An AtoMo Story

BY : CrunchySalad
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(So, in retrospect, Atobe's kind of a jerk in this one, and Momo lets him off a little to easily. I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this way back in 05.)

Tachibana Ann pressed her face and hands to the glass. "Awww, they're so cute! Me~ew, mew-"

"Why are you making cat noises?"

"Oh." Ann straightened up and laughed a little, before she wrapped her arms around one of Momo's and pulled him away from the pet store entirely. "I don't know how to make any other animal noises. What noises do ferrets make, any way?"

"Something like..." Momo pressed his tongue against the roof of his mouth and pulled it away again, making what he hoped were little rodent type noises.

"Hmm. I don't think that's it, Momo."

"At least it's better than 'mew'," Momo teased.

Ann pretended to huff indignantly. "Mew's cuter. It doesn't matter anyway, because now you're going to buy me a soda and we're going to forget all about the pet store."

"A soda?"

"And maybe some fries," Ann stated, "because I've helped you out so much in the past."

Momo wasn't about to argue with that. Truth be told, he was glad he had run into Ann today. It had been awhile since he had hung out with the girl, and she was always fun to be around. Really, she was the only girl Momo knew that could play a decent game of tennis. Not that Momo really knew that many girls. So it was to the shops for soda and fries, and then the two of them headed to the street tennis courts to see if there were any matches going on that were worth watching. Momo snuck a glance around for a certain Hyoutei player, but not finding him there, he settled in on the bench and resigned himself to watching the doubles match in front of him.

The time passed pleasantly enough. The game, though not the best Momo had ever seen, was entertaining in its own right, and it was fun to compare notes with Ann as it wore on. The whole experience was like any other time he had hung out with Ann, until Kamio showed up, and shockingly enough didn't say a word to either of them. In fact, he stayed on the other side of the court, ignoring them except to send the occasional pointed glare their way.

"Hey," Momo asked, not able to restrain his curiosity. And cold-shoulder-Kamio was getting him extremely curious. "Are you and Kamio not talking?"

Ann shrugged, then made a wave of dismissal with her hand. "I guess he's mad at me."

"For what?"

"For sleeping with Atobe."

"What?!" If he had been drinking a soda, Momo thought, and he was in a cartoon, this would be the part where he spurted said soda out into the air.

"Yeah." Ann shrugged again, as if she hadn't revealed a very personal detail about a very personal part of her life. "I mean, it was only a one night thing. I don't think either of us is interested in actually maintaining a relationship. Can you imagine, Atobe Keigo going out with some one?"

Ann giggled, as if the thought of it were hilarious.

"He's too in love with himself to make a commitment. But I guess I shouldn't really be talking."

Momo wished he did have that soda right now. At least it would give him something to do, instead of fidgeting uncomfortably. Half of him wanted Ann to just shut up, because he really didn't want to hear any more about the fact that Ann and Atobe slept together, or the fact that Atobe wasn't interested in monogamy. But half of him wanted Ann to go on, because if she stopped that meant that he would have to say something, and he really, really did not know what to say right now.

"Kamio will get over it," Ann went on, and Momo was relieved that she seemed to be wrapping it up. "I don't even see Atobe around any more; it's not like he hangs out at the same places we do. Really, when's the last time you saw him?"

"Actually," Momo muttered, instantly regretting it, "I'm dating him."

"Oh." Ann stared at him for a moment, shocked, before laughing it off. "Congratulations to the both of you, then."

The last person Momo wanted to see, after that, was Atobe Keigo, but they had already planned to meet for dinner with some of Atobe's friends. Momo contemplated skipping out on the dinner altogether, but even as he thought it over his feet had already started walking him to the sushi restaurant. By the time he decided he wasn't going to go, he was standing in front of the restaurant door, and he could see Atobe sitting at a table inside.

At the very least, Momo thought, he could eat a lot of overpriced sushi, and with that notion he walked through the door. He shuffled into the empty seat next to Atobe and glanced around to see who was there. Oshitari and Mukahi, Momo thought to himself, remembering their names, and of course Jirou. He was only briefly aware when Oshitari mumbled something about having to go and gave Jirou a kiss before leaving.

"You're awfully quiet," Atobe remarked to him, when moments passed and Momo hadn't joined the conversation.

Momo slumped down in his chair even further than he already was, and hid behind his menu. "It's nothing."

"Don't worry about it, Atobe," Mukahi snickered, "he's probably having his period or something."

"That's not nice, Gakuto," Jirou mumbled, always the good boy.

Momo could feel Atobe staring at him through the menu, probably curious as to why he hadn't snapped something back to Mukahi. Then, all of a sudden, Momo felt his menu being pulled down, and found himself in a sort of staring match with Atobe. After a few seconds Atobe, either having found what he was looking for or deciding it was pointless, let go of the menu. It snapped back up, and Momo went back to contemplating the fancy, new age sushi this restaurant was famous for.

It wasn't until Mukahi had left for the bathroom and Jirou had fallen asleep in his green tea ice cream that Momo decided to say anything about the situation at all.

"You never told me you slept with Ann," he hissed to Atobe, hating himself for sounding like that stupid Mamushi.

Atobe, for his part, only raised one of his eyebrows in an elegant arch. "I wasn't aware we were suppose to discuss previous dalliances. Should I list, then, all the people I've slept with?"

"No," Momo whispered back, perhaps still a little too loudly and harshly, as Jirou stirred a little in his sleep at the noise.

"It's cute that you're jealous, Momoshiro, but you can't be mad at me for things I did before we were a couple."

"I'm not jealous!" Momo wondered why he was still whispering, when his whispers were becoming louder than Atobe's normal speaking voice. He cleared his throat and tried again, his voice calm this time. "Listen, just forget it. I'm being stupid."

"Mm hm."

Momo thought he was done with it when he felt some one slap him, hard, on the back.

"Aww, Momo, don't be sad just because Atobe screwed some chick instead of you." Mukahi sounded highly amused by the scenario.

"Mukahi," Atobe interrupted, and Momo thought he heard a warning in his voice.

"So what if he ditched you at the party to fool around with her? It was just sex, you know, you don't buy the cow when you get the milk for free, and now he's dating you." Mukahi cackled to himself.

"Party?" Momo blinked a few times before realization hit him. "You mean, the party you invited me to that time? You actually invited me to a party, then left me by myself, so you could go have sex with some one else?"

"Well, when you say it like that," Atobe drawled, looking more annoyed with the turn of events than anything else, "it makes me look like quite the jerk, doesn't it?"

Momo opened his mouth, then closed it, then gaped at the situation before realizing he really did not know what to say to such an outrageous statement.

"Forget it," he finally spit out, pushing himself out of his chair hard enough to rattle the table and wake Jirou up. "I'm gone."

Momo didn't remember how he got from the sushi restaurant to his house, but he somehow managed, and then he collapsed onto his bed. Being upset, he decided, was really tiring. The display on his clock read 9:02, and he decided that it was the perfect time to end the day.

Momo wasn't sure how many days passed after that, but then one afternoon a familiar town car rolled up to the Seigaku tennis courts at the end of practice. It distracted the lower classmen from picking up balls for a moment before Tezuka threatened them with laps, at which point it was promptly forgotten, except by the regulars standing to the side.

"Unless Tezuka and Atobe have another fishing trip planned," Fuji remarked pleasantly to Momo, "I think it's for you."

Momo looked at the car, then back at the tennis courts. He supposed Atobe would stay there until he received some kind of acknowledgment.

"Echizen, come with me."

"Why do I have to, Momo-sempai?"

"Never mind about that, just come with me."

Momo made his way to the car, dragging a reluctant Echizen behind him. When he got there Atobe lowered the window.

"Have I given you sufficient time to cool off?"

"I'm listening, if that's what you mean."

"I'm sorry," Atobe said, and it looked as though he was sincere, "for being such a horrible cad."

"Wow," Echizen muttered, "the monkey king knows how to apologize."

"Shut up, Echizen," Momo muttered back.

"At any rate," Atobe continued, "it was before we were really a couple, and it's not as though I planned to sleep with Ann. I didn't even know she was coming to that party. Now, why don't we forget about this mess and go to the country club for tea and tennis?"

"I'm supposed to meet Ann at the street courts," Momo replied.

Atobe smirked. "Really, shouldn't I be the jealous one, with all the time you two spend together? We'll bring her along then. We can play doubles, with your best friend there."

Momo was about to say Echizen didn't like playing doubles, when he heard a car door open and saw his kouhai already sitting inside the car.

"I've always wanted to see inside the country club," Echizen remarked, when Momo gave him an incredulous expression.

Atobe smiled. "So it's decided then."

They picked up Ann, who was vaguely surprised and thoroughly delighted to hear of the change of plans.

"I'm glad I wore this, then," Ann laughed, twirling around in her new white and blue tennis outfit.

Momo looked down at his own clothes, which were very casual and non-country club, but decided it didn't matter. No one would even think of saying anything, because he was Atobe's guest, and Echizen was dressed even worse then he was.

When they got to the courts Momo took a detour to the bathroom, and when he came out Atobe and Ann were on one side of the court, while Echizen was on the other. He was almost aghast to see that Atobe and Ann's tennis outfits seemed to match perfectly.

"Echizen," Momo whispered to his friend, "why aren't you paired with Ann?"

Echizen smirked. "Sorry, Momo-sempai. I didn't realize you wanted to be with your boyfriend."

"Nevermind!" Momo exclaimed, heading into position to serve.

The game passed by normally enough, until about halfway through, and Momo saw Atobe touch Ann's shoulder and whisper something in her ear. It was something about the game, Momo knew, some bit of strategy, but still... when the next chance ball came along, he didn't even think about it. There was something else driving him, something completely irrational, and he jumped up into the air and dunk smashed that ball right into Atobe's face.

Ann yelped as Atobe fell over, and then several staff members rushed from the sides to help the young boy up and off the courts. A few minutes later Momo found himself sitting in some back room while Atobe lay on a couch beside him, an ice pack over his right eye.

"Do you feel better now, having injured me?"

Momo smiled, realizing that hitting Atobe with a tennis ball had in fact made him feel a lot better. "Yeah."

"I'm glad at least that you're back to your normal self. Just so I know, will you be giving me a black eye every time you get mad at me?"


"Hm. I suppose that's only fair." Atobe held out his hand and wriggled his fingers in a most ungraceful way, and Momo took that as a cue to interlace their fingers together. It was still really weird, he thought, to hold hands with Atobe Keigo, but maybe he would get used to it one day. "You don't have to be jealous."

"Yeah," Momo admitted, sheepish, "I figured."

"I'm dating you, you know."

"No, really? I hadn't noticed."

"Just so we're understood." Atobe let go of Momo's hand and pushed himself off the couch. "Now, shall we continue our game?"

Momo stood up and grabbed onto Atobe's hand again, and the two walked out to rejoin Ann and Echizen on the courts.


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