Extreme Ways

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Chapter Seven

Rod dismissed the men that had been gathered for the meeting and was now currently pacing the room. He had been trying to get the teen alone for awhile now, but each time Mello dodged his requests, either not showing up or disappearing quickly after meetings.

"I want you tell me everything about this shit that went down with Avila?"

Mello licked the edge of his chocolate bar, his stomach still rolling from the booze the night before to properly eat anything. He knew Rod was pissed, besides the way his eyes were currently boring into him, the fact that he was pacing tipped him off to watch his step.

"What's there to tell. He's dead, a single bullet to the head." He tilted his head to the side, "Oh there was the fact that the fucker was found with porn playing. The kind of porn that a man doesn't want others to know he enjoys."

Rod acted swiftly, yanking Mello from his seat and slammed him into a wall. His back connected first, the pain of it stunning him. "You overstepped your position. Again, I might remind you. Yes, there was a contract on his head." His forearm rose, pressing against Mello's throat. "But that was being handled by one of my best. You are a fucking liability. How long do you think before law enforcement realizes that the damn scene was staged? That the fucking porn was planted."

"One of your best?" Mello choked out, his hands circling Rod's arm and vainly trying to dislodge his hold. "Your best got the contract months ago and hasn't even made an attempt. A few weeks of planning and I not only got the job done, but made it not look like a contract killing. Its already been what, a little over three weeks? They won't suspect a thing. Trust me."

"You are seriously testing my patience and hospitality Mihael." Mello's nostrils flared in anger at the casual use of his birth name. Rod let go of him.

"In the past, I have ignored the temper tantrums and self destructive behavior that followed when your precious Kira was caught by your rival. I paid no mind while you recklessly indulged in drugs, alcohol and fucking just about any cheap girl who would spread their legs. You're an irresponsible brat Mihael. You actions are either influenced by emotions or your fucking cock, and when things don't go your way you act out like a toddler who has been told no. And that could damn well bring about your downfall. I already have enough damn trouble keeping some of the men from emptying a clip into that fucking thick skull of yours."

Mello held his gaze, "If I recall, your niece was one of those cheap-" Rod backhanded him, sending Mello crashing to the ground.

Mello looked up, wiping blood from his lip. Rod had his gun in hand, aiming at his face.

"Enough with the adolescent bullshit antics. Give me a fucking reason why I shouldn't pull this trigger."

"I did what your so called best couldn't, for one."

"Not good enough." Rod's finger tapped against the trigger lightly. "How about you come up with another reason."

"Brown. Grimm. I have some information on them that could be of use."

Rod raised the gun a little, firing a single shot into the wall beside Mello's head.

"Fucking hell Rod."Mello's eyes went wide as he watched Rod take aim at him again. "Okay okay..If I could plan and execute the hit on Avila with only the limited resources I had, imagine what I could plan out and get done with full support and backing."

"Limited resources? You had a whore and luck on your fucking side. Don't think I am a fool, I know that bitch had some part in your fucking jack ass plan. She make the porn for ya?"

Rod bent over, grabbing Mello by the hair and slamming his head off the wall. "I should put a bullet in both of you."

"She wasn't there. And the porn was already in his house. He made the sick movies, even starred in them. You have issue with how it went down, come after me and me alone." Mello spat, then cried out as his head connected with the wall again.

Rod hauled him up by the hair, "So you are fucking her now? Her pussy that good?" Mello looked away, wincing as Rod's grip in hair tightened.

"She's just an easy fuck. Nothing more if that's you are wondering, figured you would be happy that I am not fucking your-"

The blond was unprepared for the blow, Rod's fist connecting with his groin sending him doubled over. As he knelt trying to catch his breath, "Something tells me that is just being about sex isn't true." he watched as Rod got out his phone.

"Bring her in, Now." He barked into it, quickly ending the call.

"I wanna see just how valuable this girl is. Your choice Mello, she is your property after all. A bullet or-"

Mello looked as the door opened, two men led Skye in. He knew them, Mark and Jose. Both underlings glanced at him, he returned their glare. She had been roughed up, bruises in the distinct pattern of fingers on her upper arms, her clothes in disarray as if she had hurriedly gotten dressed Her eyes widened as she took in the sight of Mello, who trying to stand was knocked back down to his knees by another punch to his groin from Rod. The men let go of her, taking position by the door as they awaited further orders.

"Come here." Rod crooked a finger, motioning for her to follow him as he walked towards one of the couches.

She silently followed him, giving only a brief glance at Mello who quickly confirmed her fears.

"Do you know who I am?" Rod asked her, brushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

She nodded slowly, trembling as he cupped her chin, his fingers digging in painfully as he forced her to look up. Rod looked her over; she was skinny, even fragile looking, her eyes were wide with fear, and he could see the struggle in them as she fought the urge to cry.

"So you speak English? Good." Rod shoved her roughly onto the couch, "Hold him. I'll finish dealing with him later."

The two men hauled Mello up by his arms, dragging the struggling teen to a chair. Mark grabbed him by his hair, forcing the teen to sit down.

“Slut moaned like a bitch in heat with two dicks stuffed in her. Loves it rough.”

Mello snarled, spitting in his face. The man wiped the spittle from his cheek and using the same hand, backhanded him hard.

"Kal tells me that Mello moved you into his house, despite his uncles protests. Is this true? Don't look at him. Answer the question, is that true."

She had quickly glanced at Mello seeking approval to answer but now turned her attention back to Rod.

She held his stare for a few seconds, nervously chewing on her lower lip before answering.


"Care to tell me why?" His fingers toyed with the buckle of his belt.

"He- he didn't tell me why."

"Well, would you like to take a guess as to why he would do something stupid like that?"

She shook her head, scooting back on the couch as watched the larger man advance closer and then sit next to her.

“Has he ever talked about things that should not be talked about?”

Again she shook her head. “No, never.”

"Mark. Jose. Leave us." He waited until the door was closed before continuing.

"She's a good liar, Mello. Now you two are going to answer my god damn questions. And you will be honest with those answers”

“I swear I don't know anything.” She protested softly.

“Don't bullshit me. It has been my experience that men have a way of acquiring a loose tongue when lips are wrapped around their dicks. And a little bird told me that for the past few weeks he has been the only one screwing you.”

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