Extreme Ways

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Chapter Four


By the time she had gotten done relating some of the details of her encounters with Judge Grimm and the others, Mello had lost his appetite. He had quickly thrown some money on the table to cover the bill, suggesting that they leave. Grateful when she had agreed with him, not that she had been given a choice.

He took her to a local playground ground, telling her she was done fucking for the night. She sat on a swing, Mello near by sitting on a bench trying to block out the details that she had reluctantly divulged, at his insistence he reminded himself.

"And you were okay with all that? What they did?" Her head shot up, surprised by the soft tone that his voice held.

She shrugged, kicking at the dirt. "Of course not."

"So why did you go through with it?"

"Choice is not something that I had, Bryce made that very clear."

In the faint light he could see her roll her eyes as she spoke. "Well, I guess that doesn't matter now that you work for me." He stood up and walked over to her, standing in front of her as his hands gripped the chains of the swing. "You just became a very valuable piece of the game, valuable enough that I can overlook the fact you hid the fact that you speak English, for now that it."

She peered up at him, tilting her head slightly as if not understanding. "Oh, little whore you have a lot more going for you than that tight little pussy of yours right now. I could trick your ass out for the next two years to every scummy man that wants to put his filthy dick in you and still make no where near as much as I could using the information that you have given me."

He reached down, the calloused pad of his thumb tracing her lower lip "Now, you said Avila taped the two of you. So he likes homemade porn, I might be able to work with that."

"Not just ours. He taped a bunch of his encounters."

"And you're sure of this?"

"Yes, I over heard some of the other girls talk about it. Kinda made us uncomfortable because we were always told not to allow that."

"Do you know where he kept them? The tapes that is." He slipped his thumb between her lips, smiling as her tongue flicked against it. She shook her head, eyes closing as she sucked on it.

She released his thumb slowly, giving it a final lick, "No, he always left the room with the camera."

He gripped the chains again, his head resting against his arm. He stared down at her for a few moments, thinking about all she had told him and how he could use the information to his advantage. If he had the proof of Avila's sexual encounters it would be sweeter, but if they weren't in the house this could easily turn out to be a disaster. He would have to tread carefully on this one, not rushing in without a well thought out plan, and maybe even think out a even a few alternative ones just in case.

"Fuck. Blow me." He mumbled, sighing in frustration as he saw the potential risks.

She slid from her perch on the swing to kneel in front of him. Her fingers made quick work of his zip, practiced fingers pulling his dick free from the confines of his jeans before he could actually react.

"What are you doing?" Irritated, his eyes narrowed as her fingers glided along the skin, teasing him into hardness.

"What you asked," The words were hardly above a whisper.

Mello watched as her lips wrapped around him, gasping as he felt her soft tongue swirling along the underside of the head. "I didn't ask.” He knew he should push her away, start forming the plan. But his dick was hard and aching and her mouth was warm, and she was clearly adept at doing this.

“ Does he...Ahh," Her tongue pressed up along the shaft as she took more of him in "have a security system?"

She mumbled an affirmative, the vibrations of which sent a shock of pleasure through him."Can you get me in? Mmm" He gripped the chains tighter, his knees threatening to buckle as she took him in to the the hilt, throat muscles contracting around him.

"Fuck, you are good." he murmured, hips bucking as her teeth scraped lightly along his length as she bobbed her head. "Fuck, do that again"

Mello gave up trying to think, his hand brushing strands of hair from her face to watch her. She took her time with him, using only her mouth to bring him off, taking her cues from his reactions until hips jerking, his hand fisting her hair to hold her on him, he emptied himself into her throat.

She spit out his semen on the ground, wiping semen from her lips with the back of her hand even as she was forced to jerk back away from him as the tip of his boot dug into her stomach painfully.

"You will not treat me like one of your sleazy degenerate tricks." The toe of his boot dug in harder, "Next time you fucking swallow my cum. Got it?"

He turned away, tucking himself back into his jeans as she stood. "Sorry." She mumbled, quickly getting to her feet before he could make do with the unspoken threat to kick her.

“Now as I was saying. Security. Can you get me into his house?”

"If the code hasn't changed, yeah I can get you in. Why?"

He gripped her upper arms, fingers bruising the flesh as they dug in. "Don't worry about the why. You only think about everything and anything that may help me get in and get the proof that he is a pervert who likes fucking little girls."

"Do it yourself, asshole."She struggled in his hold, crying out as he backhanded her. The blow landing on the cheek that was already bruised from earlier. He let go of her, smirking as she slumped to the ground sobbing.

"See the thing is this, your value as a whore has no meaning now."

His fingers threaded through her hair, painfully forcing her to look up at him.

"Which means I don't have to worry about lost profits if you're bruised. Understand what I am saying?"

She flinched away from him as he knelt down beside her, brushing her hair from her face with his knuckles, his other hand resting on her shoulder, fingers bruising the flesh as they dug in.

"I own you bitch. Which means that you will do as I say. Fuck this sense of discreetness you seem to carry." seizing her by the hair he forced her to face him, "Got it?"

She spit in his face, her eyes going wide with fear as he let go of her and stepped back. She could see the fury building in him, his fists clenched and his chest rising and falling with each breath. She had no time to react, no time to move out the way as his boot connected with her thigh. A second kick, aimed at her ribs caused her to cry out, pleading with him to stop as she tried to apologize for the disrespect.

When he finally stopped, she was curled in fetal position, sobbing. After giving her a few more minutes, he helped her to her feet, keeping her steady as they walked back to the car. He propped her against the passenger side door, visually inspecting her injuries and cursing at himself at what he could see in the dim light.

He had done a number on her in his rage, and although nothing looked severely damaged, she was none the less bruised and bleeding from various areas where skin had been broken. He lifted her shirt, inwardly cringing at the sight of the large bruise that was forming, he felt along her ribs, cursing under his breath and offering her an empty apology as she bit her bleeding lip to stifle a scream when he pressed too hard.

“Broken. Guess you won't be making any fucking money. Come on, lets get you back and cleaned up.”



He had ignored her during the ride, not even glancing in her direction as she sat curled up the seat. Once back at the warehouse wordlessly helped her out of the car and inside. A few of the men who had stuck around the place smirked as they walked by, a few of the braver ones made remarks about the uselessness of sluts that were deserving of beatings. He glared back at a few them, silently daring them to continue on with the remarks, that way he could release the rest of pent up rage that was seeking release. None took the bait.

A wise choice. Mello thought as he shut the door to his room behind them. After guiding her to the bathroom and tersely telling her to take a seat on the toilet, he started the water for a shower. He kicked off his boots, turning to her as he removed his shirt.

“Strip and get in.”

He watched as she slipped out her clothes, wincing even as she moved slowly to avoid the pain. To her credit she voiced no protest, even when his own jeans and boxers joined the pile of clothes and he stepped in after her.

He took his time washing her, paying careful attention to the bruised and swollen area under her breast where her ribs were broken. “I can do it myself Mello.”

“Then do it.”

He handed her the soap, pressing his stomach against her back and covered her hand was his.

“what- what are you.”


He guided her hand along her stomach, watching over her shoulder at the soap trail that was left behind.

“I would tell you I am sorry, but I think you have heard that far too many times after a beating. Not only that, it would be a lie, I'm not. I will not have you disrespecting me.”

Their combined hands trailed lower, his thumb pressed into her wrist causing the soap to slip from her grip. His free arm slipped around her waist to steady her as he used her own fingers on her, guiding her movements until a few minutes later she cried out, shaking against him as she came.

He kissed along her shoulder, his erection pressed against the small of her back “Treat me with respect, and I'll show you some measure of the same.”

He let go of her, snickering as she slid to the floor of the shower. She peered up at him questioningly, her gaze flickering to his erection as she struggled to get to her knees.

“No, take a shower, I have some things to go over in my head.” He got out, wrapping a towel around his waist before she could protest, talk him into taking things further. For as appealing as a blow job was, what he really wanted was to fuck her. His dick hardened at the thought of her pressed up against the slick walls of the shower, legs wrapped around him, nails scraping his back as he fucked her. But she had already been fucked by four men tonight. A sobering thought that soon had him soft.

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