Extreme Ways

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Chapter Five

For weeks they had stalked him, Avila never taking notice of the two teens or the red '69 Mustang that was often parked a block down from his house. A pattern quickly emerged, one that Mello had said would play out to their advantage. Every other weekend his wife, Pam would leave with their kids for the whole weekend. Visiting with her family, while her husband would stay behind catching up with work during the day and entertaining his special young guests by night.

The girls were picked up no later than midnight which gave them a window of at least seven hours before the housekeeper arrived. Enough time for a quick in and out operation, as long as nothing unexpected happened.

Skye watched as he slipped the balaclava on, pulling it down to cover his face, the black silk material leaving only his mouth and blue eyes seen. Skye swallowed nervously, her heart racing as he checked over his gun, making sure that the suppressor was fitted correctly. When she had inquired about the need for it, he had told her it was to guarantee not only Avila's complete cooperation, but also just in case things didn't go as planned.

"You okay?" He asked sensing her discomfort, his fingers under her chin forcing her to look directly at him.

She nodded her head slowly, her body tensing under the intense scrutiny. "Yeah." She fingered her own balaclava, hesitating for a few more seconds before putting it on.

He had explained to her earlier that concealment of their identities was crucial if they wanted to pull the element of surprise. Release too much information too soon in the game and an already dangerous and unpredictable situation could spiral out of control resulting in either injury or worse. That was also why he had insisted not only on gloves for both, but also simple dark denim jeans and a shirt for her, although she had to wonder if it more out of desire to hide the bruises on her legs and upper arms that were in various stages of healing rather than hiding her identity.

She could feel his eyes still fixed on her, watching her in that unnerving way that was such a common feature with him. As they exited the car she collected a simple black backpack from the floor, both being careful of noise as they closed the doors. She fell into step behind him, hoisting the backpack over her shoulder as she followed him into the back yard to where their planned entry point was.

Breaking and entering was nothing new for the blond. He had done it countless times before, and in few seconds he had the back door unlocked. After he bypassed the security system - thankfully he hadn't changed the code- he quietly crept inside. Withdrawing his gun he motioned for her to follow.

The house was dark,only slivers of light from the street peeking between curtains. He used her directions to make it up the steps and down the hall to the master bedroom. He checked the rest of the rooms, ensuring that indeed only Avila was home. Then in a well practiced movement, she flipped on the light as he took aim, Avila was looking down the barrel before he even registered that others were in the room.

"Wakey-wakey, prick. " Mello tapped the barrel lightly against Ken's chin.

Mello watched in amused fascination as roused from sleep Avila went from confusion to fear. Near incoherent pleas and curses coming from the man as Mello grabbing him by the front of his shirt. He forced him out of bed, the gun never wavering as he walked him out of the room.

"Here's the deal. Jewelry, cash. Tell us where and it will be all good." He hissed, pressing the gun into his back as he led him downstairs and into the dining area. Skye was already getting the velvet strips of cloth ready that was brought to bind him as they entered the room.

"Kitchen drawer...by the sink..you'll find some cash" Avila tensed a little as he was forced into the chair, the two teens quickly setting about securing his hands and feet.

"Not too tight, no marks remember." Mello mumbled, his gaze flickering to where Skye was binding his feet to the chair.

Mello double checked their handiwork, and satisfied that it would hold went over to the backpack, retrieving a simple gag, and quickly placing it in Avila's mouth to keep him quiet.

"The thing is Ken, I don't want your fucking money."

Mello watched as his brow furled slightly in confusion, looking between the two teens as no doubt his mind tried to figure the situation out.

"See, I was told that you like to diddle little girls. But that once they start bleeding you lose interest. Puberty really dampen the sex drive that much that it's worth tossing aside a good ride?" He motioned toward where Skye was standing in the door way, she lifted her balaclava, revealing her face to a very stunned Avila as recognition dawned on him.

"I also hear that you have some pervy home movies. Ones that I am very interested in watching." His fingers threaded through dark hair, forcing Avila's head back. "Wanna tell me where they're at?"

His shoulders shook violently as he began to sob, nodding in answer as best he could given the painful hold Mello had on his hair. Mello released his grip slowly.

"Good. Now I am going to remove the gag. You tell me where they are and once they are in my hands she and I walk out of here. You'll never see us again. But, if you scream for help I swear to mother fucking god I will shoot you. Got it?"

Avila nodded again. Mello removed the gag, giving him a few seconds to calm down before prodding him into talking by taking aim at his head.

"In my office, next to the master bedroom. In the safe. Combination is 12 36 24. Please god, don't give them to my wife." He pleaded.

"Play it cool and no one ever sees them." Mello gave him a quick pat on his shoulder before handing the gun to Skye, "He does anything funny, shot his ass."

She handled the gun uncomfortably, unfamiliar with the feel of a fire arm as she took up a position in front of him, imitating Mello's stance.

Mello sprinted back up stairs, and upon entering the office he quickly found the safe. Opening it, he grinned as he saw the stack of DVD's, various pictures and the ballerina outfit. He scanned through the pictures, stopping briefly as he came across a few of Skye, snorting in disgust as he was confronted with the true reality of her prior encounters with the councilman. Hands shaking he grab everything but the outfit and made his way back downstairs to the others.

"Pictures too? Sick sick man." he retrieved the gun from Skye, ignoring her wide eyed expression as he tossed the photos on the floor at Avila's feet.

"How about we watch one of these films? What do you think Skye? Wanna see your starring role?"

She shook her head, glancing to the floor, her eyes blatantly refusing to look at the photos. "Not really."

"Well, I say we do. Pop some popcorn, call it a fucking family movie night." His voice held hints of anger as he grabbed the back of the chair, and began sliding it into the adjacent living room, the padded bottom of the legs making a slight sound as it slid along the hard wood floor, but not marring it Mello noticed.

Skye reluctantly followed them, the only time her eyes locked with Mello's was when after turning on the television and starting the DVD he turned to face her. "Please." She said softly.

"Afraid I may find out that you maybe downplayed some of the details of your sex life?"

She turned her head, visibly shaking as the home movie began.

Mello paced the room as the movie played, eyes flickering from the television screen to where Avila sat, the older gentlemen shaking with fear but watching intently as the video of him screwing a younger Skye played. Five minutes into the film Mello turned it off, picking another DVD for them to watch. This one contained a different girl, younger, she too screaming as she was violated.

"That's your daughters bed, huh?" Avila ignored the question, guilt taking hold in his features. "You fuck her like that too you sick freak?"

"Turn it off." Skye screamed, causing Mello to look in her direction. She was crying, tears streaking her face as she wiped at her eyes. He walked over to her, snatching her by the arm as he led her into the kitchen.

"Wait outside Skye." He said softly, his arm came around her shoulders, briefly giving her an awkward hug. "I'll be out shortly."

He waited until she closed the door behind her, before retrieving a gun, this one lacking a suppressor, from the back pack. He returned to the living room, placing the gag, photo's and DVD's, except the one that was still playing into the backpack.

"Open your mouth." Mello knelt down in front of him, placing the barrel of the gun in his mouth. Avila sobbed, choking as the barrel slid between his lips.

“Bastard. You like getting off on little girls? Well I'm getting an erection just thinking about how fucking sweet it's going to be to see those brains of yours blown out the back of your skull.”

Mello shifted, seeking the right angle, his finger tapping against the inside of the trigger guard.

"Any last words, freak?" As Avila continued crying Mello closed his eyes, and after taking a deep breath pulled the trigger. The sound echoed in the room leaving his ears ringing. The odor of gun powder followed by the sickly metallic smell of blood surrounding him.

He quickly went to work, pulling a knife from his boot and carefully cutting through the velvet strips, placing them in his pocket. He kept his gaze averted down for the time being, focusing on the task at hand rather than the limp body that was still twitching.

He pressed the gun in Avila's limp hand,letting it clatter to the floor as he stood. For the first time he took in the scene before him, taking a deep breath to quell the queasiness. He had seen death before, men shot or stabbed, some of them had even been tortured first. This scene was different, more real. He had just killed his first man with his own hand. He had physically taken another persons life. He was now thankful that he had the forethought to send Skye outside, he was not sure the already distraught girl needed to see this.

A good portion of Avila's head was missing, and what he could only surmise was skull fragments and brain matter sprayed out behind him. The gory mixture glistening against the hard wood floors and the fabric of the couch, some of it even having managed to make it upwards to the low ceiling. He shook his head, calming his nerves, reaching for the remote control and setting the DVD on repeat before leaving. He gave a quick once over to the kitchen, making sure that there was no evidence of their presence and then reset the alarm and locked the door behind him.

As he jogged around to the front of the house he ripped the balaclava off, tossing it and the backpack into the back seat as he climbed into the car, Skye who was sitting in the passenger seat remained unusually silent as they drove away.

A few blocks away Mello broke the silence. "We'll destroy the DVD's and photos." Greeted with silence he continued, “No one will see them, trust me.” placing a hand on her knee, squeezing reassuringly as he spoke. He felt her tense, a slight hitch of her breath sending a jolt to his cock.

He was still tricking her out, allowing men to fuck her as recently as a few days prior, because of this things between them had gone no further than an occasional blow job, and mutual masturbation and although both were equally satisfying it did little to quell his sexual frustration. He took a deep breath, reigning in his hormonal urges and continuing. "Listen, I'm sorry."


"That guy was sick." Mello tried to block out the images he had seen earlier.

"And you think that it was somehow different than with any of my other clients? You think the men I fuck just stick their dick in me and come after a few minutes, huh Mello?" She punched the dashboard, incoherently screaming in anger.

“Then tell them no.”

“Like that would work. They get what they pay you for. So fuck you Mello.”

He pulled into an alleyway, cutting the ignition as he turned toward her. "Are you accusing me of setting you up to be raped?" He reached over, grabbing her by the back of her neck forcing her to look at him.

"I wasn't willing. I never have been. Not with Bryce. Not with you. Fuck you." She cried out his finger dug into her flesh, then letting go pushed her against the door.

"Bitch." He climbed on top of her, pinning her down as he yelled. "You have a fucking choice."

"Oh?" She struggled under him, trying to find purchase to throw him off her. "What, Fuck strangers?Fuck your men? Fuck you? The only choice you ever gave me was fuck or get beaten."

His lips crashed against hers violently, his teeth catching her lower lip as he worked on getting her pants undone. "Would you like that? Fucking my men, or is thoughts me screwing you that get you off instead?"

She went still, her heart racing as he pulled her jeans down, fingers slipping under the elastic of her underwear. "I killed a man tonight, my first actually." two skilled fingers slipped inside her. "Partly for the bounty on his head, but mostly for what I saw on that video."

Her fingers tugged on his hair painfully, a leg frantically kicking out to knock him off balance even as she arched up into his fingers. He shifted closer, ignoring her attempts to fight him, biting her throat just under her chin.

"I'll give you a choice right now bitch. I stop prostituting you, and that leaves you as fair game for the others. Bryce owed my boss a lot of money. A debt that your ass has been paying off. You're a smart girl, so give me some options here. "

His fingers continued to move in her, eliciting a soft moan from her. As he waited her answer a knuckle brushed against the sensitive area of her clit, her eyes rolling back as she bucked against his hand. He withdrew his fingers, liking them as sat back a little. His other hand slid under her shirt, fingers tracing the outline of her ribs.

"Rod will have a bullet in your head. You know about Avila's death. Unless- " his hand inched upwards helping her remove her shirt. He felt her relax a little, a smirk as her fingers worked clumsily at the front of his jeans, which once unzipped she helped push down over his hips.

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