Issei's Harem, A Devil's Heaven

BY : Omamori Trinity DxD
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Chapter 7: Irina

It's been a long time due to personal stuff going on (but I had recently put in another fanfic here, the final chapter in one of mine), but finally another DxD lemon fic coming up. Just as I clearly remember, it would be Irina for this one. I thought Luci Christian would do her, but Kristi Kang really did well as her.

For those who have doubts about this as I know some would ask "how can you do make Irina have sex with Issei without falling?" Well I have this idea, though I feel that I'm not the first to come up with it, that there'll be a charm or spell that Irina would place on herself that prevents her from falling. I wouldn't get into details about it here, just shows it is something that prevents her from actually falling.

It really has been a long time since I made a DxD chapter here since I got lots of stuff to do, but here's a new chapter everyone's been waiting for. Of course another chapter would take a long while because I wanted to make another fanfic, such as Haganai, but I try to balance things out while not trying to rush things. I hope you understand and be patient. Now let's proceed. You know the drill, no flames.


Pairing: Issei x Irina

Quick Short Summary: Irina has a charm that prevents her from falling, giving her a chance to at last make love to her love.

Irina stands alone in her room at Issei's newly made home. She decides to put on a choker necklace (almost looking like a collar) colored pink with a small hexagon diamond embedded in the middle. She chants a spell and the room was bathed in a light. The curtains cover the windows, so there's no potential discover of something supernatural going on there by anyone there, all to be safe. Alright, now its set, I'm gonna have my chance tonight! Her thoughts say. Right then, there came a knock on her door and in came Rias and Xenovia.

"Hello Irina, mind if we come in?" Rias greeted. Irina greeted in kind and let them come in, then Rias notices what kind of pendant she's wearing. "Irina, what is that, if you don't mind me asking?" Rias questions her. "Well Rias, I'll tell you this later," Irina responds.

"So what is something you wanna tell, Irina?" Xenovia asked her angel friend as she closes her door. "Well, it's rather something about this. And this has something to do with Ise here," Irina answers. "And...?" Rias raises an eyebrow. Irina gulps quietly and collects the courage to say it. "Well Rias, would you...would you allow me to get a chance for Issei tonight?"

Rias raises both eyebrows, a bit surprised that an angel would ask this. Rias by now would not be surprised about any of Issei's girls coming to her asking permission or notifying her about them wanting to sleep and/or making love to Issei, but this one caught her by some surprise. Meanwhile Xenovia gives a small smirk, seeing where this is going and likes to see Irina now decides to take the bolder steps just as she did to Issei a couple of days ago.

"Is that so? Don't you recall of the...outcome when it comes to you?" Rias asked. "Sure I know, but I got this, and this totally works," Irina shows her the pendant.
"What does that do?"
"Well then, I shall explain a bit."

(After a little explanation)
"Ah, so that's how it goes huh? Well I'm happy for you Irina, you've become confident!" Xenovia complimented her. "Well then, I like to see how this turns out. Very well Irina, I give you this night with Ise. I hope this turns out well for you," Rias tells her.
"Alrighty! Thanks Rias!" Irina cheerfully exclaims and winks at Xenovia, to which she returns in kind.

(Later that night)
Issei goes to his room, ready to see what girl or girls would come to his room to sleep with him. He has been experiencing girls coming to his room to sleep, but not before making love to him. Now I wonder who's gonna come in? He wonders, sitting on his bed. Soon enough, a minute into his pondering, Irina comes into his room, wearing a pale white nightgown which gives her an angelic appearance. "Hi ya, Ise!" Irina greeted to him. "Oh, Irina. So you wanna sleep with me tonight?" Issei says in surprise.

"Yes, Rias allows me to and I..." Irina trails off a bit, hiding her blush, "I also know, like, make this our night," Irina gathers up the courage to say something, to which she finally blurted out "I also wanna make love to you, Ise!" Issei was taken aback by it, especially when he shows concern for his angel friend and love. "Really? But you do realize about what would happen if you do that?"

"I am aware of that, but...ta-dah!" Irina points to her choker on her neck while doing a cute pose, "this is something Lord Michael gave to me and wanting to test it out. This prevents me from ever falling when I'm gonna have sex with someone, someone like you. I wanna see for myself, it may be risky but I can trust Lord Michael with this. This is my chance, Issei, to finally be able to make love to you, something that I've totally wanted to do."

Irina then goes to Issei and hugs him, pressing her body against his. Issei's body, it feels warm Irina thought as she pushes Issei down to his bed. "Whoa, Irina, let's take it..." Issei was cut off when Irina pushes her lips down to his. Issei kisses back and both are kissing passionately. Irina pries Issei's mouth open to let their tongues dance together, with Irina feeling happy about to do such an intimate kissing to Issei. Their kiss was passionate and full of love. They then pull themselves out to breath back air into them. Issei then pulls Irina down for another kiss, this time hungry and intense. Irina was slightly surprised about how much of an intense kisser Issei is, but she goes it, kissing him back hungrily; her feelings for him now surfaces and wants to let it out, to express her love for her childhood friend.

More than a minute later, they broke off. "Wow, that was such a great kiss, Issei. You are a brilliant kisser," Irina complimented. They position themselves properly over Issei's bed, with Irina still being on top, her straddling over Issei. This I wanna show hopefully to only you, Issei Irina thought as her hands go to the clips that ties her hair into twin tails and lets her hair down. Wow, she's this beautiful and cute Issei thought. "So, Issei, how do you like my look?" Irina asks, blushing cutely. "This, I don't see much before. You look beautiful and cute, Irina," Issei mirrored what his thoughts say. Irina smiles brightly at Issei. "Thank you, Issei. Now there's more for you to see me in."

Irina then proceeds to take her nightgown down to her, letting it past her shoulders until it's down to her thighs, her then tossing it aside, leaving only in her pair of white undergarments, looking like an angel with bra and panties. This may not be much erotic compared to what Rias and Akeno would wear, and even Asia began thinking of getting erotic panties too, but this makes Irina very lovely and begins to arouse Issei as it is, aroused in just in the style of Irina.

"Issei, I want you to take me here. I love you dearly," Irina says to him. "Of course. Be part of my harem, Irina, and we'll always be together, even though I'm gonna be surrounded by girls though," Issei says to her as if proposing to her, in a way. "Sure, I'm totally fine with that! I guess I shouldn't mind you being surrounded by girls, and I know about Rias being the lead girl, but this matters little. What matters is that I get to be with you forever. And, knowing you, I don't mind having a pervert as my love because you're still Issei," Irina says in a positive tone. "At last, us childhood friends are going to have a romance together, to now be lovers, to make love to one another. Say, Issei, how about we take our relationship to another level?"

"Sure. And we can still be childhood friends, right? Childhood friends that now become lovers," Issei says to her. "Yes, of course!" Irina replies cheerfully. "Now let's get to it. I know you like this, Issei," her hands reaches at the back of her bra and unclasps it. Irina's hands gently and slowly slide it past her shoulders and then throwing it to her left side to the floor. Issei looks up to her breasts that are big in their own right and very delicious for an angel.

Irina's cheeks flared red but made no actions to cover herself as Issei gazes at her exposed chest. Issei's gaze is something that pierces through Irina, one that holds her and makes her give in to his will. His eyes show lust and love, with Issei getting into his perverted self, but Irina doesn't mind. "So, Issei, how am I?" Irina asked, giving a cute expression. "Wow Irina, you are beautiful and cute," Issei complimented her.
"Even though I'm not as busty as Rias?" Irina asked.

"Well...yeah, but still you look wonderful and pleasing to my eyes in your own way." The way Issei tells her really touches her heart and made her smile beautifully and cutely. His words touched deep into her heart and felt like Issei has delivered her a lot of happiness straight to her heart.

"Thanks, my Issei." Irina goes down to Issei wraps her arms around him, smiling at him brightly. "Issei, please...let's make love," Irina tells him, feeling a little brave or possibly hungry for it. Without needing to reply to it, Issei puts Irina into another kiss, this time giving his own hungry kiss to her, with Irina responding in kind. Their chests and torsos press against another, feeling this great loving warmth. Irina presses her chest more into his hard chest, making her own breasts be sandwiched and her hardened nipples to be in contact against his skin, though his shirt stands in the way and she desperately wants to feel his warmth and skin on hers. Irina's right hand combs his hair while her left roams at his back.

They have a tongue duel, she opens her mouth a little wider, wanting to taste him as much as possible. Together they trade each other's spit and she can't get enough of kissing him. Wow, kissing Issei is a great experience Irina thought. After all, it was Rias, Akeno, Asia and Xenovia that encouraged her to do this, but this is something that Irina wants to do. She was worried about falling but thanks to this charm, her worries are casted off for this moment that she has wanted to do. Issei has wanted to make love to the girls in his harem and Irina wanted to be part of that, not wanting to be left out just as Asia had.

Issei's hands travel down to her butt where he can feel her panties in the way. His hands grope her buttocks with Irina gasping a little in the kiss. They then have to break the kiss minutes later, Irina still holding on to Issei lovingly. Irina's hands then go to his hands that are on her buttocks and put them to hips. "Care to remove them, Issei?" Irina asked cutely. Oh yes I would! Issei's immediate reply was him taking down her panties. Irina help out to remove them and discarding them to the floor. Issei stares at the beautiful, cute, luscious body of an angel...his angel.

Irina then goes down to Issei, their faces close to each other as they look at each in the eyes. While Issei looks at her with both love and lust mixed into them, Irina simply looks at him with sweet love as well as desire, something similar to that what Asia gives to Issei. Issei then feels Irina's hands lifting up his shirt. Issei helps by removing it himself and discarding to a random location. Irina looks at his well-built chest and can't help but to gaze at it like the way Issei stares at her naked form. Irina starts to have this burning desire growing in her, the feel to want to take Issei and even a little perverted thoughts in her mind. Irina goes to Issei, putting her hands to his shoulders, allowing herself to drape all over him, pressing her chest to him. Irina relishes in the warmth and feel of his chest and Issei, as usual, loves the feel of a girl's chest to him. This warm and hard. Oh Issei... Irina thought about how amazing this feels and wondering about how the girls must've felt before her.

Issei embraces her closer, wanting to feel Irina on her. He felt the pleasuring touch of girls before, now he wants to feel his childhood friend. Irina embraces closer, pressing more of her body to him. Later Issei flips her around, allowing him to get on top. Issei's hungry eyes make Irina feel like submitting to him, putting hands to her sides. "Issei, do what you wish to me. Please be gentle, if you please."

"Alright, I'll do it for you, Irina," he then kisses to her smooth neck, the angel giving him more access as she mews cutely from his actions. He goes lower until he reaches her chest and gently gropes her mound with his right hand. "A-ah!" Irina cried out pleasurably from his touch, feeling a different kind of ecstatic sensation coursing through her. Issei then adds his left hand to her right breast, doubling the pleasure given to his girl. Irina shivered in pleasure, all the while making those sweet noises as Issei continues fondling with her mounds.

Issei soon ceased his actions and give her a breather. Irina breathes heavily and insists to her love to keep going. Issei then lowers his head to her mounds and takes the right breast into his mouth. "Ah, Issei..." she moaned into the air and put both of her arms around his neck. He fondles and does circles with her breast while he kisses, licks and sucks the other. He switches to the other mound and does the same action. His sucking, licking and massaging grew a bit forceful at her hardened nipples. Irina can only hold her perverted love as she threw her head back into the pillows and continually moan into the air while cradling his head.

One of Issei's hands goes down to her thighs, caress it for a few seconds, then reaches to her clitoris and can feel it's wet. Issei touches and rubs against her damp clit, making Irina moan loud from his touches. Issei began to press more into her womanhood and he could then hear her breath quickening and her gasps. He shifts himself to her left side to maintain a proper place for his next move, then goes back to kiss her, still rubbing her delicate area. Her arms pull Issei closer to her upper body, to deepen the kiss and open her legs slightly wider for his hand. Irina moans over and over within his kiss, feeling pleasure from his action to her. Issei's fingers attempt to enter her folds, making Irina moaned loudly even into his mouth.

Running out of air, Issei then breaks the kiss and stops his playing of her folds. Irina felt her clit now aching for him, wanting more of him but she lets Issei play with her more as she enjoys this, wanting to feel his touch. With the moon's light emanating from his window, he can see her full naked angelic body. Irina blushes grew deeper reddish shades now that she's completely nude in the full front view of the one she loves. Issei felt a little strain from down under and promptly takes down his pants, leaving himself in just his boxers. He then brought his face to hers, making the naked Irina turn to see eye to eye with her love.

As silence fills his room, Issei readies to shatter it as his one of his hands goes down and rubs it in deep between her hips. "Issei!" Irina cried out loud, feeling his hand now playing slightly vigorously at her vagina. She moaned loud as he strokes then inserts two fingers in her damped folds. Issei continues to finger her for a while, seeing her writhing under him. In the middle giving her ecstasy, he suddenly pulled out, making Irina have a cute pout. He notices her hands soak from her juices that seeps out from her womanhood. He licks his hand and tastes her juices; seems that each girl has their own sweet nectar.

Knowing what to do next based from his past experiences on this with his other girls, Issei goes down towards her lower area, down to between her hips. "May I Irina?" Issei asks her. "...Yes Issei, you may," Irina replied, preparing himself for whatever he'll be doing next. Issei licks her womanhood; Irina moans loud and shuddered under her master. He then puts his tongue inside her canal and Irina continues to make those sweet noises. The warmth and feel of his tongue inside made her feel good; Irina's hands pull on her crush's neck and pushes her hips against him, unconsciously or instinctively pressing more of herself into him. Her head sunk into the pillows and moan his name over and over while ecstasy courses through her.

Issei carefully sucks on her delicate insides, all the while hearing more of Irina's moans and callings of his name. Then his right hand went to enclose and touch her breasts again, attempting to double the pleasure just as he did with his girls. "Oh Issei!" she cries, feeling powerless towards his efforts. Having tasted her dripping juices, he can't let her reach her peak yet as he wants to see her probably beg for it, see more of his angel in pleasure. It all lasted only in a few minutes. He goes back up to her, Irina feeling disappointed to not hit her climax, yet she knows the time will come. Issei puts his lips back to hers and Irina gladly returns the kiss in an erotic manner. Shortly later he breaks it and looks down at her. He knows Irina wants to reach that great high, to be on such bliss.

Irina in the meantime, the heavy wanting feeling is becoming large of a matter to handle; she wants him so bad. She cupped his cheeks and looks deep into his eyes with love. "Irina, this is your first time, right? It'll hurt," Issei told her. "I totally am. Come, take me, my Issei," Irina answers resolutely but still sounding cheerful. Issei sits up and takes down his boxers, his remaining garment been put at the side of his bed so he knows where it would be and pick it later. Irina sees his big manhood and blushes deeply, becoming slightly scared and uncertain. Never before had a male done this to her, but soon forgets it because this man is no other than Issei.

The moon's rays light the room and them; seeing the brilliance of their bodies. They look at one another, blushing as they're getting prepared. Issei goes down to her, looking closer at her eyes. "Here I go," he said to her. Irina steels herself for his coming in her. Issei positions himself at her clit's entrance and moves in slowly, his tip splits the nether lips apart, causing her to moan at the sensation. His past experience made it familiar to him and knows to tread with ease and care. Going in, he felt her virgin barrier and stopped. He looked down at Irina, and she nodded with finality. He pulled back and with a single thrust, he broke the hymen, and took her virginity Irina let out a shrill as she felt the sharp painful sensation. She holds on as she adjusts to his size.

A few minutes passed and Issei feels ready to go. "Are you alright? I wanna be sure so I don't hurt you," he asks. Irina is touched by her perverted childhood friend that still shows concern. "Yes Issei, the pain is gone and I feel ready," she replied with a cute wink. Issei moved forward inside her and Irina felt a pleasing sensation. Issei moved in again and Irina felt a heavenly feeling filling her. Issei moved once more and invoked a moan from her mouth. Issei move slowly, thrusting in and out of her sheath gently as he held her and she clung to him with her arms loop around his back. Irina keeps on moaning from the great feel of him going in her, filling her with this great pleasurable feeling and happiness. The delicious heat feels so great for both of the childhood friends now lovers, and both were getting more and more aroused and the pleasure mounting as the minutes pass.

Minutes pass and Issei picks up speed and momentum. "Issei, please go fast...I want to feel you," Irina pleaded and Issei is more than willing to comply to his girl wanting to tense things more. Issei moves into her inside then out, the angel moans and scream altogether, sometimes screaming his name as he pumps into her with fast and powerful movements. Issei makes his deep moans and grunts, feeling her tender and tight walls massaging his manhood's tip at the inside, and it felt good just like it always has been. He's also able to keep on hitting their g-spot, considering he's getting used to all this sex, something that'll give any girl intense and perhaps pure pleasure. Issei had gone in his girls' clits, and it could feel the same, but the pleasure is something that of what's been sought and enjoyed it like a main event of sorts.

Seeing that his sexy angel is in this kind of bliss, Issei keeps on pumping as hard and precisely as he could, Irina wraps her legs on him and draw him in, meeting his thrust. Irina began to pull him hard; her legs wrapped tight and her arms holding to him dearly and pressing her body against his as much as she could, wanting to feel her master. Her eyes lock with his eyes as they make love.

Irina's sweet cries encourage Issei to go onwards and she begged for him to go faster; Issei puts in everything he can to give her what she wanted. Soon Issei goes down slightly to kiss her hungrily again, with their spit going into each others' mouths. Irina felt like she's in heaven and enjoys what Issei is giving her; she couldn't have anymore been in a euphoric state than making love with Issei.

Many long minutes of powerfully and skillfully bucking in her warm and wet core while kissing each other had passed. Issei leaves her mouth to catch some air and his hands put both her hands above her head as they're climbing towards the peak of their release. His penis soaked with her fluids enabled him to have a smooth ride. Irina is lost in the state of euphoria, never before felt in her life, something she could not experience without her protective charm. Her sweet moans and screams grew loud as her legs make him go deeper. Issei also moans and grunts, the sound of his voice labored.

With her arms left above her head, she lays fully helpless and open before her young mage. Her hands grip the pillows tight as her body is being rocked by pleasure at each thrust; at times her hands press against the wall behind the bed to push against him. Irina could now not keep up with Issei's quick and powerful pace, and a more experienced in making love. Issei holds on to her shoulders with both of his hands, keeping up the force and anticipate the coming climax.

Issei can now feel he's reaching the peak and is on the verge and releasing in her. With Irina's legs tight on him, he couldn't escape; Irina wants him to put it all on her. She's close to her peak as well and is still enjoying every moment as the inevitable climax gets closer. Then it happened as her walls clamp down on him; her legs tighten around him as they climaxed and Issei is unable to pull out in the slightest as he's left to ejaculate in her. At the same time, she spills her juices on him, wetting the bed sheets.

"Irina!" he grunted in a bit of a deep voice. "Oh Issei!" she screamed like never before in her life.

After recovering their energy from that release, Issei falls down to her chest, with Irina cradling him lovingly. Their bodies are laden with sweat from the heat even though it is a cool night. "Irina, you fine?" Issei asked his childhood friend. "Yes I am sensei." she answered gently, still recovering her breath. Irina loved this experience and perhaps she can have another; she still feels to prove her love to him. Maybe she could get used to this, or possibly get addicted to this. " Issei, is it alright to do this just one more?" Irina asks to her lover. Issei knew his girls would ask for this, doing this twice or thrice in one night. "Alright, if you wish so," Issei said and Irina smiled lovingly.

In a somewhat daring move, Irina turned to let herself be on top this time, though she's still feeling under his will. She wants to also give pleasure to Issei. With Irina on top, she's free to do what she felt towards him. She can somewhat hear Xenovia's voice inside her mind: 'Go do it, Irina! Now's your chance, show him how you really feel, and never hold back'. Irina also recalls from encouragement from Asia too: "If you wanna do it, Irina, go for it. I don't mind, as I know I gotta share. If you really love him, then don't be shy."

She feels a bit hesitant and embarrassed as she's new at this and does what she can based on her instincts. She experimented pushing down against his hips and that ecstatic feeling comes back to surge through her. Issei grunted a bit as he felt his tip grinded by and against her inner walls.

Irina then gyrate her hips around and against his hips and she enjoys this heated sensation. Irina begins to rock against him vigorously; the look of pleasure on her face is just erotic and Issei loves it. He can see her boobs bouncing and dancing in random abandon. Typical of him, he watches them bounce around, then his hands gets a hold of them, squeezing and playing them. Irina moans in a shrill tone, her hands to his hands to let them play them more, loving the sensation of him on her breasts. Issei's hands of my boobs, who would've thought it'll be such a pleasure? This is so very incredible!

Later, after the satisfaction of fondling and playing her boobs, she goes down to his chest, wanting to press her upper body and breasts against his muscled body. Wow, Issei's body, so muscled. And his masculine scent, oh I love it! Her hands went to loop around him, holding him close like a precious treasure. With her this close to him, Issei can hear her sweet moans getting higher in pitch and louder. Issei thrust back up at her and the two of them pushing against one another. Irina moans loud in utmost ecstasy and enjoyment as he again hits her g-spot.

It's now Issei's turn to be rocked by pleasure, wanting to see what goods Irina can offer, although Irina is still trying her best at it. She's truly doing what she can to give him this great feeling, her instincts driving her. For her, this is the only man she'll ever make love to. Irina is giving herself to him, to consummate her love to him like the rest of his girls did just for him. He thrust hard up to her, wanting to reach her pleasure point and hearing her sweet moans and cries. Irina presses her body hard down at him in a kind response.

Issei then sat up and wants to help take this to the other level so Irina can do this and give the two lovers more of this heated love session. Her legs were at his back as her knees point up, like sitting with the knees and legs in front, and use the knee like a lock. Her arms vice round his neck as she enthusiastically takes this ride, eager to feel more. His hands go to her hips and he began to bounce Irina on his manhood.

The childhood friends rock each other with pleasure; both are pushing against each other and able to move together in harmony. Both are driven by the very essence of each other, thrusting in each other again and again. His manhood still soaked from her ever wet womanhood, he's still able to go smooth and Irina to go smooth into him as well. Irina's moans and cries increase in volume as Issei went deeper into her warm core. Irina threw back her head and moan loud as she holds on to his neck.

With Irina sitting at his hips, Issei is at her chest level, her putting his face in front of her breasts. He then licks and sucks on one like before while focusing on his thrust in her. She closes her eyes and her thoughts are only filled with Issei.

'Oh Issei... Issei... Issei...I love you so much Issei...' her thoughts think from the wild pleasure they're in. She presses forward her chest to him, giving Issei more of her. A little later, Issei halts his fun on her right breast, one of his hands goes to her neck, pulls her head down to devour her lips once more. Irina fervently returns the favor to him.

He then pulls himself from her lips, putting his focus to thrust in her. Issei continues to skillfully buck precisely into her moistened core, putting power in his mighty thrusts. "Ah! Issei! Ah! Oh Issei! I love you! I love you!" Irina cried out along with her loud and incoherent moans and screams, her mind just full of thoughts of him and many things of experiencing pleasure and love with him. "Irina..." Issei also holds Irina tightly, him also experiencing the love and pleasure she gives. He also kisses and sucks at the pulse of her exposed neck area.

Right then, Irina rotated her hips in a clockwise direction, then switch to thrusting back and forth, then repeats. She's giving all she can to make him pull him deep as much as possible. The searing pleasure keeps rising and Irina feels she's in absolute heaven.

As they're lost in their enjoyable love making, the pressure within begins to reach very high and no longer be contained. Irina tightens her legs around him, her knees pressing near his shoulder blades and further pushes hard against his hips. Issei holds her as tight as he could as they're nearing the breaking point. Her walls clamped down at his manhood as he pumped in her, making it a tight passage as they'll cum soon. With a last thrust, they explode their fluids into each other.


His fluids went up to her passage and hers drenches his hips and the sheets. They held each other tight as they climax, their bodies pressed hard like before. After experiencing that blissful release again, their inner bodies then become calm. Irina stays still with her eyes closed, her still holding him dearly, relishing the moment being with Issei and feeling him. They still hold each as they're catching their breath. After a while they look into each others' eyes. "You alright, Irina, after all that?" he asked, his voice a little labored. "Yes I am. That was great Issei, I enjoyed it," she answered, her sweet tone still there. "Does the charm work? Are you still an angel?" he asks. Irina responds by showing her angelic form. Her wings are still white and a halo above her, before Irina let them disappear. "Wow, the charm worked," Issei complimented. "I know, right. It really worked, thank Lord Michael for that," Irina replied, smiling cheerfully.

Issei moved forward her head, catching his lips once again as she enjoys kissing him. Their tongues dance and they spill their drool to one another. Their kiss was passionate at first, then grew hungry and Issei going a little aggressive, with Irina unable to keep up at his pace. A little later, exhaustion catches up with them and they fell to the bed, still kissing. They kiss for a few minutes before running out of air and being very spent. Issei tries to pull away, but Irina's legs still kept him inside her.
"Issei, if you don't mind, please let's sleep this," Irina pleaded, her expression displaying as if she's pleading in such a cute way. "Alright then," Issei complies, him can't resist her cute plea. He lies down with Irina on top of him. She lay down at his chest and cuddles against him with a broad smile, happy and satisfied; also happy of being able to be with the one she loves deeply. She just loves the warmth and feel of her beloved perverted love.

"I love you Issei," Irina said sweetly, with deep honesty in it topped with cuteness. "I love you too Irina," Issei said; he loves her and the other girls. They embrace one another as they ready to go in slumber. Issei brought up the blankets as it is a cool night. She sleeps comfortably with Issei, the only male she's comfortable to sleep with, and perhaps also, make love with. One of their hands holds one another's hands while their free hands hold each other. Issei's right hand goes around her as if to protect her while Irina embraces him dearly. Tonight has been a great experience for both of the childhood friends now lovers. Now exhausted and satisfied, they sleep together serenely, ready for another day in the lives they're having.

Perhaps consummating her love to him is the best experience she ever had. She knows the other girls would try this on him, especially to her close friends Xenovia and Asia, but it hardly matters. What matters more is that Issei gets to love his girls, including her and she stays by his side. That's all she needed, and that's fairly enough.
Although it's all gonna be regulated and managed by Rias to make sure no other girl would be above him nor hog him all to themselves and Irina still having to get her turn, Irina still finds it fun. Oh well, I'm looking forward to a bright future with us and Issei, together, Irina thought before drifting to sleep with her childhood friend, now made officially as lovers.


At last I'm done with the Irina fic, took me a long while to make fanfics due to my job and other works, but I'm still here and still making fics when I can, I assure you. There are also other projects or fanfics I wanna do, so you're gonna have to wait a while for the next DxD lemon chapter to come out. In the meantime, hope you get to be satisfied with the Irina chapter I've done.

For the next girl, hmm...I've been thinking of doing a Kuroka fic, an Asia chapter where she'd do an erotic dance for him which you know (because I can tell she'd wanna do it and doesn't want to be outdone), maybe eventually a Rossweisse chapter. Then I could also do a "classic 4", which includes Rias, Akeno, Asia and Koneko, although this could take a long while to do and materialize, but it will come in the future. I'm not sure about doing a Ravel fic, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna do it. If you can help me with just little or some ideas for it, then I got good ideas to do it.

In addition, I like to put in advance, just in case anyone might be wondering and something to get off my chest, of me doing Issei with a sort of an original character, a twin of Raynare. I know there can be those who would do an IsseixRaynare fic and would normally stick to that, but my idea I got was that she has a twin who defected to Issei's side. So we got someone who's in fact an identical twin of Raynare who looks and dresses like her (and having the same VA as her, being Felecia Angelle) and she falls in-love with Issei. She would fight alongside Issei (and a few others too, considering my little crossover idea of Omamori Himari, Heaven's Lost Property and Trinity Seven with DxD, I honestly say) during their confrontation with Raynare as a way to show of twins going against each other and given her twin a challenge of having to remove "Raynare's curse", to assure Issei she's not like her. I thought of this because it can't be denied that Raynayre has a hot body, too bad she's on the bad side.

I guess this is for the first time I dunno which girl to pick, but as I'm pondering as I'm writing this, it's likely I'll choose Asia again with her doing an erotic dance for him. Does it look strange for Asia doing this? I got a friend who assures me about it because she's likely to do it and you can tell why. Does this striptease/erotic/pole dance idea getting typical of me? Well it is something erotic and something I like, not that many do it and, as I've said, I'm not one to do any S&M stuff and anything obscene; I'm more into vanilla and eroticism, which is something I find it better, but that's just me and I write what I feel like. So with these out of the way, I say thanks, be patient with my next chapter and other fics, and hope you like this. It may take a while, but they'll come in the future. See you later in the coming months.

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