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“I can’t believe they paired me against you,” Bakugou narrowed his eyes as he glared at Izuka from the corner of his vision.

Deku stood awkwardly next to the blond. “It won’t be that bad…”

“Psh,” Katsuki glanced away and crossed his arms over his chest, “She’s just a waste of space. How is sparring her going to improve my ability? I’ll mop the floor with this quirkless girl…!”

“I—” Izuka blinked and frowned, “I’m standing right here… I-I can hear you. A-and, just because my quirk is diminished doesn’t mean we can’t train. It’s not like we’re going for… blood…” Even as the words left her lips she knew that wasn’t exactly true. Her childhood friend would definitely try to cause as much bodily harm as possible, no matter how unfair the match might be. She narrowed her eyes, noticing Bakugou wasn’t paying her the slightest bit of attention. 

“They think I’ll go easy on you, just cause you’re a cute girl now?! Well it ain’t gonna happen!” He yelled as he finally turned his attention to the green-haired girl.

“Y-you think I’m cute…?” Izuka’s cheeks turned the deepest shade of red.

“Wh-what?! No! That’s not what I meant!” Katsuki blushed and looked away before looking at Izuka again. “You’re an idiot, and I’m going to crush you!”

Izuka’s eyes widened and she blinked, cautiously stepping back while nervously laughing. “Okay~ G-good luck…”

The rest of the sparring matches were fun to watch as her classmates tried out new techniques and abilities against one another. Everyone was supportive, cheered, and had a generally good time despite their performance. They understood that this was a learning exercise and not a death match. Izuka had actually forgotten her opponent was Katsuki until it was their turn in the ring.

The arena was a raised concrete area, much like the one at the Entrance Exams, although it was about half as large. Along the perimeter of the arena were chairs, although none of them were in use since everyone was standing at the edge, cheering during the fights.

That all stopped when it was Bakugou and Izuka’s turn. They knew Bakugou hadn’t taken Izuka’s change very well at all, especially with all the attention the green-haired girl now garnered. It was more than a little awkward to know that Katsuki wasn’t going to hold back in their battle.

Ochaco frowned as Izuka walked past her. Grabbing her arm, she looked into Deku’s eyes before glancing away. “…Be careful.”

“O-of course,” Izuka nodded with a smile. 

A silence fell upon the previously excited and happy group as the duo stepped into the arena. They stared into each other’s eyes. Bakugou already glared and his teeth clenched while Izuka stood ready for anything. She would have to fight smart if she wanted to avoid a trip to Recovery Girl, or worse.

Eraserhead stood by, looking between the two and arched a brow. There was a certain aura of gravity that clouded the air, making this simple sparring match feel far too serious. “If this gets out of hand I’ll stop the fight,” he casually spoke while looking between the two. “Understood?”

“Hm!” Izuka nodded.

Katsuki hesitated, but nodded as well.

“Begin,” the teacher said as he stepped back to the sidelines of the arena.

Bakugou wasted no time as he launched toward Izuka in a burst of speed as his quirk propelled him forward after a controlled blast at his feet. The girl could barely register his movements, but time came to a crawl as he raised his right hand. A ball of fire already started to grow within his palm as he brought it down toward Izuka’s face. She ducked and dodged out of range for the first hit, but he quickly pivoted his stance and fired off the blast in Izuka’s direction.

Blast after blast, Izuka was able to avoid all of them. She stood there, breathing heavily as she tried to anticipate Katsuki’s next move. He stopped for a moment, still just glaring at the girl with so much hostility. 

“Stop running! Fight me, you coward!” Bakugou shouted as he rushed forward again.

There was no way Izuka could compete with his speed with only half of her normal power. As he rushed forward, he grabbed her by the shoulders. With a quick deflection of his grab, she transitioned into a quick rainbow kick to put some distance between them as Katsuki immediately tried to lunge forward again. The edge of her heel connected with Bakugou’s chin, sending him stumbling backward. He regained his stance and composure, only seeming far more pissed off and ready to truly hurt Izuka this time.

“A-are you okay?” Izuka asked, still holding her defensive position.

“I’m fine! Mind your own business!” he screamed before rushing toward her again.

This attack was a little different from the previous ones. After two quick jumps, Katsuki’s final motion was a high jump. As he came down, both hands glowed and flickered with colossal energy. Izuka jumped out of the way just as he hit the ground, creating two massive holes in the arena. This was only the start of his onslaught, though. Blast after blast was launched at the green-haired girl, and she dodged each and every one, which only added to Bakugou’s anger.

It was an intense bout that required absolute concentration of her limited quirk in order to stay in this fight. There was no backing out either. She knew Bakugou would never accept her surrender. The battle had to have a winner.

Dodging another volley of attack, Izuka ducked and spun around, her leg shot out and slammed against Katsuki, immediately causing him to land against the concrete ground. Even falling didn’t stop the blond, though. He continued his explosive attacks against the girl, which she kept dodging.

“Why won’t you fight me?!” Katsuki clenched his jaw as he kept the distance between them to a minimum.

“I.. I am,” Deku hesitantly replied. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep this up, though.

Bakugou growled as the next wave of attacks were unleashed on the defensive-minded girl. She blocked what she could, while dodging the explosive hits. This needed to end soon or she would end up toast. Nibbling her bottom lip, green lightning flickered around her body. As he lunged into a punch, she spun around and threw an elbow at his face. Katsuki intercepted the hit, smirking down at Izuka as his other hand came back down toward her head.

She could feel the heat of the attack against her skin, and she leaned her head forward before slamming it back against Katsuki’s face. The blond staggered back, holding his bleeding nose.

“You little…” he growled.

Izuka winced, knowing things were going to get harder for her. Even with blood trailing down his face, Bakugou came at her again. It was a quick explosion aimed at her feet, which she was easily able to jump out of the way. But, in the air, she was an easy target and Katsuki already knew where she was going to land. He rushed forward again, aiming a well-timed downward punch at her, which she barely dodged, but could still feel the air from the near miss.

She wasn’t out of the woods yet, though. Another quick launch of his quirk and Bakugou was behind her, ready to slam his fist against the middle of her back. She arched her back from the impact before falling to the ground. He continued the onslaught, which she was just barely able to roll out of the way, leaving him to make more holes in the concrete.

Pushing herself up, Izuka locked eyes with Bakugou as he rushed forward again. It was like he was moving in slow motion. She could see each of his possible actions and what would best counter each one. It was a surreal moment. As he hastily rushed forward, Izuka spun out of the way, and as Katsuki turned to redirect the attack, there was a harsh kick from the girl, directly against the side of her opponent’s head.

His head snapped to the side and his eyes went wide as he fell to the ground, completely knocked out. Izuka blinked as she stood there, ready for his next onslaught, but he only laid there. She dropped her guard before rushing over to him and kneeling beside him.

Eraserhead quickly made his way over, urging the green-haired girl out of the way. “Give him some room. I doubt he wants the first thing he sees when he regains consciousness to be you…”

Izuka blinked and nodded, returning to her friends on the sideline.

“Wow~,” Ochaco beamed as she approached Deku. “You did so well!”

“I was impressed by how you dodged everything. You almost finished that without a scratch,” Asui added.

“Hah, well, I dunno. I-it was hard. Kaachan is a really good fighter. I just got lucky…” Izuka muttered while her cheeks reddened.

“…Kaachan…?” Asui whispered to herself and narrowed her eyes…

“You did so well today, Izuka!” Ochaco said in delight as she walked down the dorm halls with the girl. “I was so worried that you might get hurt…”

“Hah, well, it was just a sparring match. I don’t think Kaa-chan was really trying that hard…”

“Huh,” the other girl blinked and tilted her head as the previous events played out in her head. She was extremely certain Bakugou was trying to kill Izuka. But also, what had she called him…? “Kaa-chan? You keep calling him that,” she curiously arched a brow.

“O-oh! Hah… Th-that’s what I called him when we were kids. It was a silly nickname, I guess…” Deku blushed as they continued down the hall.

“Hm,” the brunette made a suspicious face, but shrugged it off. “Oh, this is my room,” she stated as she stopped at the door. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said in a chipper tone as she waved to the other girl.

Izuka smiled and waved before heading to her room as well. Stepping inside, she closed the door and sighed. She was certain Ochaco had some suspicions about her and Katsuki. She would have to remember to watch her words more carefully from now on.

She clicked on the light, only to immediately have someone grab her from behind, forcing one arm behind her back and shoving her to the ground. Her free arm flickered with electricity as she readied herself to elbow the person with her full power.

“What took you so long?” Bakugou growled as he shoved himself against her body.

“A-ah! Wh-what are you doing here?! A-and how long have you been waiting in the dark?” Izuka relaxed somewhat, although she was still alarmed that he was unexpectedly here.

“You think it’s a joke, don’t you?” he didn’t bother answering the girl’s questions. “You wanna make a fool of me so I’ll get out of your way? You’re not half the hero I’ll be…” Katsuki put a little more pressure on her arm, causing her to wince and whine as she was held down.

“Ow,” Izuka whimpered. “Y-you’re hurting me…”

Bakugou blinked, lessening his grip just a slight bit, but still held her down. “You got lucky today…”

“I.. I know. I’m sorry Kaa-chan, but you were so intense. Y-you shouldn’t have come at me so hard,” the green-haired girl whined. “Forgive me?” She arched her back, pushing her rear up and against Bakugou’s crotch.

“Tsk,” he blushed and applied more pressure to her arm all of a sudden, quickly putting an end to her grinding against him, “Control yourself. You should be glad I’m keeping you in line. Does anyone else know about your need for a good, hard fucking?”

“That’s supposed to be our secret,” Izuka whimpered again.

The girl had explained to Katsuki how this change came about, and about how her head was so full of strange thoughts, and how their encounter in the bathroom had been a blessing in disguise. Bakugou thought she was mocking him at first, but she was already on her knees, sucking the blond off in the privacy of the dorms. The blond now had a key to Izuka’s room and came over whenever he needed to blow off some steam, pounding the green-haired girl’s pussy and giving her just enough satisfaction to settle her mind. It was a perfect and unofficial relationship. Frenemies with benefits. Katsuki got to take his aggression out on someone, and Izuka was able to forget about her constant need for villain dick for a while.

Even pinned face down against the floor, she wondered if giving him unfettered access to her room had been a good idea. She was usually not the source of his anger and the target at the same time. And yet, with the perceived danger, she couldn’t help but feel that nagging urge to be put in her place. She knew she was just as good as him, and based on the sparring match earlier, arguably better. But that overwhelming need in the back of her mind couldn’t be held back for much longer. The girl needed to feel someone’s power and dominance, to experience even the illusion of helplessness as a hard cock slammed into her again and again. She needed to be used.

“P-please,” Izuka begged. “Just calm down.” These were never the right words to say to an angry person, and the girl certainly knew it. But her curiosity mixed with the absolute need for someone—anyone—to shove a dick in her was guiding her train of thought. She arched her back again, this time a little more subtly, which could almost be interpreted as a shift or a wiggle, but she could definitely feel his stiffening length against her rear.

Bakugou was silent as he let go of Izuka’s arm. With speed and determination, he grabbed the girl’s pants and pulled them down around her knees, exposing her firm, round ass. It was no secret that she was dripping wet and ready for him. He unzipped his pants, pulling out his hard cock and giving it a few strokes to get it to its full length. Izuka rolled onto her back while he roughly tugged her pants down further until they were around her ankles. The blond pulled off one of her shoes so he could get her pants completely off one leg, but then he quickly flipped her back onto her stomach as he mounted her from behind.

With his body weight pressing down against her, she felt his hot, throbbing length rubbing against her rear. He ground himself against her before rubbing his dick against her dripping slit. She felt the hot, slick sensation of the head threatening to penetrate before it finally found its mark and pushed in. She gasped and smiled at the sudden and welcome sensation of having a dick inside her once more. All resistance melted away as he hilted himself within her, his hips pressing firmly against her round ass.

He moved his hands to Izuka’s wrists, holding them against the ground over her head while he gave the first thrust. She moaned. The girl knew she wasn’t supposed to give away the game so easily, that she wasn’t supposed to be enjoying this. Not yet, anyway. But it just felt so amazing. Was she subconsciously trying to piss him off? If she was, it was certainly working.

Katsuki slammed his hips forward hard enough to make a thumping noise against the ground due to the impact. Izuka’s ass jiggled and she moaned again, although the sound was cut short as she gasped from another hard thrust. She would never admit it to anyone, but this was exactly what she needed.

The sensation of a hard cock slamming into her again and again brought a satisfied smile to her face. She was glad Bakugou couldn’t see it, but wondered how much rougher he would treat her if he could. Eventually, Izuka lifted her hips, trusting herself up against every stroke and meeting him halfway. She was at his mercy as he continually slammed her hips against the floor, with a steady thumping that was sure to alarm anyone in the commons room below that someone was getting fucked.

She felt his cock rubbing over her g-spot with every thrust, causing her toes to clench against the bottoms of her feet as her orgasm rose up within her. She tried to extend that sensation of pleasure as long as she could, wanting to experience it forever. And yet the desire to take it a bit further always won out. A little more, a little more. And then Izuka had crossed over the edge. With a deep moan of bliss, the green-haired girl’s body clenched as an orgasm crashed upon her. Her pussy clenched around Katsuki’s thrusting cock and she met every motion with twice the amount of effort. The result was actually sending Bakugou bouncing against her ass as she momentarily took over from underneath.

She reveled in the sensation of the blond’s dick still plunging so deep into her as she rested her hips against the floor again. Bakugou pulled out of her dripping, satisfied pussy, causing Izuka to purr with delight. She was completely relaxed, until she felt the slippery head of his cock rubbing against her tight, little asshole.

“H-hey! Wrong hole…!” Izuka cried out as her eyes widened.

“It’s only the wrong hole if I wasn’t aiming for it,” Katsuki smirked as he pushed forward, slowly spearing the girl’s anus with his cock.

He felt so much bigger as his cock eased slowly forward into her clenching rear. It was uncomfortable, but she was glad there was at least a little lubrication from her pussy. He pulled back a little before pushing forward again, easing a little more of his dick into her previously virgin ass. He kept this up until the base of his dick slammed against the rim of Izuka’s asshole. She let out a deep groan as he pulled back, feeling every inch of his cock as it rubbed against her ass on the way out. And then he slammed back down, burying himself in her ass once more. He kept this up until Izuka was properly stretched.

This certainly wasn’t her favorite thing in the world. It was her first time being fucked in the ass and it didn’t feel great, but she couldn’t deny that the sensation of surrendering to Bakugou’s will was intoxicating. It was right on the verge of acceptably painful. She was being used, fucked in the ass, punished for showing the blond up earlier in the sparring match. This is what she needed and exactly what she deserved.

After a bit, Bakugou slammed into Izuka’s ass, fucking her rear just as roughly as he had her pussy. She groaned as the sensation of climax rose up within her again. It felt different, though. She had no control over this one. The girl hardly had time to savor the build-up before it washed over her all of a sudden. And then she came again. Her body clenched, and her asshole gripped Katsuki’s dick as he continued to pound her.

She couldn’t control her moans as she came hard, every thrust from Bakugou drawing out the sensation and making it more intense. He sped up, slamming into Izuka’s asshole as hard as possible and loving just how hot and tight she was. He grunted as he slammed forward again and stayed hilted in her ass. His cock throbbed and pulsed as he came, flooding the girl’s bowels with jizz. Katsuki thrust a few more times, growling as he the last few spurts of cum shot into Izuka’s ass.

He pulled out, cleaning himself off before zipping his pants back up and leaving Izuka laying on the floor with her pants still around one ankle. He smirked as he looked down at the puddle of femme-cum between her legs, and the white, gooey creampie dribbling from her asshole, slowly adding to the puddle. She panted as she slowly pushed herself onto her hands and knees. Her legs felt wobbly as she stood.

And then there was a knock at the door.

The duo’s eyes widened and they looked at each other. They couldn’t be seen together!

“Izuka-chan,” Asui could be heard on the other side of the door, “Are you okay in there? We heard a lot of noise and thought we’d check on you…”

She glanced to the clock, noticing it was definitely early enough for people to still be hanging out in the common area downstairs. Izuka hesitated for a moment, before clearing her throat. Bakugou was already climbing out the window, ready to make his escape at any cost.

 “Y-yeah, I’m f-fine…! I was just… uh, working out…!” Izuka blinked as she watched the blond simply jump out the open window in a panic.

“Okay, Izuka-chan,” Asui said, almost accusingly, “Well, work out more quietly, please. It’s very distracting. Also, you’re missing the study group. Didn’t you say you were interested?”

Izuka felt her heart practically sink into her stomach. If the study group had heard, that meant everyone was downstairs except her and Bakugou. If they put the pieces together then they would figure out the two were fucking—especially after hearing them through the ceiling.

“O-oh! Right,” Izuka said, still yelling through the door. “I’ll be down in a minute. D-don’t wait up, though…!”

There was silence, which bothered Izuka. She opened the door and peered down the hall, only to see Asui running toward the stairs. “What’s going on?” the girl questioned as she stood at the edge of the door to conceal her nudity from the waist down. Her hair was still a mess, though.

Asui turned around, looking alarmed. “Bakugou jumped off the roof and landed in some bushes…”

“Wh-what?!” Izuka’s face turned red as she looked back to her open window. Slamming her door, she rushed to the opening and quickly peeked out, seeing Katsuki laying in the bushes with a few of their classmates around him. As Iida glanced upward, she ducked back into her room and shut the window.

“…N-no one suspects anything,” Izuka reassuringly repeated to herself as her face burnt with embarrassment…

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