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“Ah?!” Izuku’s eyes went wide as he stood in the middle of the hallway, his shoes skidding against the floor as he rounded the corner. There was nowhere to retreat to now, especially since Dabi and Spinner had certainly seen him.

“Eh?” Dabi smirked and tilted his head to the side, not particularly all that concerned that they’d been discovered trying to escape through an old, abandoned factory. “Looks like we have some company, lizard”

“Don’t call me ‘lizard!’” Spinner yelled, turning his ire toward his teammate for just a brief moment.

“Others are coming. They’re right behind me!” Deku held his ground and adjusted his mask, trying not to look too terrified of his odds against the two villains.

“Doesn’t look like they’re that close to me,” Spinner’s grin grew wide as he pulled out his sword and idly spun it around as he chuckled. “How about we test just how fast your friends are? If he’s not lying then we shouldn’t be able to do much before they save him.”

“Sounds fine to me. Let’s show this kid what happens to wannabe heroes,” Dabi’s cruel smirk never faded.

Izuku’s fists tightened as he took a step back. There was little he could do to escape from two villains by himself. He would simply have to outmaneuver his opponents and hope that the others would catch up to him sooner than later. Surveying his surroundings, he spotted a door along the left side of the hallway that probably led away from the factory offices and onto the manufacturing area. If the fight moved there he would at least have more space to piece together a better plan. There was no way he could take on a villain with a sword and another that controlled fire in such a confined space.

It was now or never! With his trained speed, Deku rushed forward at an angle toward the wall opposite the door. It was just enough to confuse the two villains so Izuku could rebound off the wall, spin in air and slam both feet against the flimsy, old door, knocking it off the hinges and sending it sliding onto the dusty factory floor. Deku rolled off before stumbling as he got to his feet and bolted down a row of mostly rust-covered vats and containers. It was just enough of a lead to put some distance between him and the villains.

Dabi and Spinner rushed into the dark factory area and glanced around, listening to the echo of Deku’s shoes pounding against the concrete floor as he ran. They were in no particular hurry as they eased into the darkness, stalking their prey. Dabi held up a hand, covered in blue flame to illuminate his way.

“He stopped,” Dabi commented, noting they couldn’t hear his footsteps any longer while they moved deeper into the factory. They searched for nearly ten minutes in the darkness, still unable to find any trace of the meddlesome hero.

“Did we even try the lights?” Spinner approached a nearby wall, flipping the switch without much expectation. Surprisingly, some of the fluorescent lights hummed to life, crackling and hissing from years of neglect. “Hah! Jackpot,” he exclaimed with a triumphant grin. Turning his head, the purple-haired villain arched a brow as he saw Deku kneeling behind some nearby boxes. “H-hey—” Spinner said to get Dabi’s attention.

Little red sparks surrounded the junior hero’s body as he prepared himself to move again. Except he knew Spinner would be expecting him to escape again. Deku had to change it up and go on the offensive this time. Instead of bolting past the villain and trying to dodge his sword, which Spinner was already gripping with murderous intent, he simply jumped into the air.

Spinner looked as if he was taken off guard by Deku not trying to zoom past him. The junior hero had jumped right in front of him, spinning with a flip. With the quick rotation, he kicked out one leg while coming back down, his heel slamming down directly upon Spinner’s head and slamming him flat against the dirty concrete floor and leaving him completely knocked out.

“One down,” Izuku commented under his breath as he turned to the other.

Dabi stood there for a moment before sighing in disgust that his ally had been taken down so easily. Both hands glowed with his flames before a sick smile crept over his lips. “You got lucky, kid. Think you’ll be able to do it twice?”

Izuku wasn’t willing to find out. He looked to the nearby wall and the bolted door that more than likely led to the outside. Getting out of the factory would at least give him some hope that his fellow heroes would be able to see him due to Dabi’s flames. Before Deku could even make the first move, the villain sent a blast of flame toward the door, igniting it completely.

“A-ah!” Deku stumbled back, losing his footing as he turned the other direction. He didn’t have a plan B yet aside from running. He glanced at the presumably empty chemical vats and containers while trying to think of some way to escape.

“You can’t run forever, runt!” Dabi taunted as he waved his arm, sending a burst of flames flying toward Deku.

The green-haired junior hero felt the intense heat approaching and quickly fell to the ground, barely dodging the attack. He looked over his shoulder as he scrambled to his feet to run again. Dabi didn’t waste any time sending another blast of flame toward Deku, and another, each narrowly missing his feet as he jumped out of the way. While Izuku dodged the attacks, the same couldn’t be said for the machinery and vats around the hero. The rusted metal strained from the heat as the floor collapsed and fell.

Deku didn’t have time to do anything aside from feverishly dodge, being only a single step ahead of the flames as the villain continued the seemingly endless volley. Even as Izuku narrowly avoided his own demise, he eventually found himself cornered with the blue flames having spread along a vast majority of the building. Spinning on his heels, he clenched his jaw and stared at the grinning villain as he wondered why he had stopped.

“Don’t look so serious,” Dabi chuckled as he conjured another flame. With a sinister laugh, he launched a massive blast of fire toward Deku.

The junior hero attempted to dodge yet again, but the flames still caught his left side. He dropped to the concrete floor, rolling around to put out the fire as quickly as possible, completely ignoring the groaning creaks from the old chemical vat that had taken the brunt of Dabi’s attack.

Deku, still patting his arm and side as smoke rose from his green suit, glared at Dabi as he tried to think of a counter to those impossibly powerful flames. If he couldn’t stop the villain soon then the whole building was bound to fall on them. He couldn’t rush him directly, and simply escaping wasn’t an option with the fire consuming so much of the area around him. The slightest misstep could send him falling into the crumbling depths of the factory’s basement. None of his plans mattered, though. Izuku blinked as he watched Dabi’s grin grow wider as he lowered his hands all of a sudden.

“Pay more attention to your surroundings, kid,” Dabi chuckled.

“H-huh?!” Deku’s eyes widened as the groaning metal behind him finally gave out. The bolts around a thick pipe from the base of the vat burst loose, the main coupling only barely missing the hero as it rocketed forward. As he spun around, his breath was caught in his throat while a torrent of pink goo rushed toward him in an unavoidable tidal wave. He held his hands up to shield himself but it didn’t stop the liquid from coating him from head to toe. The impact was so great that it almost sent him into the crumbling crater in the floor along with the rest of the flowing liquid.

Breathing heavily and still shocked by the events, he spun around to see Dabi simply standing there on the other side of the hole in the floor. One hand rose, a minuscule flame at his fingertips that he cast away, tossing it haphazardly into the crater. Deku crouched down. The only way to escape was to jump for the rafters and hope for the best. He couldn’t be sure if the liquid was flammable but he didn’t want to find out. With a grunt of exertion, Izuku jumped—his body only gaining perhaps three feet of distance before he landed on the crumbling concrete once more.

“Uh?” Deku didn’t have time to panic as the flames erupted from the hole in the basement, quickly consuming everything the liquid had touched. Even as the hero turned to run, he was met with the sight of the other flames around the building finally touching the initial spill near the vat, the rolling flames quickly closing in on him from both sides in a mere instant. He never stood a chance.

His entire body caught fire while Deku screamed out in terror. He never imagined dying in such a way. He flailed around trying to douse the flames to no avail. He ripped off his mask, tossing the hot metal aside as it grew too hot to touch. Except, after a moment, he realized nothing else hurt, aside from the sensation of being far too hot from being engulfed in flame. He stopped in his tracks and looked down at his hands and the rest of his body. Whatever he had been coated with was fireproof! A wide smile of victory rose over his lips as he clenched his fist. He was ready to end this fight now that he was immune to Dabi’s quirk.

But, after a few more moments he noticed his costume was melting away, literally dripping from his body and exposing more and more of his flesh. A deep blush covered his cheeks as he tried to cover himself. In fact, he started to feel somewhat lightheaded all of sudden.

“The smoke…!” Izuku exclaimed, covering his mouth with his hand. He’d have to fall back on his original plan of just escaping before it was too late.

“Interesting quirk, kid,” Dabi still smirked as he watched the hero at a loss for a plan. “Strong and fireproof. Who’d have thought.”

Still coughing from the smoke entering his lungs, Deku blinked at Dabi’s assertion. That wasn’t his power at all. “What are you talking about? Th-this wasn’t part of the plan?”

“Plan?” Dabi scoffed, “The plan was escaping from your little squad, girl. Also, I gotta say, I’d have never thought someone as cute as you would be able to take down Spinner so easily.”

Izuku was officially confused, especially as the flames died down around him. The smoke finally started to subside as well, allowing the hero to clearly glance down at his body. He blinked. His normally flat and leanly muscled chest protruded substantially with the remains of his costume hardly concealing the front.

“A-ah!?” Deku gasped and placed his hands on his chest, squeezing the firm mounds of flesh before blushing even deeper. The sensation was shocking and sent tingles of pleasure coursing through his body.

“No need to be modest,” Dabi grinned as he joined Deku on the other side. “I’ve seen plenty of topless girls before.” His gaze was perhaps more sadistic than it had been before. “If you play real nice then I might even let you go. I won’t even have to rough you up…”

“N-no way!” Izuku stepped back, stomping back into a battle stance that caused her expansive bust to jiggle.

“Fine with me. I prefer it a little rough anyway,” Dabi lunged forward and grabbed Deku by the neck before pinning her against the uncomfortably warm wall as smoke still rose.

Izuku gripped his wrist with both hands. One good punch and Dabi would be knocked out just as cold as Spinner. She balled up a fist and aimed directly at the villain’s face.


Dabi gripped Izuku’s fist, having intercepted it with ease. He stared at the green-haired girl with a patronizing smirk. “You think you’re All-Might or something? You have some skill to knock that lizard out, but that was a surprise attack. You’re going to need something else if you wanna take me down.”

The villain easily pushed Deku’s fist away before pushing his hand right under the girl’s breast, appraisingly hefting the large mound. He smirked as he slowly massaged her tit, staring right into the girl’s shocked and confused face. Izuku trembled as new sensations flooded her mind. Ideas that had never been there before, clouded feelings about how amazing this was—every bit assailed his muddled brain and she craved more. A soft moan escaped her lips while her cheeks burned a crimson shade of red.

“Ever been with a villain before?” Dabi lecherously spoke as his hand trailed down the hero’s side before sliding into her suit and between her legs.

She gasped. Dabi was going to find out she was a guy and then this was going to get worse—way worse! She wanted to fight back, to stop this man from touching her. And yet, she felt an altogether different sensation as Dabi’s middle and ring finger plunged into Deku’s soaking wet pussy with hardly any resistance, aside from her pesky hymen. A soft gasp left her lips, followed by a little moan as the fingers pumped into her.

“Did I just deflower our pure, little hero?” Dabi chuckled. “Was it everything you ever dreamed of?”

Her eyes flickered and rolled back as she tried to comprehend the pleasure running through her body. Was this how girls felt? Wait—he shouldn’t be feeling this at all. The portion of his brain that was still Izuku popped in and out of control, telling him that nothing about this scenario was right. But just as soon as the truth surfaced, it was just as quickly lost in the sea of pleasure that tempted his new body so perfectly.

“P-please,” Deku whimpered, still holding on to Dabi’s wrist.

“You’re going to have to do a lot better to get mercy from me,” the villain chuckled. “Maybe I should test just how fireproof you are on the inside?”

Deku honestly wasn’t listening. Anything the villain was saying may as well have been in a different language. She didn’t understand fear or logic at this point. There was only lust and pleasure. One hand let go of Dabi’s wrist before cupping against his crotch and desperately squeezing his dick through his pants.

Dabi blinked. He certainly hadn’t been expecting that. “Ready to turn your back on the heroes already? I don’t blame you. They can never give a dirty slut like you what you truly need.”

He pulled his fingers from Deku’s dripping cunt before grabbing the remains of the hero’s costume and easily ripping the ruined scraps of fabric away. He did the same to her shirt, delightedly watching as Deku’s big tits jiggled from the rough removal of her shirt. He pinched her hard, pink nipple and tugged on it, drawing a wanton moan of pleasure from the green-haired girl’s open mouth.

“P-please,” she muttered again.

“What do you want, girl?” Dabi leaned in close, whispering into Deku’s ear. The vibrations nearly triggered an orgasm in the overly sensitive hero as she stood on her tiptoes, actually enjoying the sensation of the villain choking her to some extent.

“I wanna suck you off,” Deku desperately whimpered, still rubbing the growing bulge in Dabi’s pants. The voice in the hero’s mind screamed that this was wrong. He would never do that! Why was he even touching him there? The more he questioned it, the easier the lust-driven part of his brain took over again.

The villain smirked and let go of the stripped girl, letting her fall to her knees in front of him. She took deep breaths as she rubbed her neck, but her wide eyes stared up into his domineering gaze. She nibbled her bottom lip as she unzipped his pants and pulled out the villain’s cock. Just touching the thick length was enough to send chills of anxiety down her spine.

Deku didn’t have to be told what to do. She knew what was expected of her. She leaned forward, more than ready to accept the villain’s cock into her mouth, except Dabi pushed her away at the last moment. Deku landed on her ass, staring up at his sinister smile but finding her eyes drawn to his hard length.

“You have to earn that,” he smirked. “How do I know you’re not going to just bite it off? Let’s see how much to really want it. Stand up and bend over.”

Izuku swallowed hard and scrambled to stand up, quickly bending over and presenting her pert, naked ass to Dabi’s lustful gaze. The villain slapped her rear, relishing in the sight of her ass jiggling, as well as the gasping yelp she made in response to the rather tame hit. He rubbed the head of his cock against her dripping pussy, pushing in just enough to tease the girl but going no further.

The hero didn’t need to be commanded to move at this point. She leaned back, shivering as she felt his cock easily sliding into her wet and needy pussy until her round ass pressed against his hips. With her hands against the chemical-soaked floor, she steadied herself as Dabi grabbed her by the hips and slammed forward. A dumb, hapless smile crossed her lips and her whole body shivered as the villain pumped into her without the least bit of mercy. Deku’s heavy tits bounced back and forth underneath her with each thrust, her nipples aching for attention. Her nipples were hard and ready, even the slightest touch as they slightly brushed against her arms were almost enough to send the oversexed girl to a climax.

“Come on, slut,” Dabi yelled as he slapped Deku’s ass, leaving a handprint on the girl’s pale behind .”I’m not gonna do all the work. Put some effort in!”

“Y-yes sir!” Deku whimpered as she was struck again. She arched her back and pushed herself back against Dabi’s thrusts, each powerful motion causing the hero’s ass to jiggle with each harsh impact. The overwhelming sensation of climax was quickly clouding Izuku’s mind and keeping any rational thought completely free from her mind. The constant, rhythmic sound of Dabi’s hips slapping against Deku’s ass, as well as the wet, telltale noise of a thick cock pounding into wet pussy echoed through what was left of the factory.

The green-haired girl cried out in pleasure as that completely foreign feeling of climax welled up and burst forth all at once. Every nerve ending tingled with pleasure as her pussy clenched on his dick as he hammered into her. Almost any trace of her original self was completely obliterated at this point. She was addicted to taking dick and the pleasure it brought about.

Her clenching pussy soon felt the villain’s cock throbbing as he cried out all of a sudden. And then—something altogether new and frightening. Deku felt his warm, spurting jizz splattering inside her pussy. She nibbled her bottom lip as her cheeks turned red, and yet she felt so proud for being able to make him cum inside of her. He pumped a few more times before pulling out. Cum dribbled from her pussy and ran down the inside of her thigh as she stood up.

“Read to clean me up, bitch?” Dabi smirked.

“Hey!” Spinner said groggily as he pushed himself up from behind the singed boxes. “The hell was that? Did you even pay attention to the fact I could have been burnt alive?”

“Guess it slipped my mind,” Dabi chuckled while Deku knelt in front of him, wrapping her fingers around the base of his cock and lovingly licking her juices from his member.

Spinner narrowed his eyes, still somewhat reeling from the heel kick to the skull. He wasn’t entirely certain he knew what he was watching, especially since it didn’t make sense. A green-haired girl was blowing Dabi while the rest of the factory seemed to be in shambles. “Did the kid get away?”

Nah,” Dabi chuckled, running his fingers through Deku’s hair, “Turned out to be a dumb, little slut that just needed some dick in order to see the truth. I’ve got it taken care of.”

Spinner kept his eyes narrowed, looking the big-titted hero over carefully. He could have sworn the kid that attacked him had been a guy. The green hair matched up, though. Maybe she had just been wearing a corset to keep her breasts hidden, plus the hero had been wearing a mask. He didn’t have time to think it over too much, though. He was jealous, watching Dabi getting his cock sucked so adoringly by the bitch that had knocked him out.

“Hold on!” Spinner exclaimed as he approached, unbuckling his pants. “You’re not the only one that gets to enjoy this bitch!” He lifted the girl into a standing position as she continued to bend over while still servicing the other villain. Spinner finally pulled out his hardening cock, revealing his thick, almost reptilian length. His length was extremely wide and had ribbed segments every inch or so. The thick head tapered to a narrow point, which allowed it to slide into Deku’s dripping pussy with ease.

She didn’t notice anything significantly different until a bit more of it slid inside. As the first ribbed part slipped in, the green-haired girl was completely distracted by the wondrous sensation of each bump and ridge rubbing against her inner walls.

“You like that, huh?” Spinner said with a chuckle. “Most sluts can’t get enough. You ready to be addicted to villain cock, you dumb bitch?” He didn’t wait for a response before easing his hips forward further, burying more of his cock until Deku’s clenching, quivering pussy. He immediately pumped into her, slamming into her sloppy, dripping cunt over and over.

Even though Dabi’s cock was right in front of her, she couldn’t focus on him at the moment. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth and her eyes rolled back as a powerful orgasm suddenly assaulted her senses. Her first climax had been a lot to comprehend, but this one completely scrambled her delicate brain. Drool dripped from the corner of her mouth and over her chin while Spinner savagely pumped into her needy pussy.

“Hey,” Dabi growled, “You’re making her all stupid. She can’t even suck dick properly anymore. Cut it out.”

Spinner smirked as he kept slamming into her, causing her ass and tits to jiggle with each impact. “You should feel how tight she gets. It’s like she’s never taken a dick before. I’m not willing to ruin our new fuck toy yet, though.” He pulled out, causing Deku to yelp at the sudden sensation of emptiness.

Pushed to her knees again, she sat there with her pussy dripping onto the chemical-laden floor while she was stuck between the two villains. A deep blush covered her cheeks as she found her eyes locked on their throbbing members. Instinctively, she grabbed both, firmly wrapping her fingers around their cocks and slowly jerking them off. Having neglected Dabi for a bit, she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and swirled her tongue around it in circles before flicking back and forth over the slit at the very tip.

The green-haired slut switched between the two, feverishly bobbing her head on one while jerking the other off. She licked and lapped at them with a smile on her face, as if she was happy to serve them. Dabi grabbed the hero by the hair and held her in place as he approached his own climax with a primal grunt. He pulled away from Deku’s mouth, grabbing his own dick with his free hand and jerking himself off to completion. Hot, sticky spurts of jizz splattered against the girl’s face before trailing down her chin and over her tits.

She stopped for a moment, licking her lips before scooping up the hot cum from her breasts and slurping it off her fingers. There was no time to savor Dabi’s seed before Spinner grabbed her by the hair and rammed his cock between her lips. Her eyes widened as she felt the tapered head of his cock pushing against the back of her throat and then continue onward. Her throat spasmed as she gagged around his member, which only seemed to spur him on as he shoved more of his dick into Deku’s mouth. She felt every bit of his cock sliding over her tongue and against her throat as it violated her so violently. Messy gagging and slurping sounds echoed through the factory as Deku’s throat was used without mercy.

“Yeah, you fucking hero slut! This is all you’re good for! Just a filthy, dick-sucking cum dumpster! Choke on my cock, you whore!” Spinner cried out as he pumped into the girl’s throat. He pulled out at the last moment, blasting a load directly onto Deku’s tongue before launching the rest of his cum all over her face.

Deku winced as some got in her eyes, but she was more concerned with taking deep breaths and savoring the fresh air entering her lungs again. Grinning, she licked her lips and leaned forward, wrapping her lips around the head of Spinner’s cock and sucking up any remaining cum before pulling away with a loud slurp.

Sirens could be heard in the distance. The two villains smirked down at the beaten and disgraced hero. Dabi leaned in, looking the cum-drunk slut in the eyes before harshly slapping her tits, finding a simple enjoyment in the way they bounced and jiggled, not to mention the girl’s faint gasp of shock.

“We know you’re addicted after finding your true calling as a fuck-slut for villains. Go ahead and try some heroes and see if you can get off with them. I bet you can’t,” Spinner laughed as he walked off.

“You’re a good fuck,” Dabi said as he walked off. “Look for us if you’re interested in more.”

“..W-wait…” Deku whimpered, but didn’t move. She merely knelt in the chemicals, too dumbstruck to make any decision at this point. Their words kept echoing in her brain, though, along with the need for another orgasm. She needed to cum again. She needed it harder, rougher—she wanted to feel every ounce of their cruelty as they hate-fucked her in every position. She wanted to be passed between more and more sadistic villains, each of them having their way with her vulnerable and needy holes.

She had to have more...

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