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Izuku was rescued from the factory, coated with that strange chemical and semen coating her naked body. No one knew who she was at first. It was puzzling that a girl would take on the League of Villains by herself. And yet she seemed so distant and shell shocked. Obviously as a result from being so roughly taken against her will. No one would dare mention it, given the circumstances, but there was a certain look in her eyes—as if she had enjoyed it to some extent and secretly wanted more. It made the questioning so much more awkward and hard to comprehend her responses.

“What is your name, miss?” they asked.

She was unresponsive at first, her eyes staring off into the distance. Snapping out of it, she meekly spoke, “Izuku…”

An odd name for a girl, for sure. They looked at her general features, noting she did have a passing resemblance to Midoriya. The longer they stared, the more apparent it became that the girl WAS Izuku..!

After some crazy explanation of the events, they took the transformed Deku to Recovery Girl. If anyone could fix Izuku, it would be her—except there was little the medical hero could do. She would research the effects and try to find a cure in time, but there was no easy fix for what had happened to Izuku. This wasn’t a broken bone or a simple and straight-forward injury. The transformation had been complete and total change all the way down to the DNA. Making alterations that complex could be disastrous if not handled carefully. Izuku would simply have to come to terms with being female for a bit—if not forever…

And so she returned to classes. Her quirk, One-For-All, had returned to some capacity, allowing her to continue to refine her skills. She certainly wasn’t as strong as before—either by some fluke of the genetic scrambling or merely a mental block. It was an awkward time at first, with everyone staring at her with something resembling curiosity and pity. Everyone that is, except Bakugou. Izuku’s childhood friend refused to even glance at her, much less talk to her. A cold reception wasn’t out of character for the angsty blond, though.

Slowly, everything went back to normal—class went on as usual, life in the dormitory, and hanging out was part of the routine. And oddly enough, Izuku felt like he fit in better with the girls now that he was invited to the girls-only events. She knew it had been done as a gesture of pity at first since Izuku was being shunned by everyone.

The first sleepover had been just as awkward as one would have expected. But the more she was invited, the easier things became. After a few weeks of Izuku being female, they suggested she go by a different, more fitting name. It was then, after a few names were spouted out, that she decided on ‘Izuka.’

Despite the social acceptance of Izuka back at school, there was still a lot for the girl to adjust to. A whole new wardrobe and alterations to her costume were just the tip of the iceberg. The whispering, nagging sensation of arousal was a recurring problem that got in the way of her ability to concentrate. Her libido had scarcely been an issue as a male. Once a week he would have urges to attend to. As a girl, Deku constantly found herself staring into space as she daydreamed of those villains. A serene smile played over her lips as she imagined them using her once again, as well as their parting words—“Find us.”

And then she snapped out of it, realizing she’d missed almost all of the current class lecture. She would have to get notes from Tsuyu or maybe Ochako. A light blush covered her cheeks as she started thinking of her classmates. It was so much fun hanging out with the girls, but she had seen things that she would have died for her previous life. While she was seen as just one of the girls, Izuka still found her eyes focusing where they shouldn’t.

Mina and Tsuyu’s round, bubbly asses, Momo’s tits—even now, Izuka nibbled her bottom lip as her mind wandered once again. She looked at the clock at the front of the classroom, noting there was still a substantial amount of time before class ended. The green-haired hero quickly excused herself, taking the hall pass and making her way to the bathroom. It wasn’t like no one noticed her behavior, though. Izuka excused herself from almost every other class and no one seemed to question it due to her recent changes. After all, there was probably a lot Izuka was adjusting to, and even more that she didn’t know about being a girl. They assumed she would eventually figure it out and adjust accordingly.

Izuka entered the bathroom, taking a moment to look at herself in the mirror. It was odd to see herself staring back. She still looked mostly the same, with her short green hair and small-ish build. The only real difference was the heavy set of tits and the wider hips. She placed her hands on her breasts and hefted them up, giving them a hard squeeze and watching them as her fingers dug into the soft flesh. Letting go, she sighed and glanced around—she probably should have checked to see if anyone else was there before she groped herself…

Self-evaluation certainly wasn’t the reason she came here, though. She spent enough time staring at herself in the mirror in her dorm. Much like clockwork, she entered the bathroom stall and closed the door. She hiked up her skirt while sliding her soaked panties down to her ankles. It was starting to become harder for her to hide her arousal, and she wondered just how many people may have noticed. Surely some of the students with more keen senses could smell her wetness. Even with her panties down, Izuku was assaulted by the scent of sex that emanated from her crotch.

Inhaling deeply, she slowly reached between her legs and rubbed her dripping pussy. Her middle finger slipped in while she ground her palm against her clit. She placed her hand upon her breast again, squeezing the mound of flesh through her shirt. That just wouldn’t do, though. Izuka unbuttoned her shirt, her hand sliding into the cup of her bra and roughly groping herself. Her thumb and pointer finger pinched and tugged at her hard, pink nipple while her other hand moved between her legs once again.

A second digit joined her middle finger as they plunged into her wet pussy. Soft moans of pleasure echoed through the bathroom while she leaned against the wall partition. Anyone would easily be able to tell what was happening, between the wet, schlicking sound, the soft gasps, and the undeniable smell of sex. The fear of being caught playing with herself only made it that much hotter. She needed to be quick but she wanted to savor every bit of pleasure. Her eyes flickered and she bit her bottom lip while her body tensed. This was it! Her mouth opened wide and her head tilted back…


Izuka’s eyes widened as the door to the stall was kicked open. She had been caught with one hand between her legs and the other still groping her breast. Standing there, with a perpetual grimace on his face and his hands clenched into fists as if he was ready to fight, was Katsuki.

“Uwha—!?” Izuka blinked as she immediately crouched down, covering herself.

“You,” Bakugou said in an accusing tone as he stepped into the stall.

“H-hey! I’m… busy…! What are you doing—!” Izuka was still terrified that her former friend was now in the same bathroom stall as her… especially after what she had been doing.

“You think you can waltz back into school as if nothing’s different!?”

A shocked expression still lingered over Izuka’s face. “I’m… uh, can’t this wait until some other time…? When I’m not—”

“—Not busy playing with yourself like a pervert?” Katsuki interrupted. “You might have everyone else fooled with your act, but I know what’s really up.”

“O-oh?” Izuka blushed. She needed to get rid of him. He knew too much. “Y-you shouldn’t be in here…”

“Psh,” Katsuki scoffed, still blocking the way out of the stall. “Do you even know where you are? You came into the guy’s restroom to play with yourself? What did you think was eventually going to happen?”

Izuka’s cheeks reddened as she realized her mistake. “O-oh! It’s a force of habit. A simple mistake…”

“Just stop talking. It would be a mistake if you were just going to the bathroom,” Katsuki snarled, “But here you are, being a big-titted pervert in the guy’s room. You’re waiting for someone to walk in on you, hoping they’ll fuck you…!”

“B-but the door was l-locked…” Deku nibbled her bottom lip, somehow confused how this was her fault. She wanted to argue against Bakugou’s claims, but the rough tone of his voice was only turning her on more. Izuka crawled across the floor, stopping to kneel just in front of Katsuki and staring up at him with a desperate need.

“The hell are you looking at?” The blond stared down at the girl with disdain. “If you’re gonna beg for forgiveness, you can save it!”

Without the least bit of hesitation, Izuka unbuckled Katsuki’s pants, leaving him staring down in utter confusion. Batting the green-haired girl’s hands away, he stepped back. She was quick to crawl after him, though, still reaching toward his pants as he continued to retreat.

“The hell?! Stop that!” Katsuki yelled.

“P-please,” Izuka whined, “I need it. You don’t understand what it’s like…”

Bakugou bumped against the tiled wall as he finally ran out of room to back up. There was no time to react before Izuka finished the job and tugged his pants and underwear down to reveal his flaccid cock.

“Wh-what the hell?! You’ve lost your mind!” Katsuki panicked.

Izuka couldn’t be stopped as she wrapped her lips around her friend’s cock and slowly bobbed her head up and down along his growing length. The blond was extremely confused, but he couldn’t deny the skill of Izuka’s mouth, or the pleasure of having his cock sucked. Her soft lips pursed around the base of his dick while her tongue tickled the underside of his hardening length. His hand pressed against the girl’s head for a moment, lightly pushing her away but ultimately failing. Instead, his fingers ran through Izuka’s hair before tightening his grip.

He held her head in place as he thrust forward, forcing the girl’s nose to bump against his stomach with each movement. She managed to pull away, despite his grip, and wrap her fingers around the base of his dick. She slowly stroked back and forth along the shaft while her tongue played over the throbbing head. She sloppily sucked him off while making sure the entire length was coated in her saliva.

Katsuki quickly approached his limit. Both hands gripped the girl’s hair as he slammed his hips forward in a blur of motion. Each hammering thrust into Izuka’s mouth smashed his cock into her throat with reckless disregard for her. Nothing could be heard in the echoing bathroom aside from Izuka’s constant gagging and slurping as the blond fucked her face. With a primal grunt of pleasure, he finally came—shooting his load into the girl’s mouth. She kept her lips wrapped around his cock the whole time, and as she pulled away, she licked her lips and swallowed as she stared up at him.

A slight blush covered Bakugou’s face as he tried to comprehend what had just happened. Izuka wantonly stared up at him, practically begging for more. His confusion quickly turned to anger.

“This was your plan all along, eh?!” the blond growled as he grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and yanked her onto her feet before slamming her against the wall where he had been leaning just moments before. Her shirt was half open, one of her breasts still exposed from when she had been playing with herself earlier.

“Wh-what are you going to do?” Izuka’s voice wavered, although it was clear from the spark in her eyes that she only hoped her suspicions were correct. She wanted nothing more than for the blond to have his way with her.

Katsuki didn’t answer. One hand pressed against the wall while the other roughly slid over Izuka’s side. Once his fingers moved past her skirt, they reversed direction, sliding over the smooth skin of her thigh before possessively squeezing her ass. His body pressed against hers, pinning her against the wall as his hard cock pushed against her thigh. His hand moved again, gripping the back of her knee and lifting her leg up. As her skirt rose, he positioned his cock against her exposed pussy. The hand against the wall quickly moved to the girl’s throat, holding her in place while slightly choking her. 

The hand lifting her leg up hooked underneath her knee, keeping her exposed as his cock rubbed against her dripping pussy. Any hesitation about the situation was quickly lost as he felt her hot, inviting cunt clenching around his dick. Izuka gasped at the sudden penetration while a satisfied smile crept over her lips.

The blond leaned his head against her shoulder, growling as he thrust into her again and again, causing her round ass to jiggle on each impact. She leaned her head against his, moaning into his ear while he slammed her against the wall with each pump. He pulled away from her shoulder, taking a moment to look at her moaning face before he grabbed her other leg. She was surprised by Bakugou’s strength as he lifted her up. Each hand draped under her knees, holding her legs spread while he slammed into her.

The echo of the bathroom made everything that much more indecent as moans and the slapping of flesh against flesh reverberated against the tiled walls. Katsuki bounced Izuka up and down while the girl gave just the slightest grinding motion of her hips. Looking at her angelic, slutty expression, the blond did the only thing that made sense and forcefully pressed his mouth to hers. The kiss immediately deepened, their tongues playing against one another’s while they moaned into each other’s mouth.

Both breathed heavily as Bakugou lowered the girl onto her shaky legs. She didn’t have much time to worry about her balance before she was spun around and pushed face-first against the wall. He lifted Izuka’s skirt, taking a moment to admire her pert, round ass before rubbing his wet dick against her pussy again. She knew what was expected and arched her back, giving him easy access.

He grabbed her wrists, shoving them against the wall and pinning her there while he savagely fucked Izuka. Her bare breast pushed against the cold tile, making the girl shiver at the discomfort that she took so much pleasure in. She couldn’t believe how rough he was being with her, and just how amazing it felt. It caused her to momentarily forget about the villains all together. All she needed a good, hard fucking—it didn’t matter who it was from.

That all-too-familiar sensation began to bubble up in Izuka’s core. It started off like a tickle at first, slowly blossoming into a more pleasurable and all-consuming sensation that made every fiber in her body tingle. A light grin crept over her cheeks as her moans deepened, becoming more satisfied and sultry as she thrust her ass back against Katsuki.

Bakugou certainly noticed her change in demeanor. He doubled his efforts, determined to break Izuka on principle alone. It certainly wouldn’t take much, though. Her moans wavered and her legs shivered before her whole body tensed at once as her orgasm overtook her.

“Oh my god,” Izuka cried out.

“Shut up, you dumb bitch,” he growled and quickly moved a hand to push at the side of her head. “You’re making too much noise!”

The green-haired girl whimpered, but obeyed while her pussy clenched around Bakugou’s thrusting dick. It was difficult for her to concentrate on anything aside from the waves of orgasmic bliss flowing through her body.

The blond pulled out and stepped away, allowing Izuka to stumble for a moment before she fell onto her knees. She wore a wide grin of satisfaction as she looked up at Katsuki before her focus moved to the blond’s cock as it dripped with the efforts of their combined fucking.

She crawled forward before gently cleaning every bit of his length with her tongue. She tilted her head as she licked, lapped, and slurped every inch of his cock. Izuka even tongued his balls, making sure any trace of wetness had been taken care of before looking up at him with a smile.

He still couldn’t comprehend just how much Izuka enjoyed such rough treatment. He had imagined this confrontation going much differently. And worst of all, she was enjoying every bit of it. Katsuki grabbed the girl by the hair with one hand while using the other to shove his dick between her lips. She was receptive as ever, appreciatively trying to bob her head as she had done before. Bakugou didn’t let her move, though. He shoved his cock forward until it pressed into the back of her throat, causing Izuka to instantly gag. Her muscles spasmed and massaged the head of his dick and the blond moaned at the wonderful sensation. He kept at it, thrusting against her face until her lips pressed against the base of his dick.

The slight amount of makeup Izuka wore started to trail down her cheeks as her eyes watered from gagging. The slurping, choking, retching sound echoed in the bathroom as her throat was used like a sex toy. She couldn’t be sure if her eyes were watering so heavily due to her gag reflex or because of the way her nose smashed against Katsuki’s flat stomach over and over. The longer it went on, the more she started to actually lose consciousness. Little, black dots started to cloud her vision but she wasn’t about to stop her lover from using her like this.

As her spasming throat pulsed around his member, he finally shot his load again. It was hard to measure compared to the first load since this one was deposited directly into her stomach. She felt the warm splashes of jizz against her throat and the way it slid down.

And then he pulled out, allowing Izuka to take a deep breath as she choked on the spurts of jizz in her throat. She wiped her eyes, and still a faint smile played over her lips as she licked them.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Katsuki asked rhetorically. He still couldn’t get over the girl’s enthusiastic reaction to such rough treatment. In a fit of frustration, he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her onto her stomach on the ground. Holding her face against the bathroom floor, he mounted her from behind. His cock easily pushed into Izuka’s dripping cunt as he shoved into her once again.

She was just as tight as before. Katsuki pressed his body down against her, keeping her pinned in place as he fucked her without mercy. Drool trailed from Izuka’s open mouth and puddled onto the floor. She was still in the afterglow of her previous orgasm, although she was rapidly approaching her next release already. Panting moans of pleasure were forced from her lips with every harsh thrust of Bakugou’s hips.

The tingling sensation started to rise again and Izuka’s eyes fluttered. Her moans turned to a staccato rhythm of gasps while her pussy clenched around the blond’s dick. Little sparks of light emanated from the girl’s body while her cunt spasmed around Bakugou’s cock. Izuka’s pussy clenched with all the power of her quirk, squeezing and massaging him with every thrust.

Katsuki couldn’t hold back any longer as he slammed his hips forward harder and harder. Even with his limited experience with sex, he had to admit this was unlike anything he’d ever imagined. The tight, velvet grip around his cock milked him with every thrust, and it was far too alluring of a sensation to stop. With a mighty and intimidating growl, he hilted himself in Izuka while his pulsing cock spurted yet again. It was a smaller load than before, but the girl still gasped in pleasure as she felt that sudden warm deposit blasted into her.

He kept himself buried in Izuka’s still-clenching pussy, reveling in the wonderful tightness before slowly pulling out. It was actually harder to do than expected, with the girl’s muscles almost holding him in place despite her absolute wetness. When his cock popped free, a thick blob of jizz soon followed after and dribbled onto her skirt.

Bakugou breathed heavily as he looked down at Izuka’s ass. Even with the deed having been done, her body was just so tempting. He almost wanted to give her another go, but he knew he needed to get back to class so as to not draw suspicion.

“Listen,” he scoffed as he zipped his pants back up, “Just because you’re a girl, you shouldn’t go around expecting any kind of special treatment. Especially not from me, okay?! I’m gonna be the top pro hero and there’s nothing you can do to distract me, got it?”

Izuka pushed herself into a kneeling position, her skirt still lifted up and resting on her lower back, exposing her soft, round ass as she arched her back. She looked over her shoulder, a slutty, needy look still in her eyes as she bit her lip. “Of course, Kaa-chan…”

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