Issei's Harem, A Devil's Heaven

BY : Omamori Trinity DxD
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Chapter 1: Rias

Here's a new anime that I certainly like and will eventually do a fanfic. I definitely love a harem anime that features a lot of ecchi, and I think the ecchiness shown here surpasses all other harem/ecchi animes I've seen so far, but of course I still like them. It's very cool to see a lot of ecchiness in a harem anime and it's something that I always wanted to see.

From what I had planned for this, it's something that I feel like making and want to do. Something of this is fitting for a very ecchi anime. I want to write this kind; the way it is and my plot is just my style. I'm in my own league when it comes to making stories that I made from my mind. I get the feeling that this kind of plot is getting a little more known or common in my fic plots, but I don't do it often unless it's for something that befits it and I want it to write this for DxD. Also if you say I'm too detailed, then pardon me because I intend to make it as (hopefully) hot as I can and describing her sweet moves to the harem hero. I don't know if this fic is any good, the way I write and what I had written, but I hope you still enjoy it. I want to make a first impression with this as for starters.

So from this, pls don't send me flames, ok? Criticism is alright (but I am doing my best here, but done in my way because I want to be myself doing this) but these flames are just useless.

To begin this, we start with Rias because she's like the lead girl in Issei's harem. You'll know who Issei will be paired up as you select the chapters or as you go by. Keep in mind I don't do requests, but I am intending to do Issei's girls almost at random as chapters go or mix them together.

I do not own Highschool DxD


Pairing: Issei x Rias
Quick Short Summary: Rias wants to give Issei a nice erotic treat and a time of his life.

Issei is walking down the lit street with his fellow less-than chivalrous lewd-minded friends Matsuda and Motohama. "Well guys see you next time," Issei bids them a good night as and the friends part ways. He figures his friends are out on looking for girls at a club, looking for some girl magazines or anything what his friends plan on doing.

Issei has just another contract that Rias requests him to do, that coupled with some hard work at school early on that day made Issei feel a little tired and slightly stressed. Finishing a contract and on his way, his 2 friends sees him and thought they can accompany their buddy for a little while. The good part is that weekend is coming and he'll spend the rest of it with the rest of the Occult Research Club and still working to increase the number in his harem.

As he reaches his house's vicinity, he remembers what Rias will give him at his home when he successfully done his job today. "Complete this and I will give you a great treat I could ever give you." He recalls what Rias said to him with a suggestively seductive tone. Issei anticipates what that treat she'll give him. Will it be touching her breasts at his every whim or is something more than just that? His mind starts to be filled with lewd thoughts.

'I hope it's something great! Just let me have it as I need to relieve this stress out of me,' Issei thought as he enters his home. "Oh welcome back Ise," Asia greeted him. A few of his other girls are there in the living room. "Dinner is already ready for you Issei," Akeno informed him. "Thanks. Where's the president?" he asked. "Oh yes, she said finish your dinner first before going up to meet her," Asia answered. There was a hint of red across her cheeks as she said it.

Eager to see what Rias has for him, Issei finishes his nightly meal as fast as possible. When he's done, Asia would clean his dishes, leaving him to go up to see Rias. "You just go see Rias, ok?" Asia said to him, apparently hiding the blush on her faces. Clearly something is up. "What about the rest of you?" Issei asked regarding his current harem.

"We'll just do our thing. You just go see Rias in your room," Akeno said to him kindly. "Alright then," Issei agrees. He first goes to the bathroom then he heads towards his room. Akeno looks up to him and smiles. She recalls Rias' instructions before: "me and Ise will be doing something. I got a nice treat for him and we don't want to be disturbed, so you all just go and do something around."
'I know what you're planning, Rias. I'll do that as well when I get the chance. I am in-love with him and I want to make an impression on cute Ise...' Akeno thought, planning her own something for Issei.

Issei approaches the door to his room and knocks. "Prez, are you there?" he calls. The door opens and reveals Rias in her school uniform. The sight of her just brings wonders to Issei's eyes. "I'm glad you're here Ise. Could you please put this on?" she hands him a long cloth, a blindfold. Issei looks at her with a questioning expression.
"It's going to be a surprise," Rias winks sexily at him. Issei loves the sight of her doing that and quickly puts the cloth around his head. Rias makes sure its tight so it won't be loose that gives him any tiny glance at a sight.

Rias pulls Issei by his left wrist and led him to his room. After Rias locks the door, she leads him with care. She then motions him to sit down on an armless chair as he sensed it. Her hands then bring his arms back and tie it up with wrist cuff made of steel covered in plastic. Rias makes sure that Issei feels comfortable in the position he's in.

Issei gulps in nervousness to what Rias has in store for him; clearly she's up to something. Rias proceeds to bind his ankles to the chair's front legs to further secure her love. She's then done with securing him, as part of her plan. 'Finally, it's just you and me here, in our own little world,' Rias thought in her mind.

Issei could only see darkness, but his senses are brimming with anticipation. 'Oh man, what is planning?' he kept thinking that over and over. His ears then pick up to what appears to be sounds of clothes being removed. He could tell that Rias is taking off her clothes and hears them falling to the floor. Issei starts to break in a nervous sweat, his manhood starts to grow from the fantasies running wild in his mind based on hearing those sounds.

Issei then gasps when he felt Rias sitting on his lap. Issei soon felt soft lips nibbling at his earlobe, causing him to moan. He then made a gasp as he felt Rias' hand touching his hardened length through his pants. "Feeling excited, are you Ise?" she purred. "Prez?" "Call me Rias," she said to him flatly.

Rias finally undoes the blindfold, and Issei could at last behold a sight that made his eyes be big as saucers, his jaw hanging open, his arousal skyrocket to the roof. He has to soak in the sight of Rias wearing nothing but her purple lingerie, a simple pair of a bra that covered the bottom half of her breasts and a purple lacy thong that's the most erotic Issei had ever seen, which covers her womanhood in a sexy sight and reveals her thighs, curves and buttocks very vividly and deliciously. Her hidden womanhood looks very exquisite; she must've shaved it. She also wears a pair of short-heeled slip-on slippers with a crimson flower in the middle.

Rias doesn't need any make-up to make her look erotically mesmerizing; she's beautiful and sexy enough with just her natural figure. Here she is, standing in a commanding yet sexy pose before Issei, showing she's in control and giving him a hint of things to come. Accompanied by her blood-crimson hair, purple lingerie and an extremely sexy figure, Issei felt his brain on overload. "R…Rias? Wh-what?" Issei stutters, trying to get a grip what's going but couldn't get the words out as he seems having a tough time averting his eyes at the luscious sight before him.

Rias thought she can calm him down or he won't get to focus much on her treat for him. She sat at his left leg and play a little on his hair. "Easy there, my cute Ise," she assures to him, her tone assuring and kind, yet sexy. Issei looks down at her cleavage and could feel blood will rise to his nose.

"This...this is too good to be true! I must be dreaming!" he mutters aloud, still processing that this one wild fantasy is just in front of him as it usually occurs in his dreams. "It is true, and fortunately it's no dream. I'll prove it," Rias says back and she gropes his crotch and kisses him simultaneously. Both moan in their steamy kiss and Issei realizes it's no dream. 'Oh yes, it's finally coming true!' he thanks his lucky stars for this to happen.

They then part, staring deep into their eyes. Issei can see in Rias' eyes full of desire and lust. "Now Ise, look around and see what you're in for," Rias tells him and he does what he's told. He notices she had turned his room into a sex chamber; his room is dimly lit by only 2 lamps on either side and a metal pole on a small wooden, round platform/stage. 'She must've installed this when I was doing her request,' Issei figured as much that she takes this opportunity.

"Excuse me for that, but it's just part of my plan, if you don't mind," Rias playfully apologizes and assures to Issei, stands up, heading towards his desk that has a small stereo there. "This is your treat for me?" he asked. From that stereo, he suddenly hears music, soft, slow, erotic music that just makes all the more aroused. He recognizes these are the tunes she selects for this are all erotic. There are those that were composed from the underworld itself, compositions that are extremely erotic enough to arouse anyone.

Rias seductively approaches her love and smiled confidently sexily in front of him, making him even more nervous that he sweats a lot and his length grew harder. Rias sees the obvious dent on his pants and smiles inwardly, knowing that her lingerie and her figure alone would turn him on, add to that with the erotic music she puts, and she has successfully seduced him. She then purred seductively in his ear, "It is. So just relax, watch me and enjoy my show. My show for you."

'So this must be Rias' treat…I'm gonna love every moment of it!' Issei thought as he watches Rias begin to dance erotically. He simply watched her do her thing as dances with enthusiasm, her hips swerve while touching herself. Minutes later, her hands then went down in between her hips while her hips make a slow circle, staring and smiling confidently and lewdly at Issei, relishing the sight of him enjoying it. She repeats this move a few times.

There's another intent for this; Rias figures she wants him to forget a buried trauma that he has as she knows it inwardly. 'Ise, I hope from this you can forget your trouble of yours being killed by that scum Raynare, and I want to give a 'take that' to Raiser, proving I love Issei more than him! But most of all, I just want you to have a time of your life, my Ise,' she thought and this is one of the things that'll motivate her.
Then Rias gracefully steps up towards the platform and held on the iron pole tight. Still looking at him with lewd eyes, she grinded her body against it and emit a soft sexy moan, further making Issei get aroused and entertained. She slowly and enthusiastically grinds herself against the pole, moving down, then up and repeating. She licked the pole as her body grinds to it up and down. Later Rias let her hips gyrate slowly and sexily to the beat as she does her routine on the pole, wanting to entertain Issei as much as she can.

Sometime later, Rias goes down to go to Issei again. Smiling down at her love, she puts her right in the place between his crotch, careful not to accidentally hit his delicate privates, and still continues dancing sexily. Then she does the same method for her left foot. Issei can see the zone underneath her crotch covered by her purple lacy thong and enjoys that view a lot.

Rias then straddles his lap, facing him and begins to do a very sexy lap dance. She dances happily on his lap, her hands behind her head. Issei looks into her eyes for a little while until he looks down at her great breasts secured by her lacy bra, then downward to her hips making erotic moves, circles and thrusts. Rias puts herself closer to Issei until she's grinding against his body. Issei can't help but to moan at the sensation of being used as a pole for Rias to dance on. Rias is glad knowing that he is enjoying himself.

She then slowly and sexily sat up from him, seeing Issei panting. Her entire appeal and dance successfully seduced her love. "Enjoying it, are you Ise?" she sexily asks. "Yup I certainly do. I wonder how long your show will last?" he asked, wondering about how her treat for him goes.

"I can dance all night if you want me to, but allow me to entertain you for a certain some time. I enjoy doing this not just as a reward for you, but a treat from your girl. Right now, just watch me and enjoy it fully; you deserve it, my cute Ise," Rias smiles and winks at her love.

Rias then goes back to the pole, swaying her hips. Issei can only stare at her in awe. 'Oh yeah Rias, you are very sexy tonight', Issei thought slyly. He can't help but to feel extremely lucky and fortunate that Rias is doing this for him, something that his other 2 friends or other male admirers of hers at school will never get this chance. The school beauty that's admired by many is doing this to only him. If anybody knows the treat Rias is giving, he'll be the source of envy throughout the school.

Rias holds on to the iron stand tight, as she faced Issei with a lewd smile and joyously rubs her body hard and slow on it like before. She sways and swerves her hips to the music, also thrusting forward and back. Issei also notices her breasts bouncing at certain points in her routine. She holds the pole tight and imagines the pole as Issei as she makes love to him. One hand of hers went down to caress her crotch while still gyrating her hips. Rias is having fun doing this to him, something that she does to no other man. The sexy beat of the music drives her on to dance as sexy as she can.

After Rias is done with the pole, she again returns to Issei and again dances in front of him, now dancing erotically without the pole as a way of testing herself. She gyrates and thrust her hips while letting her upper body remain nearly stable. Issei can't help but focus his attention onto her hips and her lacy thong. With his attention focused on that, Rias puts her left hand down to her crotch, rubbing not inside but the outside as she still dances. 'Woo! This is beyond great! My arousal grows beyond my normal limits!' Issei thought as he gets more heated and aroused, along with him feeling his manhood leaking.

Then in a sudden move, Rias sits at Issei's hips and lap with her back facing him. Rias can feel his manhood poking her, though still constrained by his pants. Issei really now sweats immensely, reacting on how he is enjoying himself so damn much. Then she stood up not facing him. Issei watches Rias unhook the clasp of her bra. He heard a light snap and Rias faces Issei.

He watches her slowly pulling the straps down on each side as she dances. Reaching the second, she takes her bra off her and threw it at his face. Rias giggles at his reaction from this and continues dancing and turned around. Rias happily exposes her perk nipples at him. Issei had a pleasing reaction, feeling happy seeing it but feeling his nose are going to leak blood from this. Rias enjoys his reaction and is determined to please him more. Rias continues to dance in front of Issei, putting her hands behind her head then behind her as she sexily gyrates her hips slow then fast, any speed at her discretion and to the sexy beat of the music, with an erotic expression on her.

Issei looks at both her thong-covered pussy and her bouncing large breasts, feeling his face is nearly red, his cock getting ever hard and leaking fluids from his intense arousal and desire. 'You're turning me on Rias! This is like my luckiest night ever! Rias must be better than all other stripper or erotic dancer out there!' he thought as he helplessly watches her.

Her right hand slowly travels down to her left breast, flicking her nipple thrice, caressing her body and down in between her hips, stroking her crotch on her only article as she dances. Meanwhile her left hand goes at her back, then placing it behind her head. She does the same method on her left hand. Eventually both hands go to touch or stroke her crotch altogether, slowly and ardently. Then she let her knees bend a little more down, continuing to rub her crotch or let her crotch grind against her hand. Rias gave a lascivious expression and a wicked smile towards Issei, clearly enjoying what she's doing. While stroking her crotch, she at times she plays with her breasts and flicking her nipples, moaning from the sensation.

After several minutes of doing this, she then goes over to Issei, bending forward to have his face near to hers and allowing Issei to still see her marvelous large mounds and their erect nipples. "You like that very much, don't you Ise?" Rias asked slyly. "Oh yes, I really do," Issei replied huskily, being very entertained and impressed.
"Then I'm happy to give you more." "Yeah, do give me more! Dance as long as you can," Issei feels more raunchy himself, lost in his intense desire. After all, this is like a dream come true for him and can't help himself but to revel in it.

"Then I want you to focus your eyes on just me. Just watch me and my body, I'll be happy to do more for you," she said in a slow, seductive tone. The way her tone sounds is full of lust, enough to make Issei desire more. Rias returns to the platform and plasters herself to the pole, held on it tight, maintaining eye contact to Issei and fervently grinded her body against it nice and slow. She rubs her cleavage on the steel pole several times, loving the sensation but nothing beats the feeling of Issei in between her breasts.

Rias presses her body against the pole and hold it tight as much as she could as she continues dancing extremely sexily in some ways and styles by mostly from her hips. She let her hips gyrate while letting her feet remain stationary and her upper body straight. Later on, she gropes and massages her enormous breasts for extra pleasure and to compress it.

Then Rias again grinds her whole body on it, imagining the pole as Issei as she tries to make love to him. As her hips dance, her groin brushes and humps against the pole. Rias thought of another way to pleasure Issei and she enacts on it by grinding her crotch against the pole as she gyrates or thrust her hips. Rias moaned softly as she closed her eyes to imagine the pole as her darling Issei, humping into it fervently but slow, still dancing ever erotically without losing focus. Another movie Rias does is that slowly and sexily puts her hands down the pole, still holding it and then caressing the pole while she gyrates her hips, grinding and humping against the pole, still. She is doing this for some time, her enjoying every moment of it and getting aroused doing this and being watched by her love.

Issei must be getting very heated seeing her and almost drools. He is left panting in want as he watches her do her routine, watching her breasts bounce and her thong-covered pussy in constant erotic motion as she can get to.

Later, with her right hand gripping the pole at the neck level, her left hand goes down between her hips to rub her groin through her lacy thong once more, still dancing, doing her best on letting her feet remain immobile, humping against her left hand. Then Rias bends her knees, her hips in a constant perverted motion as her hand rubs it slow and the other holding on the pole as she maintains a lewd eye contact towards her love. Minutes later she switches to her right hand as does the same method. There are times her breasts shake to and fro from her movements. Issei's eyes remained glued to her, enjoying the sweet view of her.

For a new move, she moves in front of the pole and faces Issei, putting her back to the pole. As usual Rias sways and swerves her hips very sexily and flawlessly, her hands holding the pole behind her head, all while her feet remain where she places them to accentuate sexiness and stability. There are times Rias again strokes her crotch with one of her hands. She dances like a pro, satisfying Issei's ego and desires to the fullest, and giving Issei a very sexily perverted sight for him to behold, just the way Rias wanted.

Rias has been dancing on many erotic varieties for what feels like an hour, but has been dancing on the pole for over 40 minutes, doing so without ever needing a break. She later goes down from the platform and in front of Issei. She puts her face closer to his, their faces several inches apart. "You love it so far, my Ise?" Rias slyly asked. "Definitely, you're so good! Perhaps you can give me more?" Issei replied, perhaps also testing her out, giving her a challenge. Rias smiles in response. "Alright then, your wish is my desire."

With more erotic music still being played, Rias gladly continues on for Issei. Acting from her discretion, she again performs a lap dance for Issei. Straddling on top of his crotch, she dances and Issei can feel her crotch grinding his manhood in between, making him moan and grunt. She puts her hands behind his neck, looking into his face to see his expression enjoying every second of it. Issei's eyes travel from her lovely eyes to her breasts that are inches away from his face, then down to her hip area.

Rias then takes his face and pulls him towards her huge breasts. Issei can see her valley that's hidden from her enormous bosoms. "Come on Ise, do what you desire," Rias said in such a seductive tone. With that given, Issei can't help but to lick and suck her breasts, making Rias moan sweetly. Issei also licks her cleavage, doing anything what feels like doing at his discretion to her breasts.

Then she pulls him in for deep kiss. After a minute, she pulls away, leaving Issei disappointed. Rias makes up for it by dancing sexily above his lap, giving him a lewd smile to reassure him. Her breasts are a bit sleeked from his drool, so she rubs them off with her hand and rubs them off on her groin.

For about 18 minutes, Rias gives Issei another great lap dance. Afterwards she gives Issei a quick kiss and stands up from him. Rias puts her right leg on the chair, giving Issei a nice view of her under, and danced. Issei saw Rias getting wet, probably from her arousal from her dance. Her wetness reached until above the knee line, dripping down from there. She does the same to her left leg and Issei still gets a nice view.
Rias dances more for Issei, doing all the perverted and erotic moves from before at her discretion, her hips thrusting forward and back, swaying, swerving and gyrating. Rias can feel her thong being wet from her leaking juices, but doesn't mind it. That however gave her an idea, in which she'll do later. She does her erotic entertainment for over 35 minutes, just the way Issei wants.

Afterwards Rias goes back up to the platform, putting her back to the pole like before, her left hand holding the pole behind her for support, her right hand goes in her lacy thong and starts to masturbate a little. With her hand inside her, Rias places 3 fingers and begins pumping them back and forth. She gives off a moan as she faces Issei as she keeps on fondling her pussy. Issei can hear her sexy moans of his name, truly music to his ears. She pumped fast and hard under her remaining underwear as grinds her back and ass on the pole, with her other hand holding it so her legs would not give way from the increasing pleasure, all while dancing erotically throughout. Rias sways her head each time she moans.

After pleasuring herself a little, her hand comes out and sees it being covered with her fluids. Rias slathers her juices onto the pole, having a plan in mind. She then licked her hand and tasted her own honey. 'I taste nice...something that my Ise will love for sure,' her thoughts say and it's something she'll give him later. Rias then licks the metal pole of her juices while swaying and swerving her hips from the music's beat. Issei's mouth hangs open seeing that.

She continues to licks and grinds her whole self at the pole. She continues to do this until the pole is "wiped clean". This may take some minutes but Issei doesn't mind. He watches her do her routine to the metal pole while licking her juices off it.
As usual, Rias maintains eye contact with her Issei and plasters a wicked and erotic smile on her face, shocking and turning Issei on further. Rias then resumes grinding and dancing on the pole in many ways like before, wanting to make it as erotic and perverted as possible like before, maybe even more. Issei tells her to go at it a little longer, eventually Rias has been dancing for as long as close to an hour. Rias hardly cares about needing a break, she'll continually dance into the dawn if she has to, because she wants to give Issei the best time ever. Rias is determined to entertain Issei as much as she can and as long as he wants her to.

Rias is pushing the borders on how far she can take this erotic dance of hers to being raunchy, sexy, perverted and even intense beyond a normal standards. She is determined to satisfy Issei, the only person that she's happy and willing on doing this, proving her love for him. Simply put, Rias is making her dance as erotic, raunchy, sexy, lascivious and perverted beyond normal standards or even morals as possible, all aimed for pleasing Issei. She hardly cares that Issei is a pervert or him making her dance into the dawn, what matters to her is satisfying Issei.

She danced with all her might, heart and soul in it, wanting to make it as erotic and lascivious as much as possible, intent on giving Issei a time he'll never forget in a lifetime. She repeats the erotic moves she's done before, intending to ramp it up more. Given the fact he's a pervert, Rias doesn't mind fulfilling every perverted fantasy he's having. Truth be told, she's having fun as well.

Eventually Issei feels the need to make love to her and can't hold back anymore. He'd like to watch her go on, however his arousal has gone beyond 100%. "Rias come, I now want you," Issei calls to her. "Very well then," Rias simply smiles, goes to turn off the stereo and goes to Issei, her hips still swaying at her every step.

She puts her body sideward in his view, bends her body down and pulls down her lacy purple thong, leaving it forgotten on the floor. At last she is naked before Issei. He pants rapidly but faintly, clearly wanting her bad. Rias puts her left hand to her hip, still standing in a sexy pose. "Do you want me now, my Ise?" she asked slyly. "Yes I do," Issei replied. "Alright, but first may I do something for you before we make love?" Rias has something and Issei ponders, 'now what is she planning?'

Rias puts her right knee onto the chair and nearly drapes around Issei, looking deep into his eyes. Issei looks at her enchanting eyes and down to her marvelous bosoms. Her left hand flicks her nipples a couple of times. Using her right hand for holding, she has her left hand groping and rubbing his erection through his pants, making Issei grunted from her action. Rias proceeds to remove his pants and pulling them down along with his boxers.

She beholds a very stiff and rigid erection with its tip leaking a white substance. Rias is in a bit of awe seeing his huge rod. She rubbed it back and forth, licking the rest of his erection, making Issei mumble her name while she massages his ball sacs. Then Rias compresses her breasts against his erection, squeezing it as hard as she could. With Issei still being tied, he's helpless under Rias' touch. Rias then stops compressing it, got her knees to the ground and puts her whole focus on putting his length into her mouth. Issei moans loudly from the sensation of Rias' warmth of her mouth on it.

She goes up and down on it, slow then fast then repeating it. Rias fervently sucks on it, already tasting his cum and a bit bitter but mostly sweet, she wants more. Issei is enjoying this, but he could no longer hold on. He reached his peak, spewing his load into Rias' mouth. Rias gulps down everything, reveling in the taste of his cum and his essence. "Oh Ise, you taste wonderful," she complimented, smiling at him. "Yeah," he replied, out of breath. Rias licks his erection, cleaning it of his fluids as she wants to taste as much of it as she could.

Sensing that Issei wants to go at her badly, Rias first unties his ankles, then straddles his waist, her breasts again directly in front of him. "Wait a moment, my Ise," she tells him sweetly. Looking at him, her hand goes behind him and unties the wrist cuffs. Upon being released, Issei feels relieved. "Finally, I can have sex with you," he said, his body numb from the pleasure and arousal. "In that case," Rias then pulls up his shirt, with Issei helping by lifting his arms up.

Both are completely naked. Their arms hold one another tight and they kissed one another with all they got. Their kiss is deep and hungry, their tongues dancing wildly and exchanging many amounts of saliva. Rias pressed her breasts against him as hard as she can, loving the feeling of his chest against her ample bosoms.
Issei then slowly stands up, lifting Rias by her ass and Rias holds on dearly on him. Issei lays both of them to the floor, lips locked and holding to each other tight. Already their arousals and need for one another made them lose control and going frenzy, making them like animals hungry for sex.

Using his strength, Issei brings her to the bed and makes her sit at his bed's edge. He kneels down and spreads her legs, and Rias knows he intends to do. "Rias, shall I?" he asks for permission. "Of course my Ise, you can anything you want to me. Remember, my body is yours," Rias replied seductively, caressing his head. With that given, he licks her pussy and Rias shudders at it. "Ise..." she moans, pulling his head more into her. Issei then takes his tongue to invade inside through her vulva and Rias wails aloud in pleasure.

After some time, Rias released her load into Issei's waiting mouth, screaming out in ecstasy and pulling his head deeper. Issei swallows her juices, tasting sweet with a tiny hint of bitterness, but doesn't mind it. Issei licks the rest of her juices spilled around, not wanting to waste this unique white honey.

Issei looks up to her face to see her expression. Rias gives a smile as she pants. She then lies down at his bed with Issei following to hover above her. "I love you Ise. I love you more than anything," Rias confessed, smiling bright at him. "I love you too Rias," Issei responded. Rias pulls him down for another round of passionate kisses and tongue duel. They at times break off to breathe, then get back for more.
Still above her, Issei's moves down to her breasts, groping, squeezing and massaging them. He also flickers and plays with her nipples all the while. Rias moans constantly and enjoys every second of it. He later goes down to lick and suck her right breast and nipple while his free hand continually plays with the right. Rias arches her back and pulls his head, trying to push it more into him.

When Issei feels he's done, he goes back up to Rias and kisses her before he'll go into her. He breaks the kiss and looks down at her, but before he can ask for permission, Rias spreads her legs for him. "Make me yours forever Ise, make love to me, take my virginity. I am already sure about this," Rias says to him. Issei can see the love for him in her eyes. He also remembers the time when she first tries to make him and fails to take her virginity when Raiser comes. This time there'll be no stopping either of them.

"Is this your first?" he asked, wanting to be completely sure that he's the first and only person to take her precious virginity.

"Yes it's my first. There's no other but you who can take it. Just you and only you, my Ise, no one else. Now come inside, make me yours forever," Rias says with finality.

'Score again!' Issei thought, happy at the fact that it is only he who'll take her virginity. No other person, and that includes Raiser, can ever receive this privilege. He's also aware that a girl's first time means it'll hurt bad before the pain recedes to pure pleasure. He knows about this from seeing hentais and films or TV shows including documentaries of it, reading fanfictions and few other forms of media about it.

Issei inches forward, the tip touching the vulva. He widens her vulva as goes in further and for what feels to be a hymen, her barrier that indicates her being a virgin. He feels her legs secure around his waist. Issei has nowhere to go but forward and he thrusts forward breaks through. Rias is a virgin no more and Issei has her virginity forever.

Rias winced from the pain, gritting her teeth and touching her left breast to minimize the sharp pain within her. Issei moves in slow, careful not to bring her much pain while taking delight in her warmth and moist of her walls. He watches her hands playing with her breasts, knowing she's lessening the pain as possible. Even still, her legs pull Issei in, prompting him go forward in her. Rias sucks in the pain since this is the process of sex as she's aware of it. She suffers through the pain for Issei, all for her deep love for him. Her hands then let go, feeling the pain start to recede and pleasure taking its place. She looks at Issei.

"Now my Ise, make love to me."

That's all it takes for Issei to move more into her walls, slowly gaining speed and going deeper. Rias starts moaning in pleasure, including his name, encouraging him more. Issei's right hand joins with her left hand as they ride out in this ecstasy together. Issei feels great joy as he has sex with such a beautiful girl and that he finally experiences sex for real. Their moans of pleasure fill his room as they make love.

Issei pumps into her warm, moist and tight walls, loving the sensation of inside her on his hardness. He feels deep in her and hits something that made Rias scream. He realizes he hits her g-spot. Wanting to hear more Rias wailing and screaming in pleasure, he goes out and in her over and over, hitting her g-spot again and again. Rias wails and screams in pleasure as he wanted it. Her legs pull him in more, her breasts crushed by his chest as pumps inside her.

Rias' right hand pulls his neck to kiss him again. Their hot naked bodies are pressed hard onto one another, loving each others' bodies. They moan from their pleasures given to one another as their bodies were numbed by euphoria. The friction inside them is just ecstatic. Her walls are tight and wet, enough for Issei to still go smoothly through her tightness. Both revel in their carnal desire.

He pushes in very hard in her, making his length go inside her almost all the way. Rias feels like they're in a heaven of their own kind, feeling and understanding the meaning of pleasure, and she is happy doing it with her one and only Issei.

They break their kiss and Issei hears are her cries of pleasure. Rias' head sunk back into the pillow, she wraps her around his neck and back, her legs pulling him in and also pushing herself up to meet his thrusts. Rias' bucking and Issei's thrust meet headlong in a rhythmic physical move. Issei also enjoys the feeling of her breasts and their rigid nipples grinding against his chest.

Issei as always hits her g-spot every time as his room was filled with Issei's grunts and Rias' sweet moans and screams. "Oh Ise! It feels so good!" Rias cried out. "Rias! This feels so incredible!" Issei grunted. With the pressure building up, their thrusting speed increases; they can feel they're approaching their first orgasm onto one another.

"Rias, I can feel it!"
"Ise, don't hold back! You can release it all in me!"

Sweat starts to soak their bodies as they held each other tight as they're nearing the climax of this ride. Rias' legs put him in a firm vice which he won't get out of. Her walls clamped very tight on his length, giving him a great feeling of being in her. Both can't hold anymore as they climaxed.

Both feel a euphoric explosion under them as their juices spill into one another, screaming out their names. Rias revels the feeling of Issei's warm fluids shooting up into her. Their bodies stiffen a bit and shudder from their release, then afterwards as their bodies are calm, Issei slumped down at Rias. She holds him dearly, cradling his head between her breasts. The couple is resting to catch their breaths and recover their energy.

"You were amazing Ise," Rias complimented to her love. "Yeah, so were you Rias," Issei complimented her in return. It was an amazing ride, but both feel they aren't done yet. Rias does whatever she can to pleasure Issei as much as she can. She made a word to herself that if Issei wants to, they'll make love as much as he wants.
She then rolled on top of him, kisses him, then positions his erection at her opening, and let gravity take her down to be impaled. Rias cries loud as she repeatedly plunges up and down at his length, impaling herself and riding on Issei all the way, amp up the ecstasy for her and her love. Issei pushed himself up to meet her, still able to hit her delicate g-spot.

"Do you feel good, my Ise?" Rias asked.
"Yes, I do Rias," Issei replied, feeling another hot wave of delight Rias is giving him.
"Oh Ise, if you feel good then I feel good as well. Let me pleasure you more."
Rias gets both of his hands and place them at her enormous breasts. "I have massaged my breasts before as you know, but it's better with your hands on them. So don't be shy Ise, grope my breasts as much as you want," Rias breathed, her voice full of lust and want.

Issei squeezed his hands and Rias pulls his hands harder into her breasts while she pushes her body more against it and pushing her vagina against his manhood. Rias takes the pleasure further by guiding his hands into a circular movement. While groping her breasts, Issei pushes against them and Rias pushes her chest more into his hands. "Oh Ise!" she moaned. Her hands let go of his hands and Issei let his hands remain firm on her lovely breasts.

Rias now focus on pushing her chest against his hands, with Issei pushing against her in return. She loves the feeling from her breasts being pressed hard by his hands and her body pushing against them. "Ise, don't let go! Keep groping my breasts!" Rias cried in ecstasy as she also thrust herself against his manhood, doubling the pleasure she's experiencing. Issei does what she tells him as she impales herself, increasing her speed going up and down against him. Rias made loud moans and wails over and over from the pleasure, music to Issei's ears.

She goes ever faster and both feel their climax coming. "Don't let go Ise!" Rias cried out, not wanting the pleasure to be anything less. Issei is happy to comply and he has plans to hold on her breasts until their climax anyway. Issei gropes harder by letting his thumbs play with her breasts and nipples. With a last thrust and a squeeze of his hands, both climaxed again, screaming out from the euphoria.

Rias feels the hot pleasure coursing through her. Issei then let go of her breasts, allowing her to catch air she needs. She collapses on top of Issei, both breathing heavily. She rests on his chest, feeling and hearing his heartbeat and breathings. Issei holds her as they recover, and feels the need for just one more round. This has been the best night of his life and he'd like to end it with a last go and to fully satisfy his need.

"Rias, is it ok to have another go?" Issei asked, looking down at her.
"Sure, Ise," Rias responded with a smile, showing no reluctance.

"It's ok, you can make love to me until you've had your fill. There's no other person than you, who I can willingly do all of this to pleasure and have sex with the person I love so much," Rias assures him with a smile and eyes that reflect her love for him. With that given, Rias gave him another deep kiss.

Issei will give it all he's got for his first ever sex. Choosing what position he envisions, Issei pushes Rias up and let her straddle his lap. Rias puts her legs behind him to give leverage. He thrust inside her moist and tight inner pussy, feeling the wonderful sensation of her walls clamping against his cock. She pushes against him and pulls her legs to make him go deeper and he hits her g-spot again. Rias can't help but to moan aloud inside his mouth.

A little later, Issei breaks the kiss and goes to suck and lick her left breast, his arms wrap around her back. With him thumping at her g-spot and sucking her breast, Rias moans and cries loudly from the pleasuring sensation, unable to restrain herself and it'll be like announcing to the world that she belongs to Issei. Rias wraps her arms around his back, holding him ever closer to her. She pushes her chest against Issei's face, shoving her breast as much as she can into him.

"Oh Ise! Ise!" Rias cried, rocked and overwhelmed by the immense bliss as he smoothly grinds against her walls and sucking at her breast. The sweet heat and friction is incredible, with Rias constantly moaning and wailing loudly that it fills up much of Issei's room, music to Issei's ears. Issei bucks his hips against her and Rias returns by pushing against his hips, impaled over and over by his hard and slicked erection. Issei sucks and licks at her hardened nipples.

Issei then releases his mouth from her breast, exhaling his breath and grunted as he feels the bliss of her. Rias holds him with such fervor; her legs wrapped tight on his waist while helping him go deep and her arms holds him dearly, crushing her immense bosoms against his chest. Issei grunted and moaned along with her ecstatic cries and screams. Both lovers are lost and indulge into this heat of love and its pleasures.

They are having a time of their lives, then they feel they're almost to their edge; they sense they're close to their euphoric release and are enjoying every second as the inevitable climax draws near. Issei's thrusts become intense as her walls constrict around his erection. Rias bucks against Issei more, eager to experience her release made by the person she loves above all. With the skill and remaining strength he has, Issei pumped in her faster and more force applied to his efforts. With a last thrust, both reach their climax together.

"RIAS!" "ISE!"

Her walls clenched firmly around his erection. Their white substances splashed at their hips and the sheets, mixing with each other. From their climax they tightly hold one another at that moment. They then become worn-out, catching back their breaths and are very sweaty. They slump down at Issei's bed, very tired from the experience they'll never forget. Issei smiles despite him still breathing heavily, exhausted but very satisfied from the treat Rias gave him and experience he just had. His sexual fantasies came true. They rest their heads on the pillows, Rias cradling him dearly, her breasts still pressed to his chest.

"You like this night, Ise? Did I satisfy you?" Rias asked sweetly.
"Yeah you had…that's the best night I ever had with you," Issei replied to her.
"Want it again? Want another erotic dance?" her voice is seductive again.
"Definitely! You were great! Is it alright with you?"

"Yes, I can do this whenever you want, to reward you for something or I might spring it out at random time. I had much fun doing this. I'm doing this not only because I'm your master, but as your lover. I love you more than anything else. I'd also do anything for you, my Ise, my harem king."

Rias reached for his neck and pulls him towards her lips for another deep kiss. They kissed each other lovingly and sometimes hungrily until they were deprived of air. They looked each other in eye and give a smile of satisfaction, all while both hold each other. Though Issei is happy and satisfied with Rias, he still has intention to gather a harem of his own. "Hey Rias, to be frank here, I still have my dreams of gathering a harem of my own and become harem king. Is that alright with you?" he asked.

"Of course it's fine by me, on one condition..." she stares at him directly, looking deep into his eyes. "...that you make me the lead girl in your harem. That alright?"

"Alright, as you wish," Issei agreed. He figures that Rias will be like the mistress who can keep his harem in line.

"Do this and we will help you become harem king, make your wish become reality. I will make absolutely sure about it, and ensure your happiness never ends," Rias reassures to her love, smiling at him with the best heart-felt smile that she'll show to no other.

It's already into the night and both are getting drowsy. Rias cradles him closer, his head to her cleavage while leaving him space to breathe. His left hand and her right hand intertwined together.

"I love you Rias."
"I love you as well, my Ise."

They bid their good nights, drifting to slumber together in each other's warmth, touch and comfort.



Yay, first chapter for this done! I assure you there'll be more to come, more of Issei getting busy with his girls.

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