Issei's Harem, A Devil's Heaven

BY : Omamori Trinity DxD
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Chapter 2: Akeno

Here’s the next part where Akeno makes her move on Issei. As said previously, I want to do the same formula as the previous chapter because I envision that Akeno wants to the same thing to further impress and seduce Issei. It’ll be hot when she’s going to try to be better than Rias, but I ain’t too sure about it since of what’s going on here. So yeah, despite somewhat repetitions because you’ve probably known this already, I hope you still like this one.

I got delayed making this because of what’s going on in Fanfiction, which really kills the mood and brought my spirit down. Fanfiction is supposed to be fun where we can write whatever we made from our imaginations, let what’s made in our heads be made real into a story form where we can visualize it. This is our freedom of expression and creativity here, we are free to write what we like; “unleash your imagination” after all. Wouldn’t you all agree to this?

Let it be known that if you are uncomfortable reading this kind of story, then just turn away, it’s as simple as that. No need to aimlessly flag this just because the story is not to your liking or it’s something you’re not comfortable seeing. Once again, just simply turn away; there’s the back button after all.

Hope you enjoy this one.

Pairing: Issei x Akeno

Quick Short Summary: What Rias gave to Issei before, now Akeno wants to do the same and give him another pleasurable night.

Another has passed as usual for Issei, but for him it has been unique and special. Two nights ago, Rias gave him a most memorable night of his life when she danced erotically for him and then they both have great sex, all their love and desire for one another poured out into that one romantic and lustful night. ‘That has been one great evening I had. I wonder if Rias plans to do it again?’ Issei smiles at his recollection as he walks home with his girls.

But for one half fallen angel Akeno, she wants to make a move onto Issei just as the way Rias has. She knows what the Occult Research Club president has been doing with Issei, the person she too has fallen in-love with. She knew that Rias has been successful at impressing Issei, giving him a time of his life, therefore prompting her to also do the same. Akeno has been planning out yesterday, today is now her time to make her move. ‘I’ve been holding my urges and I can’t hold it back anymore. Ise, tonight you’ll be mine...I want you...’ her thoughts starts to fill with lustful thoughts but still she remains composed in the company of her friends.

Later at Issei’s home and after dinner, Akeno has been waiting for Issei to go to his room. When Ise calls it a night, Akeno sees this as a go. She looks at Rias and nods at her to go. Akeno remembers yesterday about her making an agreement with Rias to letting her have her way with Ise.

Flashback to yesterday:

Rias and Akeno are at the club office, with just the two of them and Akeno is discussing matters.

“Rias I’m aware that you had a great time with Ise. I’m wondering if I can have my way with him.”

“Hmm is that so Akeno? Is that why you want just us two in here?”

“Yes. My urges are growing and it seems I’m having lewd thoughts lately,” Akeno giggles at this remark. “As you know, we are members of his harem. Don’t you think it’s appropriate for us to share Issei?”

Rias thought about it when sitting down, her hand on her chin. ‘It is true, we are going to be in his harem, and he’s going to have a harem because it’s what my mother said to him to fulfill his dream and to keep the girls happy when I’m going to marry Ise. Though I’m the lead girl in my beloved’s harem, I eventually going to have to share Ise with the rest of his girls. I know of my several competitions and a little dispute with Akeno when it comes to having him, so some things has to be resolved from this before things get out of hand, especially with Akeno.’

“Very well Akeno, I’ll let you have him. But don’t think you’ll have dear Ise all to yourself.” Rias tells to Akeno.

“Oh of course Rias. I thank you,” Akeno smiles greatly, knowing she made a score. However she has other plans that’ll impress Issei.

End Flashback

Akeno goes up to Issei’s room, having all been prepared for this moment with Ise all to herself, to satisfy her intense desire and arousal for her hero. ‘Finally you’re mine Ise and all goes just as planned, hehehehe...’

Issei rests in his bed, wondering which girl he’ll choose to sleep with him for tonight. “Which girl am I gonna pick tonight? Can it be Rias again like the two nights?” Issei speaks to himself when he hears a knock on the door. “Come in,” Issei calls. He gets his answer when he sees Akeno entering.

“Oh Akeno.”

“Hi Ise,” Akeno greets sweetly, but then she locks his door behind her, making Ise become a little nervous and excited, expecting of what’s to come for him from the lovely Akeno. “Say Ise, can you come to me for a bit?” she asked kindly, having something in mind. This makes Ise immediately stand up and come to her, excited of what she’ll offer.

Akeno walks sexily behind Issei. “Please hold still, dear,” she whispered seductively behind his left ear before Issei suddenly feel something wrapped around his head as his eyes see blackness. Akeno just put a blindfold around him. “I got a wonderful surprise for you Ise, I don’t want to spoil this one for you. Just hold on a bit there,” Akeno reassures him sweetly as her hands caress his face from behind.

‘Oh man, this is like what Rias did to me before. Would Akeno think of doing the same to me? Whatever it may be, it gets me excited!’ Issei’s thoughts race and his heart beats rapidly with anticipation for what Akeno is offering.

Akeno guides her beloved Issei to a chair. Here she gently ties him down with his arms behind him. She makes sure Issei doesn’t get discomfort, at least not yet in a way, so she gives him kisses on his neck and cheeks. ‘Hey this is something very familiar. Is Akeno really gonna do what Rias did to me? Does she have her own plan for this?’ again Issei’s thoughts race, pondering what she’s planning on doing.

“Are you settled?” Akeno’s sweet voice calls out from the supposed darkness in Issei’s sights. “I am. What are you...?” Issei intends to ask but Akeno’s finger on his lips quiets him. “You’ll see soon enough, my dear Ise,” Akeno said, sounding sweet and seductive at the same time. Akeno then begins fixing some things in his room. A few moments later, she’s finished.

“I’m done fixing something here. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, here we go,” Akeno said as she begins removing his blindfold. Issei’s eyes behold that Akeno is wearing an under-kimono dress with the lower part cut up to her thighs and that there’s the same small platform and pole that Rias used two nights ago. The lights in his room are dimmed to get mood right. Just the lights from a lampshade and a few scented candles that illuminates the room, giving Ise the feeling of arousal in the air.

‘I am right! Akeno is going to do an erotic dance for me. But will she try to be equal or be better than Rias? Oh wow, what another great night! More ecchiness from one of my girls!’ his thoughts say.

“My dear Ise, your guess is right. I want to do something very special for you. I want to pleasure you in many ways possible. If need be, I’ll try to be better than what Rias gave to you two nights ago, be more perverted just the way you like it,” Akeno stated, Issei can sense lust and want in her voice.

“You want to do this?” Issei asked to her, now feeling both very excited and a little nervous as he wasn’t anticipating this before, but leave it to his harem to always throw surprises for him.

“Of course, I love doing this. I will successfully seduce you, pleasure you and satisfy you. Whatever lewd fantasies you have, I’ll be glad to make them come true for you. All the lewd things, even the dirty ones, I’m very happy to do it all for you,” Akeno’s tone shows wanton desire, her mind clouded with naughty and lustful thoughts as Issei can clearly see in her expression.

Akeno then gets to the stereo, again from what Rias used, and begins to turn it on. Again the same sexy and seductive tunes from before began playing, although Akeno can add a few songs she’s selected for this night. Akeno begins swaying and swerving her hips slowly, the music's beat guiding her to get the right moves and mood. She then seductively takes off her under-kimono slowly.

It goes off from her shoulders and Issei can see the obvious sight of her underwear; a string bra that has a dark blue-violet color. Her dress goes down further, Issei gets excited in seeing what her set of erotic wear will be like, but he anticipates it to be a thong for sure. Akeno smiles from seeing his reaction, does what he wants to see and takes down her whole dress. His stunned eyes gazes downwards to Akeno's bottom, something a surprise for him: an extremely sexy leather black thong, covered well her sex area and the strings fully expose her buttocks. He likes what he sees, and she tries to have something different from Rias.

“Oh dear, you sure like girls wearing sexy underwear,” Akeno giggles from seeing his reaction and is pleased to turn Issei on. She then discards her under-kimono dress to the side, leaving it forgotten for the time being. Seeing how incredibly sexy she is, Issei’s arousal skyrockets. ‘Oh wow! Akeno is just too damn hot!’

Akeno then goes to him a few inches away. She bends forward with a cute, innocent expression on her face as looks deep into his eyes, deliberately showing her cleavage to him. He can't help but to stare, making his hormones go insane, accompanied his hard on getting bigger under his pants. “Oh my, you sure love boobs, especially when they’re big,” Akeno giggles again.

She then straddles his lap, then pushes her hips towards Issei’s reaction while careful not to hurt his delicate manhood, still slowly gyrating her hips. Her hands gently reach for Ise, then place his head in between her cleavage, knowing that he loves it very much. Akeno is careful to leave him some room to breathe. She sighed lovingly from the feeling of Issei between her breasts. ‘This feels so great! It’s like my own kind of paradise! This is like a better heaven!’ Issei relishes the moment of being in between a girl’s breast, no matter if it are Rias’, Akeno’s, or any beautiful girl with such features.

Issei then looks up to her and Akeno gently swoops down her mouth and captures his lips, which Issei responds back to. Akeno shoves her tongue into his mouth, Issei retaliates and both have battle their tongues into each others’ mouths. He can hear Akeno’s soft moans, enjoying the intense French kiss they share. Issei can feel her breasts deliberately squished against his chest, with Akeno pushing it more on him, knowing he likes that sensation.

Very soon Akeno breaks the kiss, intending resuming back to her erotic dance for him. She beams at him, “enjoy my treat, my dear Ise. I’m sure you’ll love it very much.” She then backs off a few or so inches from Issei and dances sexily in front of him. Issei is like spellbound by her great beauty and searing sexiness she now showcase to him. ‘Go on Akeno, satisfy me like you said you will!’ Issei’s thoughts begin to fill with perverted fantasies that he anticipates from her that Akeno is happy to give to him.

Akeno wants him to indulge and enjoy in this moment, want his arousal to reach high to make him lose himself in the love she has provided, and want him to love her even to the point where she wants him to use her as his personal toy in different vibe from that of Rias. She would belong only to him for that was what she desires.

Akeno begins by gyrating her hips in a very erotic manner while letting her feet be stationary. She's doing her best to dance better and sexier than what Rias gave Issei previously. His eyes grow in amazement and little disbelief from her actions. Akeno makes his gaze lock on her, wanting him to watch her. She also feels pleasure from Issei 's gazing at her as she's doing her thing. She wants to prove her love and devotion to him.

Issei can only watch her in stunned amazement, helpless to turn away like she has indeed casted a spell at him. Akeno is pleased at this; he's starting to enjoy this. She danced with much enthusiasm and enjoyment. Her hips swerve, showing her lovely curves, while touching herself. With every move, her breasts shake to and fro, which Issei has the pleasure of seeing it. Her hands then go down in between her hips, rubbing against her pussy heatedly while still dancing.

After a few minutes, Akeno hopped onto the tiny stage and held on the pole tight as much as she can. Looking at Akeno with a lewd expression and smile, she grinds her body against the metal stand. She danced in the most erotic ways beyond what Issei or anyone can comprehend. She licked the pole as her body grinds up and down to it. Seeing this makes Issei 's erection get hard under his pants. Akeno merrily dances on the pole for a while; swaying, swerving her hips and grinding herself against the pole, doing other variety of erotic moves, all in slow movements to the beat of the sexy music in the backround.

Akeno then hooks each of her legs around the pole and caress them, showing how impressively skin white her legs are. Then one hand of hers goes down to rub her thong-covered clit while still dancing. She could feel herself getting wet, and pleasured from Issei watching her. She then thrust her hips forward and back, making it brush at the pole.

After Akeno is finished with the thin steel column, she goes over to her young master and puts her right leg on the bed on Issei's left side, and dances, her hips swaying erotically. Issei can see her under side, the leather thong covering that area that Akeno will soon reveal to him. Her hands then caress her wet lowest regions; they rub her sensitive part slow, on the outside of her thong, giving herself pleasure in her entertainment for the future harem king. She does the same on her left leg.

She then goes to perform a sizzling lap dance, turning him on further. She sat on Issei's lap and grinds her butt on it, feeling his manhood poking on her behind. Issei groaned in arousal as a response, letting her know that he is enjoying this so much. Then she stood up and goes back to the stage, her hips sway from her every step.

Facing Issei as usual, with her right hand holding the pole, her hands hold on her small bra and jumbles on them, showcasing how incredible her breasts are, making Issei be into his perversion mode. Her hands reach at her back, turns 180 to let Issei see her unclasping her bra. Then she turns back to face Issei, her face plastered with her usual smile, with a hint of being raunchiness in it, expressing of how much she loves doing this to her beloved Issei.

Going with the flow of fitting erotic music in the backround, she slowly takes off the straps off her shoulders and let it drop. Her enormous bosoms at last exposed before Issei. The sight of this makes Issei smile happily, his jaw drop in slight shock as well as an arousing anticipation and is further being turned on from her actions. "Oh my, my Issei sure loves big breasts!" Akeno giggled from seeing his reaction. She then threw her torn bra towards Issei, landing on his lap.

Issei focuses back at the now topless Akeno and she plasters herself at the thin steel column. Yuuto can fully see her hardened nipples. Looking at her harem master once more with lewd eyes, she grinds herself and the valley of her breasts against the pole slowly and fervently, as hard as she could, several times.

"Watch me Ise, I know you love this, so don't turn away," Akeno said to him with a kind yet lusty tone. Issei is enjoying this, she's making him think many dirty fantasies about her and become perverted. She continues her erotic dance, making it steamier and even raunchier. Akeno is truly making this special night something that can even Rias’ special night for Issei. The fallen angel-devil hybrid is having fun seducing Issei and impressing him.

"I hope you'll watch me, my Ise, because I love doing this. I don't want you to turn gaze away, I want you to continually watch me because that gives me excitement," her tone indicates much lust and enthusiasm in her routine, a bit considering sexually driven. She's absolutely not shy nor embarrassed in this, something she won't be regretting. "As you wish Akeno, I'll watch you all the way!" Issei is really captured by her words and would just watch at her doing many sexy techniques to his viewing satisfaction.

Akeno closes her eyes and imagines the pole as Issei as she makes love to him. Akeno moans sexily and calling her Ise's name in ecstasy. She then again licks the pole, imagining she's French-kissing Issei while continually rubbing herself against the pole.

Akeno then hooks her right leg against the pole as she bent over in a curve, fully her exposing her enormous breasts pointing to the ceiling. She does the same on the opposite leg. Issei started breathing erratically as his hormones go wild as her free right hand rubs one of her breasts as she mew sexy low moans. Her hand then goes down to her lower regions again, rubbing her regions slow and with fervency as she still dancing. Her body went down with her hand still in between the hips, her left hand holding the pole as she stares at Issei wantonly.

For a while Akeno dances in much variety of styles. She sways and swerves her hips in many sexy moves she can think of, her hips thrusting back and forth. She then faces Issei, her back to the pole. There she expertly thrust forward and back, sways and swerves her hips very sexily, while her hands hold the pole behind her and above her head. Akeno is doing all she can to satisfy his ego, because that's what she desires to do for him.

Later she goes over to Issei and sits on his lap. Looking over her shoulder to see his expression, she grinds her butt all over his lap, feeling his erection poking at her. She fights down the urge to make love to him because she enjoys seeing Issei writhe in pleasure watching her, make his arousal go beyond and let him endure this pleasurable night from her treat.

Akeno then turns 180 to face him, adjusts her position to be comfortable, and does a sexy lap dance. She places both her hands behind her head, giving Issei a full view of her lovely bosoms. He watches them bounce to and fro as she performs. 'Oh yes! More Akeno! Come and make my lewd fantasies be reality!' Issei can't help but to drool from this.

Issei then looks down at her black thong making erotic moves. Later Akeno shoves her bosoms towards him in a sudden move, smothering and rubbing her lovely bosoms against his face. Issei can only leave her having her way and, despite being tied to the chair, enjoys what she's giving him. She continues doing her lap dance then, again in a sudden move, she holds his cheeks and suddenly leans in for a quick kiss. Their tongues duel against one another for a minute, exchanging saliva. Akeno is doing all she can to make this kiss hungry but passionate.

Akeno then stood up and walks back to the pole, swaying her hips, showing off her perfect curves. She plasters herself back to the pole and grinds her body on it, more especially her bosom's valley. She continues to happily grind her body against the pole hard, also attempting to let the cold steel adjust to her temperature. Akeno looks at him being entertained and aroused, looking at him wantonly with lust vividly seen in her eyes. She danced erotically while massaging her breasts for extra pleasure and to compress the pole.

Issei keeps on watching her as she dances merrily and grinding her body against it as she imagines the pole as him, giving him an insight on what she'll do to him later on. Akeno's left hand then went down to her lower regions again, rubbing her regions slow while continually swaying her hips. Her body goes down with her hand in between her hips, her free right hand holding the pole.

Afterwards, with both of her hands hold onto the pole, her hips sway and swerve sexily while trying to let her legs remain immobile. As her hips swerve they brush against the pole, giving an even more sexy sight for Issei's eyes to behold. Issei becomes more heated and hard on his manhood; Akeno wants him to enjoy this as much as she is. Then she puts her right hand behind her head, to make her look sexier, while the free left holds the pole. Issei watches her swerve and sway, thrusting forward and back, all slowly and sexily, truly beyond what anyone can handle in their minds. She dances like this for several minutes.

She then again goes in front and holding the pole behind her head like before. Her back and buttocks rub the pole behind her as she goes up and down. Akeno then continues to dance as usual. Like before, she then gives herself a challenge by swaying and swerving her hips without shifting her feet while her hands hold the pole and help stabilize her. She performs this that lasts for many minutes. Akeno wants to show to Issei that she is talented doing this, and can do this without a break.

Akeno then suddenly puts her right hand at her thong-covered crotch, still not going inside it. Her left still holds the pole behind her as she dances while still rubbing her crotch, then she switches with her other hand; again doing it for many minutes. Everything seems to last a long time but she doesn't mind; what matters is letting her Issei is enjoying the show she happily gives.

Afterwards Akeno goes to grind herself and the valley of her breasts again; just part of her plan to go back and forth whenever she wants to at her leisure. She grinds herself several times and again dances on the pole like before, dancing like there's no tomorrow and to certainly entertain Ise.

Later she then goes down to Issei in a graceful manner, never stopping her hips from swaying. Akeno grips the chair from behind Issei, giving her anchorage as she drapes around Issei. Her head hovers above his, looking down at him with a smile, her breasts are in his direct front.

"Are you enjoying this so far, my Ise?"

"Yeah, it's definitely good. But when will it end?" Issei darts his sights on both her face and her breasts as they wiggle a little from the slightest movement, feeling undecided. 'Damn, should I look at her or at her enormous lovely bosoms?'

"Whenever I feel like it because I'll keep on dancing all night if it has to. I want to give pleasure to you, see you getting more aroused."

"Ok then, see if you can go on. Satisfy my perverted needs further!" Issei feels like he gives her a challenge, and it's clear that Akeno is having fun on this. He wouldn't mind if it goes on, he's enjoying the treat that Akeno is giving. Issei recalls for a moment of what Rias gave the same and it’s still nothing short of pleasurable. Now Akeno wants to give him more than what Rias did for him. Still Issei felt satisfied of these two lovely ladies of Kuoh gave to him and only him.

"Alright then, set your eyes only on me. Please watch on, my Ise. You watching me provide me this feeling of exhilaration," she resumes her usual erotic dances and groping her buxoms, giving herself pleasure as she's doing her routine. Her moans give music to her harem master's ears. She then sits down on the pole and spreads her legs, allowing Issei to see all what's in between and under her thighs. She then rubs her vagina with her right hand, doing it over and again. Then Akeno continues to do an extremely erotic dance in front of him lasting more minutes.

Sensing of the person she loves deeply a need for something and having an idea, Akeno goes up to him, unbuttons his pants and brings it down to his ankles, surprising him. "What are you planning?" he questions the lovely fallen angel-devil hybrid.

"I have a good plan on this," Akeno answered, beaming at him. She's quite astonished to finally see the erection of her beloved something she might have been longing for a long time. Akeno gives the tip a kitten lick making Issei groan loud from the intense sensation from just a small lick.

Then Akeno puts his hardened erection in between her large bosoms. She used her breasts to compress his member, making Issei thrust upwards. Issei can feel himself getting more pleasured from this. "I'm glad my breasts can make you this hard," Akeno complimented, letting him feel more pleasured from her compliments. Akeno can't help but to tease him by grinding her hardened nipples, one by one, on his erection, giving Issei a slight tickling sensation.

Akeno can see that his tip is near her mouth, so she then slowly engulfs it in her mouth. Issei is enjoying this, however he feels that he's going to burst. With a deep grunt, Issei then spews out some of his juices onto her, but with timing, Akeno pulls away and let it spew onto her chest. It's part of what Akeno is planning to still keep things sizzling.

Afterwards Akeno kindly puts his pants back up along with his manhood, with a little difficulty considering being long and very hard. "Oh dear, forgive me if I gave you a little hard time from this, my Ise," Akeno giggles. “No problem,” he replies.

With her chest slathered in Issei's juices, Akeno returns to the pole. She grinds her chest against it, putting much of his liquids sticking onto the pole, though it has on her neck too. Akeno then happily licks the pole and his substances while going up and down, making sure she gets every liquid. She puts in every spill of his fluids to the pole for her to lick it all off. Akeno feels much happiness and ecstasy of tasting her Issei's sweet fluids.

After taking in all of his fluids on her, Akeno once more rubs her thong-covered vagina. She puts her back on the pole, her hand holding it behind her to hold her up as she dances while still rubbing her womanhood, doing it for some more minutes.

Then Akeno's free hand goes inside her thong and fondles with her vagina. With her hand inside her thong, she places three fingers and begins pumping them back and forth. She moans, facing Issei as she keeps on fingering herself. Issei can hear her sexy moans of his name. She pumped fast and hard under her only clothing on her as grinds her back and buttocks on the pole, with her other hand holding it so her legs would not collapse from the increasing pleasure, all while dancing erotically throughout.

After some minutes of masturbating while dancing, her hand came out, covered in her own juices though she hasn't reached her peak. She spreads it on her only garment, letting get wet. Akeno then resumes licking the pole all over, grinding on it with her chest and neck so it put all his juices slathered on her onto it. Akeno plasters an erotic expression, turning Issei on further as to give a thrill. She dances with her thong extremely wet, her wetness even went above her knee line.

For another move, she goes down from the small stage and stand in front of Issei. Like before, she danced erotically in front of him. She does to the method of swaying and swerving her hips, giving Issei a very hot view. Like earlier, she danced while touching herself. Then she puts her hands behind her head, wanting to further expose herself to him, showing him her bountiful breasts. Issei sees her breasts bounce to-and-fro nearly nonstop. He just feel very aroused, Akeno slowly making him lose his sanity from her routine.

Akeno then goes back to the pole and dance the usual ways to erotica. She feverishly grinds herself against it, holding the pole tight. Her hips sway and swerve, thrust back and forth; pretty much dance in many sexy moves she can do. She just dances on the pole in many various moves for half an hour without taking a break to this point. Her moves were sexy beyond comprehension. She dances better than even a real pro stripper, satisfying Issei's ego.

Before both know it, the backround music concluded. “Oh my, it’s all over now,” Akeno said in a playfully sad tone. ‘Oh, this indicates that Akeno will have sex with me now!’ Issei thought, anticipating what may come next.

Akeno walks back to the stereo and, in a way that Issei never expects, she restarts all the songs, 15 of them. Issei knows it as he’s familiar with the first song being played an hour and half ago. Akeno continues on dancing erotically and pervertedly, as in resuming her routine for her Issei. He knows she’s a full-blown sadist in battle, but this is like a different kind of sadism: having to make him watch her and endure this pleasure all over again, make his desperation for her and arousal go much beyond his limits. Even then, Akeno makes sure Issei enjoys this to the fullest.

“Hey Akeno, what are you planning? What is up with you?” Issei questions to her. “It’s a part of your enjoyment, my Ise, the one I enjoy doing. The more you enjoy watching me and getting aroused, the more it excites and arouses me. I love it when you watch me do this and I want you to watch me more so I can be excited more,” Akeno answers to him with such heated lust. Truly Akeno loves to entertain, pleasure and service the one she loves and because of the thrill she found in it.

‘Oh gosh, I’m gonna have to go through this again! It’s pleasurable to watch and I love it, but I want to have sex with Akeno now!’ Issei thought of, arguing to himself if he’s complaining or enjoying about this. He’s helpless as Akeno still continues her erotic dancing in front of him, making them sexier than before. He has to endure another hour and half as a result of Akeno wanting to have her fun with him.

When all 15 sexy songs are done, Akeno has been aroused enough of seeing Issei being more aroused. Now she wants to make love to her Issei, the thing that both had been desperate for. She walks over to Issei, seeing that he wants her so bad. “Oh my, you really want me now, do you?” she playfully asked. “Yes, I do!” Issei answered with a tone of someone who’s hungry for sex. “Oh, very nice,” she responds and she sits on his lap, grinding her crotch against his. “I want you now Ise, and I know you also want me,” she just have this great desperation for lust in her expression.

Akeno leans to hungrily kiss Issei and he responds with desperation of his own. She presses her near naked body against Issei’s. ‘Curse these clothes of mine! I want to feel her breasts upon me!’ he thought as he wonders when he can remove his clothes to feel her. Their kiss may be hungrier and deeper than any kiss; their tongues clash together, saliva spilling into each of their mouths, with moans emitting from the couple. Akeno's hands wander around Issei's heated body. His arousal made him lose his control, Akeno also loses herself into her carnal urges. Now they feel they're all but feral animals hungry for sex.

She then had to part to give both of them air, leaving a saliva strand between them. Again she goes forward to kiss him deeply. Giving Issei what he wants, her hands goes down to him and let his hands finally be free from the restraints. At last for him, Issei can finally hold Akeno in a firm embrace, desperate to touch her. His hands may be free, but his ankles have yet to attain their freedom as Akeno still has plans.

Issei then pushes Akeno back from the kiss and hungrily puts his mouth over her left breast, his left hand gropes and play with her right. “Oh Ise! Do that! Ah! It feels great of you doing that!” Akeno moans in delight over Issei’s actions. Akeno have her hands on his head and pushed him further into her mounds, also with her pushing chest against him. She could feel him using his tongue as he licks her nipple and suck on it at the same time and she loves every second of it. Issei indulges himself of being in between one of his girls that have a large buxom.

After a while, his left hand then goes down to her leather thong still on her and tries to pull it down her. Akeno gets what he wants and she reluctantly pulls out from him to stand and takes it off her, leaving her in the nude. Issei can only stare at her lovely buxom figure with the eyes of a hungry wolf. However he notices that Akeno is smiling at him with lust shimmering in her eyes, never being embarrassed in his presence nude nor doing her erotic dance before.

“Come here, Akeno, you know what I need,” he commanded, pointing down at his pants as he still hungry for her. “As you wish, my Ise,” Akeno gladly came over him and takes off his belt then his pants down to his ankles that have yet to be removed while Issei then takes off his shirt. “Aren’t you gonna free my ankles?” he asked as he discards it. “Not yet, however I’ll give what you want,” Akeno says.

Akeno drapes herself over Issei and presses her breasts against his chest and this time Issei can feel it fully by his bare chest. She can tell he has been working as his muscles seem hardened. She kisses Issei once more, their hungry mouths wanting more of each other, their naked bodies pressed ever more against one another. Their hands roam around, especially Issei’s that have yearn to touch her. Both hardly contain their insatiable desires as both do all they can to pleasure themselves.

As they break their kiss, Akeno readies herself for letting him take her virginity. “Let’s make love here, you can have my virginity, I want you so badly, my Ise,” Akeno says to him with such feral desperation. “Hey don’t you think it’s gonna hurt?” Issei quickly asked, reminding her of a consequence for first timers. “I know, but I can handle the pain and welcome it fully,” Akeno answered. Issei remembers her being a masochist and this is something she may not expect but is willing to endure it.

Akeno lowers herself gently, moaning at his stiffness going inside her. Breathing deeply, she drops herself onto him, getting impaled fully by it and broke her hymen in one go. She screams from the pain yet Issei sees that she’s smiling as if she enjoys the pain. “Oh, Ise, you now have my virginity. I’m feeling happy,” Akeno says, her body quaking from the hurt.

“You ok?” Issei feels concerned for her being, which makes Akeno happy from how much he cares.

“Of course. This pain, is quite exquisite...something I can barely knew before. But you don’t need to worry, as long as you feel good, I can endure this. Now let me enjoy this because this pain will soon be gone...”

Regardless of the pain she’s enduring, Akeno pushes her hips against his, letting his stiffness grind into her walls as it still adjusts to his size. “Come Ise, push against me, its ok,” Akeno encourages to him. Issei loves the feeling of being inside her, so he does what she says and from his own feral wants. “Oh yes Ise!” Akeno says in joy, which Issei is astonished that she enjoys this exquisite pain.

Soon Akeno feels the pain gradually dying out and soon pushes against him more. Issei slowly increases his speed. Akeno goes up and down on him, impaling herself again and again. Issei sees her face in a total state of carnal bliss and ecstasy, her mouth open as it lets out her pleasurable cries and her large chest heaving and bouncing every time she went down on him. Then Issei's hands shot up to her chest and he massages her breasts again, playing with her nipples and causing her to cry out in more pleasure. His hips pound up against Akeno's, their bodies in a heated and passionate state as they became faster and more forceful against each other. Akeno’s hands hold his hands to let them be pressed ever more to her lovely bosoms. Her ecstatic moans and screams fill his room, with her enjoying making love to Issei to the fullest.

Soon they're both getting close to their climaxes and Issei uses all the force he could muster. Akeno's body was about to give out. "Ise! I'm going to...!" she could barely hold it in any longer, and Issei could feel it. "So am I..." Issei too felt his body about to release itself in pleasure. "Come on Ise, spew it all in me!" Akeno encourages to him.

Both lovers are giving it all the force they can, until it’s too much for them to contain longer. Akeno cries out his name and Issei grunts loudly as he shot his seed into her and she climaxed as her juices flows down to him. They rode out their orgasms, bodies pressed together tightly and heads back in ecstasy. When their bodies have calmed, Akeno rests above her Issei, taking a little break from their great ride. It was amazing, but Issei felt it’s time for him to go free and have his way with her. “So Akeno, can you free my ankles now?”

“Alright,” Akeno beams at him and happily complies. She finally frees his ankles and takes off his pants still there, now it no longer hinders him. Issei stands, relieved to being released. “Ise, if you don’t mind, I got another nice treat for you,” Akeno suddenly speaks. As Issei ponders about it, Akeno guides him to the pole. She puts Issei’s back to the pole and he shivers a bit from the slightly cold steel. With Akeno’s luscious body pressed against him at front, he’s sandwiched between the pole and her.

To what Issei discovers, Akeno begins dancing sexily again but this time grinding her lower hips against his. Her hands go past his neck as she holds the pole there. Issei moans from the delight of her body grinding against him and is enjoying another treat she’s giving. “This feels much incredible with my body grinding against yours,” Akeno sexily complimented. Issei’s hands can’t help but to touch and grope Akeno’s buttocks and help push her into him. Akeno happily grinds her body as she dances to a silent sexual music played only in her mind. Her breasts continually being pressed to his chest and nipples dragged across it, and Issei loves it.

Minutes later she inserts his hard-on back inside her. “Ise, let’s ride it out together!” Akeno moans out and Issei instantly agrees. Akeno moves her hips forward and back, at times rolling her hips on his, in an effort to make him go deeper and her hands still firmly grip the pole behind him. Issei can feel he’s hitting her g-spot again and again. Then Akeno closed the gap between them and kissed him forcefully, thrusting her tongue into her mouth. He did the same, their tongues wrestling for dominance of each others' mouth. Akeno moans sexily into his mouth.

Later she departs from his mouth when she feels that she is about to hit her peak, and Issei too felt it. “Don’t hold back Ise! I love to take all your fluids in me!” Akeno begs to him and this prompts Issei to thrust hard and fast into her and Akeno does the same. As they’re about to hit their peak, Issei grabs her neck and pull her in to have a deep kiss to suppress their screams as he had done with Rias before. The next moment they climaxed into one another.

They separate their mouths when they need air as the climax leaves them a bit spent. Issei’s legs gave out from the ecstatic ride and he falls down to sit and rest, with Akeno still sitting on top of his hips and still clinging on him. After few minutes of rest, Issei wants a last round for the night. “Let’s have a last go, shall we?” Issei said as he carries Akeno by her buttocks to his bed and Akeno smiles in delight.

Issei places Akeno on his bed, him going to be above her. Akeno knows she has been doing her way with her Issei for too long, so she lets him dominate over her and she gladly submits to him. Issei then pushes his length back into her and finds her g-spot again. Akeno gasped in response as Issei starts to thrust steadily. Akeno squeezes her legs onto Issei's waist so he can pump into her deeper and with more force applied. Issei again gives her another kiss, pushing his tongue in her, and Akeno lets him take over her mouth as they exchange saliva.

Later Issei breaks the kiss, Akeno places his face on her lovely cleavage. Since he had experience with sex with Rias, Issei is getting good at this. He then departs from her cleavage to focus more in his drive, with Akeno wanting to cling on him dearly and press her body more against him fervently, sandwiching her breasts into his tough chest. "Oh! Ise! I love you, uh, so much! Aah!" Akeno cried out, the pleasure so intense as she feels his hardness grinding against her walls within. "Akeno!" Issei grunted in between his moans as he continues doing deep and hard thrusts, thumping at her g-spot every time.

Both can feel near their high point again. Akeno tightens her legs around him while Issei holds her as tight as he could, their bodies pressed tight to another. As he pumps into her tightness, they reached their climax. They scream out in a rapturous bliss. They held to one another tightly as their bodies had their release and they wait until their bodies calm enough. Issei falls onto Akeno’s cleavage, spent of his energy but is greatly satisfied of this night.

“How’s this night, my Ise?” Akeno asks him sweetly as she cradles his head. “It was great, but how are you?” Issei responded. Akeno giggles from this and answers, “oh dear, you really so sweet. Of course I had a great time, thanks to you. I really had the most fun dancing erotically for you. I’ve always wanted to pleasure you and...I never regretted giving you my virginity.”

Issei decides to rest on her for a short while as he catches his breath and energy back to get off her and lie on his bed. ‘She’s been doing her best to make this a great night, doing her best to make this special night rival Rias’. Nevertheless, both Rias and Akeno gave me special evenings I’ll never forget. They both do great,’ Issei said in his mind. He then gets a small enough energy to pull out of her, roll off her and lie on his bed, resting his head on his comfy pillow. Akeno lay on top of him to sleep onto him, still pressing her breasts against his chest.

“Good night, my Ise.”

“Good night as well, Akeno.”

They both drifted to sleep in the night, however Akeno has plans for Issei in the coming morning.

Issei woke up, having a peaceful snooze after making love to Akeno last night or in the earliest mornings. His eyes slowly open, his eyes slowly regain focus as he sees a pair of lovely large breasts in front of him. “Oh, lovely boobs...” he muttered, then he looked up to see who bears these enormous bosoms and sees the smiling, kind face of Akeno down at him.

“Good morning Ise,” Akeno greeted. “Good morning Akeno,” Issei greeted back but his voice is sounding weak.

“Oh dear Ise, you’re still sleepy aren’t you? Allow me to help you feeling awake,” Akeno said, but Issei picked up seduction in her tone. Akeno goes on top of Issei, pressing her naked body against his. Now Issei feels surprised by her actions and is almost instantly wide awake. “Hey Akeno?” he calls to her but Akeno puts a finger to his lips. “Now, now, my Ise. Last night was indeed pleasurable, but...I can’t get enough of you,” Akeno said and she crashes her lips onto his.

Akeno moans into the kiss as their tongues play with each other, and she can feel something hard growing on Issei. She grinds her body against him, intending on making him get aroused. They then separate, a trail of saliva left in between their mouths, which Akeno licks it off. “Come my Ise, let’s make love once more,” Akeno said, sounding like someone still hungry for sex. She positions then lowers herself, letting get into her. Both moan loudly from their ecstatic connection.

Wanting to double the pleasure just like how it was last night, Akeno gets his hands and place them on her breasts. Issei knows what to do and let his hands do what they want. “Oh yes, Ise!” she moaned in joy from his touch as her hands help his hands play with her large bosoms. Akeno goes up and down on his hardness, crying in pleasure, enjoying herself in this carnal bliss.

Sensing they're about to hit their peak, Issei bucks his hips intensely as her walls constrict around him. Akeno now feels too and is enjoying every second as it gets more intense in her. She goes harder against Issei, eager to experience another release made by the person she loves. With the skill and remaining strength he has, Issei pumped in her harder until it finally comes.

"Akeno! I am..."

"AH! ISE!"

Her walls then clenched firmly around his and lovers reached their peak. After a little while their bodies calmed down, Akeno goes down on Issei as their arms encircled one another, relishing the warmth and love that lingered between them. Akeno spoons him as he catches his breath back. "That was great Ise, you're great." Akeno complimented breathless. "Yeah, it was fun." Issei replied. Once they regain their breaths back, Akeno again presses her body against him.

“Want another round, my Ise?” Akeno asks sexily.

“Umm Akeno, I would love to, don’t you think you’re pushing me a little too much and we’re supposed to be up by now before anyone could see us?” Issei reminds her.

“I get it, but one more round, ok?” Akeno begs cutely before him and Issei don’t know if she can resist her.

Before Akeno makes her move, a red light appears in Issei’s room with symbols on it. Issei recognizes it and sure enough, Rias appears before the lovers. “Rias!” Issei called out. “Oh good morning Rias,” Akeno greeted leisurely with a smile.

“I think that’s enough Akeno, don’t you think you’re pushing cute Ise a little too much? Even for our beloved harem king, he has limits. And he has a date with me and the rest of his girls today, you included. Additionally, breakfast is almost ready,” Rias says to them, not really sounding angry or menacing, but still serious enough to make her point. “Oh, I was hoping for one last round to let our cute Ise be awake,” Akeno pouted to her.

“She does have a point Akeno, maybe another time and you’ll get another chance,” Issei says to her. “As you wish, my Ise, I promise that things will get interesting again,” Akeno winked at him seductively.

Issei gets up and starts thinking of what clothes to wear, then the still naked Akeno goes to him. “I’ll help you get dressed up, Ise,” Akeno sexily says near his left ear, causing Issei to become flushed from this. “Come on Akeno, that’s getting unfair! Fine I’ll help out too!” Rias then gets into the fray and tries to do the same. “Hey come on girls, slow down. I can do this, thank you. And Akeno, get your clothes back,” Issei says. “Alright then,” Akeno agrees and they eventually dress up in their civilian clothes.

When they’re done, Akeno and Rias cling to Issei’s right and left arm respectively. “Let’s get a move on, Ise. And again Akeno, don’t hog on him too much today,” Rias says before reminding her Queen. “Yes, I got it. Let’s go Ise,” Akeno said. They then head downstairs for breakfast, where his parents and the rest of his girls await.

‘Sure is nice having Akeno giving me a great treat last night and now going to a little date with some of my harem today. If Matsuda and Motohama are going to see me with my girls, they are so gonna be envious as hell! Nevertheless, since I’m done with work and training a few days ago, even a harem king needs to unwind,’ Issei thought in his mind as he reaches downstairs where the rest of his harem wait for him.


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