Extreme Ways

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Chapter Six


He licked the sweat that had gathered between her breasts. Her breathing was still ragged from the exertion of sex and the high of the orgasm that she was still coming down from and he could feel the rapid beating of her heart against his lips as he placed a kiss there.

"Ever come during sex before?" He whispered huskily against her breast. Her breath hitched a little as his tongue trailed lazily to a nipple.

"No..never." She replied softly, shifting uncomfortably under his weight, the bare flesh of her back sticking to the leather of the car seat as she arched up against him.

"Never? No, I guess you wouldn't have. Well that's gonna change. It's a matter of personal pride, not courtesy so you know. No good for me if the one I'm fucking doesn't enjoy it, right?"

He gave her nipple a final lick, groaning as he sat up. He snorted as he took in the languid way she moved as she sat up a little, leaning her back against the door and watched him as he threw the used condom out the window.

"We should get going. It's late."

He reached down, retrieving his jeans and pulled out his cell phone. He dialed the number from memory, and as he waited for Rod to answer motioned for her to remain silent. Rod answered on the third ring.

"Rod, you might want to keep an eye on the news. Oh, and I think that we should renegotiate my job duties." He hung up, ignoring Rod's questions.

With a little trouble he managed to get his jeans back on, figuring he would search for his boxers later. He slipped his shirt over his head, catching sight of her as she was wiggling her way back into her own clothes. A faint blush still stained her flesh, and she remained silent. As he started the car, she leaned back in the seat, closing her eyes.

"That good huh?" he mumbled.

He detoured on the way back, and from the corner of his eye he could see her confusion. She took notice of the unfamiliar streets; turning to look at him, fidgeting in her nervousness yet keeping quiet. He was shocked and a little happy that she did not question him. She even remained silent as he pulled into the parking garage of an apartment building.

He pulled the keys from the ignition, turning towards her and snorting as he watched her glance down. Her hair had fallen like a curtain to obscure her face, her hands folding in her lap as she sighed in resignation. He reached over, ignoring the fine tremor that went through her and the way she shied from his touch as he brushed the hair from her face.

"Figured you could use a change of scenery." He cupped her chin, forcing her to look up. He smiled crookedly, eyes sparkling with a mixture of mischief and daring. She nodded slowly, and although still nervous she followed him from the car and to the elevator.




Her eyes darted around the room as she waited for Mello to return. He had asked her to remain in the living room while he had retreated into the kitchen. She ran her fingers along the leather of the couch, he had quietly informed her that this was his place. As she took everything in she noted the lack of personal clutter;,no dirty dishes and take-out containers left out, no clothes stashed in piles in corners, no books and magazines just tossed in piles. The sterility- the cleanness of it- was somehow comforting, a change from the run down hotels she worked out of and the filthy room he had back at the warehouse where she slept.

She looked up as the sound of glass bottles clanking came from the kitchen to see him coming towards her. Two bottles of beer in one hand, and a bottle of vodka in the other.

"Thirsty?" He asked, holding the bottles up, a lopsided grin forming.

"I've never really-"

He stalked over to her, using his body to pin her smaller one against the wall as he trailed a beer bottle along her side. Snickering as she gasped from the shock of the cold against her skin as her shirt rode up.

"Never what, got drunk? Well, at least I get to be the first for somethings, huh?" He nipped along her neck playfully. "Now lets get drunk and fuck till we pass out."




They had retreated to the privacy of his bedroom, he explaining that he actually shared the apartment with his uncle and aunt; who he also informed her would not be very thrilled about the arrangement. A simple look around had her laughing.

Books were crammed haphazardly on various book shelves, and the top of the dresser. Mello set the drinks down on a small night stand next to the bed, and began clearing off the clothes and papers that littered the top of the unmade bed. Opening a beer he handed it to her.

“Drink up.”

He watched her as she took a sip, screwing her nose up at the bitter taste. She offered the bottle to him.

“No thanks, I prefer hard liquor.”

She hesitated, taking a second drink watching as once opened he took a swig of the vodka. The second drink caused less of a reaction and it wasn't long before the bottle was finished and thirty minutes later, she was on her third bottle; he having quickly left to retrieve more beer after showing her where the bathroom located.

He was amused to find that the more she drank the less clothes she wore and the less she was able to speak English; switching quickly to Russian from her native Belarusian with a little prompting from him. Shortly thereafter they were both naked and sweaty, fooling around on his bed.

"You're not afraid of me?" He asked, leaning back against the headboard of his bed, eyes closing as she ran her tongue upwards along his abdomen.


"Interesting. Why?"

"I only fear what you are capable of, but I think you are one to honor their word."

"Fair enough. So, have you come up with a solution to our little problem?"

"I spread my legs for you, seems simple enough. Nothing new compared to what others have asked of me."

“Are you proposing that you become my private whore? Only fucking me?”

He fingered her hair, running the soft blue stands between his fingers, laughing when she looked away not answering him. " Well if you are, you should a few things. First, I'm not like the others who had you before. I'll let you set some limits and I'll respect them. You can walk away from my bed at any time, but if you do, you are the mercy of the men. Secondly, I like to fuck to around. So while I may be the only man you will be servicing, I will fuck other women."

She peered up at him curiously as she tried work his intentions out. His own eyes, now opened, softened a little.

“I can deal with that.”

"Good. We'll get you tested of course, I really hate condoms. Can't feel a fucking thing."

Her eyes widened a bit at this, noticing her alarm he chuckled, his finger tracing along her jaw. "Never had a john demand he empty his load right in you?"


"I guess Bryce never had you on the pill then? Birth control that is." He reached over, retrieving the bottle of vodka, taking a swig straight from the bottle before passing it to her.

She mimicked his actions, chocking as she swallowed the clear liquid. As she continued coughing he rubbed a hand along her shoulders. She took another drink at his urging, coughing as she struggled to swallow. She handed him back the bottle. He took a large mouthful of the vodka, winking playfully, teasing her as he swallowed it without trouble.

"No. Why would he.."

"Well, you can go on it if you like. But so you know, I can't get you pregnant."

She had begun to relax as little as the alcohol took effect, loosening her tongue as she chastises him for his exploits with the female relations of Rod's men. And in spite of the way the room was spinning, her head cloudy, a slight feeling of nausea rising she bent down and kissed his chest.

"Ahh yes, I overheard about that. Bratva would have had your balls had you fucked with their daughters."

She kissed his abdomen then her tongue trailed lower, dipping into his navel. He cupped her chin, forcing her to look up at him.

"Bratva? You would still speak highly of those that stole you and sold you into sexual slavery."

"They were not the ones responsible." She said defiantly.


"My uncles pissed people off because of their association with Bratva."

"Your uncles were Bratva?"

She shook her head slowly, flashing him a loop sided grin. “Not till you tell me something. How is that an American such as yourself can speak Russian so well?”

With his hands on her shoulders he flipped them over, his legs tangling with hers. He licked along the outer shell of her ear. “My mother was Russian.”

“And your father?”

“One of Rod's men.”

“So you are the bastard son of a whore then?”

His fingers dug painfully into her thighs, his teeth scraping along the area under her ear. “Careful what you say. She did what was necessary to survive.”

"Like I do? Now you answered me. About my uncles, I think so. Not big top guys. We were still poor and not very well protected."

He filed the information away, something to think over when he more sober and a lot less distracted by the naked body that was arching up against his. He leaned down, kissing her throat, falling between her legs as she parted them. When she slid a hand between them he blindly started reaching for the box of condoms on the nightstand. He abandoned his search as she guided him into her, wrapping those legs around his waist as pushed further in.



“Get. Up." The irate feminine voice cut through the silence, jarring Mello awake. He quickly rolled over, eyes cracking slightly to see Sue, Kal's current flavor and if the marriage certificate was real, his Aunt.

"Well think this explains the half naked girl vomiting in the bathroom

"Get out woman" He groaned.

He glanced down to make sure that his nudity was covered, pulling the sheet a little higher as he realized she wasn't going to leave until she had her say. Hands going behind his head he glared at her, waiting for the lecture.

She bent down, picking up an empty bottle of vodka and tossed it onto the foot of the bed. Her foot kicked at the clothes that both he and Skye had worn the night before, having been discarded hastily in their drunken to get at the others flesh into a pile next to a few empty beer bottles.

"Mello. I can't control what you do. But I will not have you bringing your conquests into my house. Now get up. Get dressed, and get her home before her parents-"

"She's not a conquest."

He leaned over the side of the bed, snatching up a pair of boxers and slipping them on under the covers.

He sat up, lighting a cigarette, ignoring the disapproving look she gave him. He blew smoke in her direction, smiling as she waved her hand in front of her face. They stared at each other for a few moments, a thing they often did during their numerous confrontations about the way he lived his life.

When he had first arrived here she had tried act as a surrogate mother to him, harping on him for the drinking, drugs and the easy girls he bedded. She had even gone so far as to attempt to ground him; he had just stormed out, coming home hours later stinking of booze and sex.

"I doubt she is a girlfriend, but regardless get the slut home."

"Getting warmer. She's a hooker."

"You brought a hooker into my house." The slap that followed took both of them by surprise.

She took a few step backwards as he stood up, eyes burning with anger. "Yes, gotta problem with it?”

Sue narrowed her eyes, growling as she spoke.“Get her back to her pimp then.”

“You're looking at him, dear sweet Auntie.” She brought her hand up to slap again, he caught her wrist a slow smile forming as he shook his head. “I wouldn't do that if I were you.”

She pulled her hand free from his grip, taking a few steps back from him. “How old is she?”

He brushed by her coldly, pausing as he reached the door. One hand on the frame he turned to face her "Old enough to bleed and old enough to handle a cock like a pro, which all you need to know. Oh, she'll be staying here from now on. After all, can't have young tender flesh like that around the other men. They might be tempted to take indecent liberties with her."

She growled in equal parts frustration and anger. Picking up a near by empty bottle she threw it in his direction. The bottle shattered as it hit the wall a few inches from him. He glanced at the mess, snarling "Clean that up, would you."

"Clean it up yourself you little shit." He brushed her remark off, whipping her the middle finger.

He staggered to the bathroom, hands wiping his face as he leaned against the door. He needed to shower and shave, the days worth of growth irritating him. Kal was kneeling on the floor, keeping Skye's hair from her face as she knelt bent over the toilet dry heaving. She was dressed only in her underwear, and was shivering in the cool air of the apartment. "Sue's pissed. Thought you should know."

Kal looked over at him, his eyes narrowing as he spoke. "I wonder why. What the fuck were you thinking. I have a family Mello. Wife, a kid. I can't have you bringing trash home with you. You wanna get shit faced and fuck whores, do it back the warehouse. Not here, under my roof." He hissed.

Mello leaned back, glancing at the clock that adorned the wall in the hall. 6:30 pm, they had slept through most of the day it seemed. "Avila's suicide make the news yet?"

"Its all they are talking about, now don't change the subject." His eyes widened a little as realization hit him. His nephew had been passed out all morning and afternoon, there was no way that he could have heard about it, unless- "How the hell." he sputtered.

Mello quirked a brow, pushing off the door and kneeling beside Skye. One hand took the place of Kal's, holding her hair back while the other caressed her back softly. "I was there, in his house. A very valuable piece of merchandise this whore is. Just filled to the brim with information."

Kal leaned back against the bath tub, the implication of Mello's words sinking in. "But they are saying it was a suicide." He stated in disbelief.

"Made to look like one dear uncle."

Skye began mumbling in Russian, asking that they both be quiet. Mello cooed back in Russian, apologizing as he tenderly kissed the back on her neck. Then in English he whispered. "Mine. Let the men know that she is off limits. Don't say anything about the hit except to Rod. Keep her name out of it as well."

"Shit, she was there? Who pulled the trigger?" Kal bent his head, hands covering his face. He feared the answer, but still needed to know. He had promised his older brother that Mello would be looked after, and had promised himself that his young nephew would kept more to the sidelines. Ordering others, but never having a physical hand in actual death itself.

"I did."

"Oh Christ."

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