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Katarina was walking around Ouran, partly to get to know the building, and partly to see if you could find this mysterious Nekozawa boy again. She still felt bad about their earlier interaction, and wanted to make it up to this boy. Figuring her best bet was the black magic club, so she went to find that room. Unfortunately she was not having any luck.
    Katarina rounded a corner and found Kuroki-san speaking to another girl with long black hair and dark eyes. This new girl was also dressed in the school uniform.
"I'm invited your garden party?" This girl asked shocked.
"Of course Kanazuki-san," Hana said to her. "You are dating Mitsukuni, I kind of figure you would just come with him."
"We've only gone to a few movies and cake tasting outings," Kanazuki-san said. "No group activities."
"I shall have to text him then," Hana said getting out her phone and typed some things in. Then noticed Katarina out of the corner of her eye. "Katris-san?"
"Hello," Katarina said. "I was just trying to learning the building..."
"Oh, it is a rather larger school," Hana said. "Oh this Kanazuki-san."
"Hello," Katarina said. Kanazuki just nodded.
"Oh, Katis-san met Nekozawa-sempai at lunch time," Hana said.
"I wouldn't call it meeting," Katarina said. "I bumped into him."
"Did he curse you?" Kanazuki asked.
"No," Katarina said. "I tried to apologize, but he ran away."
"Katris-san san meowed at him," Hana said.
"Were you making fun of Nekozawa-sempai?" Kanazuki asked.
"No," Katarina said.
"Apparently she was called a cat girl at her old school," Hana said.
"I still feel like I should apologize again," Katarina said. "But I do not know where to find him."
"Kanazuki-san knows where he is," Hana said. "She is in the black magic club with him."
"Oh," Katarina said her eyes asking if Kanazuki would help.
"We do have a meeting today," Kanazuki said. "If you wish you could follow me."
"Okay," Katarina said.
"Have fun," Hana said heading off.
    Katarina followed Kanazuki to the north bulding then down a bunch of stairs. 
"I hope you not afraid of the dark," Kanazuki said in a twisted way.
"Meow?" Katarina said. Once they reached the basement Kanazuki opened a door.
"Kanazuki-san you are late," One boy said.
"Nekozawa-san was telling something interesting," A second boy said.
"I brought some to see Nekozawa-sempai," Kanazuki said.
"A new member?" Nekozawa said.
"Meow," Katarina said poking her head in with a smile. Nekozawa suddenly hid behind his chair with just the top of his head and Belzenef looking out.
"My princess of the light," Nekozawa whisphered so only the boys by him could hear.
"She wanted to talk to you Nekozawa-sempai," Kanazuki said.
"Your club room is very beautiful," Katarina said. Kanazuki put on her cloak and was now matching the others.
"Katris-san while you are here would you like a Tarot reading?" Kanazuki asked.
"Oh that sounds like fun," Katarina said walking into the room. Nekozawa perked up a little. 
    Katarina sat across from Kanazuki, and the boys just stood around watching. Kanazuki had Katarina shuffle the deck and then they began. Then the first card was placed.
"A reversed sun," Kanazuki said. The next card was placed.
"Six of Swords," Kanazuki said. Another card. "The Page of cups. The two of cups and the lovers."
"What does it all mean?" Katarina said.
"You are sad," Kanazuki said. "But you are moving on from your pain. You will find happiness and connection with the one you will love." She pointed to each card as she said things.
"Meow," Katarina said with a blush.
"Katris-san you wanted to speak to our leader?" The shortest boy said. 
"Oh yes," Katarina said turning to look at Nekozawa. He was still half hiding behind the with his hand puppet. "I wanted to apologize again." Nekozawa looked confused. "For lunch time, when I bumped into you. I tried to apologize then, but it seems I upset and you ran off."
    Nekozawa just stared at her since she was still smiling at him, he was almost afraid to talk. The other club members where shocked by this and were staring at him. 
"I was not upset," Nekozawa finally said. "It is alright."
"You should join our club here," One of the other boys said.
"She might already be in another club," A second boy said.
"Actually," Katarina said. "It's first day at Ouran so I am not in any club."
"Do you like black?" One boy asked.
"Do you like skulls?" A second boy asked.
"Curses?" Kanazuki asked.
"Huh," Katarina said.
"What do you like the most Katris-san," Nekozawa asked.
"Cats," Katarina said. Nekozawa fell into a chair.
"There is no cat club at school," The shortest boy said. "But we have a lot of cat related things here."
"Oh?" Katarina asked.
"Berezenoff is a cat demon," Nekozawa said moving the hand puppet around.
"Is he like Matagot?" Katarina asked. Everyone looked confused. "A Matagot also called Mandagot. It's a magical cat from southern France. Well it's actually a formless spirit that takes forms of animals. It's two favourites are a black cat and fox. For the most part they are considered evil, but a few are helpful."
    Nekozawa just kept getting surprised by this girl, the other memebers found this fascinating. They then proceeded to explain Berezenoff to her, and how the club worked. They even let her stay and have a trial day at the club, this had never been done before. The hour went by very quickly and most of them headed out.
    Katarina was going to leave with the rest of them but then noticed that Nekozawa wasn't moving.
"Nekozawa-san?" Katarina asked. "Your staying behind?"
"I am waiting for the sun to go down," Nekozawa said.
"That is not for another forty minutes," Katarina said.
"Nekozawa-sempai has photophobia," The shorter boy said coming back in since he forgot something then left again.
"Meow," Katarina said. "You're going to stay here all by yourself?"
"I usually do," Nekozawa said getting out his school to do some homework. Katarina went back over and sat on the couch by him.
"If you do not mind," Katarina said with a smile. "I will stay with you."
"I don't mind," Nekozawa said while trying to hid his face. Katarina pulled out some of her homework as well. "Katris-san?"
"Yes?" Katarina said.
"You're not afraid of this club?" Nekozawa asked.
"Meow," Katarina said. "Why would I be?"
"Most people are," Nekozawa said. "Even Suoh-san the most popular boy in school."
"Rene was afraid of the dark till he was 12," Katarina said.
"You know Suoh-san?" Nekozawa asked.
"We went to school together in France," Katarina said. "But no this stuff doesn't scare me. I actually like scarier movies, plus my mothers bloodline goes all the way back to druids."
"You have witch blood?" Nekozawa asked intrigued.
"Essentially yes," Katarina said. "My aunt even owns an Earthen Magic shop that sells crystals, crystal balls, tarot cards, wands, and magic books."
    Nekozawa just stared at this girl like she was too good to be true. He watched her shift some hair behind her ear and in the candle light he thought her hair looked like blood. Then he noticed her earing, it was a round diamond stud encased in silver, but the metal also had six lines come out the sides like whiskers and two little triangles that looked like cat ears.
"Did you come to Ouran following Suoh-san?" Nekozawa asked, he was actually worried about this.
"No," Katarina said. "I came to get away after I broke off my engagement."
"You were engaged?" Nekozawa asked.
"My parent's set it up when I around four years old," Katarina said. "But I never really liked him. He was kind of mean and called me a freak everytime a meowed."
"Shall we send him a curse?" Nekozawa offered. Katarina smiled and giggled at this.
"Meow," Katarina said. "You want to curse him and you dont even know why I broke it off."
"He was mean to you," Nekozawa said. "I figured that was the reason."
"Oh no," Katarina said. "He was having... relations with his maid."
"He was cheating on you," Nekozawa was confused as to how anyone could cheat on a cat goddess like this.
"So I had to get away," Katarina said, then she pulled a french to japanese dictionary to help with her homework.
    They did homeworked together and continued talking, and he learned she may be mostly fluent she was having trouble with the kanji. So Nekozawa helped her a bit and she would always smile at him. Then when Nekozawa was certain the sun had set they left the basement up to their own limos.
"Oh Nekozawa-san," Katarina said, he turned to look at her. "Can I call you Neko-kun?" Behind his wig Nekozawa's eyes went wide and his breathing picked up a bit.
"Y-yes," Nekozawa said.
"I'll see you later Neko-kun," Katarina said smiling at him again then climbed into her limo.

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