Love Lives

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    Kyoya climbed into his limo and saw Tamaki running after him, he tried to tell the driver to go. Unfortunately for Kyoya, Tamaki caught up and climbed into the limo and sat next to him.
"Kyoya!" Tamaki said. "What's up? You didn't answer Hunny's question. And even if you don't want to marry her it is unusual for you not to want make a business relationship with her."
"Tamaki," Kyoya said with a sigh. "Leave it alone."
"No," Tamaki said. "Tell me whats going on."
    Kyoya just tried to ignore him for a moment and look out the window. He saw Hana and Rika standing around the Kuroki limo, Kyoya thought about what Hunny said. Of course he found Hana pretty, even knowing why she always carried a book. He watched as Hana threw the book into the back of the limo and got the side view of her very full C-cups, then he got a shock as she pulled the bows out of her hair and watched her long flow downward.
"Kyoya you're blushing!" Tamaki said. "What are you looking... is that Kuroki-san? Wow."
"Do not look at her," Kyoya said in very defensive way.
"You do like her," Tamaki said. "So what is the problem?"
"Three problems," Kyoya said with a sigh as he watched Hana get into her limo then finally looked away.
"Well I know her being timid isn't one of them," Tamaki said. Kyoya gave him a look. "I've seen your room." Kyoya suddenly pushed a button to make sure the staff couldn't here. 
"What do you know?" Kyoya asked.
"You have a secret pervert side," Tamaki said. "And you prefer them on the more demure and timid side."
"Fine," Kyoya said. "I am not sure she would like me, well as you put it, my demon lord side."
"And?" Tamaki asked.
"She has a very old fashioned family," Kyoya said. "So she may want seperate bedrooms after the wedding." Tamaki gave him a look to continue. "Do you know about her medical problems?" Tamaki shook his head. "When she was seven years old her first step mother threw her out a second story plate glass window. She almost died, her entire left side had glass in it." Tamaki started tearing up.
"Oh no," Tamaki said.
"It was almost eight years ago," Kyoya said. "Actually a little while after she started coming back to school, one day she fell down on the stairs. Most of the other students started laughing, but even back then I knew about her family. So I helped her back up."
"Trying to make business connections in 5th grade?" Tamaki asked.
"Yes," Kyoya said. "She smiled at me as I helped her up. Her grandparents happened to visiting that day and saw this. The next day we were engaged. Apparently it was the first time she smiled in a long time."
"Are her medical problem a big deal?" Tamaki asked.
"Not fully," Kyoya said. "But..." Tamaki stared at him to make him answer. "With them, I do not think shed want to have a honeymoon or anything that entails."
"Your worried you will have a sexless marriage?" Tamaki asked. Kyoya glared at him but nodded. "If you are that worried, just ask her. It's better then ignoring the girl you want."
"I can not just go ask her if we will be having sex," Kyoya said, but he did like the idea of the blush it would cause on her face.  "What about the one you want." 
"What do you mean?" Tamaki said.
"Stop the limo," Kyoya said pushing a button, they were two blocks from school. Once it stopped Kyoya opened the door by the side walk.
"Tamaki-sempai? Kyoya-sempai?" Haruhi said, she had been walking home.
"Haruhi do me a favour," Kyoya said shoving Tamaki out of the limo. "Walk with him, he's annoying me." Then he slammed the door once Tamaki and bag was out and had the driver head off.
"KYOYA!" Tamaki screamed then he sighed and look at Haruhi.
"What happened?" Haruhi asked.
"Well I found out he actually like his fiance," Tamaki said. "Really likes her, but hes worried about how the marriage will be."
"Oh," Haruhi asked. "Why doesn't just talk to her then?" They were walking together.
"He doesn't think he can," Tamaki said.
"You want to fix this," Haruhi said knowing his face. Tamaki just looked down at her and realized she was smiling at him, he almost felt like he die right then.
"He's my bestfriend of course I want to fix this," Tamaki said. "I want him to be happy."
"Well you will figure it out," Haruhi said to him. "You always do."
"Haruhi!" Tamaki said and had to hug her. She had gotten use to this and just sighed.
"Tamaki-sempai let go!" Haruhi said, so he did. "Shouldn't you first worry about helping Katris-san on her first day?"
"Ah true," Tamaki said.
"Did you really go home everyday to be your mother?" Haruhi asked.
"Yes," Tamaki said.
    They spent the rest the walk just talking till they got to Haruhi's home. Tamaki had texted his driver on the walk to pick him up at Haruhi's. He waited till Haruhi was inside till he got into his limo to head home.

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