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"Nya! It's so hot!" Kikumaru made a show of slowly collapsing at the foot of the bench, the back of his hand pressed against his forehead. "I think I'm going to faint..."

"How can you faint, Kikumaru-sempai, when you're already laying down?" Echizen asked from his spot on the bench, where he was sitting back to back with Momo.

Momo, for his part, decided not to say anything, because talking would require energy, something he was currently using to think cool thoughts. Grass, he thought, wondering why he wasn't laying on some right now... ice, ice cream, the fast food restaurant that they had just left from... "Hey, Kikumaru-sempai, shouldn't you treat your kouhai to some dessert?"

There went his no-talking policy.

"Momo! You guys spent all my money on meat buns!" Kikumaru pouted as he thought of his empty wallet. "Doesn't your house have air conditioning, Momo?"

"My Dad won't turn it on yet. He says it's too early in the season."

"Mine too. What about you, Ochibi?" For a moment Kikumaru's voice filled with hope, but Echizen's answer was swift and punishing.

"Yadda. We're not going to my house."

Momo briefly wondered why it was that none of them had ever been allowed into Echizen's house, when his hand brushed up against a lump in his pocket. Was it money? He thought of the ice cream parlor, and a nice root beer float. He reached a hand in his pocket, and pulled out to reveal a small, metallic key.

"Here," Atobe has said, a few days ago, and then he had tossed Momo something small and silver. "I had an extra one made for Kabaji, but it turns out he doesn't need it."

From the plush cushions of Atobe's bed, Momo had turned the key over and over in his palm. "What's it for?"

"The back door leading to my quarters."

"You don't need it?"

"Hardly," Atobe had scoffed, as if the question wasn't even worth answering. "Why should I? Doors open for me."

In the heat of the afternoon, the key felt cool in Momo's hand, and he suddenly knew where they could go that was certain to have air conditioning.

Some minutes later, the three boys were navigating the maze that was Atobe's mansion, careful not to make any loud noises.

"Are you sure this is okay?" Kikumaru whispered, though it still came out loudly enough to hurt Momo's ears a little.

"Yeah," Momo whispered back, "Atobe has special tutoring on Saturdays until three. Training to be take over his dad's company or something, I don't know."

"If it's okay," Echizen asked, not bothering to speak in anything but his normal tone, "why do we have to sneak around?"

Echizen was always such a smartass. Momo was thinking of something clever to say back when he found the door that he was looking for. "Ah! Here it is."

Momo opened the door and Kikumaru bolted inside, while Echizen followed at a casual rate.

"This is so cool!" Kikumaru cried. "I can't believe some one we know lives in a room like this!"

Kikumaru stood in the middle of the room and proceeded to test out the echo.

"Hoi, hoi!" he called, and 'hoi, hoi!' the room called back.

Momo watched, aghast, as his sempai jumped into Atobe's large bed and proceeded to sink into the pillows and plush, plush blanket.

"Momo, you're so lucky you get to sleep in here all the time. It feels like laying in a cloud."

"Eh... I don't sleep here all the time, Kikumaru-sempai." Momo scratched his head. Maybe bringing his friends here wasn't such a great idea. That's when he heard Echizen's voice, coming towards him as though from some great distance away.

"Monkey king's closet is really big, sempais." A few moments later Echizen appeared from the closet door, a Hyoutei jersey draped over him. "Do I look good? Maybe I should have gone to Hyoutei instead."

That's when Kikumaru sprung up and started jumping up and down on the bed. Pillows were being thrown into the air and onto the floor, while the blankets became noticeably more ruffled. "Oooh! Momo, let's go in the pool! Atobe has a pool, rightr?"

"Kikumaru-sempai," Momo whined, really regretting this stupid idea, "we don't have trunks."

"There are plenty of trunks here," Echizen replied, and Momo wondered exactly when Echizen had gotten those three pairs of swimming trunks in his hands.

Momo could only watch as clothes were thrown around the room, and then Kikumaru and Echizen were changed and staring at him.

"Momo, aren't you coming?"

It was a total defeat.

"Yeah," Momo replied, dejected, and he changed into a pair of Atobe's trunks. "But keep it down!"

Once again, Momo led the boys through the hallways, careful to watch out for any servants. It turned out, though, that Momo wasn't much of a lookout, and as he turned one corner he walked straight into a very prim and proper chest.

"Ah, Momo-chan-sama," came a vaguely familiar voice, "I thought I heard your voice."

"Momo-chan-sama?" Echizen whispered, snickering a little bit.

"Umm..." Momo's eyes darted from side to side, trying to think of an excuse for being there. "You see, I was looking for Ato-"

"You should have told us you were having company over. Is there anything I can get you three?"

Momo blinked up at the servant. His friends, who weren't as easily confused as Momo was, promptly yelled out their orders.

"Nya, can I have an ice cream sundae? With strawberry ice cream?"

"A banana split for me."

Momo glared at his friends, but they didn't seem to be looking at him.

"Mmm," Ryoma murmured after what seemed to be a short period of introspection, "and have them brought to the pool."

"Of course, sir."

The servant walked away, and Momo wondered if he was going to get in trouble for this.

Four root beer floats and a fruit cup later, Momo didn't care. He was floating on an inflatable raft in the middle of the pool, periodically floating under the pool side sprinklers, and Echizen and Kikumaru were having another cannonball contest. Echizen was, of course, winning, though Kikumaru was doing the loveliest aerial summersaults. It was hot and sunny, but he was cool and relaxed, and most of all full, and life couldn't have been any better. Sakura, one of the cute servant girls, smiled at him as she placed a rather large raspberry meringue on a table, and he waved casually back.

Aa. Life was good.

After their fingertips started getting all gross and pruny, and their stomachs were full from all the food they had eaten, Echizen and Kikumaru grabbed their t-shirts and headed back home. Momo promised to get their clothes from the room for them. He whistled as he strolled back to Atobe's room, listening to his voice echo slightly in the halls, and then opened the door to Atobe's bedroom.

Atobe was standing next to the rumpled bed. In his right hand was a tiny pair of white briefs, and in his other was a pair of pink boxer shorts covered in red cats.

"Momoshiro," Atobe drawled, his eyebrow extended in an elegant arch, "if you were going to have a ménage a trois in my room, the least you could have done was invite me to join."

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