always bragging about his prowess on the tennis court... I can't help but think that his skill and expertise translate to other, more practical facets of his life as well."

Momo blinked as Ryoma continued to snicker. "What do you mean?"

"He means Atobe's good in bed, Momo-sempai."

Momo decided that he really hated blushing.

The week ended up passing much to quickly for Momo, and he spent all day Friday dreading eight o'clock. He debated not going home that night, and maybe sleeping over at Echizen's, and he ended up hanging out at the park by himself until about seven. After that there were forty minutes of 'should I go or not' playing out in his head, and then Oishi and Eiji happened to walk by and ask him if he shouldn't be getting ready for his date.

"I'm not getting ready for Atobe!" he had replied sharply, and Eiji had giggled and pulled Oishi away.

"Isn't he cute?" Momo could hear him saying to Oishi. "He's so in denial!"

In the end Momo had rushed home and gotten into the fancy car that waited outside his house, hoping that his parents hadn't seen it. He really didn't know how to explain it to them. As soon as the car dropped him off at Oshitari's large house though, he regretted his decision to come, a feeling that only intensified as he stepped into the party. It seemed like all two hundred plus of Hyoutei's players were there... how was he going to find Atobe? Not that he wanted to find Atobe, his head reminded him. But then, if he wasn't there to find Atobe, what was he there for?

"Ah, you're here. I was afraid you wouldn't come." Atobe's tone, however, was just as arrogant as ever, and Momo was sure Atobe was quite confident he would be there. "We must make the obligatory introductions, then."

Atobe placed a hand on Momo's back to lead him through the crowd, and though Momo near-pouted at the physical contact, he didn't do anything to try to stop it either. It seemed as though everyone there knew Atobe, which Momo guessed was understandable, but a good majority of them seemed to look at him with absolute worship in their eyes. Momo was afraid they were going to break out into chants of 'A-to-be' at any given moment. Atobe introduced Momo to some people, but Momo didn't care to listen or remember then, and when he wasn't nodding politely he was distractedly looking at the decorations on the walls. Atobe soon brought him to stand in front of a very tall silver-haired boy and a boy wearing a baseball cap.

"Momoshiro, you know Ohtori and Shishido from the tennis game."

Ah, that's right, the pair that beat Inui-sempai and Mamushi. "Hey."

"Now, Ohtori is a very nice boy, and I'm sure you two will have lots to talk about while I go take care of some business."

"What? Atobe-"

But Atobe had already rushed off. Momo couldn't believe the other boy had just left him like that, in a place where he didn't know any one. He couldn't feel any more awkward... until he looked at Ohtori, who was looking even more uncomfortable than he was.

"Umm..." Momo tried to start, racking his brain for conversations. "Yeah."

"This is just like Atobe to do this," Shishido sneered, "he never thinks about anyone else but him."

"That's not true, Shishido-san," the taller boy reprimanded, "he thinks about all of us."

Then there was more awkward silence as Shishido gazed away, while Momo and Ohtori just stared at one another.

"So... you're a second year."


"So am I."

"Really? That's cool."

And more awkward silence.

"Do you want a drink?" Ohtori asked, trying to be as polite as possible.

"Yeah. Sure." Momo scratched his head. It would be rude to decline. He had never really drank any alcohol, except for maybe a little of his dad's sake sometimes at dinner, when he was curious and it was a special occasion, but never that much and never socially. He had heard stories about parties certain third years at Seigaku threw, and the involvement of kegs, and he guessed that Hyoutei was probably the same way.

Ohtori handed him a cold, frosty mug, which he just stared at. He had always imagined people at keg parties using large plastic cups. But then again, this was Hyoutei... they couldn't be exactly the same as Seigaku, or any other school for that matter, could they?

"It's not poison," Shishido sneered, and it occurred to Momo that the boy sneered a lot.

"I know that," he snapped back. So Momo sipped his beer, and hung around Shishido and Ohtori while they talked to various people he didn't know. Then he finished his beer and went off to get another one. When he came back looking for Ohtori- it's true he felt awkward with them, but at least he knew who they were, unlike his situation with every one else at the party- they were gone. Or maybe they were still where he had left them, and he was lost, Momo wasn't sure. So he sipped his new beer while aimlessly walking around the party, feeling strange and odd and out of place, and before he knew it he had lost count of how many beers he had drank.

It seemed really late, Momo thought, and maybe he should call his mom, because even though she knew he'd be out maybe she'd still be worried. How late was it any way? Momo looked down at the digital display on his cell phone, but soon realized he couldn't make sense of the numbers. Luckily, he spied a familiar little redhead out of the corner of his eyes.


Some students around him turned to look at what he was making a fuss about, but the redhead was still focused on his conversation. Momo walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey! Guy that Kikumaru-sempai beat!"

"My name is Mukahi!" The small boy turned around and glared at Momo, smacking his hand off his shoulder. "I have a name. And who the hell are you?"

Mukahi looked Momo up and down, before recognition set in.

"Oh, you're the guy Atobe wants to screw."

If he wasn't already flushed and red from the alcohol, Momo thought, this would be a really good time to blush. Or try not to blush, as he had sworn to do from now on, since that conversation with Fuji. "Where's Atobe?"

Mukahi snickered. "I saw him heading upstairs. Maybe he's finding a room for you two."

"Sankyu," Momo murmured as he walked away, even though he wasn't sure why he was thanking the obnoxious redhead. He made his way up the stairs and through the hallways, but every room he knocked on seemed to be occupied, in addition to emitting embarrassing noises that he didn't really want to think about. When he found an empty room he decided to lay down on the bed and rest for awhile, because everything was starting to spin a little, and if Atobe wanted him then Atobe could look for him.

Momo thought over what Mukahi had said, and wondered if Atobe had invited him here to have sex, and if so, should he be offended or flattered? Offended, his brain reprimanded him, you should definitely be offended. But thinking about Atobe, and about sex (Momo still blushed a little bit at the word), made Momo think about Fuji and what he half-jokingly said about Atobe being good at it. It was a joke, Momo thought, at least half of one, but Fuji was always so right about things like tennis and people and human nature.

Momo shifted onto his side and pulled a random pillow towards him, wondering what sex with Atobe Keigo would be like. He wondered what sex in general would feel like, and if it would feel as good as the things he did to himself when he was alone in his room, and in the shower. Maybe, he thought, the whole thing wouldn't be so bad. Maybe it would be... really good, actually.

His thoughts meandered then, and he lay there, unable to keep track of how much time was passing. He thought it was a few hours, but it could just as likely have been a few minutes. Then the door opened, and he could hear some one walk towards him, could feel some one's weight as they sat down on the mattress. From the smell of the cologne he knew it was Atobe.


This is it, he thought, hoping Atobe had remembered to lock the door, and he turned over onto his back. Atobe leaned down over him, placed one hand on his waist.

"Are you drunk?" Atobe asked.

"No," Momo lied, wondering how on Earth he could possible slur the word 'no'.

"You are. Come on, let's get you home before your mom worries. It's almost eleven."

Eleven? Momo would have guessed that it was much later than that. He let Atobe help him to his feet and to a waiting car, though he couldn't remember anything in between. Part of him thought that Atobe had somehow warped them there, before the still rational part of his mind told him that he was silly and drunk. His still rational mind also told him that he was stupid, because part of him was disappointed by the turn of events.

"You're taking me home?" Momo asked, once the car had started, and its constant acceleration and deceleration made Momo feel a bit sick.

"That's what I said, isn't it?"

Atobe pressed something small and cool onto Momo's lips, and Momo quickly realized it was a water bottle. He drank a good portion of it, realizing after he did so how thirsty he was.

"Don't you want to..." Momo made nonsensical gestures with his hands, "have sex?"

Atobe laughed, but Momo thought it sounded a little mean. "On our first proper date? I didn't know you were so slutty."

"First of all, this was hardly a proper date. And I told you, don't treat me like a girl."

"Boys can be slutty, too."

Momo grumbled something then, but Atobe couldn't hear what he said, and if you had asked Momo what it was a second later, he wouldn't have been able to remember. The car came to a stop.

"I suppose you don't want me to walk you to your door."

"I can handle it."

Momo reached for the door handle, pulling it down and pushing the door open... or not. He tried again, jiggling it a little. Finally, Atobe reached over, his hand on the handle and his body pressed partly against Momo's.


Momo felt Atobe's breath on his cheek, surprisingly cool. "Yeah?"

"If you want a proper date, then would you like to go to lunch tomorrow?"

"Ummm.... yeah. Okay."


Then Atobe pressed his lips against Momo's, and it took a long time for Momo to actually realize that he was being kissed, by Atobe Keigo of all people, and it wasn't weird or strange or odd but rather really, really nice. Several gentle yet insistent kisses, and then he could hear Atobe pulling the handle down, and he found himself standing in the middle of the cold night air. He shivered, and hoped that his mother wouldn't be too mad at him.


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