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When lunch time hit Tamaki turned in his chair to face bestfriend. "So you are not mad anymore?" Tamaki asked timidly.
"No I am not," Kyoya said. "Seems you were right again."
"I was?" Tamaki asked as they both stood to go to lunch.
"Yes," Kyoya said. "Though you should worry about the twins."
"I know," Tamaki said. "So you and Kuroki-san talked?"
"About some of the things," Kyoya said.
"Are you going to continue with the engagement?" Tamaki asked.
"Yes," Kyoya said then he demon lord face. "Otherwise there is chance she could marry Akito. I will not allow that happen."
"I knew you liked her," Tamaki said. "Haruhi! Your coming to the cafeteria again?" Haruhi was walking with Hana and the twins with her lunch in hand.
"Kuroki-san invited me again," Haruhi said.
"Hana," Kyoya said looking at her.
"Kyoya," Hana said. The six of them walked into the cafeteria again.
"We should all sit together!" Tamaki said excitedly
"Do you mind?" Kyoya asked Hana.
"I don't mind," Hana said. Haruhi just sighed. 
    They walked in and sat a table with eight seats, four on each side. One side the table would eventually have Tamaki, Haruhi, Hikaru and Kaoru. The other side would have Kyoya facing Tamaki and next to Hana and Rika next to her. 
    All of the boys had simple side salads, though Tamaki also had french onion soup, a Spinach souffle and a small creme brulee for dessert. Kaoru had an Italian vegetable soup and Hikaru had an Italian sausage soup, but they both had some kind of pasta and a Tiramisu for dessert. Hana and Kyoya seemed to have simular tastes as they both had a lobster bisque stew, their main plate also had a small chicken breast on it with some orange sauce on it. Kyoya did not have a dessert though, and Hana an avacado capress salad and another flan. Rika had the same thing has yesterday but today her soup was green.
    Haruhi just looked around, some this fancy food confused her and opened her simple lunch again.
"Where is you cousin today?" Kaoru asked as they ate.
"Probally getting lost in my house," Rika said. "That's what she usually does when comes to visit."
"Lost?" Haruhi asked.
"As she puts it my house," Rika said. "Could fit atleast 10 of her families apartment inside just one floor. Haruhi just blinked in confusion. "Mika's father is my mothers brother. You could say my mother married way up."
"We told you," Hikaru said to Haruhi. "Her mother is model."
"My father was 50 when he meet my mother," Rika said. "She was only 20."
"Mother says no one expected it to be anything more then a simple fling," Kaoru said.
"No was more shocked then Atsushi," Rika said. "My older half brother. My mother is even younger then he is."
"Father says Rika's dad is the happiest in his life," Hikaru said. "His first wife cheated on him constantly. She actually had 5 children during the marriage."
"Only one was his," Kaoru said.
"Apparently dad was devestated for years after that," Rika said. "Then he met my mother. It's a little sickining how happy they are. Dad calls mom his sunshine."
"He also calls you his little princess," Hana reminded Rika.
"I think thats sweet," Haruhi said. Rika rolled her eyes.
"Oh," Rika said. "Mika dyed her hair blonde!"
"Blonde?" Hana asked. "But I thought you said your uncle got a job here and they were all moving here."
"They are," Rika said. "They are still looking into public schools for her. The top choice is actually where Lola goes."
"That might be good," Hana said. "Lola doesn't have alot of friends."
"Whose Lola?" Tamaki asked. "And why does she have many friends?"
"Lola is the daughter if my personal maid Mimi," Hana said. "And my personaly driver Silas. Her friends leave her when they find out her parents are servants."
"They are also little freaked out by her parents either way," Rika said. "Mimi-san is only 3 foot 6. and Silas is 6 foot 3 and kind of scary looking."
"Will they be coming with you after the wedding?" Kyoya asked.
"As long as they haven't retired by then," Hana said. "Is that alright?"
"Of course," Kyoya said. "They are more compentant then some of the staff we have."
"Wait staff is transfered like that?" Haruhi asked.
"Of course," The other six said at the same time.
"My sister retained her maid and her body guards when she got married," Kyoya said. "And my brother kept 2 maids, a driver and his body guards."
"I suspected team Kyoya will coming along then," Hana said.
"Yes," Kyoya said.
"What is team Kyoya?" Haruhi asked. "And why do you they need body guards?"
"Team Kyoya is Kyoyas three member body guard team," Tamaki said. "They gave themselves that name."
"Most of us have body guards," Rika said. "They just also double as our drivers."
"This is too weird," Haruhi said.
"Our families have a lot money and power," Kyoya said. "Some people consider the children a weak point."
"They would use us to get them," Hana said. "Or to the money."
"Hey boss," Kaoru said. "You friend Katris is sitting with Nekozawa-sempai." Tamaki looked over but said nothing.
"You're not freaked out about that?" Haruhi asked. "I thought you were afraid of Nekozawa-sempai."
"I expected they would become friends if they met," Tamaki said. "She adores cats. And her mothers side is descended from Druids."
"How does a druid line end up in Ouran," Kyoya said. "Let alone class A?"
"Her father is related to royal family of Monaco," Tamaki said. "I believe he is like a fourth cousin."
"She's a princess?" Kaoru asked. Hunny, Mori and Kanazuki were walking by during this.
"A princess?" Hunny asked.
"Well Nekozawa-sempai did call her 'My princess of the light'," Kanazuki said.
"Awww," Hunny said.
"Since you are all here," Tamaki said. "Can we have our meeting today?"
"We should get that done," Kyoya said.
"Fine," Hikaru said.
"But there is a sale at the supermarket," Haruhi said.
"Emergancy Saturday meeting?" Tamaki said.
"Cant," Kyoya said. "I need to get a new suit for the garden party." Hana looked at him. "Father insists."
"Make sure the jacket has a tail," Hana said. "You look better in those."
"Oh Hunny-sempai," Kyoya said. "I will be arriving early so there is no need for you to abduct me." Hunny looked at him for a moment.
"Alright," Hunny said.
"You are bringing Kanazuki right?" Hana asked.
"Yes," Hunny said. 
"My mother is so excited for me," Kanazuki said. "She keeps trying to make me wear pink."
"Just tell her pink is not allowed," Hana said. "It can get a little boring you might as well be comfortable." Then she looked at Mori. "You better behave this time."
"I will make sure he naps before we go," Hunny said.
"Good," Hana said. "You freaked out Lola so bad. Wait I have an idea. Suoh why don't you and Fujioka also come. Rika can drag the twins over."
"Why?" The twins asked
"You can have that meeting then," Hana said. "Like I said it can be kind of boring. It's mainly for grown ups to make business deals."
"You family hasn't invited a Suoh in almost 20 years," Rika said.
"That's because grandmother does not like his grandmother," Hana said.
"This could help you with your grandmother," Kyoya said to Tamaki.
"True," Tamaki said.
"What would I wear?" Haruhi asked.
"Wear what every you want," Hana said. 
"Umm," Haruhi was not even sure she had anything that nice. Plus most people thought she was a boy at school.
"Rika you are going over the Hitachiin house tomorrow with Mika right?" Hana asked.
"Yes," Rika said confused.
"I think it would be best if Hikaru had a little talk with you," Hana said. The twins looked confused. "About host club secrets."
"She doesn't know?" Kanazuki asked. "Huninozuka told me."
"Everyone else will be grown ups and wont care," Hana said. "If you are that worried about clothes still, I am sure Suoh-san will help you."
"Lets go shopping together!" Tamaki said excited.
"Nothing to fancy sempai," Haruhi said sighing, knowing she could not back out of this.
"Can we go to a commoner mall?" Tamaki asked. "There are still so many foods to try."
"Alright," Haruhi said.
"I am still confused," Rika said. 
    But then the bell rang for afternoon classes and they all had to leave for their own classes. It was only Thursday, but Friday they also had a Host Club with guests. The rest of Thursday went by very quickly and so did friday.

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