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“So,” Izuka timidly laid her costume on Hatsume’s work table, “it could use some alterations…”

The green-haired girl’s face turned a slight shade of pink as she waited for the eccentric inventor to express her opinion. She had actually been hoping to only deal with Power Loader to make some adjustments, but Mei Hatsume was the only one in the development studio today.

“Oh really?” Mei grinned as she looked over the costume. “It looks fine to me. Nothing too out of sorts…”

“R-right,” Izuka nodded, still more than a little embarrassed about the situation. “It doesn’t fit as well anymore… since uh, the change…”

Mei arched a brow, turning her attention to Izuka, then back to the costume. “Oh-ho! That makes sense. Is it a little tight up top?” The pink-haired girl deviously grinned as she openly stared at Izuka’s rather large chest already straining against her uniform shirt.

Avoiding Mei’s gaze, Izuka crossed her arms over her chest, but gave a slight nod. “A little…”

“I bet it’s tight on your hips, too. You know, you really do make such a pretty girl. Are you really completely changed? Do you mind if I took a look…?” Mei actively undressed Izuka with her eyes, which the green-haired girl wasn’t entirely convinced wasn’t a secret quirk of the pervy mechanic’s powers.

“Uh,” Deku backed up to put some space between them until she bumped against another workbench.

“Don’t be so shy!” Mei rolled her eyes as she closed the distance. “I’ll need to take accurate measurements to ensure it fits comfortably.”

Izuka glared with reluctance. The reasoning made sense but she didn’t want a reason for Mei to get any closer than she needed to. “F-fine,” Izuka relented with a sigh, unable to think of an excuse. “What do I need to do?”

“Ah-ha~! Perfect,” Mei grinned and pulled out a measuring tape. “Just lift your hands out straight at your sides.”

The green-haired girl did as she was told, lifting her arms up and out. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad after all. Mei would be quick and professional about the ordeal and not make it weird. But, no sooner did the thought run through Izuka’s mind, the other girl leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Deku. Mei’s salacious grin was unsettling as she came far too close for Izuka’s comfort. Her eyes locked with Midoriya’s while her fingers caressed over her back. The touch lingered for a moment until sliding over her shoulder blades and then over her ribs on each side. Izuka twitched a bit, nervously lowering her arms while her continually concerned expression lingered.

“Ah! Uh-uh-uh~!” Mei glared and shook her head, still smirking ever-so diabolically, “Keep your hands up.”

Izuka wondered if it was too late to just run out and come back later. She glanced down to Mei’s hands, which were dangerously close to the sides of her breasts. The pink-haired girl was at least holding the measuring tape, which was a relief that she wasn’t simply being felt up. Izuka still couldn’t shake the feeling that Mei was about to molest her, though. The sooner she could get through this, the quicker she could leave this highly uncomfortable situation.

And then Mei’s hands gently caressed the sides of her breasts. Her eyes went wide and her cheeks burned a crimson shade of red. “Wh-what are you doing?”

Mei, always grinning maniacally, glanced up and arched a brow—as if everything was perfectly fine. “Measuring,” she simply answered before returning to her work. She held both ends of the measuring tape, bringing it around the girl’s chest. She held one end at the center of Deku’s chest while slowly bringing the other end around  and pushing it to the first point. The pressure was light, but dug the measuring tape into Izuka’s chest for a moment—no doubt bringing some pleasure to Mei as she watched the soft flesh compress against the measuring device for a moment.

Just a few more moments and this nightmare will be over, Deku kept repeating to herself as she tightly closed her eyes and nervously nibbled her bottom lip.

Mei seemed done, but then Izuka felt the other girl’s fingers sliding along the underside of her chest. The green-haired girl’s eyes shot open and her mouth dropped open. “Wh-what are you doing now?! I… I thought you were done?! Wh-what else could you be measuring?!”

Hatsume blinked, somewhat taken back by Izuka’s outburst, her own eyes wide while she wondered if her client was stable at all. “So,” the smirk slowly returned, “I’m sure you don’t have a lot of experience with this, but girls require two measurements for the chest, otherwise the fit won’t be accurate. Once around the widest part of the chest, and then again underneath the boobs. And for your information, you’re a very ample ‘C’ cup, Izuka. Good job,” Mei’s tone was so inappropriate as she finished the measurement. “And while I’m here…”

“Please no,” Izuka whispered a little too loudly. “Uh, oh—s-sorry…” she quickly caught herself, realizing she’d said anything at all.

Mei intently glared before slowly moving the tape measure lower around the other girl’s waist and cinching it. “Wow, I’m kinda impressed. There’s hardly any squish here. You certainly do watch your figure,” she grinned.

“Th-thank you. But, are we done yet…?” Midoriya fidgeted.

“You’re awfully impatient for someone that wants an alteration to their costume,” Mei glared again as she moved the tape measure a bit lower and knelt before her, this time digging the tape into Izuka’s hips while that same lewd smirk crept over her lips again.

The green-haired girl winced, but Mei’s touch certainly wasn’t nearly as forward as when the inventor had practically molested her moments earlier. The uncomfortable feeling was soon over, leaving Izuka to breathe a sigh of relief… until Mei’s hands moved between the other girl’s legs, one end of the measuring tape against her ankle and the other caressing up her leg. Midoriya’s eyes widened and she froze in place as she stared down in disbelief, especially as Mei’s hand moved up her skirt and over her inner thigh, the back of her hand lightly pushing against her pussy mound through her panties. The hand lingered there, rubbing against Izuka’s pussy as she stared at her with that same predatory grin on her face.

“I guess you are all girl now, huh?” Mei commented, letting go of the one end of the measuring tape as she simply cupped Izuka’s pussy, feeling her warmth through her underwear. “Very fascinating that it worked so completely without any hiccups. You should let me really inspect you… see if you’re truly all girl or not.”

“Uh,” Izuka blinked and backed up, finding herself against the same workbench as before, “Th-that’s not really necessary. The doctors were thorough… n-not like, th-that thorough, but they knew what they were doing… …when they checked me out.” The girl’s cheeks burned with shame as she continued to babble. “Not that they did anything else. It uh, it was just some tests and a physical.”

“We can make this more physical, if you catch my drift,” Mei smirked as she stood up. Her hand still cupped Izuka’s pussy, her fingers gently massaging the girl’s warm, dampening mound.

Bakugou’s attention had been important in sating Deku’s sexual needs and keeping her from seeking out the villains for that rough and degrading treatment she craved. And yet, she still wasn’t completely convinced it was helping all that much. Izuka still had a hair trigger. It didn’t take much to put her in the mood, although she had been able to resist her regular sessions of masturbating in the bathroom. This casual encounter wasn’t helping the girl break her dependency on sexual release, though.

Midoriya certainly hadn’t started this meeting with anything other than the desire to get her outfit updated, but the more she was molested and toyed with, the more that hidden desire welled up within her. She desperately tried to fight the urge to moan, but it still came out as a soft whimper. That was when Mei knew she had the green-haired beauty. With a smirk, she pushed herself against Izuka while continuing to rub her through her panties.

“See,” Hatsume lustily purred, “I knew you’d like that. You know what probably feels better, though?” The girl didn’t give Izuka time to respond before the palm of Mei’s hand found its way beneath the waistline of her panties. The pink-haired pervert moaned as her digits slid over Izuka’s absolutely dripping pussy. She wiggled her fingers a bit, loving the way the slimy wetness almost instantly coated them.

Mei leaned in close, pushing her chest against Izuka’s while softly pressing her lips to the green-haired girl’s. Midoriya wanted to pull away, but it was just too alluring to be teased like this. The unquenchable lust began to dominate Izuka’s mind once again. She thought she was slowly conquering the little voice in her head, but every time she found herself in an awkward position like this she simply crumbled to the other person’s will.

Izuka moaned into the kiss as Mei’s middle finger plunged into her wet pussy. The other girl’s palm ground against her clit, further distracting her as she was sent further into a sexual frenzy. Mei pushed her lips more forcefully against the other girl’s mouth, shoving her tongue in and swirling against Izuka’s. The pink-haired girl eased away, but not before biting Deku’s bottom lip and gently tugging on it.

The single digit kept pumping in and out while Izuka reluctantly moaned as she gripped the workbench in order to maintain her balance. A second finger was easily added to the girl’s clenching pussy as she was pushed closer to her impending climax while she gently rocked her hips. Her breathing increased while Hatsume pressed her lips to Izuka’s neck, gently nibbling and nipping at her sensitive skin. Deku’s eyes flickered and she tilted her head back before nuzzling her head against Mei’s.

“I knew you were into this,” Mei moaned as she trailed kisses along Izuka’s jaw on the way back to her lips.

As their lips locked again, they each tilted their head in opposite directions, deepening the kiss. Moaning into each other’s mouth, their tongues swirled and battled for dominance, although there was no question that Mei was in control of the situation. The pink-haired girl’s fingers steadily pumped into Izuka’s sex, causing the submissive junior hero to moan into the other girl’s mouth.

Mei’s fingers kept at it, eventually squeezing a third digit inside. “You are so fucking wet,” the girl giggled rather sadistically. Izuka could only moan as her arms trembled from holding herself up against the workbench.

“You gonna cum?” Mei teased, pushing her face against Izuka’s while forcefully kissing her every few moments. “Go on. Cum for me. I know you wanna…”

Izuka’s whole body tensed as her pussy clenched around Mei’s fingers. She shivered, her eyes opening slightly while she tried to stifle her moans of pleasure. They came out as staccato yelps of pleasure until Mei shoved her mouth over Izuka’s again, muting the green-haired girl’s rather obvious cries of ecstasy. Even with the walls of her pussy clenching Hatsume’s fingers, she continued to pump them in and out to draw out every last twitch and cry from the climaxing girl.

Finally, Izuka settled down and practically lost her balance as she shakily leaned against the bench. Mei purred into Izuka’s ear as she continued to idly pump her fingers in and out. “That was fun. We’ll have to do it again. Maybe in private next time,” she giggled and pulled her fingers from Deku’s pussy before bringing them to her lips and licking them clean. “We can put some of my babies to the test. I’ve got some really fun ones that I think would be perfect… deep inside you…”

Izuka blushed, wondering if her costume was ever going to get altered at this rate…

This day felt longer than necessary. What had been a simple task had turned into yet another sexual encounter. This never happened when she had been male. Izuka had to wonder if the other girls in the class had to deal with things like this. She’d never really thought about it before now, and wasn’t entirely sure how to bring it up without sounding perverted, or like her symptoms were getting worse. After all, no one casually brought up sex in casual conversations with their class.

She shook the thoughts from her mind. At least for now, Izuka knew not to drop by the development studio so early in the morning or she ran the risk of running into Mei again. Even the idea of having to pick up the altered costume wasn’t particularly alluring at all. She knew Mei would make it awkward in some way…

Izuka still had a full day of classes, which was somewhat normal, aside from Bakugou glaring and scowling at everyone as they tried to make a big deal of ensuring sure the blond was engaged with the rest of the class. After all, everyone still thought he had jumped from the roof out of depression from losing to Deku. Izuka might as well have been invisible today—except to Katsuki, who she caught glaring at her more than a few times. Even as their eyes met, Bakugou didn’t look away. His hateful gaze only intensified as the blushing green-haired girl glanced away.

She knew he hated the attention, and most of all, the pity. Izuka wanted to vouch for her friend and assure everyone he was fine, but that admission would only bring up more questions. Things were just now getting back to normal since her change to ‘Izuka’ but she knew there would be some raised eyebrows if there was even the slightest bit of suspicion that she was sleeping with Katsuki. For one, Bakugou would never forgive her for telling their secret, and then she knew the school would start studying her more closely. Had she really recovered as much as they thought? Was she a liability? Had the chemical brainwashed her? Just the thought of possibly being expelled was enough to make her stay quiet about this. As far as anyone knew, she was perfectly recovered aside from being a girl now. They didn’t need to know about her nearly constant need for sexual release.

“Izuka-chan!” Uraraka ran up from behind, clutching a few books tightly against her chest as she caught up with the green-haired girl. “Hey! Are you okay?” She narrowed her eyes.

“H-huh?” Izuka blinked. “N-no. I mean, yeah. I’m fine. The ‘no’ was to a different question, which you didn’t ask…” She blushed as she entered the dorm.

The brunette giggled. “You didn’t hear me calling for you?”

“Oh, uh, no—I guess not… Sorry. A-anyway, what’s up?” They continued to walk through the common area of the dorms.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just wanted to check on you. Everyone’s been so focused on Katsuki after his… incident. I just wanted to make sure you’re good, too. I know it can’t be easy to change your life so suddenly. Kaa-chan can get over it. I’m sure he’ll be fine,” she said with a wink.

Izuka’s eyes widened and she blushed. Did Uraraka know?! Panic dominated the girl’s mind as she froze up in the middle of the hall.

The brunette arched a brow and turned around to face Deku. “Although, I wasn’t worried before, but now I’m starting to…”

“S-sorry,” Izuka hurried to catch up.

In the elevator, Deku reached for the button for the second floor, but Uraraka grabbed the other girl’s hand before she could hit it. They both stopped and stared at each other with a deep blush on their faces.

“Uh,” Izuka blinked.

“I think there’s something we need to chat about,” Uraraka awkwardly let go of Deku’s hand and clicked the button for the fourth floor. A few moments later they arrived at the brunette’s floor.

Izuka had no idea what they needed to talk about, but she was certain it had to do with her secret relationship with Bakugou. This was going to be it. The secret was over and there was nothing Deku could do to save herself at this point. Stepping into Uraraka’s room, Midoriya noticed her heart was beating so forcefully that she was certain the brunette could hear it. Instead, Ochako smiled brightly and sat on her bed, gently patting the space next to her.

Deku stared at the spot as if it was the site of her execution. This was it. This is where Izuka was going to die of shame after being forced to admit what she was doing with Katsuki. Swallowing, she sat down next to the other girl. And then she placed a hand upon Deku’s knee, causing her to completely freeze up again.

She smiled sweetly, a light blush covering her cheeks still. “This is difficult for me to say—”

“—Please don’t tell anyone! It would ruin everything! I can deal with the shame and dishonor, but I don’t think he can…! You’ve gotta listen to me. I’ll do anything if you’ll keep this a secret!” Izuka interrupted, looking desperate and manic.

“H-huh?” Uraraka blinked, utterly confused. “I don’t understand…”

Izuka narrowed her eyes as she analyzed the brunette’s reaction. “…What uh—what were you going to say…?”

“Well, n-nothing like whatever that was,” Ochako tilted her head as she still tried to comprehend what had just been yelled at her. She paused and they stared at each other for a very awkward moment before she decided to try again. “S-so, like I was saying, this is difficult for me, but… I’ve had a crush on you for a very long time.”

Izuka blinked while a deep blush covered her cheeks.

“—And I think I still do? I was shocked at first when I found out about the change. Heartbroken, even. In my mind, I thought it was destined to be—for me to end up with you. You were always so brave and smart. You were everything I wished I could be, and I really admired you for it. And then… all of a sudden… I found out it could never happen because you were a girl now.

“I wasn’t sure I knew how to deal with that scenario. I felt like I had lost something, but you were still here. A-and, after hanging out with you over the past few months,  I realized that you’re still the same wonderful and selfless person as before,” Uraraka continued. “A-and I thought to myself, if I liked you as a girl then does that… make me gay? Cause I’ve never felt that way toward another girl before… b-but, I guess what I’m trying to say is I already thought I lost you once because I was too shy to say anything, and I don’t want to waste any more time filled with regret. S-so, I just needed to let my feelings be known… if that’s okay…”

Izuka’s eyes were visibly filled with tears, which she quickly wiped away while unsuccessfully trying to hide it.

Uraraka frowned and placed a hand on the other girl’s knee. “I-it’s okay if you don’t feel the same. I… know it’s a lot to drop on someone all at once. I just… I just needed to say it.” She smiled, although it hurt to see Deku like this.

“N-no,” Izuka wiped her eyes, returning the smile. “It’s not that. I just… I liked you too, but every time we’re together I have to remind myself that it wouldn’t work. B-but… I just never expected you to like me back—especially now. And, does that make me gay now, too…? Or is it gay because I—”

The brunette’s smile widened as she listened to Deku carry on. The girl could only take so much of the anxiety-ridden girl’s rambling before she leaned in, pressing her lips to Izuka’s and shutting her up. Deku’s eyes widened as she realized what was happening, but quickly closed them as she surrendered to the kiss. 

The soft kiss deepened as the two continued. Ochako’s hands caressed Izuka’s neck before her fingers ran through the other girl’s hair. Deku’s hands rested upon Uraraka’s waist, gently caressing her sides. They pulled away from each other, breathing heavily as they looked into each other’s eyes. They reluctantly teetered back and forth, silently curious if they should continue since it was obvious where this was headed. 

At the same time, they both went for it. Their lips locked once again and their hands caressed and groped each other. They quickly pulled away again, their hands clumsily pawing at each other’s clothes. They hastily unbuttoned each other’s shirts before tugging them off and tossing them aside. Uraraka pushed Deku onto her back while pressing her lips to the other girl’s neck. It started as soft, delicate kissing before transforming into sensual licking and sucking at the sensitive flesh. Izuka moaned and tilted her head to the side while the brunette’s hands continued to work on various buttons and zippers.

Uraraka pulled away and pushed herself up, smiling down at Izuka with a wide, mischievous grin on her face. The green-haired girl hardly had time to understand what was happening before Uraraka grabbed Izuka’s unfastened skirt and tugged it down her legs, leaving her only in her matching black bra and panties.

It was hard for Izuka to really accept what was happening. Any other time, she had been at the mercy of some brutal, dominant force. Whether it had been the pair of villains or Bakugou, she had never really been in a situation where her warped mind wasn’t in control. And yet here she was, on her back, looking deep into Uraraka’s lust-filled eyes while she grabbed the waistband of her panties and proceeded to yank them down as well.

Izuka’s face turned red as she closed her legs together, but the brunette had other plans. She placed her hands on the other girl’s knees and slowly spread them. Uraraka looked somewhat uneasy as she stared down at Izuka’s pussy, as if she was somewhat surprised that the change was real. Nibbling her bottom lip, she leaned down onto her elbows between the other girl’s legs while hooking her arms around her thighs.

Uraraka hesitated for a moment as she stared at the other girl’s pussy so close to her face. It was something she never saw herself doing before, but she truly did see Deku as more than a friend. She wanted to make her feel good, to be closer to her, to make her feel loved. The brunette gently pushed her lips to Izuka’s pussy, softly kissing the dripping slit and garnering a soft moan of pleasure from the other girl.

Her actions grew more bold as she went. Soft kisses turned to long licks from the bottom of Izuka’s slit, all the way to her erect little clit. The green-haired girl gasped and tensed when Uraraka’s tongue flicked over her sensitive bundle of nerves. She focused on that, wrapping her lips around Izuka’s clit and swirling her tongue around it in a clockwise motion. Just to give her tongue a rest, she would resort to flicking it up and down every so often.

Izuka had been hesitant at first, but as the other girl kept fervently licking and lapping at her pussy, she began to lose her inhibitions. She lightly thrust her hips against Uraraka’s face as her orgasm started to overtake her. She gripped the bed sheets and moaned while each little flick and swirl of the other girl’s tongue pushed her closer and closer to the edge. Izuka’s breathing became deeper and more stressed as she tried to suppress the climax welling up within her. Little gasps between soft moans echoed against the walls of the small room as Izuka couldn’t hold back any longer. With a rather loud cry of pleasure, her body tensed and she arched her back while thrusting her pussy against Uraraka’s face.

The brunette kept licking, even as Izuka twitched and squirmed. It was finally too much and a whining Izuka shakily pushed at Uraraka’s head, begging her to stop the oral assault. With a giggle, Ochako pulled away while licking her lips.

“W-wow,” Deku groaned, “I.. I’ve never done that before. That was… uh, that was amazing…”

“Mm, I’m glad you think so,” Uraraka smiled as she stood and let her skirt fall to the floor. She slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties and tugged them down to her ankles before kicking them off. “Since we’re trying new things, maybe we can do this, too…”

The brunette straddled Izuka’s thigh, gently grinding her own wet pussy against the other girl’s thigh. Back and forth, she ground herself while a slight blush covered her cheeks as she looked down at Deku. She nibbled her bottom lip as she really started to get into it, her hips moving faster as she leaned over and placed her hands on the bed to steady herself. Her breathing increased as she visibly came closer to her orgasm, but she suddenly repositioned herself. One leg slid under Izuka’s opposite leg while the other was still draped over the top of the green-haired girl’s thigh. It was an awkward position at first, which completely confused Deku as Uraraka gently shifted and moved about until their wet pussies pushed against each other.

Izuka gasped at the sudden sensation and blushed. They both leaned forward, passionately kissing before Uraraka pushed the green-haired girl onto her back again to keep the positioning correct. Leaning back as well, she placed her hands against the bed to hold herself up as she began grinding her dripping pussy against Izuka’s. She gently moaned as she continued to move, feeling herself growing closer to climax once again.

Midoriya was surprised by how amazing it was to feel Uraraka’s wet sex sliding against her own. She didn’t know if it was because she was so sensitive already from having climaxed moments before, but each grinding motion against her clit sent an almost electric sensation of ecstasy coursing through her body.

After a few moments, the two girls were both getting into it. They didn’t even try to muffle their moans of pleasure as they both moved their hips, grinding their pussies together. Both girls were spurred on by the absolute lust in each other’s eyes as they were so close to cumming. Uraraka was the first slow down, her expression cutely scrunching up as she was suddenly silent for a moment. Her whole body tensed as a deep, girlish moan spilled from her lips as she finally climaxed.

Izuka watched her lover cum, which only made her work that much harder. Whether through jealousy of Uraraka’s orgasm or through pure persistence, she ground her dripping, wet pussy against the brunette’s while desperately trying to achieve her own orgasm. Moments after Ochako’s sensual moans, Izuka’s own cries of passion quickly added to the carnal symphony. 

Breathing heavily, the two smiled at each other before Uraraka laid next to Izuka, laying her head against her lover’s shoulder while draping an arm over her torso. They were both naked from the waist down. Uraraka happily sighed as she nuzzled against Izuka. “Now, that… was amazing.”

“Y-yeah,” Izuka breathlessly added.

“Mm,” the brunette giggled as she nuzzled her naked body against her lover, “So, I guess that means we’re… together now, right…?”

“Uh,” Izuka blinked with uncertainty, but nodded. “Of course.”

Uraraka sat up, propping herself up on an elbow as she suspiciously glanced at the other girl. “What’s that about?”

“Wh-what’s what about…?” The green-haired girl answered nervously.

“That,” Ochako narrowed her eyes. “You keep… hesitating. Is there something you need to tell me?”

“No~…” Izuka replied, lightly chuckling while elongating her response.

Uraraka kept her eyes narrowed, staring Deku down as if expecting her to break at any minute. Izuka nervously continued to stare forward, stealing a slight glance every now and then to see the brunette’s burning gaze.

“Okay, but if I find out you’re lying to me…” Uraraka glared as she reached for Deku’s neck, giving it a little threatening squeeze… before bursting into laughter. “I’m just kidding…! I’m sure there’s nothing wrong. We’re a couple now, right? So we tell each other everything…!” The girl lovingly nuzzled against Deku’s neck.

Midoriya held the other girl close against her body, loving the delicate sensation of her soft skin. And yet somehow, Izuka had the definite feeling that Uraraka hadn’t been kidding…

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