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Sex was something that was constantly on Momo's mind, from the moment he woke up sporting morning wood to the second his head hit the pillow and it entered his dreams in the shape of girls that were soft and wet. He thought about it when he was making out with Atobe, and Atobe's tongue fucking his mouth made him wonder what real fucking would feel like. Kissing would make him hard, and when Atobe pressed against him, he could feel on his leg that Atobe was hard too. And still, Momo hadn't actually had sex yet.

It's not as though he didn't want to. It's just that... he had always imagined his first time would be with a girl. Some one like Ann, maybe, some one small with soft skin and a nice smell. And though Atobe was well pampered, there was nothing soft about him, and though Momo liked his musky scent, he smelled nothing like the floral and soapy fragrances that girls always seemed to have around them. Atobe was a boy, plain and simple. He was better groomed than most boys, but he still felt like a boy and smelled like a boy. And Momo's wet dreams had always featured girls.

One day, when he knew the rest of his family was occupied with their own personal matters, he locked the door to his room and googled 'gay porn' on his computer. He had looked at women fondling their breasts and spreading their legs before, had seen pictures of A.V. stars moaning as cock was shoved up their pussies, but he had never seen men in the act before. He flushed to look at the pictures he found, pictures of young men in seeming ecstasy as they were fucked up their asses by incredibly large cocks, pictures of men coming all over other men's faces, pictures of men rubbing their cocks together and dripping with pre-come. He felt himself getting hard, and rubbed through the fabric of his jeans. It was embarrassing, but he couldn't stop looking for more images.

It was a turn on, seeing all these men's cocks. It was even more of a turn on to see their cumshots, to see semen shooting out of them. Momo would stare intently at the pictures of young men fucking each other up the ass, and wondered if he was really willing to let Atobe do that to him. What would it feel like to have Atobe up inside of him, fucking him, and would Atobe cum inside of him or pull out and cum on his skin instead. What would that feel like, to have some one else's cum coating your body.

That night in bed Momo stroked himself thinking about men and cocks and Atobe's cock in particular, and what it would look like sliding in and out of his ass. With one hand he reached down to his hole, and though he traced the rim and pressed the pad of his fingertip inside just a little, he couldn't bring himself to slide a finger in.

* * *

"Sempais," Echizen looked up from tying his shoelaces, "are we going to get cheeseburgers today?"

Momo almost didn't notice the fact that Echizen said anything, distracted by the same thoughts that had kept him occupied for at least a few days now.

"Forget it!" Kikumaru whined, and the noise brought Momo a little bit back down to Earth. "I have to get home early today. Besides, I'm broke because of you two."

"Hmmm. Oishi and I were going to get something to eat. You two could come with us."

"Are you paying, Fuji-sempai?" Echizen asked.

"I don't mind."

Momo was only vaguely aware when Echizen and his two sempais started walking off, and it took him a few moments to drag himself after them. Of course, Oishi noticed, and kept looking back on him as they walked to whatever restaurant they were going to. Finally, after walking a few blocks, Oishi slowed his pace until he was side by side with Momo.

"Momo, is there something wrong?"

"Not that I know of." Momo rubbed the back of his head, trying to think why Oishi thought there was something wrong with him. "Why?"

"You seem... out of sorts, lately. Distracted, maybe?"

"Eh?" Realization hit Momo and he looked away, embarrassed. "Oh. Don't worry about it, it's nothing."

It was then that Momo looked up and saw Fuji looking back at him, smiling in that way he did sometimes. The smile he used whenever other people had to drink auzo. He felt a shiver run down his back.

"If Momo's acting funny, there can only be one reason," Fuji said, trailing off before turning to face forward again.

"What's that, Fuji-sempai?" Echizen asked.

Fuji turned to his kouhai and held a finger to his lips. "Hi... mit... su."

Oishi shot glances back and forth between Momo and Fuji, and Momo knew that Oishi's sense of concern and his respect for other people's privacy were fighting it out within his mind. Either way, Fuji probably wasn't going to keep his secret for much longer.

"Fuji," Oishi started, though his tone was still hesitant, "what's wrong with Momo?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Fuji asked. "When some one's like this, it means they're having problems. In bed."

At least, Momo thought, that was one way to get Oishi to stop questioning him. For his part, Oishi looked predictably embarrassed, while Echizen snickered at them and Fuji just looked amused.

"Momo-sempai, is the monkey king bad in bed?"

"Geez, I'm not going to answer that," Momo replied, trying to not to get too flustered. By his side, Oishi looked away and pretended that he couldn't hear the conversation.

"That just means," Fuji explained, "that they haven't had sex yet."

"Fuji-sempai!" Momo whined. How did Fuji do that?

"It can't be that you're scared, is it, Momo?"

"Scared?" Echizen asked, as if it were the most curious thing in the world. "You're not a virgin, are you, Momo-sempai?"

"Do we have to talk about this?" Momo complained, almost yelling.

"He is," Echizen and Fuji said in unison, and, oh, how Momo hated Echizen's smirk and Fuji's smile.

"Oh..." Fuji's eyes opened a little bit, and he stopped walking. "Let's go in here for a bit."

"The convenience store?" Oishi asked.

"I want to get Momo a gift. It's the least I can do, as his sempai."

"Umm... I'll wait out here." Oishi took a seat on the bench as his friends disappeared inside the shop.

Once inside the convenience store, Momo was relieved that the topic of his sex life had been unceremoniously dropped. It was just strange, talking about those kinds of things with Fuji and Echizen. But then, when he saw that they had ended up in front of a wall of condoms, he didn't know why he hadn't seen it coming.

"Do you think Atobe would be an extra extra large?" Fuji asked, holding a small box up next to his smile as if he were advertising toothpaste.

"Fuji-sempai!" Then, a short pause later, "He's just a little above average."

"Aa." Fuji put the box marked 'XXL' back on its shelves. "So you two have fooled around, even if you haven't gone all the way yet."

Momo didn't even bother being indignant that time. He wouldn't give Fuji the satisfaction.

"You'll need this too, Momo-sempai."

Momo turned to see Echizen holding a bottle of KY jelly, and tried very hard not to just gape at the first year. "How the hell do you know all about this stuff, Echizen?"

"Himitsu," Echizen murmured, tugging down on his baseball cap. And unlike Fuji, Echizen kept all the really interesting secrets to himself.

Fuji plucked the bottle of lubricant out of Echizen's hand and walked off, leaving the other two boys to follow him. He stopped in front of the moisturizers and lotions, and picked out a small bottle of hand sanitizer. "You'll need this too, Momoshiro."

"Hmm?" Echizen stared at the bottle. "What's that for, Fuji-sempai?"

"You're very thoughtful, Echizen, but mada mada dane."

Fuji chuckled, and Echizen glared a little at his sempai. That was his catch phrase, dammit. They followed Fuji into the store's too small to fit three people bathroom, and waited as Fuji cleaned out the bottle and filled it with lubricant.

"Saa. Lubricant's too flashy," Fuji explained, "Nothing screams 'I'm a fag' more than a tube of KY jelly in your backpack. Now, a bottle of hand sanitizer... that's discrete."

"I'm going to keep this stuff in my backpack?"

"Of course. You should always be prepared."

"Fuji-sempai," Ryoma said, in a mock-reverent tone, "you're so wise in the art of sexual gratification."

"Yes, Grasshopper, you still have much to learn."

Sometimes, Momo just didn't understand his friends. After eating Momo went home, where his mother met him at the door.

"Takeshi, there you are," she said, a smile on her face. "Atobe-kun called while you were out. He's so charming, that boy."

Momo rolled his eyes. His mother had been in love with Atobe since the two had first spoken on the phone.

"He wanted to invite you to sleep over at his house tomorrow. He' so sweet, isn't he? Of course I said you'd go, so he expects you to be ready for dinner by six. You've been spending a lot of time with him lately, haven't you? Didn't you just sleep over at his house all last weekend? I suppose it's good though, because he's so well mannered. I can only hope and pray that some of his etiquette will rub off on you. Really, you must have him over for dinner some time, he seems like such a nice boy. He sounds so handsome.... squee... and I heard the Atobe family is very beautiful-"

But at that point in his mother's speech, Momo had already made it upstairs and to his room, where he couldn't hear the ranting any more. When his mother got excited about something she could go on forever about it. He wondered what his mom would think if she knew he and Atobe were actually going out, but then he remembered the boys love mangas he found hidden in her nightstand, and decided she'd actually take it pretty well.

Momo deposited his back pack on his bed, and stared down at the seemingly innocent plastic bag in his hand. He looked between his backpack and the bag several times, before taking out the condoms and lip balm. Curious, he opened the box, and pulled out a string of about six square foil packets. He folded them together, considered, and then opened the front pocket of his backpack and shoved them to the very bottom. He shook up his bags several times, just to make sure that the condoms wouldn't jostle to the surface, and then threw the bottle in and zipped it shut again.

There. Now he was ready for sleepovers and maybe quickies during lunch, if Atobe ever felt inclined to come to Seigaku during that class period.

The next day Atobe picked Momo up at six as promised and took him to a Brazilian grill before they went back to Atobe's mansion. One of the better perks of dating Atobe, Momo decided, was that he got to eat delicious (but expensive) food from all over the world whenever he wanted.

"Brush your teeth," Atobe told him, when they got back to Atobe's room. "Your breath smells like cow."

Atobe then gave him a slap in the ass to get him going, and though Momo glared at the older boy he still headed towards the bathroom. Once there he grabbed Atobe's toothbrush, and squeezed on some of that horrible lime flavored toothpaste that Atobe seemed to prefer.

"Momoshiro, your mother told me she baked some cookies for me," Momo heard Atobe call from outside the bathroom.

"In my back pack," he replied, in between spitting his toothpaste out and scrubbing his tongue. A few moments later he finished up and spit out the last of the toothpaste, then headed out to see if Atobe was done changing. He saw Atobe standing in front of his backpack, holding onto a very familiar string of small, silver squares.

"Momoshiro," Atobe asked, turning to face him, "what exactly are you doing in class to necessitate the use of these?"

"I forgot they were in there," Momo admitted, more to himself than to Atobe.

"That's very nice and all, but that didn't really answer my question."

Momo walked towards the bed, pulling off his shirt and pants along the way. Maybe if he didn't say anything Atobe would figure it out on his own, or drop the subject entirely. Crawling into the excessively large bed, Momo wasn't sure which situation he would have preferred.

"Really, it's not fair if you're letting some one else screw you when you won't even let me do it."

"Atobe, stop being such a jerk and get in bed." Momo thought Atobe was going to make some kind of smart comment in reply, but the other boy just shrugged and turned off the lights. As Momo's eyes adjusted to the light he could hear Atobe padding to the bed, and he could hear the sound of the condoms being deposited on the nightstand.

The bed barely made a sound as Atobe lowered himself onto it, and then Atobe's hand was on his waist, and Atobe's lips were on his own. Atobe's kisses started out soft and light, almost barely there, and then grew firmer and more insistent. Then Atobe traced his tongue over Momo's lips, and Momo obediently parted his mouth, and before he even realized it Atobe's body was in between his legs and flush against his, and his hands were tangled in Atobe's hair.

Momo groaned. Atobe was rubbing against him, and he could feel Atobe's hard-on rocking against his own through the thin fabric of their boxers. Their kisses were sloppy now, more urgent, and Momo was having a hard time remembering to breath through all the sensations.

Momo moved his face to the side, breaking off the kiss. "Atobe, just do it already."

"Yeah?" In some far corner of his mind that wasn't clouded with sexual pleasure, Momo was pleased to note that the usually perfect Atobe Keigo seemed as dazed and out of breath as he was.

But then Atobe was licking and sucking on his neck, and Atobe's hand was reaching into his boxers, and even that corner of his mind receded into bliss.


Atobe's hand was moving up and down his shaft, firm and tight and exactly how he like it. He reached down to reciprocate when he felt Atobe's hand push his away. Then he felt Atobe tugging on the waistband of his boxers, pulling them down, and felt his cock and balls exposed to the air.


But that was as far as he got before he saw Atobe moving down his body, and he felt Atobe run his tongue over his cock, one swipe from balls to tip before he pressed a kiss against the head of it and sat up on the bed. Atobe's hands were on his waistband again, but this time he was pulling his boxers all the way off, and Momo was left naked on the bed.

"I like it when you say my name," Atobe said, his voice low and husky, and he lowered himself in between Momo's legs again. "I like hearing your voice."

Momo watched as Atobe's head dipped lower, and then Momo's eyes were closed, just lost in everything that was going on. He was in Atobe's mouth now, hot and wet and oh so talented, and wasn't it only fitting that Atobe would be as perfect at this as he was at everything else? There was a pressure on his asshole, then something slick and slender pushed into him, and it didn't feel strange at all. Atobe's fingers pushed deep inside of him, and when they stopped, he only wanted them to go deeper. In the periphery of his senses he could hear himself moaning, and he might have been moaning Atobe's name, or maybe countless repetitions of 'more'. It felt so good, so much better than he had ever imagined, and then Atobe's mouth moved off him and he suddenly felt so empty.

There was the sound of something tearing, and Momo almost came out of the haze that had absorbed him so, but then he felt Atobe's body kneeling in front of him, and could feel something much larger than two fingers pushing into him. He almost lost his breath as he felt himself being filled, and the thought that Atobe was inside him was somehow so much more erotic than the absolute physical pleasure the action invoked. Atobe's hands were on his thighs, pushing them apart, and he felt Atobe seem to sink into him and stop. Then Atobe was pulling out again, and it felt so empty and wrong, but then he was back in and it was okay. It was like all the nerves of his body were now located where he was joined to Atobe, and all he felt was Atobe's cock moving in and out of him.

Momo was only vaguely aware when his thighs were pushed up over Atobe's shoulders, but then Atobe was leaning into his body, and his cock pushed even deeper than before. Atobe's fucked him long and slow and hard, and Momo could feel every inch and every second of it. Atobe was kissing him now, those hot, wet kisses while they were still joined and fucking, and Momo felt himself coming without even having to touch himself. His orgasm traveled in waves from his cock and ass to the very tips of his fingers and toes. His whole body felt as though it were coming, and it felt so good, and lasted so long, and the intensity was so much Momo thought he might pass out from it. When it started to subside he realized that he was empty again, and Atobe was tossing a used condom into a nearby wastebasket.

Momo didn't resist when he was pushed onto his side, he was barely even aware of it, and he only faintly noticed that now there was a blanket over him. Atobe spooned against his back, pulling him to his chest. Then, with one of Atobe's arms under his head, and the other wrapped around his side and over his chest, Momo fell asleep.

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