Issei's Harem, A Devil's Heaven

BY : Omamori Trinity DxD
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Chapter 6: Xenovia

Time for the next chapter to this, I know you've been waiting long, however I've been working on another fanfic (for those who follow, you'd probably know it) and been focusing on other things.

I got in mind on what this will bring; I know some of you may think it's nothing new and something done before, that there's one who say that I overuse the stripper setting, but this is something I want to do and I'm not into those kinds of other stuff seen in those things (if you get what I mean) and prefer a more erotic kind than some unlikely or "sick" kind of perversions. This is what I have in mind for this chapter, although it won't be constant. I think that this will befit this as what I planned it to be. This is also something that I've said on the previous chapter, telling you of what I'll be doing for Xenovia here if you read my closing notes.

Also for those who will ask which girl I'll do next, how about looking down, at my last notes so you can see what I'll say?

Now enjoy this one! Again no flames.

Pairing: Issei x Xenovia

Quick Short Summary: Xenovia wants to give Issei a good treat and seduction from what he wants as she knows he likes it. Rias and Akeno have done it, so Xenovia thought that this will be something to seduce and pleasure Issei if she would want to please him.

Issei heads home after another day at work or training early that morning and then going on a date in the afternoon with Xenovia. This is a schedule on where Issei gets to go and be with any of the girls as Rias arranges the schedule, making sure none of the girls would hog Issei all to themselves. Xenovia have been thinking of what to do to really satisfy Issei, and she doesn't mind all his perverted stuff. Tonight would be something that she would enact on her plans.

She recalls asking Akeno one time about what are the things Issei would like, something erotic to satisfy. "Well I gave him a nice and hot striptease, pretty much an all erotic dance for him. I know he'd definitely enjoy it, knowing him, hehehe" Xenovia remembers what Akeno said that one time at the Occult Research Club office a month ago. Sure having sex with Issei is something he'd like, but there's always a few other erotic or perverted things that he would surely enjoy and Xenovia would want to do it just as the other girls had done for him.

Since around that time, Xenovia has been learning and practicing this, with the small aid from Akeno. She'd also try to step things up, to make things very erotic that Issei would love; Xenovia too would want to seduce him just as possibly the rest had been doing, according to her.

Now that a month later, she thought that now's a good time to show the results of her practice. 'Time I'll do this tonight. I will please Issei and then, in our moment of being sexual bliss, he can start giving me his essence into my womb. I'm a devil now, taking me a while to bear his strong child, so now can be a good start. As one of his lovers, I will satisfy him and he can have his way with me tonight,' she thought as they walk on by, passing by a store to where Xenovia had secretly purchased erotic wears for her.

Later that evening when everyone's done with dinner and asking Rias permission to be with Issei tonight, Xenovia prepares the necessary things in his room. A pole is made ready, the very pole Rias and Akeno used. She checks to make sure it doesn't come loose or slip out from her grasp. Everything is ready, then she leaves Issei's room to get what she intends to wear from her room. She got what she intended for the night: a black thong and bra, all with neon blue highlights at its edges to give it a highlight of sorts, which she knows will be discarded soon, also has the same design, which does suit her best. She then dons a white robe to give a surprise to Issei. "Alright, let's do this," she said to herself as she heads towards Issei's room as Issei is probably there by now, herself feeling excited for this.

Xenovia enters his room and locks the door, making absolutely sure no one will interfere on this night. 'Forgive me for this Asia and Irina, but allow me to have this chance with Ise tonight.' She goes near towards Issei who is waiting with anticipation for something erotic Xenovia will bring to him. "So you're gonna give me something Xenovia?" he asks, expecting an erotic treat as his usual perversions starts to take over and has to keep his excitement restrained a bit. Xenovia knows he's his usual self and she'll fulfill his lustful wishes.

"I'd like to do this to get us in the mood for a romantic and lusty evening. This is a time where it's just the two of us, and I would seize this moment and savor every moment in this. I am one of your lovers, I would like to pleasure you, to arouse you, to please you just as the others had like Rias and Akeno. Now that I'm a devil, it's gonna be slow for me to get impregnated unless you'd ejaculate in me numerous times, so we gotta have sex more often. As long as I can bear a strong child from your essence, you can have your way with me, you can do whatever you want with me. And I'll gladly offer my body to you, I'll gladly pleasure you," Xenovia stated to him straight.

"So this means...I can have sex with them as much as I want without getting them impregnated soon. This is much better than being a normal human would ever have without having condoms. And I don't need to have condoms for safety, I can just make love to them! Cool!" Issei loves this idea of him able to have sex with Xenovia as well as the other girls, all would take a while because for most of them being devils, could take a long while to get impregnated, so they can have numerous sex, and he would have, or rather love to make love to them more when he would make love to other members of his harem, taking each girl a while to get impregnated as one takes individual turns.

"With that said, let's get to it right away," and Xenovia takes off her clothes boldly. Issei can see the kind of erotic wear she's having and the way colors are matches her. She stands before Issei sexily and confidently, with her left hand on her hip.
"An erotic dance huh? You know what to do?" Issei questions her, wondering how well she can do and how she'll do it according to the things he likes to see. "Rias and Akeno taught me a few tips and other things, so no problem for me. I know what to give you to turn you on," Xenovia assures him with a seductive yet confident cocky smile.

"Alright, since you said I can have my way with you, show me what you got, dance as erotic as you can, and keep on going until I feel I want to take you!" Issei orders her as he feels excitement taking over.

"I knew you want it to get things going," Xenovia smirks, knowing him getting perverted already, and Xenovia too feels the excitement on showing what she got for him, to do what he loves to see, and determined and fervent on making this night an erotic one to kick off Xenovia pleasing Issei and then making love. She turns on the music and sounds of erotic melodies fill the room, their arousal starting to pulse through their bodies.

The pole is behind her, but Xenovia will get to it later. She proceeds to dance erotically by gyrating her hips sexily, with Issei instantly getting turned on. Knowing his expression, he likes to see more and more is what Xenovia will bring. Her hips gyrate, also thrusting, doing what she can to make it sexy. Xenovia feels she's starting to like this sensation and getting to be fun for her to do. She sways her hips as her hands moved around herself, touching intimately on her breasts and vagina.

She then puts her hands behind her head as her hips dance away sexily, her feet anchored down, being immobile and letting only her hip move while also keeping her balance. "Yeah Xenovia, do that!" Issei enjoys seeing that and tells her to keep on it. Xenovia turns him on further by giving him one sexy and cocky smile. For a while Xenovia dances in much variety of styles; Xenovia is doing all she can to satisfy his ego, because that's what she desires to do for him tonight, proving herself worthy in his harem.

Some minutes later Issei thinks it's time for what else Xenovia will bring. "Now Xenovia, do what you think of doing next, go to the pole," Issei orders her and she thought of doing the next move by moving to the pole.

"I know you love seeing breasts Ise, so I'll give what you want," Xenovia said as she reaches at her back and unhooks the bra, taking it off sexily and throws it over Issei's shoulder. Issei feels drooling from seeing Xenovia's impressive busts despite them not as big as Rias' and Akeno's but still a nice large size that's still acceptable and treat to his sight. Xenovia smiles in satisfaction upon seeing Issei's reaction.

She holds the pole and dances all around it, doing a few spins then stops and dancing sexily with her hips, doing this for several minutes. She then plasters herself on the metallic object, her hot skin making contact on the slightly cold steel, looks at Issei with a cocky smile and grinds herself up and down. Xenovia lets a quiet moan, liking the sensation herself and knows well Issei loves seeing this. She then does this again for a few rounds. She holds the pole tight and imagines the pole as Issei as she makes love to him, giving Issei the hint of what she'll do to him later on. She licks the pole a few times before resuming grinding and dancing sexily on it and keeps at it until Issei tells her what to do next.

Xenovia enjoys doing this as she goes, she can feel the excitement and the fun of it for some reason. 'This is enjoyable; I know Ise loves this and so do I. This sensation and excitement I'm feeling is just thrilling and I really like to do more of it, for Ise too,' she thought as she dances on. She then holds the pole with her right hand and her left hand free as she dances erotically throughout without any signs of fatigue. Being daring, she goes on and on, grinding herself against the metallic object while still dancing. She puts her left hand behind her head, keeping up what she's doing for several minutes.

After several minutes, Issei to tell her what's next and Xenovia goes from the pole, takes only a couple of steps from there to Issei, she puts her right leg on the chair on Issei's left side, and dances, her hips swaying erotically. Issei can see her under side, her thong covering that area that Xenovia will soon reveal to him. Her hands then caress her wet lowest regions; they rub her sensitive part slow, on the outside and not on the inside of her thong, giving herself pleasure in her entertainment for him. She does the same on her left leg.

She then sits on Issei's lap, facing him. She grinds herself over him, above his hips and on his thighs. Issei groans deeply from the sensation of being used as a pole. He can also see her breasts bouncing in front of him and nearly touches his face by an inch or few centimeters. Xenovia can feel his erected rod poking her from under his pants. Issei starts to sweat, reacting on how he is enjoying this so much. Unable to resist the erotic view of her breasts, Issei puts both his palms over breasts to grope and play with them for a bit. Xenovia moans and offers no resistance, pushing her chest against his hands.

She adjusts his left leg and starts to dance over it, soon grinding herself against his knee. Issei again groans, loving this sensation. "Yeah Xenovia, keep at it!" Issei tells her and Xenovia happily complies.

Her hands goes to hold to his leg to stabilize herself as she continues at it, Xenovia's expression is an erotic one and giving sexy moans and breaths from being groped by Issei, showing how she too is enjoying this. Deep in her eyes there's love and lust mix together as Issei has seen in his girls.

Xenovia leans her face closer to Issei and gives him a deep kiss, giving him her first kiss. Their lips kiss each other with a vigorous and needy feel, tasting each other and Xenovia thrusting her tongue in him. Xenovia plays with his tongue almost skillfully, despite being her lacking experience and goes only with her instincts, and Issei responds in kind. Their tongues clash wildly, ebbing back and forth into their mouths, spilling their saliva with one another. Xenovia presses her body harder unto him, thus crushing her breasts against his chest.

They had a little tongue dancing before parting for air. There was a trail of Issei's saliva hanging on Xenovia's lips. She licks it and warmly swallows Issei's own saliva. Xenovia gives a very seductive expression onto Issei. "Go on, dance more Xenovia," Issei tells her as he wants to see more, wants to be turned on more. Xenovia nods in compliance.

"Be sure to watch me properly, I want you to continually watch me for your enjoyment. Stick your eyes on just me," her tone indicates much lust and enthusiasm in her routine, sort of borderline sexual maniacal. She's absolutely not shy or embarrassed in this; this is probably something she won't even regret in the future because she exudes confidence.

She goes back to the pole, plasters herself back on it and again grinds her body on it like before. Xenovia dances erotically while massaging her breasts for extra pleasure and to compress the pole. She again starts to grind her whole body on it, moaning softly as she closes her eyes to imagining the pole as Issei, doing the same moves as before. This is more enjoyable for both of them as Xenovia now does it all topless, her boobs bouncing around for whatever moves she's doing and seeing only her lacy thong makes it an extremely erotic sight, just as the way Issei loves it.

She starts to lose herself into all this fun and goes to take it more to erotic levels, intent on taking it far. Xenovia bends her back slightly while holding the pole with only her crotch touching the pole. She grinds against the pole by thrusting and humping on it, also gyrating her hips. Issei enjoys seeing that lacy thong of hers on her hips that are doing constant erotic moves. Issei keeps on watching her as Xenovia dances merrily and grinding her body against it as she imagines the pole as him, giving him an insight on what she'll do to him later.

Her left hand goes down to her lower regions, rubbing her regions slow and with intent while continually swaying her hips. Her body goes down with her hand in between her hips, her free right hand holding the pole as she stares at Issei sexily. She could feel herself getting wet, and pleasured from Issei watching her in pleasure. She then thrust her hips forward and back, making it brush at the pole. Xenovia closes her eyes and imagines the pole as Issei as she makes love to him. Xenovia moans sexily and lightly calling her lover's name.

Xenovia then hooks her right leg against the pole as she bent over in a curve. She does the same on the opposite leg. Issei started breathing erratically as her free right hand rubs one of her breasts as she mew sexy low moans. Her hand then goes down to her lower regions again, rubbing her regions slow and hard as she still dancing. She sways and swerves her hips in many sexy moves she can think of, her hips thrusting back and forth. She then faces Issei, her back to the pole, thrusting her hips forward and back, sways and swerves her hips very sexily, while her hands hold the pole behind her and above her head.

Later she goes over to Issei and sits on his lap, her back facing him, intending to do more erotic moves for him for what she knows or can think of based on what Issei likes. Looking over her shoulder to see his expression, she grinds her butt all over his lap, feeling his erection poking at her. She fights down the urge to make love to him, for it is premature to do that and Issei likes to see more. Xenovia then turns 180 to face him, adjusts her position to be comfortable, and does a sexy lap dance. She places both her hands behind her head, giving Issei a full view of her lovely bosoms. He watches them bounce to and fro as she performs.

Issei then looks down at her black thong making erotic moves. Later she shoves her bosoms towards him, smothering and rubbing her boobs against his face. Issei can only leave her having her way and enjoy what she's giving him. Xenovia continues doing her lap dance, then she holds his cheeks and suddenly lean in for another quick kiss. Their tongues duel against one another for a minute, exchanging saliva.

Xenovia then stands up and walk back to the pole, swaying her hips, showing off her perfect curves. She plasters herself back to it to grind her body on it, more especially her bosom's valley, and humping her crotch on it. She continues to fervently grind her body against the pole hard, and humping on it. Issei enjoys seeing this and urges her to repeatedly keep at it until he wants to see her do the next move.

Afterwards, with both of her hands hold onto the pole, her hips sway and swerve sexily while her legs remain immobile. As her crotch swerve they brush against the pole, giving an even more sexy sight for Issei's eyes to behold. Issei becomes more heated and hard on his manhood; Xenovia wants him to enjoy this as much as she is. Then she puts her right hand behind her head, to make her look sexier, while the free left holds the pole. Issei watches her swerve and sway, thrusting forward and back, all slowly and sexily, truly beyond what anyone can handle in their minds. She dances like this for several minutes.

She then again goes in front and holding the pole behind her head like before. Her back and buttocks rub the pole behind her as she goes up and down. Xenovia then continues to dance as usual by swaying and swerving her hips without shifting her feet while her hands hold the pole and help stabilize her. She performs this that lasts for many minutes. Xenovia wants to show to Issei that she is talented in this, and can do this without ceasing if need be. She had been pushing herself while enjoying this and been given tips by Rias and/or Akeno.

Xenovia then suddenly puts her right hand at her thong-covered crotch, still not going under it as she has yet no intentions of pleasuring herself. Her left still holds the pole behind her as she dances while still rubbing her crotch, then she switches with her other hand; again doing it for many minutes. Everything seems to last a long time but she hardly cares; what matters is that Issei is enjoying the show she merrily gives.

Afterwards she goes to grind herself and the valley of her breasts again; just part of her plan to go back and forth whenever she wants to unpredictably. She grinds herself several times and again dances on the pole like before, dancing with such fervency and to certainly entertain Issei. Later she then goes down to Issei in a graceful manner, never stopping her hips from swaying. Like before, with both of her hands hold onto the pole, keeping a firm grip, her hips sway and swerve sexily while her legs remain immobile.

As her hips swerve they brush and hump against the pole, giving an even more sexy sight for Issei's eyes to behold. Issei becomes more heated and hard on his manhood. Then she puts her right hand behind her head, to make her look sexier, while the free left holds the pole. Issei watches her swerve and sway, thrusting forward and back, all slowly and sexily, truly beyond what anyone can handle in their minds. She dances like this for several minutes as what Issei tells her to.

For Issei, wanting to see more she can offer or think, says to her, "What else can you do?"
Xenovia gets an idea to make it all more pleasuring to her and for his view. "You'll love this and get aroused for sure," Xenovia sexily says as she puts her right hand between over her crotch and the pole. While holding the pole with her left hand, she gyrates and humps against her hand and the pole as well.

"Whoa...Xe...Xenovia..." Issei muttered as he couldn't believe Xenovia would actually take it to further levels of eroticism and actually enjoying doing it. "Alright, keep doing that!" ordered as it's too good to see it done for real as it's been in Issei's mind and the few of his girls have done it for him.

Later Issei tells to her, "now do another move." Xenovia switches her hands and does the same. Xenovia moans sexily at the sensation. She bends backwards moderately, her right hand holding the pole and her continuously gyrate and humps against her left hand in between her. She then goes back to the pole and keeps at her erotic routine, slow and hard, sometimes going fast a bit then back to slow.

She's not masturbating to this by inserting her fingers into her vagina, but this is something close as to her simulating what she'll do with Issei later, something that Issei expects for her to do to him. Xenovia enjoys this so much, she goes on as if she's having lots of fun doing this.

Xenovia persists on to dance erotically, her eyes looking at him as she does with a sexy, seductive and confident smile. Her eyes are filled lust, desire, determination to satisfy him just as the girls had, as well as love mixed together within her yellow eyes. She grinds her body against the pole once more, her hand in between, emitting some sexy moans and breathings from her contact. Then in one move she wants to try out, Xenovia places both hands under her and humps against both of her hands and the pole, while still dancing.

Then Xenovia resumes with just one hand in between her, also alternating to her holding the pole with both hands and back again, her hips gyrate and thrust nonstop. 'Damn Xenovia, you're really good! You're pleasing me!' Issei's thoughts say, impressed with what she brings, her being happy on doing erotic things to what he wants to be.
Issei goes on watching her, and is enjoying seeing her perform. Issei does feel of wanting to make love to her here and now, him feeling his stiffness from under already as hard as it is as his perverted desires floods him, but there's something in him of wanting to see more of this because this is something he loves to see. Issei does feel a part inside him of still testing Xenovia, to truly see how far she go on or when he'll reach his limit and wants to make love to her, and still enjoy watching this show of hers and still feeding his lust. But knowing Xenovia, she'll keep on until Issei has enough.
"Enjoying me, so far, Ise?" Xenovia asks, her still dancing. "I definitely do. Now, see if you can go on until I say it's over!" Issei feels like a grand winner because he gets to indicate when it'll end though he wonders how long he can hold out until he wants to take her. "Alright then, focus your eyes on me," Xenovia responds, unfazed by his demand.

Issei feels like he gives her a challenge, and it's clear that Xenovia is enjoying this. He wouldn't mind if it goes on, he's enjoying the treat Xenovia is giving. She resumes her usual erotic dances and groping her buxoms, giving herself pleasure as she's doing her routine. She then sits down on the pole and spreads her legs, allowing Issei to see all what's in between and under her thighs. She then rubs her womanhood with her right hand, doing it over and over, giving Issei what is for him an eye candy. Then Xenovia continues to do an extremely erotic dance in front of him lasting more minutes.

'Ise watching me has given me a feeling of excitement, that I'm having fun. So exciting, that I want to do more for him. I don't mind doing this until dawn's break if it comes to that,' Xenovia in her thoughts as he still watches at her. Xenovia does multiple moves all for her to hump, gyrate and grind against the pole, doing all she can along with the moves from before and mix it up, to please Issei to what he desires. Xenovia continues her erotic and perhaps perverse dances, she loves this sensation on her and is having a lot of fun.

Then Xenovia's left hand then goes inside her thong and fondles with her womanhood. With her hand inside her thong, she places three fingers and begins pumping them back and forth. She moans, looking Issei as she keeps on fingering herself. Issei can hear her sexy moans of his name. She pumps fast and hard under her only wear as grinds her back and buttocks on the pole, with her right hand holding a firm grip it so her legs would not collapse from the increasing pleasure, all while dancing erotically throughout.

After some minutes of fondling her vagina while dancing, her hand comes out, covered in her own juices though she hasn't reached her peak. She spreads it on her thong, letting get soak by her liquids. Xenovia then resumes licking the pole all over, grinding on it with her chest and neck so it put all her juices slathered on her onto it.
Xenovia plasters a sexy and confident smile on her face, turning Issei on further as to give a thrill, as she continues to licks and grinds her whole self the pole. Now she dances with her thong soaked, her wetness even went above her knee line. Xenovia licks as much as she can, making certain not a drop of her own gets wasted. She knows this is something that Issei will be aroused by.

For another move, she goes down from the small stage and stand in front of Issei. Like before, she danced erotically in front of him. Later she reverts to the method of swaying and swerving her hips without moving her feet, giving Issei a very hot view. Like earlier, she danced while touching herself. Then she puts her hands behind her head, showing him her bountiful breasts. Issei sees her breasts constantly bounce to-and-fro and he just loves it immensely, knowing him. She really arouses him more, Xenovia slowly making him lose his sanity from her routine and to really tempt Issei to know take her.

Xenovia then goes back to the pole and still erotically dances on it like before. She grinds herself against it, holding the pole tight. Her hips sway and swerve, thrust back and forth. Sweat is present on her body; her grinding around the pole throws some beads of sweat around her, creating a dazzling sight as small glimmers of sweat can be seen before disappearing. She just dances on the pole in many various moves for an additional half an hour because Issei still wants more of it. She dances better than even a real pro stripper, and can be something that can be compared somehow to Rias and Akeno when each of them are doing it for him.

After a long while, Xenovia performs the next step to make Issei want to take her. Her hands play with the strings of her thong and slowly pull them down. She looks at Issei, questioning him with just a glance. It has been more than 3 hours since she does this and Issei sees it's now way past midnight. 'Oh well, I might as well get it over with as I want to have sex with her now and I can let her do this again,' he thought. He nods to her and Xenovia brings down her thong, again boldly. His breathings become ragged seeing the sight of her beautiful naked body, her smiling sexily at him and is not ashamed of her state.

Xenovia continues to her routine in the nude, showing off her body to him like how delicious and luscious it'll be for him to take. Xenovia dances erotically for some more minutes. She does her old sexy dance techniques before, but what's left to do is tempting Issei to the point of then wanting to have sex with her.

It's then that Issei can't hold his urge any further; Xenovia's treat and seduction had done well as well as giving him a nice treat. "Now Xenovia, you can come over here, let me know have you," Issei orders to her. Xenovia goes over to him obediently. "So have you really enjoyed my dance? This is something that I put a lot of effort into. I know I don't do as what Rias and Akeno did, but I can hope you'll be pleased with me," Xenovia asked, straddling on his waist and sits on his lap. Her arms go around his neck and let her breasts be in his direct frontal view. It seems from her demeanor, though sweaty, she is only slightly exhausted from her work.

"Yes, you were great, along with Rias and Akeno. You've done well as equally as them, I am impressed," Issei answers to her. Xenovia is pleased to hear him praise her. She embraces him and puts his face in her cleavage. "I'm glad, Ise. Now do whatever you want to my body, for it is yours Ise," Xenovia said. Issei's arousal reaches beyond what he can hold out as he now craves her badly, his lust taking over. He puts his face up and locks his lips onto hers.

Their kiss is hungry and both intend to go deeper. Their tongues clash together, saliva spilling into each of their mouths, with moans emitting from the couple. They embrace each other, their hands sliding up and down each other's bodies. Issei's arousal made him lose his control, Xenovia also loses herself as she gives in to her carnal urges. They're all similar to being feral animals hungry for sex.

Minutes into the kiss, they have to part for air, both are panting heavily. Issei wants to feel Xenovia for himself, so he takes off his shirt and drops it at random places near him. Xenovia marvels looking at his chest and licks her lips. Her hands caress his chest, making him groan a bit from her touch. Her hands reach down to his pants, proceeds unbutton and unzip it, then she removes it all for him. Xenovia can see his rod being big and wonder about how this will make her feel good just as he had the other girls feel good. Both are equally naked, with both of the lovers equally wanting one another.

Xenovia stares directly into his eyes and he can see love and an intense, lustful desire burning within her eyes. "Ise, let's now have sex. Don't hold back, do whatever you want to me. I'm yours," she said to him softly but sounding that she's craving for him. Xenovia pushes her lover down to his bed, pressing her body hard against his.

Then Xenovia rubs against his body up and down as they're still kissing deeply. Issei moaned inside her mouth and Xenovia presses and rubs herself harder on him. She kisses him until both are out of breaths. Issei flips her around so he'll dominate over her. Xenovia willingly submits herself to his will and command. He then goes down to kiss her, with Xenovia obviously returning the favor.

Issei can see that she has lost herself on her desires and passions. He then breaks off, doing his common practice of placing his hands on her breasts and gropes them. Xenovia moans loud from his groping and encouraged him more. Her hands go over to his so to let Issei keep on groping her. His thumbs skillfully play with her nipples until they were completely erect and rock-solid. Issei then goes to the pulse of her neck to kiss it, then he goes down to her right breast to suck on it while his hand grope the left. "Yes! Keep going, Ise!" Xenovia moans loudly.

Her lustful moans only embolden Issei as he keeps on going. Issei licks her nipple, then he sucks on it. He then switches to her left breast and does the same. Xenovia is pleased that Issei gets to be like this, wanting to fill his need of satisfaction that only her body can willingly provide and her wanting to experience sex with Issei.

Meanwhile his free left hand goes down to her vagina and dip his fingers in her tight opening, slightly stretching it. Issei relish in Xenovia's pleasurable cries; never before has Xenovia filled with much lust and want than what she has in her life. His fingers digging into her wet clit, his right hand still playing at her breast; Xenovia feels scorching and intense pleasure and she's satisfied to what Issei is doing to her. Seeing that she's enjoying this, Issei continues to relentlessly pleasure her, hearing more of her being pleasured, hearing Xenovia's voice this time. Issei looks down, seeing Xenovia writhing in pleasure under him.

Issei travels down to her clit and clearly sees that it's very wet. He proceeds to carefully suck on her clit; she cries and bucks up, deliberately pushing it more into his face. Knowing she's willing to give herself to him and ready for anything, to test that claim, he forces his tongue inside her clit, already can taste her juices. Xenovia cries out more in ecstasy and puts her hands on his head, pulling him more in her.

Xenovia is lost in the pleasures Issei is giving her and she's happy of him using her to fulfill his desires. "Aaahhhh! Ise!" after some minutes of stimulating her clit with his tongue, she comes out screaming his name in hot pleasure. Issei tastes her liquids and finds them to be sweet, just the flavor of Xenovia. He licks it off her, getting the remaining drops to not let it go to waste.

Xenovia lies down with her arms by her sides, looking up into her lover's eyes. Issei looks at her seemingly beautiful body and impressive curves in their own way. Issei again goes down to take and taste her lips, which Xenovia happily kisses back. Xenovia pulls his body down more so their naked bodies pressed together and let her breasts grind against his chest. Afterwards they break their kiss stare each other in the eye for some time; their eyes show their love and desire for one another.

Xenovia spreads her legs and Issei can tell she wants to be taken. "Ise, I'm ready to be taken, make me yours, shoot me your essence in me," Xenovia says. "Very well Xenovia, here I go," Issei readies himself, positioning his tip over her clit's entry. It'll hurt her since Xenovia's a virgin, her very first, but he knows she's a strong girl. Once their positions were proper, Issei slowly let his tip penetrate her tight and warm core, the tip of his erection split the lips apart, making Xenovia moan. 'It's warm and moist...' Issei mumbled to himself. He carefully goes a bit further and reaches what feels to be her hymen.

He looks down at her for approval, and Xenovia nods with an expression of confidence on her face. Issei goes forward further and breaches it, her virginity his forever. 'Yes! Another of my girl's virginity now mine!' Issei thoughts, recalling of how he had taken the virginities of Rias, Akeno, Asia and Koneko before and how many more virginities he'll take in the future, or what more love making he'll have with his girls at any given day. Xenovia winced in pain, arched her back and grips the bed sheets hard, but is determined to stand against this pain. Issei stays still for some minutes, letting her grow accustomed to his size.

Minutes later Issei can tell about the pain now subsiding, and he experimentally moved against her gently, knowing his experience on love making, to test if she's able to handle him. "Ise..." Xenovia moans as she moved against him in return, feeling this sweet sensation rising. He moves in her, his erection grinding against the tight walls and the friction becomes more ecstatic. Issei pulls back out of her and in again, Xenovia retaliated by thrusting up onto him. Issei begins to pick up speed in thrusting against her, with Xenovia meeting him as they move in perfect rhythm.

"Ah! Ah! Ise, keep going! Thrust more into me!" Xenovia wraps her arms around his neck and her legs to his waist, holding her lover closer to her. Their bodies pressed against hard another, Issei can feel her breast crushed by his chest and her nipples grinding against it. Their ecstatic moans, groans and grunts become the constant sound in his room as they pleasure one another. She wrapped her legs tighter on his hips, trying to make him go deeper. Issei's thrust becomes more intense and forceful with Xenovia getting horny. Xenovia help him go deeper, making his length go inside her almost all the way. Her body is what she'll give to him alone. "Ise..."

Xenovia's ecstatic moans make Issei more aroused. Issei then goes down to share another heated kiss with her, while his right hand fondles with her left breast and thumping her g-spot every time. Xenovia's moans and cries were suppressed by Issei's mouth locking over hers. Their wild love-making make them spill their saliva onto their mouths and lips, sometimes at the chin. Her legs grip tighter around him and pressing more of her body against his. Her hands holding his head and neck tightens as she clings on him as Issei's thrusts intensifies.

When both sense nearing their release, their thrusts were at a great speed getting to that climax relentlessly. "AHH! Ise!" Xenovia screams as she holds Issei as tight as she can.

"Uh! Xenovia! It's getting close...I'm going to!" Issei could not hold out from the coming release as the pressure builds.
"Don't hold back, Ise. Release...everything...inside me..." Xenovia said to him in an encouraging tone. The force became too much for them to contain.

They reach their climax as they spill their honeys to one another. At the moment of their release, both of them hold each other very tight from the spasms of their incredible release. Xenovia experiences her first sex with the one she loves and finds it enjoyable and she wants more. Xenovia manages to lift her hips higher to further push against him, making certain that every bit of his liquids go into her. As their spasms die down, they take moment to rest. Xenovia still holds him tight by her arms and legs, not wanting to go anytime soon. They lay for some minutes holding and caressing each other, recovering some energy they need.

Knowing Issei, this just doesn't stop at one climax and she wants more, enjoying this immensely. "Xenovia, want about another go? I know you want to, right?" Issei asked. He also does this to test out of her keeping her word. "Yes, Ise. I want to pleasure you more. If you want it to last throughout the night, you're free to do as you please with my body," Xenovia tells him confidently and seductively.

Issei turns around to let her be on top. "Feel me Ise, I'll definitely pleasure you more just as I did before," Xenovia says to him with fervor on her expression. Issei wraps his arms around her as she also embraces him tight like before. Xenovia rubs her body up and down against him like earlier; as usual her breasts grind against his chest along with her hardened nipples. Xenovia moves her hips into him, getting impaled by his erection and let it go deeper. Her legs wrap securely on his waist. Xenovia moans loud from him hitting her g-spot precisely.

"Uhh! Xenovia, you feel so nice," Issei groans. Xenovia smiles in satisfaction hearing her lover give her praise.

He holds her tight with his arms around her, his hands going anywhere from his instincts. He then pushes her up to be in a sitting posture, letting Xenovia sit on his thighs, to straddle him like before. Xenovia goes up and down on him, getting impaled over and again by his erection. Their arms tightly hold each other, Xenovia going into him relentlessly. Xenovia pushes in and gyrates around his. She gives a lot of her power into her thrusts, pleasuring him as much as possible. Xenovia keeps up the pace, not wanting to give him anything less of pleasure. She's determined to pleasure Issei just as his other girls had.

'Asia had pleasured him with success, I shall do the same,' Xenovia thought.
Xenovia then places his face in between her bosoms once more. Issei enjoys hearing her screaming out loud, being music to his ears. Meanwhile his hands wander wherever he feels like going to, touching any part of her superb body. Xenovia holds his head closer to her bosoms while her other hand secures him, pressing him closer to her body.

One of their hands find themselves on one another and clasp together dearly. Both can now feel the familiar pressure inside them intensify. Both are close to their euphoric release and they enjoy every second. "Come on, I want it! Pour it in me!" Xenovia begs. She bucks harder onto Issei, wanting to give both of them another blissful release. Issei pulls her down and suppress their screams by a deep kiss, with Xenovia gladly responds by locking her lips to him. They thrust into each other with sheer fervent until their low regions exploded from the ecstasy as her walls clamped around his erection and both let out a scream inside their mouths.

With their second sexual climax, Issei spills his liquids in her and Xenovia spills out her honey on his thighs and hips. Xenovia let no space of escape or avoid his flow; her legs wrap tight on him and let him ejaculate fully in her, welcoming his essence. Their arms embrace one another in a tight hug, their bodies pressed against each other when they climaxed. They then break off the kiss to breathe air. They were panting hard, sweat covering much of their bodies, but have a warm feeling of satisfaction. Xenovia holds him in a loving embrace, bathing in his warmth as she recovers her breath.

'Wow, this is truly some experience. I can see why Ise and the girls enjoy this so much. I think I can get addicted to this,' she thought as she's resting and holding Issei close to her body. "Ise, you're great at this. I do love seeing you in pleasure and I really enjoy pleasuring you," Xenovia said to him. "Yeah, it is great. Glad you like doing these, even though it is perverted, that perhaps no girl would ever do this," Issei responds. "Perverted you are, but you're one of a kind," Xenovia responds back to him.

A little later, Issei rolled her over to be on top. With her beneath him, Issei looks at Xenovia's lovely being. The moon's light glistens on her naked body from the sweat, making her look very beautiful, at the same still sexy. "Is it alright for one more go Xenovia? I still feel the need for just one more before we go snoozing," Issei asked. "Certainly my Ise, I'll be happy to do it. Remember, you can make love to me as much as you want, my body is yours," she said.

Issei places his hands at her breasts, an attempt to add the ecstasy. Xenovia wraps her legs more securely around him. She then gives him a nod, Issei pushing once more into her moist canal. Xenovia's body is covered by Issei's being as he rocks back and forth into her. With his hands on her breasts, Xenovia feels extreme ecstasy with her moans and screams, increasing in volume and moans nonstop by his powerful trusts. Issei grunts by the delicious friction he enjoys while her legs secure him surely and pull him in further, helping him pump inside her more.

Xenovia writhes and moans in pleasure under him. To focus more in his drive, Issei then lets go of her breasts, making Xenovia cling on him rigidly, trying to press her breasts against his chest. Issei pumps inside her canal with vigor. Then, having an idea in mind and wanting to repeat what's done previously, Issei pulls her up by her hands and let her straddle him. Xenovia gets the message she pleasure him more and also him pleasuring her. She gladly complies and straddles and humps against him vigorously. She presses her body into more, knowing Issei loves the feeling of breasts pressed and grinding against his chest, and holding his head dearly.

They again kiss heatedly, their tongues wandering in their wet caverns and saliva spilling out into the outside of their mouth. Issei rams in deeper and harder while his free left hand gropes and plays with her right breast between them, Xenovia moaning loud within his mouth. Issei then removes himself from the hot kiss and his hands hold her close to him. Her breasts continue to grind against his chest over and over.

Issei continues doing hard thrusts, hammering at her g-spot, with Xenovia doing the same in return to make sure he hits it. Xenovia holds him as strongly as she can with all the remaining strength she can muster, moaning constantly. As the young lovers are lost in the heat of love, they're then approaching their peak for the 3rd time.
"Ise, I love you! I'm yours!" Xenovia moans, her thoughts closed off to only pleasure that fills her.

"Xenovia, scream my name!" Issei orders to her as they reach that last high, wanting to hear his girl . Right then, they make their last orgasm of the night together. Complying to him and a little desire to let the world know she loves him, Xenovia screams out "Ise!" in a slightly loud cry.

Their minds gone blank as they orgasm together. Their climax sends their bodies' muscles into a little spasm, which made them hold to each other very tight. Issei slumps down, taking Xenovia down with him. He lies down on top of her, to her chest, panting in utter exhaustion, his head in between her breasts. Both were panting madly. Xenovia cradles him dearly and securely.

"How is it, Ise?" she asks minutes later after she catches her breath back.
"It was another great, ecstatic night I had. You're amazing yourself Xenovia, I like to see you do that again and giving your body to me," Issei said with a slight chuckle, being in his perversion mode again. Xenovia still feels happy about this.

"I'm glad you enjoy me as you have enjoyed the rest of the girls have done this for you. I've really done my very best to please you as much as the other girls have. I am part of your harem after all, and I truly enjoy doing this for you," she states to him.
"Glad to have you in my harem, Xenovia," Issei said to her and Xenovia nods back. Issei goes down to kiss her again and both hold each other. She can feel the weight of Issei's body on top of her but she doesn't mind as she can endure it. Her hands wonder all over his hard, chiseled body, loving the scent and essence of Issei's masculinity.

Parting from the kiss, both now feel tired but satisfied from their love making. Issei rolls to his right side next to her, holding her close while Xenovia holds him closer, wanting to use Issei as a huge pillow for her whole body to hug. She places her chest to be in Issei's face with reasons already obvious and securing him.

Issei starts to drift into slumber, seeing him sleeping peacefully with a look of satisfaction on his face. Xenovia smiles, cradling Issei close to her. "Sleep well my Ise. I promise there'll be more, just the way you like it," Xenovia says to him softly before she follows Issei into slumber.


Finally done with another DxD chapter, took me a while to do this as I'm busy with other matters. For those who are gonna ask who I'll do next, I say again about me doing Irina next. You'll know if you read this carefully. I know about others who are requesting me to do these, but I tend to follow what I scheduled on who I'll be doing in an almost no order fashion and others that I cannot do. I tend to do mainly Issei's girls and others whom have taken a liking to him, especially Kuroka, who I'll do in the future, with me planning on letting Kuroka doing the same eroticism because I like to imagine her being this sexy and doing something extremely erotic for Issei, knowing her.

I'm aware it takes me long to make another DxD chapter because I'll be doing other things, so I request my fellow readers to be patient. Works like these can't be rushed and I'll be writing stuff only when I'm in the mood. Hopefully this one will fulfill your wants on reading a DxD lemon chapter and enjoyed it. Again let there be no flames. It'll be a while before the Irina chapter will be written or done, so until then, see you later.

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