Issei's Harem, A Devil's Heaven

BY : Omamori Trinity DxD
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Chapter 11: Raynare part 1

For this chapter here, this is going to be unique take on how I make a lemon fic here, and there's gonna be a story to be made in here. I did mention about personally say that Omamori Himari, Trinity Seven and Heaven's Lost Property crossover well into DxD because they're all harem, now that will be evident right here for this girl. If you happen to know them, then you'll know the characters from there that I'll input here as one part of one story here you're familiar with. This may look strange to you, but this is what I decided on because I feel they fit well with this. You'd likely have other choices to crossover in this, but this just me personally doing this as I like them and I go with my personal choices with how I want it to go in this crossover idea of mine. Hope you still like it though, even if it does appear different and strange to you. Please don't flame me for making this story of mine.

I will do Raynare in what I made for it; I saw some other authors about having Raynare getting to be with Issei, I say they did a good job at it on their own and in their style, however this is my own personal take on it. I thought up on having an identical twin of her to which they'll confront, and I do this because I want a way for DxD to still go the way it is as it was before while a way for Raynare to join Issei and be part of his harem. We can't deny how hot Raynare is, thus we've been making our own story about her being with Issei, but as I said, this is my take on it. Plus it could be interesting to her voice actresses, especially Felecia Angelle, to voice both of them as if she's fighting against herself.

For this evil twin they'll face, I decided to go for the misspelled name of her back before: Reynalle. It may be odd and maybe uncreative to you, but this first villain is one that's doomed to fall. We know how villainous she is, so let this one that'll the take the fall take it.

For this, I am going to write in Raynare's perspective, so it's gonna be a POV fic. I'll make this fic according to what I know and feel like making this to be to make it fitting and giving her some backstory. Please no flames, don't be harsh and I hope you'll enjoy this one, like the story I made for her as this is my creativity.

As I write this, I discovered that this is kind of long to put it all in one chapter, so I decided to split it in two parts: this one a backstory so you could understand and get the gist of it, and the next one will be the lemon part. I got these from the dub of DxD, which I made some alterations to befit this crossover, though the main focus is on Raynare.


Pairing: Issei x Raynare

Chapter Short Summary: A backstory of Raynare on how she came to defect and side with Issei.

I bore the name Raynare. Born from the heavens, unfortunately I have left it and became a fallen due to me having lustful intent and desires. My identical twin, Reynalle, was also banished due to a different kind of offense she has done. Together we were casted out, and came down onto Earth and resided into this place, a country called Japan. We joined a band of fallen angels there, with its leader, Azazel, in power.

For some time living and adjusting there, we've been getting used to live in there. I made a little living for myself as I took work at some strip club there, which is something I like to do. Have that sort of desire in me, somehow I find doing stripteases enjoyable and like being watched by this. Before I know it, I became the popular girl there due to my attractive body and feeling cheerful there. Despite me liking it and able to gain some money, I still feel something's missing: a guy who I can be with. When I'm not at the strip club, I usually help around in Reynalle's lair. In there, I helped a girl named Asia Argento and we bonded together, with me being the only one seems to be nice for her. Still it feels more of being a caretaker more than a friend. I had no idea what Reynalle intends to do to her as of yet.

Things seem to be normal until me and Reynalle were given a task by Azazel to look at a guy named Issei Hyoudou, to spy on him because it is believed he possesses the Sacred Gear residing in him. My first impressions on him are that he's just a normal but somewhat good-looking guy with perverted tendencies, someone who may be no different from me as I'm kind of a lustful girl myself. For some time, we were spying on him and I get to know him a little, to which I inexplicably started to develop a crush on him. A lot of girls in his school are obviously and very much turned off by him and his two pals' perverted antics, yet I find a bit alluring.

One day, Reynalle has a plan and told me to go under the guise and alias of "Yuuma Amano" and ask him to go on a date. "Why I do that?" I asked my twin. "Well, err, you go ask him out then I'll go for it. This me confessing to him, I find it rather a...chore for me to do. Think you can do it? I'm asking you for this favor, dear sister," she replied to me. I find it baffling why I do it not her, but I interpret it as she likes to date him as well. Perhaps we could get a share and Issei may not figure out the difference in terms of appearance since we appear so much alike. It might be hilarious to see Issei's reaction on each of us dating him, we could switch places and he wouldn't notice; the personality might shift, which will be subtle hint of us switching places, and he still thinks it's one person. This will be interesting. "Very well then. If you're gonna date him, let me have a shot at it too," I replied to her, to which she just nods. I feel happy, thinking that things could turn into something new and interesting in our lives.

One afternoon, I came upon Issei who appears to be heading home. I was wearing this school uniform unknown to all, thinking it's a uniform from another school, to which never exists at all as this is something Reynalle made. I then approach Issei upon a bridge. "Excuse me," I began, "you're Issei Hyoudou from Kuoh Academy, right? Or am I wrong?" Issei looks to his left to face me. "Um, yeah?" he acknowledges quizzically, looking at me with curiosity. "Hi, I, ah," I stutter, feeling rather shy under his apparent inquisitive gaze. Normally I wouldn't feel like this, but here I am before the person I develop a crush on. "Um, hey is there anything I can help you with?" he asks, turning to me. "Sort of," I replied as a wind blew up my miniskirt, to which I pay no heed to.

I still press on. "I just wanted to ask a quick question: are you seeing anyone right now?" "Now? No," he answered. "That's wonderful!" I exclaimed softly, still feeling shy. "It is?" he questions, more puzzled than ever. "Ah, in that case, since you're single, do you think you'd like to go out with me?" I asked that one thing I wanted to ask, but I manage to pull it through. I notice Issei was startled at this, something he never expected to a girl asking him out. I can tell this is his first time and so is mine. "Go out with you? Um, I..." he tries to gather the words to reply back to me.

"I've been watching, you pass by here a lot and you seem so...I don't know...gentle, and very handsome, and I...see, the thing is..." I now summon all my courage and efforts in this. I can't afford to blow this up. "I'd like for you to be my boyfriend!" I said it straight and true. Issei was definitely surprised at this. For a moment that seems like a lifetime, there's an awkward silence between us and I can feel my heart racing by. "Go out?" he asked, getting closer to me. "Yeah. Next Sunday afternoon. Can you do it?"

"Sure. That sounds great. I can do it anytime you want," Issei says to me. "It's a date then," I happily proclaim. I lean a bit close to him, saying, "night!" "Yeah, you too," he says to me likewise. I then turn and jog in the opposite direction. For a moment, I feel such elation. Then I stop and turn to him once more. "I really am happy you're my boyfriend!" I said to him and then continue to jog on. I can just see it now: Issei also happy and wanting to jump around. The feeling is mutual; I feel a sense of sweet victory in this. I feel relieved I let it out, with Reynalle apparently pushing me to go for this.

I arrived at the abandoned church where we make our hideout just as the sun slips down over the horizon and the night slowly engulfs the skies. We have our own group of fallen in there. Reynalle was waiting for me at the entrance. "How'd it go?" she asked to me, eager for the outcome. "He accepted!" I happily told her. "Ah, yes. Good work, sister!" she complimented. "Right. Remember, we can switch out, right?" "Yes. We will get things in motion now." From what she said, I thought it is something else, so I don't suspect much. Maybe she wanted to share Issei as well.

However I still have a task to do: I myself still need to do work at the strip club there somewhere. Now that I found Issei, I could just leave the club and do something really special for him. He'll surely be shocked that I'm a soon-to-be used to be a stripper at a club here, he could be twice as shocked that he's been dating identical twins switching places, although it'll be an utmost nuclear shock that I'll reveal to him that I am or we're both fallen angels. But perhaps I feel I could do a little more work here until I'll eventually leave, which will be soon. I was happy during work, but I feel I'll be twice as happy and thrilled to do this for Issei.

A day came when I meet Issei and introduce me to his friends Matsuda and Motohama, I greeted them normally and showing not much interest in them. I can tell how much they're envious of Issei that he got a girl asking him out...a hot girl no less. We then go out on the date on Sunday as we had planned. And also what me and Reynalle planned, we switched on that particular day. "Have fun!" I told Reynalle. "Yeah sure," she replied to me rather stoically. I saw her going to Issei and greeting him, then going out with him. I giggled, laughing inwardly about how he cannot tell the difference. I then went on going on my day. I would have no idea of what Reynalle would intend to do to Issei, a way I never expected, an event that will change things forever, going into a point to where nothing will be reversed, no going back from.

I returned to the abandoned church that night, still wearing that unknown school uniform. I'm looking forward to my actual date with Issei this time once she tells me what's going to be the next schedule she has given to him. I wait for a little while when Reynalle returns. I see her in her fallen angel form, something that we both share, but with a little difference. I find it puzzling. "Hey sis, why are you in that form? How's the date with Issei? Did something happen?" I ask to her. "Well, the date's just a waste of my time. And Issei's dead, slain by my hand," she coldly states. I feel my heart's been pierced by a light spear and crushed by a mountain into dust. I was just so shocked at how things went, how she'd do that, how she went to defy orders given to us by Azazel. "What!? Why, why'd you do that?! I never got the chance to go with him, and we were told simply to observe and spy on him! Reynalle, what were you thinking?!" I question her, despair starting to overcome me.

"That human poses grave a threat to us and I found out he's not really worth your time. You'd rather thank me later for saving you the trouble of going out with that waste of a man. Besides it saves us a lot of trouble," Reynalle heartlessly told me. I just couldn't believe what I'm hearing. I was at a loss for words, my heart sank into a void, I look down. "Don't be concerned about him any longer. We got tasks to do. And one thing: don't tell lord Azazel about this," she said to me, walking pass me back into the abandoned church.

I just stand there, in utter silence, disbelief and in despair. Why'd she do this? I never got the chance. She also disobeyed an order from Azazel to spy on him. This is sure to put us in an uncomfortable position. Feeling bereft of anything, I begin walking away from our hideout, heading out to the city with no sense of direction or destination. I wandered around mindlessly, also heading to places where I talked to Issei, the place where I last saw him alive. My mind began thinking: if we didn't switch out and I went out with him instead, perhaps he'll still be alive? Would it make any difference if I dated him and the next date will be Reynalle's turn? My thoughts turn to my twin sister: how could she deceive me like this? Still wondering mindlessly and just go in my thoughts, I head to this place, a fountain (a place where I did not know Issei will be murdered by Reynalle and his body was nowhere to be found) where I sit down. My mind just thinks about Issei a lot, a pervert that I actually have a crush on. I thought about what we could do on dates, something that's relatively unknown to me, to which I think he could show me. Then I think about what it would've been if I just go at it and not Reynalle. I thought about her again; maybe she could be right about him? Still, she deceived me. My sister, whom we've been through a lot together, now I feel strained and distant.

For a few days, I felt depressed and gloomy, with me refusing to see my sister. I still have to go to the strip club, to which I tried my best, but it was not to be. I can tell some begin to notice me feeling kind of bummed, out of place and not all enthusiastic as what other fellow strippers pointed out to me later. I tried to cover it up, but it's a hopeless fight. I can only just endure with it to the night, still not wanting to disappoint anyone there. When it's time for me to go, I felt a bit relieved. I feel I just lost the edge here, not when my sister deceived me. I'm still devastated over me not able to get on a date with Issei and at least getting to know him. I could just report this to Azazel, but this will further strain us. I'm still completely unsure. Ooh, this is just so messed up!

It was just another day going by for me, with me still feeling lost and depressed. On this particular day, I was just walking around when I gaze upon something that has a familiar face walking around the streets with Asia. When he gazes to the side and my heart skipped a beat. I recognize that face, it's Issei! It can't be, Reynalle told me he's been dead by her hands! How is this ever possible that he's still alive to be walking around going out with Asia? I followed them silently from a distance, with me not believing its Issei. I began to feel my hopes getting up, that Issei's still alive. Did he survive or was Reynalle just bluffing towards me? I intend to find for myself.

I found them sitting at the park, just them hanging out with one another, appearing to have a great time. Nothing much, until Reynalle shows up. Issei then shows he has this Sacred Gear with him but is beaten by her and took Asia away back to our main lair. I then knew of Reynalle's intentions and that's when I just seem to snap. This is something I cannot abide by. I then discovered there as to how Issei came back: he's been reincarnated into a devil. This is quite a shocker, but I don't care about it. I decided to help Issei, but first I need to do something. That's when I got contacted by Reynalle, ordering me to get back to the abandoned church. I went along and got there, with her and other of the fallen angels: Dohnaseek, Kalawarner and Mittelt taking in Asia.

"Reynalle, what is going on?" I asked. "It appears your little man Issei is still alive. He's coming after us, after Asia for sure. I need you to help me out on things," she said to me. She told me about her plans and her intention to steal Asia's Twilight Healing. "Wait, what? Doing this will kill her! Worse, we're going against what lord Azazel wants us to do! We're doing this behind his back!" I implore to them. "I know, but if we do this, we can please him and be able to do our kind a favor from this," Reynalle states. "Ok, but I still feel us going this behind his back is not worthwhile. I say we got to stop this radical move before it gets any worse for us," I protest to them.

"Oh come on, is Raynare being scared of what's to come? Grow some confidence as your sister had!" Mittelt retorted to me. "Yes, why show concern over this? Think about it, we can become better, we can rule and we bring glory to our kind!" Dohnaseek states to me. "I agree. Remember, that insignificant little man is coming, best we prepare and summon our whole group for this," Kalawarner also chimes in. I know what she means: she means bringing in the entire gang of fallen angel that's under us; we have more fallen angels being placed under our command for our group by Azazel. "Listen, I beg to you, this is not a good idea. Cease this before this dooms us all," I plead to them, but they all just shrug it off. "Once this is done, I can finally have the respect and recognition I deserved. Especially for lord Azazel," Reynalle declares. This just made me snap inwardly, they just doom themselves over this and Reynalle is being too radical. I've instantly become disillusioned over this. This I can take no further and I refuse to go down with them like this. They then tell us to be ready for the welcoming party. That's when Reynalle tells me to scout ahead to see if they're coming. I then do so, transforming to my fallen angel form and flying away but then I got the idea of telling them what is up ahead. I made a choice: I'm going to assist Issei but they have no idea of me switching sides. As I fly, I notice numerous black winged beings behind me heading the other direction. Looks like they'll be expecting a large company.

I then spot Issei with a bunch of friends heading towards our lair. I'd later know that they're his friends Yuto Kiba and Koneko Toujou. The rest that came with them, are one of the Trinity Seven: Levi Kazama, Mira Yamana and Lieselotte Sherlock, sent by Arata Kasuga to go with them; Kuesu Jinguuji, one of the demon slayers, and the snake girl Shizuku sent by Yuuto Amakawa, the wielder of the Light Ferry, a power that Reynalle also sees as a grave threat; and the Beta-class Angeloid Nymph. They became ready as a land in front of them. "Is this that fallen angel you speak of?" one of them asked, which is Kiba. "Yes, it's her! Get ready!" Issei said as they assume battle stances. Issei seems to recognize me as the one that murdered him, but that was not me despite me wearing the similar fallen angel form that Reynalle also had but with a difference: my boots reaches only down below the knee and my balck leather thong piece being complete as contrast to Reynalle's held by three thin straps.

"Wait, please listen to me, I am the twin of Reynalle, they're expecting you and they're conducting the ceremony any minute and I cannot stop them," I said to them, trying to get them to understand. "Like hell I'd fall for that lie!" Issei spat back to me. "No, wait Issei. Let's listen to her, she seems genuine in how she's warning us," the guy, who turns out to be Kiba, said to Issei, calming him down. It took some seconds, but Issei relents. "Fine. Speak." I then tell them about me having an identical twin sister and she was the one who killed Issei before and my reason for helping them. "So there were two of you all along? And you look exactly identical? This is quite a revelation," Issei remarks, though it feels like he's still processing it. "It's true. I thought about dating seem interesting, I thought my sister wanted to do the same. But she deceived me, going against, um...everything what I strove for," I said; I still can't say about me spying on him because of his Sacred Gear. "Please believe me, I'm here to help you. That...I'm at your side. They still think I'm with them, so this can be an advantage," I said. They look at each, and after a little time, they seem to accept me.

"Very well, but you'll have to lead us," the girl with the silver-white hair in a Gothic outfit warns to me; who turns out to be Kuesu. "We'll ensure you'll not lure us into a trap," the ninja girl said; who is Levi. "The others are taking care of your comrades. You're ok with that?" the Beta-class Angeloid ask to me. "...Yes. They likely bit more than they can chew. But time is of the essence. You got to make a move now. I'll be waiting for you and I'll assist you the best I can," I said and then fly away. I return to Reynalle and tell her they're coming. Most of the rest are gone, likely going to deal with the coming party, but there are still other fallen angels and rogue exorcists with us in here to guard the ceremony. This could be quite the number of guards here. I still plead to Reynalle to stop, but she still goes through it as nothing will stop her from getting the Twilight Healing.

Eventually Issei and the rest arrive, likely having dealt with Freed Selzen and few of his buddies, now having reached our secret lair under the church. Reynalle then forcibly took the Twilight Healing from Asia. "No!" my mind screams; I feel this so wrong and it has passed the point of no return. The die is cast, my sister is no more, now we have to deal with this fallen angel gone rogue, to which I'll be ready to assist Issei. My mind is made up. The other fallen angels and our followers now deal with them while I can only watch. Kiba, Koneko, Levi, Mira, Lieselotte, Shizuku, Kuesu and Nymph were dealing with them and allowing Issei to go through.

I then see Issei getting to Asia and how I see Reynalle now mocking and tormenting him. I feel this is inexcusable; how could she? I see how lost she has become, that she's no longer the sister I recognize. What I see is a detestable wretch drunk with power just so she can gain respect by our superiors. I feel my blood boiling, no longer am I concerned about that wretched demon of a fallen angel. I am a fallen angel now, but I still have the care and concern of an angel. When I saw her raising her light spear to impale Issei and Asia, I then make my move. My raven black wings open wide in fury, darting towards Issei like a missile. "Look out!" I yelled, grabbing hold of Issei, with Asia holding on to Asia, out of her grasp. I flew towards the exit, they still have to deal with the rest. "Go now! We'll deal with them!" Kiba says. He, Koneko and Levi will deal with the rest. I look at Reynalle, who now appears to have this expression of disbelief at me. I just turn around and go with Issei and the rest gone with us: Mira, Lieselotte, Nymph and Kuesu.

We went back up to the church with Issei settling down Asia. Issei tries to assure Asia it'll be alright and wanting to get her Twilight Healing back fast, but it was too late. Life expires from her, leaving Issei devastated, pleading and cursing for a god to not let her be taken. I feel devastated as well; I felt I had let down Issei and Asia. I wanted to touch Issei, put my hands on him and mourn together with him, but I feel he might hold me responsible as he may still not believe me. "I'm so sorry, Issei," I can only say to him, Issei didn't respond to me back. "There's nothing you can do Issei. The Sacred Gear was taken from her, she didn't have long to live," Nymph states, albeit with sorrow in her tone.

Just then Reynalle appears next to us, along with her other strong fallen angel minions. Issei turns to her such fury I've never seen on Issei before and I dare not get in his way. I too feel my fury boiling over the decisions Reynalle did. She turned to me. "Oh my sweet sister, you dare cast your lot with this insignificant devil? All because of you having a crush on him? It's so pathetically laughable!" Reynalle directs her mockery towards me. "...I just want to have a time with Issei, that is all. And you deceived me! Plus you harm Asia and you attempted to assassinate the head of the Amakawa, and you feel no remorse! I told you it's a bad idea yet you wouldn't listen! What you are now is inexcusable. You're going against...what we set out to do! I won't be dragged down by your decision! You are no longer the sister I knew. This ends now," I declared. Reynalle mockingly laughs at me with cruel, evil weight behind it, as I expected of her. "I can't believe this, you, a fallen angel, cares for these lowly humans?" "True, I am a fallen angel, but unlike you, I still have a heart. I am not condescending towards the humans."

"You do know of the consequences, do you?" she glares at me with such evil intent. "I'll find a way. My concern now is to deal with you," I said. A few seconds of heavy, tense silence besets on us. "Very well. You made your choice...I shall now sever our ties in the most agonizing and cruel of ways. It's all for me then, me alone!" Reynalle declared before turning to Issei, mocking him for his failure to protect Asia and also mocking me for showing care to Asia.

"I've had enough of this. Let's do this Issei!" I said, my black wings spread out. "Very well. Let's do it!" Issei said, appearing to trust me to have his back. Either that or, in his rage, could just use me. Whatever it is, I'll prove I'm on his side. Right then, Reynalle's other minions were unleashed, to which the other girls have to deal with. I later learn that Kuesu uses her spells against one female fallen; Mira and Lieselotte does their own magical abilities against two other fallen, both males; and Nymph uses her stealth capabilities and analysis to indicate a weakness. She also scans Reynalle, find out her weakness is. "Keep them busy while I analyze!" she orders, to which the others comply, giving her time.

I charge towards Reynalle together with Issei. "My, two against one girl! That's just unfair!" Reynalle scoffs. Says the one who pulls dirty methods and going against what we're suppose to do. She then snaps her fingers and in came another fallen angel tackling me to the sides. My back hits the wall, creating a dent. "You'll deal with me, traitor. I won't let you interfere on lady Reynalle's fight!" a male fallen says to me. Looks like I'm gonna have to face with this one, leaving Issei to deal with my evil twin. "Soon you'll be a hindrance no more!" I said and attack him with light spears and all my abilities I have as a fallen, to which I share Reynalle more. I'm sorry I couldn't help you Issei at this moment, but I'll do what I can to deal with him quick. It was sort of a tough fight, and I can he's stalling for time. It's a light spear clashing on another light spear, crackling almost like a scene of firecrackers in an amazingly demented way. I can see Issei having a hard time dealing with Reynalle. "Come on Issei, hang on! I'll come to your aid as soon as I can!" I muttered to myself. I never knew I show care for such one person, but it matters not to me. I don't care about it anymore, I've got to help him. Also I need to make up for him for the deception she did to him.

Later I see Issei rising up and boosting his gear, now Reynalle feels concerned and scared. The male fallen turns his attention to both of them as we see a bright green light emanating from Issei. "Lady Reynalle!" he calls to her, seeing her in distress. I then see an opening. I impaled him from the side with my light spear, then I use my strength to hurl him out as hard I can, sent flying out towards the glass window. This happens to be same as Issei did to Reynalle when uses the power of his Boosted Gear. That was impressive we get to do something similar. Pity I never get the chance to help him so I too settle a score to Reynalle, but he pulled it through. I'm very amazed and impressed. For a pervert, he seems really a nice caring guy, as he showed with Asia earlier in the day, and he seems so determined, never giving up for the sake of others. I like that in a man; I find it very impressive. And alluring.

By then the battle dies down and I see the others being victorious, the other fallen and their minions lies dead. I then see Kiba with Issei, putting his arm over his shoulder, helping a buddy out. I then fly down towards them. "Issei, you did it! That was impressive!" I greeted him. "Yeah," Issei replies to me, having been spent a lot of his anger and energy upon it. "You're not bad yourself, miss," Kiba compliments to me. "That so? How can you tell?" I asked. "Yeah, what kept you guys up?" Issei asks to him. "I was instructed to stay back. Rias' orders, sorry," Kiba states. "Seriously?" me and Issei say in unison.

"Seriously. I believe in you, I knew you'd defeat her," came a voice on the altar, "and I also want to see the sincerity and conviction of that fallen angel who had sided with you. She really came through it right". I saw a beautiful voluptuous girl with crimson hair that I can tell from the limited light offered by the moon. "You did?" Issei asks to her. "Once my business was finished, we found our way to the basement and arrive just in time to see Kiba, Koneko, Levi and Shizuku having a free-for-all with a bevy of fallen angels. And it is quite interesting to see some of the Trinity Seven, miss Kuesu and Nymph in action," the crimson haired girl explains to Issei. Just then, we see others coming out. These must be this girl and Issei's friends and reinforcements.

"Well, I see you yourself is impressed with us. Now you know the capabilities our power," Nymph said. "This does seem a quarter being used of our power," Mira said. "It was quite fun, actually. Could use a little exercise myself," Lieselotte chirps in from behind her. "I didn't know if we've gotten out without you," Kiba says. "Oh man, I'm sorry I missed it," Issei says. "Well, to be honest, I was having fun myself, putting my ninja skills for some good fun," Levi says, startling me as I didn't expect her to appear at my left side.

Just then, the church entrance was opened, revealing Koneko and a busty blonde angel with a pair of white wings alongside her, carrying a beaten Reynalle by their hands; I'd come to know the blonde angel as Astraea, a type Delta Angeloid. "Look what we got outside," Astraea says. "Did someone order this?" Koneko nonchalantly says as they throw Reynalle to the floor before them. I then see her attempt to summon a light spear, but nothing came. "What the?! Why can't I...?!" she wonders. "I went outside and I've completed analyzing you. I used my Hacking Field to block your fighting abilities. You are essentially rendered powerless unless I decide to bring them back," Nymph states to her. "No! Me, could...!" I can hear her mutter, cursing under her breath.

"You must be Reynalle. Lovely entrance," Rias steps forward to greet her. Yuuto Amakawa and his guardian servant that I come to know as Himari, also steps forward, with Reynalle now literally down at their feet. "So this is the mastermind that attempts to assassinate the young lord," Himari mutters, referring to Yuuto. "I am Rias Gremory, also known as the next head of the house of Gremory," she introduces herself to her. I already suspected as such but wasn't able to fully confirm it until I heard it directly from her. "G...Gremory?! You've got to be kidding...!" Reynalle is in utter shock to know who stands before her. "And this right here, as you know, is the young head of the Amakawa family, Yuuto, the bearer of the Light Ferry that you attempted to steal for yourself," Rias states. "You allied yourself with her too?" I ask to him. "Yes I have, though I'm just another guy wanting to live his normally but also able to protect those I care about and everyone," Yuuto answers.

"Are you after his power for this?" Reynalle asks below her. "Oh yes, back to you. It's wonderful to meet you. What a shame we don't have time to chat. And to answer your question, no I'm not, but we were fortunate to have an alliance with him since he's been a nice guy and he had helped us, so we, Gremory, had rewarded him. Now, sadly for you, it's time for you to join your friends we disposed of earlier. They were rather rude to me," Rias says opening her hand to reveal three black feathers. I instantly knew that Dohnaseek, Kalawarner and Mittelt are no more.

"Hey I disposed one too and he's quite a brute that I easily took care of," Astraea piques, also showing a hand of a black feather. "Same here, I disposed three others by myself," Ikaros also reveals three feathers. I later knew they're taken cared of with Ikaros using her Artemis ability that seeks and destroys them while Astraea dealt with one with I knew had such immense strength yet was outmatched by Astraea's hyper speed and cut down by Astraea's Chrysaor sword and her prodigious combat abilities. "Ditto for Arata and 4 of his Trinity Seven too," another said, showing who I come to know as Arata with Lilith Asami, Arin Kannazuki, Akio Fudo and Yui Kurata; with each holding another black feather except for Arata and Akio who each hold two feathers. "Same goes for me," Himari proclaims, holding a black feather on her hand. All of them defeated the rest of our fallen angel group by themselves with little difficulty, and I then knew our group's been essentially annihilated.

"So you all killed them?" Issei asks in amazement. "Rias' fuse is long, but when pushed, she lives up to her title as 'Empress of Annihilation'," Kiba answers for him. "Same with Yuuto here. Normally he too is a nice guy, but if there's something threatening the innocents around, he can have such a focused and calm kind of fury," Shizuku the water snake remarks. "Whoa, I didn't know I was part of a hardcore group. Neat!" Issei seems amazed at this.

"Why'd the heiress of Gremory dare such a thing?" Reynalle asked. "I've been wondering why you get yourself involved," I too inquire about it, the only thing I can go with Reynalle at this very brief moment. "Well since you asked, after one of yours attacks Yuuto here and then later Dohnaseek had attacked Issei, I discovered multiple fallen angels have plans to attack this town. Normally I would've stay out of it, but they seem insistent on targeting my team," Rias answers. "This is also how the young master and the Trinity Seven are involved as well. My young master hates it when innocents are endangered, so he's more into it, until this incident drags the Gremorys into it," Himari also states.

"Hold on, you did it to protect me?" Issei asks to her. "Look at you, I didn't see your Sacred Gear," Rias looks at him. "Yeah. I don't know what happened, it just freaked out and turned red," Issei looks down at his left arm with that red gauntlet. "It's called a Red Dragon, which explains a lot, actually," Rias says to Issei, then she turns back to Reynalle. "Did you see this Reynalle? You weren't defeated by a dual-critical Sacred Gear after all. No need to feel embarrassed." "What?" my defeated double can only say. Rias still continues to explain Issei's Sacred Gear. "The one Issei uses automatically doubles its own power every ten seconds, allowing him to transcend both God and Satan at will. It's one of the 13 varieties of Longinus. The strongest level of the Red Dragon Emperor is called Boosted Gear."

I'm actually stunned at this. The fact that Issei possess this Sacred Gear with the ability to destroy even a god, it's pretty amazing and frightening. I see Reynalle putting her head low; she must be in utter disbelief at the revelation of this. Rias looks at Issei and goes on to explain. "The one downfall is that it requires a decent amount of time to start due to its immense power. The only reason he was able to beat you was because you let your guard down. If only you'd learn that lesson earlier, and your twin here was right all along with her warnings," Rias then looks at me. I can only give a slight nod to her.

"Issei, please," Reynalle suddenly changed the tone of her voice and appearance back to the voice I had done: to that of Yuuma Amano, surprising us. "I'm sorry, I know I said some mean things to you, but I didn't have a choice, I had to fulfill my role as a fallen angel. I mean if I really didn't care, would I still be wearing your gift?" Reynalle then lifts her left hand, revealing on her wrist the gift Issei had likely given to her on their date. A date that could've been mine and a treasure for me to keep. "Please don't tell me you forgot, you bought it for me, don't you remember?" Reynalle pleads. "No way...why do you still have that thing?" I notice how pained Issei is from seeing that. I too feel pained from seeing this and seeing how my twin is resorting to cowardly desperation act to be spared. Which I can tell is no genuine and sincere apology and repentance. "How can I possibly get rid of this? It reminds me of you," Reynalle still pleads, which Issei walks closer to her. I too walk a few paces closer to her as well. I can feel my own anger starting to swell again.

"Koneko, you ready?" Kiba asks and Koneko nods, wanting to deal with his. "Such a dirty coward, I'll finish her off now!" Astraea says, charging her Chrysaor sword and Himari drawing her sword. However Rias and Yuuto gestures to them to hold. Perhaps a good favor, as this is Issei's and my issue. "You wouldn't let them hurt me, would you Issei?" Reynalle pleads to Issei, who I can now tell is at his limit. "Shut up...I don't buy it...!" Issei mutters softly, doing what he can to contain his anger threatening to become volcanic. He then turns his back to her. "Rias, please...I can't do this," he says with finality.

"No please, Issei! Hey sis, please help me, would you? You wouldn't let your sister meet her demise, would you?" she turns to me. I too am at my limit. "Bite your serpent tongue! You are no longer my sister I knew. You made your choice, and you'd become a pariah to our community anyway. I've had enough, now face the consequences," I coldly state. Rias looks at me, giving me a questioning glance as if looking for a final answer. I nod to her and I walk beside Issei, not ever looking back.
Rias then steps forward before Reynalle in an executioner role. "You've toyed with my servant's emotions for the last time. Be gone!" I feel a red and white flash of light behind me, and then a bunch of raven-black feathers scatter around the ruined church. I can't help but letting the memories come flooding back in, the times we had together, the times we have each others' backs. She does seem like a good buddy to me, but things apparently start to change for the worse when she wants to make impressions on lord Azazel. For a moment, I feel alone, as if having lost a half of me. To which I feel she may already be dead the moment she attempts to defy our superior's orders.

Upon her demise, we turn back to see 2 rings in a green light. Those are Asia's Twilight Healing, in Rias' hands. "These are beautiful. Shall we return them?" she asks. Now the thoughts of Asia come flooding back to me. I feel immense sorrow. Me and Issei go back to Asia to return them and mourn for Asia's loss. "Forgive me too, Asia. I wish I could've done better for you. Perhaps I really fail as a guardian angel too," I proclaim with sorrow. That's when Rias puts out a chess piece of a bishop and says what she intends to. "Wait, you're actually bringing Asia back to life?" I asked. "Our good sister is about to be born again into the Underworld," Rias proclaims. We then assist Rias in the procedure to resurrect Asia. Me and Issei gently help Asia into a proper position and we stood back.

"In the name of Rias Gremory, I call to Asia Argento, hear my command: return my soul from the shadows of death to the human realm. Rise once more as my demon servant. Rejoice for you have given new life. Wake as my healer and clergymen!" she chanted. It was then over. "So what now, is she gonna wake up?" I ask to her. "Just wait," Rias simply says. Her Twilight Healing glows green then fades. I then see movement, and Asia opens her eyes, slowly sitting straight up. "You're alive! Wait, is that...really her?" Issei ponders. "It is. I don't make a habit of reviving the deceased, but her power may be useful. From here on, you are her protector. You are the senior devil after all," Rias states and walks on.

Asia turns to Issei. "Issei, uh, am I here?" Asia asks softly. Issei then embraces her. "Yes, I'm so happy. You're home," Issei says. Everyone's happy, and so am I. I too go to embrace Asia too. "Hi Asia. Welcome back," I happily said. "Ray...Raynare, that you?" she asks to me. "Yes it's me," I said. I feel some kind of happiness surging over me. I'm not sure if this is the case despite what I am now, but I feel the heavens are smiling upon us. I guess you could say I'm a fallen angel with an erotic, sometimes lustful streak with a still good heart.

Some time later, I came to make a report to lord Azazel. I then explain things to him and Shemhazai. "I see. Reynalle and her band of fallen gone renegade huh?" Azazel commented. "And you decide to side with Issei, whom has the Sacred Boost Gear?" Shemhazai asked. "I say she made a wise choice. If things have gotten worse, I would've personally dealt with it and it wouldn't be something pleasant if it meant preventing another full-blown war," Azazel states. "Well because of this, once more our numbers dwindle. This is a big blow to our kind," Shemhazai said.

I stood before them with Azazel sitting behind the desk with Shemhazai standing beside him in a dark room lit only by 4 candles. "So now that you're the only surviving member of their band, what do you want to do now, Raynare? Be honest with me," Azazel asks to me. "Well sir, I'd like to be with Issei, if that's alright with you," I replied. Azazel then turns to counsel with Shemhazai quietly. I could hear them whispering and murmuring before turning to me. "Raynare, since you remained loyal and done what you can to ensure it doesn't escalate and fought back when need to, you can be with Issei. Perhaps we can still continue to observe him, he's going to be something pretty interesting," Azazel states. "Thank you, my lord," I bowed to him, feeling elated at this. This means I can be with Issei as well. "Now that's settled, we want you to do something," Shemhazai says to me. "What would that be?" I asked. He puts out a box, revealing what appears to be a school uniform.

Some time later, I then head towards the Occult Research Club's place, with me at the entrance. I knock at the door, and one of them, Akeno, opens the door. "Well this is surprising," Akeno commented. "Raynare, that you? What are you...?" Issei asks, looking at me. "Oh, how's this on me? Do I look good?" I ask, twirling around and showing my Kuoh uniform. "Judging by that, you are...?" he asks but stops. "That's right, I'll be transferring to Kuoh, and at your level too, isn't it great?" I cheerfully answered. "That's great, Raynare, we can be friends in here too!" Asia says. "Likewise, Asia," I beamed at her.

Rias then comes to me and prompts me to come to a corner of the club room. "It's nice that you come along." "Yes, miss Rias. Although I must tell you I'm mainly interested in Issei, and I'm not really interested in being part of your peerage," I respectfully answer to her. "You know, Issei is my servant in my group. He belongs to me. Being with him is somewhat helping me as well," Rias states. "I'm fine with that. As long as I get to be with Issei and ensuring his safety, that's all that matters. Perhaps I can be somewhat a bit of an ally to you," I say to her. "Fair enough. Although what is your interest with my Issei?" she then ask me. "Well, all will be revealed in time. For now, let us just be friends," I wink at her. Rias then sighs and accepts. Looks like things will be interesting here from here onwards. And I get to be with Issei now. Seeing him happy makes me happy too. Soon, I too want to express my desires with him.

END...of part 1


This is the end of part one of the Raynare story. I promise the lemon will be up on the next chapter after this. Truth be told, I never expected it to be this long, especially the part where it covers of rescuing Asia and confronting the first villain. If I put the lemon here, it can be long and it may bother you, so I decided to split it in two parts.

You may recognize this from DxD ep 5 from the 1st season, but me altering it to fit this kind of story and the other harem animes to go with it. This may look strange and off to you, but as I said this are my personal take and my own creativity in it. I had discussed this with my friends and they told me to go for it as they like to see how Raynare gets to side with Issei and this is that. Please don't flame me for this and I do hope you still like it, find it interesting. As said before, everyone has their own way of wanting Raynare to join Issei's group or whatever they have created; they all have their own take and uniqueness in how they made it, so this is my own.

Now stand by to part 2 as it'll be uploaded soon. This chapter's meant for you to get the gist of it prior to part 2, but I promise part 2 is coming. Onward to part 2!

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