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"Ouch!" Momo rubbed at his nose and stared at the door that had just injured it. He took a deep breath, and knocked for the second time in as many minutes.

Apparently, although Tezuka had no qualms about shutting the door in his kouhai's face, he was too polite not to answer it.

"Tezuka-buchou, pleaaaaase," Momo begged. Tezuka tried to close the door again, but Momo jammed his foot into it. "You have to help me!"

Tezuka gave a long-suffering sigh and rubbed at the bridge of his nose. "Why me? Why not... Fuji? He's good at things like this."

"Because you're Atobe's best friend, so you know what he'd like for his birthday."

"Atobe is not my best friend."

Momo blinked. "Then why are you always going on fishing trips together?"

"Family tradition," Tezuka explained. He was getting a headache. "Momoshiro, why do you need to get Atobe a birthday present?"

"Buchou..." Momo really hadn't thought he'd need to explain this. Didn't Tezuka already know? "I guess you could say Atobe and I are dating. We've been dating for awhile."

"Aa." Tezuka rubbed at his temples. First Inui had kept calling about some scandal involving Echizen and photographs, and now this. "Please remove your foot, Momoshiro."

"Please, Tezuka-buchou." Momo clasped his hands together in front of his face and bowed his head a little. "As my captain?"

Tezuka really couldn't find a way to say no to that. So several minutes later Tezuka found himself following Momo down the street, as they headed to the shopping district.

"So..." Momo trailed off as they reached the shops. "What do you buy for some one like Atobe. What did you get him?"

"Leucippe and Clitophon. In its original Greek."

Momo frowned. It's true that Atobe spent most of his free time reading, but getting him a book would be so boring. But what exactly did you get the boy who had everything? Sex, maybe, Momo thought, as they stopped in front of a shop window that would have been discrete, as the owners had placed sheets of brown paper behind it to shield the view into the store. Of course, the boxes of genitalia shaped pasta stacked at the bottom of the window, in addition to the words 'Forbidden Fruits Adult Toy Store' written across it, made it fairly clear what was inside the shop.

"Don't even think about," came a voice behind him, and Momo turned around to see a very pale-faced Tezuka.

Momo imagined himself in an edible thong, and agreed. They continued down the street. They passed by all manner of stores, and Momo gazed at the objects on display on the windows. There were shirts and movie videos and digital cameras and toy rockets, among dozens of other things, and none of them were right. And Tezuka was no help at all... his captain barely even spoke unless necessary.

Momo came to a stop in front of an electronics store, pressing his palms to the glass to look inside. An mp3 player, to add to Atobe's small collection of mp3 players? It was true he didn't have one to match his new cell phone yet. Or maybe an electronic dog, since Atobe seemed to hate real pets. Momo sighed. Atobe would hate an electronic pet as well.

"Momoshiro, maybe you shouldn't be focusing on material things."


"Maybe it's enough to spend time together."

That's a stupid idea, Momo thought, they spent time together all the time. But then his eyes caught on a poster advertising some Spanish opera. "That's a good idea, buchou."

Momo hated any kind of classical music (in his mind opera was synonymous with Beethoven and Mozart). He especially hated classical music concerts (and operas, though they were the same thing as far as Momo was concerned), where he had to dress up and sit still for a good two hours. But he knew Atobe liked that kind of stuff, so Momo thought, he could deal with it for one night.

That night Momo climbed into his bed secure in the knowledge that he had a suitable gift for Atobe. Atobe, who was already in bed and reading his latest book. It was a book about financing, as Momo had found out when he asked Atobe about it the other night, and Atobe's explanation had put him to sleep faster than a sleeping pill ever had.

"What time do you need to wake up?" Momo asked, picking up his alarm clock in both hands.

"Five will be fine."

"Remember to turn the light off when you're finished." Momo yawned, and nestled into his blankets.

From his side he heard Atobe sigh, then say, "Aren't we the proper married couple, settled into our little routines."

"What?" Momo rolled over and stared at his boyfriend. "We are not."

Atobe just shrugged and flipped a page in his book. "I suppose next you'll be having headaches whenever I want to have sex."

"Hey, why am I the wife in this pairing? And don't say things like 'sex', my parents are just down the hallway."

"Ah, yes, the in-laws."

Momo threw a pillow at Atobe, knocking the book out of his hand and onto the floor. Atobe stared down at his now empty hands.

"Oh, you'll pay for that."

Momo nearly knocked over the clock when Atobe tackled him, and then he felt lips pressing against his own. They made out and wrestled on the bed for some minutes, but when things looked like they might be going further than that Momo pushed away.

"Parents," he explained. "We're too loud."

"Tease," Atobe accused, but he rolled over to his side, an arm still over Momo's waist. "That's why we should have our sleepovers at my house."

Momo shrugged and reached over to turn off the light. "Mom wanted to make you dinner."

"Mmm. Your mother is a delightful host. She has a tendency to squeal quite often though, doesn't she?"

"That's only because she's in love with you," Momo explained. "She's, like, Keigo fan number one."

"I see." Atobe smiled a little bit, looking down at Momo. "That sounds nice, coming from you. My given name, that is."

Keigo. Momo wondered if he could actually call Atobe by his given name, and decided no, it would still be too weird. "Of course you think so. You can't get enough of hearing your own name."

"How true." Atobe traced circles on Momo's side. "Hmm, I almost forgot, I won't be able to see you until Saturday night."

Saturday was Atobe's birthday. "About Saturday..."

"You don't have plans, do you? My parents always throw a birthday party for me. They invite every one they know, I invite every one I know, and the whole thing is a tedious bore. I hate to subject you to that kind of torture, but I also hate to think of spending my birthday without you."

Momo thought of the opera tickets he had gotten for Saturday night, and thought he really was an idiot for not considering the Atobe family might already have longstanding plans. Atobe was still staring down at him, his expression oddly blank, void of the pride that usually shaped his features. "Yeah. I mean, of course I'll go."

"Good," Atobe breathed out, squeezing Momo's side with his hand for a second. "It really would have been a most dreadful affair without you."

Come Sunday Momo still hadn't found a gift to replace his now useless opera tickets. He hadn't even been able to change the tickets for a different date, as the whole engagement had become sold out. So now he was sitting in Atobe's town car, en route to Atobe's mansion, feeling stuffy and hot in a brand new formal suit. A suit that Atobe had shown up at his house with just moments ago.

"Stop fidgeting," Atobe said, though he was staring out the window and not at Momo.

Momo looked over, and saw the both of them in the reflection of the window. Atobe looked different, he thought, and he saw his face pull itself into a slightly concerned expression. Usually, Atobe carried himself in a way that made people look at him, a way that seemed to say 'I'm better than you'. Now, he looked... almost average, and it reminded Momo of that blank expression of a few nights ago.

"Hey," Momo said, moving forward and placing a hand on Atobe's shoulder to get the other boy to turn towards him. "Happy birthday."

He leaned forward to press a kiss against Atobe's lips.

"Thank you, Momoshiro, but your tie is crooked." Atobe reached forward with both his hands, presumably to undo and then redo Momo's tie. Momo could feel Atobe's knuckles move against his chest through the shirt fabric, and he watched as the lights from outside the car flashed and ghosted across Atobe's peculiarly vacant features. There was a whole world to Atobe that he wasn't yet privy to, Momo thought, all those reasons why Atobe barely spoke to his parents, the reason why he so detested his own birthday party.

Atobe's knuckles were resting on his chest now, arrested.

"You don't have to go, you know," Momo mumbled.

"I have to go." Atobe released his grip on Momo's tie, letting his hands rest at his sides instead. "We all have duties. I have my own, as a captain, as a student, and most of all, as the heir to the Atobe family. I have to go."

When they got to the party Atobe had to leave to greet what looked to be rather important people, and he cast an apologetic glance at Momo.

"I don't mind," Momo mouthed as Atobe left. He watched as Atobe bowed to several men, one of which looked like the current governor, and Momo thought how odd it was to see Atobe in such a humble position. At least, he thought, making his way to one of the servers that was flitting about carrying trays of hors d'oeuvres, there was bound to be good food at an Atobe party.

Momo grabbed some of the cocktail snacks and continued walking around. He spied Tezuka in the crowd with his parents, holding a book-shaped package. The wrapping paper was grey, go figure. Even Tezuka's gift wrap was boring. He moved on, then saw Jirou and Oshitari in the corner. Jirou was surprisingly awake and even animated, laughing at something Oshitari had just said, and Oshitari had his arm against the wall as he leaned over the shorter boy. Momo figured they wouldn't mind if he joined them, and he made his way over.

Jirou was the first one who noticed him, and he smiled and waved. "Momo. We haven't seen you in awhile."

"I imagine," Oshitari said, that ever-present smirk on his face, "Atobe has been keeping him occupied."

Emphasis on the 'occupied'.

"I wouldn't talk," Momo replied. "Atobe tells me you guys have been having a fun time keeping each other occupied, especially when you think no one else is in the club room."

Jirou suddenly turned a cute, pink color, and after a second Oshitari started laughing.


The three fell into companionable conversation, and Momo decided he really did like Atobe's friends. Well, except for maybe that Mukahi, because some people just didn't know when to stop with the sexual innuendo. Momo didn't even see Atobe until three awkward silences and another trip around the hors d'oeuvres later, but then he felt some one grab hold of his arm, and he was pulled into a bathroom.

"I thought I'd never be rid of them."

"Who?" Momo asked, as Atobe straightened his suit in the mirror.

"Sycophants, most of them."

"Even the mayor?"

"Especially the mayor." At least Atobe seemed to be back to normal. Atobe turned and smiled at him. "Having fun, are you?"

Momo shrugged. "I'm not having a horrible time."

"I thought since I managed to get away for a little bit, I could open your present."

"Huh?" Momo rubbed at the back of his head and looked away, embarrassed. "Oh, I couldn't find you anything after all."

"Don't be silly, Momoshiro, of course you did." Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Atobe pulled out the envelope Momo had wrapped the opera tickets in.

"Where did you get that?" Momo sputtered, reaching up to grab the envelope.

Atobe looked highly amused as he held it out of Momo's reach. "I saw it when I picked you up. You're such a forgetful fool, in an absolutely endearing way of course, that I assumed you overlooked it. It's lucky my name was on it, or else I'd never have known."

"Aw, gee..." Momo frowned as Atobe opened the envelope. "I got it before I even knew about this party, and when I found out, I figured it'd be best just not to bring it up."

Atobe pulled two tickets out of the envelope and smiled as he read them. He looked up at Momo, then at the curtained window at the end of the bathroom.

"You know, Momoshiro, I believe I've fulfilled most of my duties for tonight. If we sneak out now, we can make the opera before curtain call." Atobe held out his hand. "What do you say?"

Later on, as Momo held Atobe's hand and listened to the older boy translate Spanish lyrics into his ear, Momo decided that opera wasn't so bad after all.

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