Extreme Ways

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Chapter Two


"He fucking brought the bitch back to here?" Rod roared in anger. "That fucking nephew of yours might be a god damn genius, but is he also a royal pain in my fucking ass."

"I tried to talk reason into him." Kal leaned his head on his hands, sighing.

"But his dick clouded his judgment." Rod supplied, pacing the room. "Fuck, I thought we had moved past that with Mihael.." He closed his eyes, thinking things over for a few seconds before continuing. "Go get him. Jesus Christ, I can't even leave for a few days with out that little shit getting in trouble. Did he at least get the cash Bryce owed?"


Mello was cleaning his gun. The table was littered with the various disassembled parts and the tools that she assumed were necessary to get the job done. He glanced over at her, only the quirk of his brow acknowledging her presence before he went back to work.

She slid out of bed, keeping a sheet wrapped firmly around her. She was dressed in a pair of boxers and a loose fitting tank top. Both articles of clothing having been supplied by him. For two days she had been here. Mello, as she had learned his name was, had deposited her in his private room and pretty much been unseen since, only showing up to drop off food.

The room was sparse, a simple mattress pushed up against a wall, the table and a dresser it's only other furnishings. Separated by a sheet nailed the door frame was bathroom, filthy and stinking of mildew but it served its intended purpose, even if it seemed the water was always cold.

Although he often looked at her, a slight hunger reflected in his intense gaze, he hadn't touched her. Even pushing her away when she suggested she pay him for his kindness, resulting in her questioning his sexual orientation. The back hand he had delivered had split her lip, answer enough for her.

"Is it okay if I..."

He tensed a little at the sound of her voice, sliding a cloth covered rod into the barrel. She averted her eyes, shivering as she felt that icy stare of his on her.

"Is it okay if you what?" he asked flatly in Russian, changing the now filthy cloth for a clean one and reinserting it into the barrel.

She bit her lip, shifting her weight as she gathered the courage to speak. "Take a shower." She said softly.

"Fuck if I care."

With the toe of his boot he nudged a backpack that was on the floor next to him. "I got you some shit to wear, I had to guess on sizes, but it will do. Figured your tits are still small enough that you wouldn't be in need of a bra."

She carefully bent down to retrieve the bag, eyes never leaving his. The way his gaze often bore into her left her unsettled. She shivered as she retreated to the bathroom, holding the bag tightly as if it could protect her.

"Don't fucking use all the hot water Skye, I really fucking hate cold showers."

She spun around, bristling at the name he had bestowed upon her. "Why do you..."

“Why do I what? Call you Skye?”

He knew the name bothered her, one of the reasons why he kept calling her by it. He briefly explained that he had bestow the nickname on her due to the shade of blue that her hair was currently dyed, that and the name was fitting of a low life hooker such as herself.

“Why did you dye your hair?”

“Bryce thought it might...”

A knock on the door interrupted her, and she exhaled the breath she hadn't known she was holding as he stood and answered it.

"What do you want?" He asked in English, anger creeping into his tone. He had opened the door enough for her to see who was there. It was the man who had voiced his disapproval of Mello's decision to bring her here.

"Not me, it's Rod. He wants to talk to you. Now." He didn't give him a chance to respond, grabbing his arm and dragging the cursing teen with him.

She watched silently as the door was slammed shut, the now familiar sound of it locking from the outside echoing in the room.



Rod dismissed Kal, motioning for Mello to take a seat once he had left. The blond shook the feeling of unease he was feeling, his expression blank even as the boss's eyes narrowed. Mello instinctively scanned the bosses body and the near by surroundings for a gun. He had already stared down the barrel before, last year when he had been found in flagrante delicto with Rod's precious little niece. An experience he would rather not repeat, he had been lucky to have walk away with not only his life but also his balls intact.

"What are you going to do with her?"

Mello shrugged, reaching for a chocolate bar on the table. "Turn her out I guess. She can pay off the debt owed by Bryce with her ass."

Rod sighed, shaking his head in frustration, "On the track, not in my whore houses. Got it?"

Mello snapped off a piece of chocolate, allowing it to melt on his tongue as he mumbled his answered. "Got it."

"I also don't want to find out that you used any of my men to watch over the fucking transactions. This is solely your business venture. You wanna make sure the merchandise is kept in usable condition, you sit in on it. "

The blond nodded, his ire at the situation reflecting in his eyes as he bit off another piece of the chocolate.

"Tell me one thing, Mello. Why did you have Bryce shot? Now we're out the fucking cash and you're stuck with one of his god damn tramps."

"He offended me. Offering me cheap, used fucking pussy that had lost its value."

Rod chuckled, Leaning down so that they were face to face. "And in your recklessness you failed to take into consideration that a fucking corpse couldn't pay up, huh?"

Mello looked away, "Something like that."

Rod stood up, turning his back to him. "Go. Get the fuck out of here, before I change my damn mind. I still want what is owed, either from your own pocket or take the fucking whore and use her to make it. Choice is yours. "

"Yes sir."

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