Love Lives

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    The next morning Hikaru was very grumpy, he hadn't slept well and even Kaoru had trouble calming him. They did not even talk in the car on the way to school. Once the car stopped they got out of the car and headed to the gate just to find Hana and Rika there again watching people.
"Why does Nishiyama-san have to be so annoying," Rika was saying to Hana.
"What did he do this time?" Hana asked.
"He kept blathering on when I was trying to leave yesterday," Rika said.
"Is he trying to ask you again?" Hana asked.
"Some one wants to date Rika?" Kaoru asked. Hikaru just looked over and didn't know why this bothered him.
"Nishiyama from class 2B," Hana said.
"He's so annoying," Rika said. "And doesn't take no for an answer." Then she sighed. "Why is Suoh-sempai hiding in a bush?" They all looked to find him there.
"What are you all looking at?" Haruhi asked walking up to them.
"Boss is hiding in a bush," Kaoru said. Haruhi looked and raised an eyebrow.
"He's afraid Kyoya-sempai will kill him," Haruhi said.
"Why?" Hana asked.
"Because Tamaki-sempai had them eavesdropping on lunch yesterday," Haruhi said. "And Kyoya-sempai is pissed that we interefered with you two." Haruhi ased looking at Hana.
"Oh," Hana said. "That explains alot."
"Suoh and Ootori were eavesdropping," Rika asked.
"And these two," Haruhi said. Rika's eyes widened and looked at the twins. Kaoru just looked upward, but Hikaru turned a little red and looked at his feet.
"Miyamoto-san!" A boys voice said. A rather handsome man came over with brown eyes and brown hair with blonde highlights.
"Not now," Rika said.
"My beautiful Miyamoto-san!" The boy said as came over.
"Go away Nishiyama-san," Rika said.
"I only wish to bring my beauty out of poverty," Nishiyama said.
"When did class C become poverty?" Hana asked. "Especially since you are only class B."
"I am only in class B cuz they allowed that commoner to come," Nishiyama said ignoring the mere presense of Haruhi.
"Just means you were only just barely in class A," Kaoru said.
"Oh the twins," Nishiyama said. "Who is Who again?" Then he continued like he didn't even care. "Let me enjoy your beauty at lunch today? I shall woo you till you cant say no to me." Then he proceeded to try and grab her hand.
    Rika was not in the mood for this at all and wanted to hit him, she was just going to back away and leave. But then something shocking happened, it was Hikaru who punched Nishiyama out of now where. The upperclassman just feel over in his uniform and looked up in shock. Hikaru then grabbed Rika's hand and dragged her off. Everyone just stood in shock, even Tamaki who had seen from the bushes was now standing and watching.
"Kaoru deal with him," Was all Hikaru said before they disappeared. Rika just let Hikaru do this for a few moment.
".... Hikaru?" Rika asked. They didn't stop till they were in the court yard from way back then. Luckily it was empty and he just leaned on a tree.
"He was being a jerk," Hikaru said. Rika just looked at him. "You may be a runt, but you deserve better." Rika just blushed, they were silent again for a moment. "You should have told us you could tell us apart." They both knew Kaoru had followed but was hiding around a corner where he could hear them.
"At first," Rika said. "I wasn't sure I was right. And I didn't want to make guys cry again."
"About the other thing," Hikaru said refering to her crush on him.
"It's fine," Rika said. He looked at her. "I hope you and Fujioka-san are happy." Hikaru was dumbfounded at this. "We should get to our classes right? Don't you agree Kaoru?" She looked towards the corner.
    Hikaru and Rika walked over to Kaoru and the started heading back to the high school area.
"So is Hikaru your favourite Hitachiin?" Kaoru asked.
"No," Rika said.
"What?" Hikaru asked. "Then?"
"Agaha!" Rika said refering to their 18 month old sister. The boys smiled and laughed at this.
"Makes since," Kaoru said. "Though you are basically another sister."
"Though I am still a little shocked that Hikaru is into other guys," Rika said. Hikaru and Kaoru forgot that everyone thinks Haruhi is guy. Then she left them to go to class C.
"Crap," Hikaru said.
"Are you bothered by this?" Kaoru asked.
"I don't know," Hikaru said. 
    The twins headed in to class A and Kuroki-san was talking to Haruhi by their desks. They noticed as soon as the twins came in.
"Is Rika okay?" Hana asked right away.
"Yea," Hikaru said. Hana went back to her desk.
"Though she really does think Hikaru is gay," Kaoru said trying to hide a laugh.

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