Love Lives

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Later that day the school day was ending, but there was a Host Club meeting this day to discuss the next party. So all the hosts where heading to music room three. After what happened at lunch Haruhi considered not attending, but then went anyway. Tamaki and Kyoya left their classroom together. Halfway there though they found Hana in the hall holding her book as normal. Kyoya was just going walk by and continue on.
"Kyoya?" Hana said suddenly shocking both men. He looked back. "Can I speak to you?"
"I have a club meeting," Kyoya said.
"It won't take long," Hana said.
"We cant do much done till Hunny-sempai gets some cake in him anway," Tamaki said and went on a head.
"Is your grandmother not happy with garden party answer?" Kyoya asked.
"No, yes. This doesn't have anything to do with the garden party," Hana said. "Fujioka-san said you are worried what kind of marriage we would have." Kyoya was intrigued by this suddenly change in Hana, she was still shy, but was actually talking.
"If I did?" Kyoya asked.
"I wouldn't mind talking about it," Hana said nervously. "Not right now, I know you have meeting. I mean in general."
"Oh," Kyoya said.
"You could come over before the garden party," Hana suggested. "We could talk, and if you are still unhappy we can just tell the families then."
"Perhaps," Was all Kyoya said. "I have to get to the meeting." Hana just nodded and headed off as well.
    Meanwhile the twins were walking alone to the meeting without Haruhi.
"You're still thinking about Rika's crush on you," Kaoru said.
"Well how would you react?" Hikaru asked. "We've know that runt our whole lives."
"We could do what we did in middle school," Kaoru suggested.
"You mean test if she can really tell us apart?" Hikaru asked. "That doesn't feel right. It's Rika. Besides if we made her cry her father would tell our father."
"True," Kaoru said "That would be bad."
"What would be bad?" Rika said coming around a corner. Hikaru suddenly found himself freaking out internally.
"Where's Kuroki-san?" Kaoru asked. "You two are usually together constantly outside of class."
"Hana had to speak to her fiance," Rika said "Beside I have to head to the airport."
"What?" Hikaru asked. "Where are you going?"
"Not getting rid of me that easily boys," Rika said messing with both their heads. "I'm picking up my cousin Mika from the airport."
"Your half white cousin from Hawaii?" Kaoru asked.
"Yup," Rika said. "You guys will get to meet her on Saturday. She's coming with me to Hana's garden party. And mother talked your mother into designing us dresses for it."
"Oh," Hikaru said.
"See you then," Rika said and skipped down the hall.
"You do seem to prefer tomboys," Kaoru teased his brother. "Haruhi after all." Hikaru wasn't paying attention.
"Wait," Hikaru said. "Rika in a dress? The only dress she wears is the school uniforms."

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