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Izuka was in high spirits as she walked beside Uraraka on their way to classes today. The two had been dating for a few months now. Best of all was when people generally found out they were nothing but supportive and either gave an “Awwww,” or a “it’s about time,” in response. It was fun to hang out with the brunette and was actually kind of surprising how much they had in common. They simply understood each other and made an excellent team, both as heroes-in-training and as a couple.

Everyone absolutely adored them, except for Katsuki. The blond found himself glaring at them as they sat together. Anytime they were nearby, he stared blankly while jealousy consumed his mind. Izuka was his to use and abuse as he saw fit, and seeing the green-haired girl happy without his dick pumping into her started to piss him off.

He clenched his jaw as he watched the inseparable pair. No one thought differently of Bakugou’s weird actions since everyone already thought of him as a jerk anyway. That was simply how he was—a glaring, scowling, hate-filled pain in the ass. He slowly learned their patterns and habits, going to extreme lengths in stalking them to make his next move. It had been far too long since he’d been with Izuka. He tried “taking care of the deed” by himself multiple times but it just wasn’t the same. He had to feel Midoriya’s tight pussy clenching around his dick again. He needed to see that desperate look in her eyes as they rolled back in her head while she uncontrollably climaxed again and again.

Oddly enough, the easiest plan was one that he’d used so many times before. He just needed to wait in Izuka’s room on Thursday nights. Izuka and Uraraka were often too busy to spend time together, and after a rough week of practice and classes the two normally retired to their rooms by themselves after a cute kiss that sent everyone’s hearts aflutter.

The blond sat on the bed until he heard footsteps outside, followed by a brief goodbye and some giggling. The door opened and Bakugou readied himself. As soon as the lights flickered on he propelled toward Izuka, slamming her against the door. The green-haired girl was absolutely shocked as she stared wide-eyed into Katsuki’s eyes.

“K-kaa-chan,” she whimpered somewhat hesitantly. “Wh-what—”

She was interrupted as the blond shoved his lips to hers, immediately pushing his tongue into her somewhat rebellious mouth. Her hands pressed against his torso, but she eventually backed off as she gave in to his desires. She was helpless to resist once the submissive nature in the back of her mind took over. Izuka was his to command and use. Bakugou pulled away and she gasped, quickly glancing away as her face flushed with embarrassment.

“You’re mine,” he stated assertively. “What makes you think you get to be happy without me?”

Izuka still wouldn’t make eye contact. “Please, Kaa-chan… I really want to, but I’m in a relationship now. Y-you know that…”

Katsuki scoffed. “That’s a lie and you know it. You think you’re actually in a relationship? … That you’re happy with her? I know what you really want. You’re happiest when you have a dick sliding down your throat or have one cumming in your slutty pussy. She can’t do that for you. She’s too weak. You just need a good deep-dicking to knock you out of this daze.”

Midoriya’s cheeks were crimson as she stared at the ground, too embarrassed to make eye contact. Her eyes widened as she heard the telltale sound of a zipper. She nervously glanced at Katsuki, then her eyes darted downward to his crotch and his already half-hard dick as his pants dropped to his ankles. The green-haired girl could hardly restrain herself from dropping to her knees already. Izuka closed her eyes and shook her head. She was confident she could fight off the growing urge, despite the way it chipped away at her determination.

The only way to stop this was to simply leave. Izuka slowly backed away, her eyes still tightly shut. Through divine intervention or nerves, the girl found herself stumbling. Her eyes opened wide, her first focus was Katsuki’s relentless grin while Izuka fell onto her ass with a thud. Wincing, Midoriya attempted to push herself up, only to find herself face-to-face with Bakugou’s cock. She jerked away, resolute in defying his will for once, but his strong fingers quickly moved through her green hair, gripping her tightly and holding her head in place.

Whimpering once again, the blond’s dick pressed directly against her lips. Her delicate hands rose to push at his thighs, but even the slightest taste of his cock was enough to trigger her need for pleasing a dominant lover. It was as if her mind melted as she submitted to his will all at once. Her insistent pushing ceased and her mouth lazily opened to take his dick between her lips, lovingly wrapping around the head and swirling about the head for just another taste of his member.

A soft blush covered her cheeks as she bobbed her head up and down his length, taking the entirety into her mouth and down her throat like a pro. She moaned, the soft hum adding another level of pleasure to the way she pleased Bakugou’s dick. He gripped her hair a little tighter, pulling her back at a slight angle. Hesitantly, she opened her eyes and looked into his leering gaze. As she went to close her eyes again, he yanked her hair a little harder.

“Look into my eyes when you suck me off, you little slut,” Katsuki growled. “You’re only pretending to be ashamed.”

Hesitantly, Izuka opened her eyes. She looked so cute and embarrassed as she bobbed her head up and down his cock. The whole time, her big green eyes locked with Katsuki’s and she couldn’t help but feel a certain surge of pride as she looked at his cruel, sneering gaze. Not content with her submission, the blond thrust his hips forward, shoving more of his cock into Izuka’s throat. The effect was sudden, with the green-haired girl’s eyes instantly watering as she gagged around the length. She wanted to pull back but any movement was limited with Bakugou holding her in place. A few rough breaths were taken before she continued to gag while spittle in her lungs only added to the coughing from her gag reflex.

None of this stopped Katsuki’s harsh treatment of the girl. His throbbing cock pumped into the girl’s throat again and again, making a constant stream of tears and smeared eyeliner trail down Izuka’s cheeks. And still, Midoriya didn’t even attempt to push her lover away. The blond placed both hands on Izuka’s head, gripping her tightly before slamming his dick into the green-haired girls throat again and again. Gurgling and gagging sounds echoed through the room while her throat was fucked. Katsuki enjoyed himself as he stared down at the struggling girl. His cock throbbed with impending release, and with a primal cry of ecstasy, he hilted himself within Izuka’s throat. Hot, messy seed flooded into her stomach in several gushes before he finally pulled back and let go of Izuka’s hair.

Finally released, Midoriya’s hands slammed against the floor to keep her from falling over as she coughed and hacked in an attempt for air. A mixture of saliva and cum dribbled down her chin. There was a slight wavering whimper in her voice even as she breathed.

“Well?” Katsuki accusingly asked.

Izuka looked up at him. Her eyeliner trailed down her cheeks while her lipstick was completely smeared. And yet, with her mouth slightly open as she heavily breathed, a little smile could be seen on her lips.

“…I’m so fucking wet,” Izuka panted. 

“Then maybe we should do something about that,” the blond taunted.

Uraraka sighed as she leaned against Izuka, resting her head against the other girl’s shoulder as they sat on the couches in the common area and studied together. It was nice to spend some quiet time together for once, and yet the brunette couldn’t shake this odd feeling that something was wrong. It was just an inkling of a hunch, but for some reason it loomed heavy on her mind.

The girl nuzzled against her girlfriend before inquisitively looking her over.

“Um,” realizing she was being stared at, Izuka arched a brow and turned toward the other girl, “Is there something wrong?”

“Is there?” Uraraka narrowed her gaze and pursed her lips.

The green-haired girl’s cheeks turned crimson as she averted her gaze. “I mean, I don’t think there is?” After a moment, she reluctantly faced the brunette again. “You’re acting kind of weird. N-not to say you’re weird, b-but just… I have a sense that you’re mad at me for something.”

Again, Uraraka’s eyes narrowed with suspicion.

Izuka shrank back, wincing. “P-please—Let’s not do this. Y-you have a question about something. L-let’s just talk about it, maybe?”

“Fine, “ the brunette scoffed, but made herself more comfortable. “You’ve been acting weird,” she flatly stated.

“W-weird? How?” Izuka blinked, obviously not ready for a vague line of questioning.

“I don’t know,” Uraraka’s eyes narrowed again. “I just get the feeling something is off. Like, there’s something you’re not telling me.”

There were very few things Izuka had kept secret from her girlfriend so far. She had explained in great detail how the change had happened in the abandoned factory, but left off the more shocking and crude elements about what had happened after the transformation. Just thinking about it sent a tingle of desire down her spine as she thought of the two villains fucking her so dominantly and completely.

And then there was Izuka’s secret affair with Bakugou. He was just as rough and bullying as she needed in order to keep her insatiable urges under control, lest she feasibly seek out the League of Villains for a quick fix. As convenient as it was for Izuka, it was perhaps more complicated due to the blond’s involvement. If word got out that he was fucking Izuka, then he would never forgive her. Truth be told, Midoriya was somewhat frightened of what he might do. Katsuki could be cruel, but she never wanted to see how far he might go if his pride was truly broken.

“See what I mean?” Uraraka glared as her girlfriend seemed to space out.

“H-huh?” Izuka blinked. Fuck. She had gone completely blank for far too long while thinking about the dilemma. To make matters worse, she had no way to make either of those scenarios into a story that was compelling enough to tell her girlfriend without making things really awkward.

“There’s something on your mind. You do that way more than I think you realize,” Ochako still had an apprehensive expression.

“D-do I?” the green-haired girl blinked as she thought it over, trying to pinpoint specific times—aside from the most recent one.

“You do. And you’re about to do it again, so let me stop you there,” the brunette smirked before her expression grew serious once again. “And remember—I’m your girlfriend. You can tell me anything.”

“Uh,” Izuka blushed. Telling either of these secrets seemed like a terrible idea, and she wasn’t nearly good enough at fabricating lies to make up something believable on the fly. She took a deep breath and sighed. She’d have to tell her eventually. “F-fine. But, maybe somewhere more private?” She glanced around the common area. No one else was there, but that could change at any moment.

Uraraka nodded.

The walk to Izuka’s room was perhaps the most anxiety she had ever experienced. Not only did she have to think of the best way to phrase that she was into really rough and dirty sex, but she had to decide which secret to reveal… for now. Eventually she would tell Ochako everything, but for tonight only one shock made sense.

Gripping Uraraka’s hand, perhaps a little too tightly, she led her to the bed. Sitting down, she nervously chuckled as he looked into the brunette’s concerned eyes. This was it. Izuka took a deep breath and closed her eyes to center her mind.

“So,” Izuka paused, “I have a weakness.”

“Hm?” Uraraka blinked.

“I didn’t always have this problem though. It happened when my body changed. A-and I’m not saying that being a girl is a weakness…!” she quickly added, “b-but it happened at the same time. After I thought I recovered, I realized I have a need for… certain acts.” She was perhaps phrasing it a little too vaguely, causing the brunette to curiously tilt her head. “S-sexual urges, actually,” Izuka clarified, causing Ochako’s eyes to widen and a slight blush to creep over her cheeks.

The same embarrassment covered the green-haired girl’s cheeks as she continued to speak. “I don’t know how to fully explain it, but these needs are a little out of the ordinary. Sometimes I just lose myself to temptation and I can’t control myself. B-but for a brief time—before you and I started dating—I did find someone here at school that could fulfill my needs…”

“Katsuki,” Uraraka said without missing a beat.

“H-huh?! W-wait. I didn’t say… b-but… how did you know?” Izuka’s heart raced. She had planned on telling her anyway, but it was so shocking to hear her girlfriend say it.

“You two act weird around each other now,” the brunette looked away, still trying to deal with the news as well. “How long?”

“Uh,” Izuka stammered and paused, “F-fairly soon after my change. I-it’s not like it was romantic or anything, though! H-he was just helping me…!”

Ochako’s eyes narrowed. “I’ve never known him to help anyone unless it benefited him. Are you sure he wasn’t just taking advantage of your condition?”

“I don’t know…” the green-haired girl blinked. She’d honestly never thought of it much before, and certainly not in that light.

“That’s okay,” Uraraka faintly smiled as she still held Izuka’s hands before leaning in and gently kissing her on the lips. One hand rose and gently caressed the other girl’s cheek. “I’m here for you now. I’ll take care of you…”

The brunette laid in bed, staring at the ceiling. It was well past midnight. Uraraka found herself staring off in deep thought often ever since Izuka’s admission. She wanted to be a supportive and loving girlfriend but she couldn’t shake the nagging sense of jealousy, even if it had been happening before they started dating.

With a sigh, she sat up and put on some casual clothes before sneaking out of her dorm room. At this time of night there was rarely anyone wandering the halls, but she still surveyed the area to make sure she was absolutely covert as she made her way through the dorms. She gently knocked on the door and stepped back while thinking of what to say. She was angry, but she didn’t want to come off as mad—or too nice, either. She’d practiced phrases in her head all night long but she was frozen as Katsuki glared at her with an arched brow.

“Uh, hey…” she managed to mutter.

“You realize what time it is, right?” the blond was obviously pissed as he stared through the slightly open door.

“Y-yeah,” Uraraka blushed but quickly piped up, although her voice was still just a little more than a whisper as she leaned in. “I know about you…”

Katsuki’s gaze narrowed and he visibly shrugged, “…and?”

The brunette huffed before pointing at him. So far this wasn’t going anything like it had in her mind. “I know about you and my girlfriend…!”

Bakugou blinked, seemingly a bit angry and surprised by the accusation, but kept his composure. “So she told you?”

Uraraka sternly nodded.

“Then shouldn’t you be having this conversation with Izuka instead of me?” he said, still holding the door mostly closed.

“No! I have no problem with her. She’s just dealing with problems she never asked for.”

“Again—why are you bugging me, then?” he sighed.

“I want to know what’s so special about you,” her fists tightened with momentary rage.

“Hm?” Bakugou blinked.

“I know she’s still seeing you. She didn’t say so, but I can sense it. I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out before she told me, but you two act so oddly around each other. And you’re still fucking her! So,” she leaned in close, looking up at Katsuki’s cruel smirk, “I want to know what you do for her that I can’t.”

Bakugou fully opened the door, inviting the brunette into his room. Ochako swiftly moved forward, pushing against the blond while pressing her lips to his in a forceful and hate-filled kiss. Katsuki barely had time to slam the door shut as he was pushed into the room. His arms wrapped around her and held her tight as their tongues swirled against one another’s.

Uraraka already felt Katsuki’s hardening dick pressing against her hip while she felt over his toned body through his t-shirt. The passion between the two was unexpected, with Uraraka only doing this merely out of spite. The girl pulled away from the kiss, only for the blond to bite her lip and draw a bit of blood. She gasped but feverishly yanked her own shirt off and tossed it aside. It was a whirlwind of clothing being pulled off by one another, hands squeezing and groping each other between rounds of passionate, breathless kisses.

Bakugou forcefully grabbed the brunette and spun her around before shoving her against the footboard of the bed. With a lust-driven smile on her face, she placed her hands against the mattress and stared forward as the blond grabbed her panties and tugged them down her thighs. She gasped and pushed herself up, not because of the removal of her underwear, but because Izuka was laying naked and hogtied on the bed. A big, red ball gag was between her lips and a line of drool trailed from the corner of her lips as she watched everything that had just happened.

Even now, she watched Uraraka stripped and bent over and the only thing she expressed was perhaps jealousy and lust as her girlfriend was about to be on the receiving end of Bakugou’s dominance.

“W-wait,” the brunette said with a sudden sense of guilt just as Katsuki’s dick rubbed against her dripping slit. Her toes curled for a moment as she thought about what was going to happen to her. It was something Izuka could never do for her unless she was cured. She felt the thick head of Bakugou’s cock head push against her wetness before plunging inside.

Uraraka’s eyes rolled and she arched her back as a dumb, satisfied smile rose over her lips. She certainly couldn’t blame Izuka for needing this in her life. The way Katsuki’s dick pushed in so deep, mixed with the speed of his powerful thrusts was simply breathtaking. She was in heaven as the blond grabbed her hips and fucked her so brutally.

“U-ugh, o-oh my god,” the brunette whined as her thighs bounced against the footboard again and again, causing the bed to creak. She tightly gripped the sheets as her tongue lolled out of her mouth. Wavering, staccato moans of pleasure poured from her mouth as her eyes crossed. Her pussy clenched around Katsuki’s hammering dick as she climaxed hard. “I… I’m so s-sorry, Izuka-chan,” Uraraka pleaded through a wide grin of ecstasy.

Katsuki grabbed Ochako’s arms, holding them behind her back as he still pounded into her soaked pussy. She tried so hard to hold back her whimpering groans, but it was far too obvious that the brunette was loving every moment of the rough fucking she received. This position gave Izuka the perfect view of her girlfriend’s pert jiggling tits bouncing from every thrust. 

“See?” Katsuki smirked, “Even your girlfriend likes my dick better than anything you can do to her. Have you ever made her make these sounds before? …Seen her make that face? I bet you haven’t, and you never will.” He laughed as he further taunted Izuka. “But count yourself lucky, slut—you know exactly how good it feels. Who are you more jealous of, Izuka? Me, for fucking your girlfriend, or her for being fucked when it could have been you if she’d not have interrupted us?”

Izuka stared longingly at Uraraka. There was a certain part of her that ached while watching her girlfriend being fucked like this, but it was a small part compared to the insistent lust that dominated her mind. The green-haired girl wanted nothing more than to feel Bakugou’s cock slamming into her. The worst part was she couldn’t even reach her own sopping-wet cunt. Instead, she was forced to watch someone endure the pleasure that should have been hers.

The blond pumped into her harder, the sound of his hips slapping against Uraraka’s jiggling ass adding to the yelping moans from the girl as she was fucked. His dick flexed as he buried himself in her wetness. Uraraka whimpered again as her whole body was overcome with another orgasm of her own. Her pussy clenched on his spasming dick while more muted cries of pleasure burst forth. And, much like his quirk, Katsuki’s climax was explosive. Cum splattered into the girl’s cunt with each pulse of his cock as he grunted.

He gave a few more thrusts just to watch the brunette twitch before he pulled out. She stayed bent over the bed while Katsuki stepped away. Uraraka laid her head against the mattress, breathing heavily as she recovered and thought of the implications of what happened next. She didn’t expect any of this to happen. She had arrived with the idea of confronting Bakugou, but somehow she found herself having sex with him… and in front of her girlfriend, no less! How was she ever going to apologize for that? She had cheated on Izuka! …but Izuka had been cheating on her, so maybe—

Ochako blinked as she felt a face pushed between her legs from behind. She gasped and immediately glanced up, only to see Izuka wasn’t on the bed any longer. When had that happened? She glanced over her shoulder to see Katsuki standing behind her with his fingers gripping Izuka’s green hair and shoving her face against her rear. The most shocking part of it was feeling her girlfriend’s tongue lovingly licking up and down her creampied slit. Her face burned with shame but she truthfully didn’t want it to end. Izuka’s tongue was just too good as it started at her clit and swiped upward until the tip slid over her tight, pink asshole. It was a sensation she’d never considered before, and yet feeling it only made her that much more adventurous. The green-haired girl pushed her face more forcefully against her girlfriend’s pussy as she slurped and suckled Katsuki’s cum directly from her.

It was a wonderful sensation, but Uraraka had to admit, it was nothing compared to what Bakugou had just done to her in nearly a fraction of the time. No matter how skilled Izuka’s tongue was and how amazing it felt, there was no way she would ever get the same pleasure without a cock brutally fucking her. Finally, Bakugou pulled Izuka’s face away from the brunette’s pussy and let her fall to the floor on her side with her arms still bound behind her back.

“Does that answer your question?” Bakugou coldly asked.

“H-huh?” Uraraka blinked, having a hard time organizing her thoughts, much less remembering conversations from a few moments ago.

“What I can do for her that you can’t,” he stated. “Do you understand why I’m the only one for her?”

Uraraka was still stunned as she pushed herself onto shaky legs. “…the only one for her…?” She had trouble understanding what just happened through that haze of orgasmic afterglow that filled her mind. She looked down to Izuka and the slutty smile on her face as a mixture of femme-cum and jizz dribbled from her chin.

“You can still be her little girlfriend if you want, but Izuka’s body is mine to do with as I please. And try not to get too jealous of her, knowing she gets fucked like that every night. Now,” Bakugou had already put on a shirt and pair of shorts again, “gather your things and get out.”

The door closed behind Uraraka. Her eyes were wide as she adjusted her clothing. She hadn’t had time to put on her bra or panties and had them in her pockets as she walked down the hall. Her brow furrowed in confusion as she made her way back to her room, all the while glancing behind her, as if none of that had gone the way she had expected at all…

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