Issei's Harem, A Devil's Heaven

BY : Omamori Trinity DxD
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Chapter 13: Serafall

Here's another chapter of a girl I've been wanting to do, maybe you too like to see: Serafall. I feel that Serafall hasn't been gaining much attention and, if you know how it all goes in the light novel (not gonna spoil here, though you might know it already), I wish that I like to see more of her, especially her wanting to be with Issei. I know they get along, but I like to see Serafall develop feelings for Issei, that I wish to see her be part of his harem. Wouldn't it be something to see someone of her incredible high status to be part of Issei's harem when Rias is in charge and his top girl and Serafall is fine with that? That'd be something. So here's that. I like to think that Serafall can be part of Issei's harem and that she gets to be with Issei through and through.

On a sidenote, let me say something for those wanting me to do some certain girls: I want to be clear that I'm not really intending to do girls like Sona, Tsubaki and Grayfia; this is just me, hope you can understand, but I feel they have no connection to Issei that much. When it comes to Grayfia, she is Sirzech's wife, what makes you think she gets it on with Issei? What I see is that she treats Issei more like a little brother than a lover. Remember and understand I don't do requests; I go at what I want to do, so do please understand. Please don't hate or be mad at me for this.

NOTE: As what I've realized from the light novel and the new DxD Hero, Serafall has blue (or something like blue) eyes. I'll be sticking with the previous art style where she has pink eyes. I know we like the previous DxD anime art style the best and it's something I go with from that, but the different DxD Hero style isn't bad and I can get used to it. But regardless, we are not here to debate about the different art styles nor on Serafall's different eye color. This was written in a time before DxD Hero was shown. Are we clear? Regardless of her eye color, Serafall is still Serafall and just enjoy reading this.

With that said and out of the way, let's continue. Pls don't forget to R&R.


Pairing: Issei x Serafall

Chapter Short Summary: Serafall likes to convey her romantic feelings and desire to Issei. Visiting the Hyoudou residence, she asks Rias to date Issei, then that night, Serafall makes her move.

Serafall Leviathan goes about doing her usual business: attending meetings and going to her kids show. Going back to the Sitri manor in her personal room, she lays down in bed, pondering what is next for her. "Oh, it's just life here as usual. Oh what to do, what to do next? Is there anything else I can do?" she mutters to herself, feeling boredom starting to set in. Being the energetic and cheerful girl she is, she still feels the urge to actually do something. Then her thoughts wander around and then it settles on Issei somewhat randomly. "Issei, huh?" Her thoughts turn inwardly, thinking about Issei. True that Issei has Rias and a bunch of other girls in his harem, but she has been experiencing and feeling very interested in the Red Dragon Emperor. Though their respective children's TV show in the Underworld makes it seem they're competing on one another, but they still get along and Serafall does find him very wanting. Still in her mind, an idea hits her. "That's it! I know what I'll do next!" she exclaims, sitting straight up on her bed.

At the Hyoudou Residence, things seem to be normal and usual for the inhabitants of the massive home. Issei's been doing at his usual things; which include his datings and romantic/sex life with his girls. His top girl, Rias, has been experiencing the dates: the erotic experience of dancing erotically for him which also pleases and thrills her and then making love to him; both enjoying this greatly as Rias knows his desires and his happy to give it to him. Then she also has her duty of managing his harem, of letting his girls get their chance with him in an orderly manner. Things have been usual in the residence she lives in, then came a bell ring at the door. It's mid-afternoon and things are just going well and usual for everyone of the Hyoudou household. Since she's at the first floor and is nearest to it, she goes to respond to it. Opening the door, directly in front of her is Serafall, dressed in her dress civilian outfit when not in her other outfit that makes it look like she's cosplaying.

"Hiya, Rias!" Serafall greets. Seeing Serafall coming here gives Rias a bit of a surprised feeling. "Lady Serafall! I never knew you'd come without notifying me. What brings you here?" Rias greets to her. "Oh, I'm done with business in the Underworld and I got some free time. Is Issei here?" she asks. "Ise is out with some girls, some others are going about doing their business. Is there anything I can do for you here?" Rias responds. "Well, about that. There's something I wanna talk to you about something. How about we take this somewhere, like in the guest room or something?" Serafall says and she complies.

With Rias giving her some sweet juice, as what she requests of anything sweet, sitting down on the comfortable sofa, they then speak up. "That was some good, sweet treat, Rias. Now then, let's get down to the business of why I'm here. It's about...Ise," Serafall begins. Rias is a bit surprised and begins to eye her. "What about him?" she asks. "Ok, I'll get to the point. Mind if I get to date him and get to be with him?" Serafall says straight to her. Rias eyes slightly widen, rather off-guard of Serafall's intent. "You want to do that with Ise?" Rias asks, still eyeing her. "Ok, you see, I know you are the top girl of his harem, that is why I come here to ask permission from you. You see, I've been feeling with this for Ise for a while, so you could say I have a...crush on him. I also feel this too, this desire, so I'd like to do it all with him. He does give the impression that he is a great lover and that he pleases the girls, so I came here for that," Serafall answers to her, with a hint of blushing across her cute features.

Rias then has to think inwardly. "So you, my lady, someone of highest ranking in the Underworld, want to have Ise to yourself, wanting to do like what the girls are?" Rias asks to Serafall, showing what her thoughts ponder. "That's right. If you don't mind of course. I thought know, be part of his lovely harem," Serafall replies, feeling a bit giddy. After a minute of silence, with Rias still taken by surprise at this, regains her composure. "Well now, this is rather surprising, coming from you, of all people. If that's what you want, I can't refuse now, can I?" Rias remarks.

"Hey now, I don't want you to do this because I'm a Satan of our society. I came in rather as just a girl. Just maybe...another girl to be in his harem, like a concubine of sorts. I know this sounds so off coming from someone like me, but I say who cares, if I wanna do it, I go do it. So what do you say?" Serafall says back to Rias. "Wow, you really are something. Alright, I could arrange it," Rias says, still having an astonished expression on her. "Alright! Thanks Rias, I appreciate this!" Serafall exclaims cheerfully.

Late in the afternoon, Issei and the other girls return home. "We're home," Issei announces as they enter. "Welcome home, Issei!" greets a cheerful voice. Appearing before them, came Serafall, hopping and strutting happily, with a little twirling and dancing here and there, towards Issei and his girls, surprising them. "Whoa, lady Serafall?!" Issei exclaims with surprise. "My, my, this is surprise to see you here," Akeno speaks up. "Oh my, this is unexpected. What brings you here?" Irina asks. "Well now, I have a little business with Ise here. If you girls don't mind," Serafall replies to them, to which they reply with a slight stunned silence and an astonished look on them. "But there'll be time for explanation later. Come on now, you must be tired for whatever business or dates you may have," Serafall tells them, getting hold of Issei's hands and pulling him to.

"So what brings a Great Satan to our home?" Raynare asks. "Let's say she likes to fulfill her desires to Ise here," in came a voice from Rias to their right, answering them. "So she's here, just for that?" Xenovia asks. "So it appears that our Issei is going to have another girl to have in his lovely group," Koneko remarks with some sarcasm. Rias then explains the rest to them, the reason why she's here. "Ok, I understand," Akeno says. "So Ise will be having another girl. But if this is something that can make him happy, I don't mind," Asia comments.

Later that night and after dinner, Issei makes his way to his room, preparing to go for a night's rest. He still finds it astonishing to see Serafall of all people, to have made a surprising visit here to his home. He then hears a knock on his door. "Yes?" he opens it as he's just a few paces from it. Opening it, the cutely energetic Serafall appears before him. "Hey ya, Ise!" she greets. "Oh hi, uh, lady Serafall," Issei says but she puts a finger in his lips. "No need for any formalities. Just call me Serafall from here onwards, ok?" she asks, winking at him cutely. "Ok, as you wish. So what's up?" Issei asks to her. "Well looking around if you don't mind. So this is your room. How lovely. You get to be sleeping with your lovely girls, do you?" she inquires. "Well yes, they get to sleep with me," he answers. "That's nice and sweet! However I want you to do me a favor: come with me in my guest room, will you? There's something I wanna share and do before calling it a night," Serafall inquires to him, getting his hand and softly tugs him like an energetic girl eager to go into the direction she likes at a fun park or a section at the mall. "Well sure, but slow down a bit," Issei tells her, leaving Serafall chuckling cutely in response.

After getting to her guest room, she lets him in with Serafall closing and locking the door behind her. Issei can see she placed four lit candles on each of the four corners, leaving the room in a dim, sultry presence. "So uh, Serafall, is this room fine with you?" he begins. "I'm ok with it. I could modify it to suit my taste, but who knows. But for now, it's just you and me here," Serafall speaks with cheery voice, though there can be an indication of seriousness in it. "So listen Ise, um, well I know that you've been so well with your girls. And I like a share of it all," she then speaks up, with small hints of blush across her face. "What is it? Something you want from me here?" he asks. Serafall straightens herself up, takes a breath in and just blurts in plain and simple: "Ok Ise, I'd like to go at it with you. I like to be one of your girls. You see, I'm starting to really, really like you. I also heard you're quite a lover, so I like to experience it myself. You've been quite an awesome guy for what I see...and I do like that."

"Whoa, so you do huh? Well..." Issei tries to gather the words but he is in surprise for Serafall's words to him. She then gets to him, embracing him lovingly and pressing her breasts to his chest. "You like that, don't you? I'm sure you do. And it's such a wonderful feeling," Serafall says to him with a mix of seductiveness and cuteness in them. "Um, well, it does," Issei can only say, Serafall giggles at this. "Oh wow, you sure do love breasts. For the Red Dragon Emperor, you sure feel charmed by lovely girls," Serafall compliments and teases him. "Come on, let's go at it before it'll be late," she winks to him and then leans herself up to him to kiss him. Issei's eyes widen slightly at her boldness, but more that the highest ranking devil actually kissed him and plans to make love to him. Issei feels her tongue wanting entry into his. Against his nature to refuse, he allows her tongue inside his and both have a passionate, erotic tongue duel. Seconds later she parts when they need air. "Ooh, oh my, you're such a good kisser, Ise!" Serafall squees in bubbly delight. "And not to mention, that was my first ever kiss! I'm happy I get to give it to you!"

"Oh, gee, that's nice," Issei can only respond. "Come now. Let's see how good you are in bed. Let's make love, shall we? Don't hold back Ise, cos I sure won't!" Serafall cheerfully makes it sound she's requesting and ordering him as she pushes him back to the simple bed in the room. She guides him, making sure he won't hit his head and makes him lie at the side of the bed, with her being on top. Looking at him with those sweet, cutesy pink eyes brimming with desire, eagerness and excitement, Issei can't help but be swayed by them and understands this is what she wants. Not that he won't be able to do so since she's taken an offensive stance to him. "So Serafall, you really like to have sex with me?" Issei asks, having a little concern in him as he doesn't want to disappoint. "Of course I do, that's why I brought you here. I like to experience it myself. I do get to really like you Ise, and I feel like falling in-love."
"But one thing, what will Sona think of this? Is that gonna be alright with her?" Issei asks, now thinking about her younger sister that just seems so significantly different from her. "Oh don't worry about it. I think she will understand. We all have our own lives, right? I think that when it comes to you, she'd get used to it. It's likely she'll be fine with it; she does find you wanting, right?" Serafall answers. "Well, not that I feel her being interested in me in...other ways, but she is somewhat good at times. That's pretty much what I know her," Issei answers. "Then there's nothing to worry. She'll understand soon enough. But for now, it's just us in our little world," Serafall replies nonchalantly at him while looking down at him, giving him assurance of things.

"Now come on, let's go play! I won't let you go until we do this cos I'm hungry!" she cheerfully says, with Issei seeing that glint in her eyes. She sure sounds similar to Irina Issei thought. "Alright then, you ask for it!" Issei declares and has his arms onto her. Serafall then goes down to crash her lips onto his again, this time going deeper. Serafall shoves her tongue down onto his, making the kiss erotic and hungry. Issei can tell she really loves him and wants to make love to him. Issei feels her breasts squeez tightly on his chest and Serafall starts to feel his manhood getting harder inside his pants poking at her.. Serafall straddles on him as they kiss and pressing her body more onto his. They part ways to gain air and Serafall again dives in to kiss him. She then presses her hips more to his, wanting to feel more of his manhood, but all their clothes are in the way.

Some minutes later, they then part and Serafall bring him up to sit up on her as she straddles on his hips. Issei can see that expression of confidence, seduction, desire and excitement on her face. Serafall leans into his ear, ordering him in a sultry voice as if imitating Rias or Akeno, "strip me, Ise." His hands wander around to caress her body at first, then making her towards removing her entire civilian outfit. Eagerly yet carefully undoing her clothes, once he has her outer garments out, he can see how lovely her body is. She has a pink bra and panties that are thong-like with black outlines with her black and pink-stripped thigh-length socks. Issei can't help but be allured by her body and still finds it gorgeous and cute. "You sure are sexy and cute, Serafall," Issei compliments, making Serafall smile and giggle cheerfully in response. "Thanks, Ise. Glad you like it. Do you like it? I know it's your first time on mind, so come, don't be shy!" she responds.

Her hands then make their move to take off his simple white shirt, lifting it up off him and tossing it randomly around without looking. Serafall can see his masculine chest and torso, the sight of the Red Dragon Emperor's mighty and finely chiseled body. Serafall almost feel like drooling at it and licks her lips at it. "Oh my, you're not that bad, Ise," Serafall compliments. Her hands wander to feel them and are delighted by the feeling of his muscles, the essence of his masculinity. After toying with his muscles for a few seconds, her hands go down and undo his dark red shorts. Serafall rubs his privates from outside his shorts and makes it erect, causing Issei to grunt in pleasure and Serafall giggling.

Her hands then go behind her back. "I'm sure you love to breasts, so I'm not gonna delay," Serafall says, once more winking at him, unclasps her bra and disposes them to her side. Issei now sees another girl's lovely breasts before him, having an expression of satisfaction and desire from seeing it, turning him on. Serafall can only give a sultry giggle from his much known reaction to it. "Hee hee, my, Ise sure loves breasts. I'm sure you like to feel them, don't you?" Serafall teases. "You sure do like to give me a delicious fanservice, aren't you?" Issei playfully shot back to her. "Well, consider me your erotic idol, here to give you fanservice. I hope you're happy with me, Serafall, your erotic idol! Now come play with me!" Serafall gives off that wink again, having the personality of an idol she's known to be, yet one willing to give erotic experience to him. Issei loves this kind of behavior and thought about this can be applicable to the other girls, especially when it comes to Irina.

Without a moment to waste, Issei goes at it but Serafall's hands got to them first to place them to her breasts. Since this is his first time with Serafall, he starts off groping and pressing them softly, making Serafall give off a soft moan. As a minute pass and she gets used to it, Issei gets progressively bold in his fondling. Issei then gropes her breasts and plays with them in any way he could according to what he wants to do: rotating them circularly to moving them vertically or just letting his hands fondle them wantonly, like what he had done to his girls and they love that. Serafall moans in sheer joy at this. "Oh yes! Do me more, Ise!" Serafall moans putting her head up, her hands let go his hands to leave them to her sides. She is actually enjoying the treatment her new lover is giving her, throwing her head back. Now becoming hungry at it, after fondling her breasts, Issei goes to put her left breast into his mouth, sucking and licking them. Serafall moans in sexy delight at this, pressing her breasts more to his mouth and her hands go to his head to pull them. In his experience and expertise, he sucks and licks the left breast while his left hand continues to grope and play her right breast. After a while, he switches and does the same action. Serafall feels immense pleasure at this, enjoying what Issei's doing to her boobs and revels in it. Serafall is also happy her body is also up to his liking.

After having fun with her breasts, Issei starts to feel wetness down under her. He looks down to see her cutely erotic panties beginning to wet up. "Hmm, you're getting excited, aren't you?" Issei kind of teases her. Serafall is slightly embarrassed at this, seeing that he looks at her panties and herself getting wet. "Well, you got me there. You could say I really want you," Serafall affectionately admits. Issei then does this that he had done with the girls: Issei takes her left breast into his mouth, his left hand continues to fondle her right breast, and his free right hand goes down to stroke her crotch. His actions elicits a cute yelp from Serafall. She holds him tighter, her cute and sexy moans tells Issei she likes the feeling. After a couple minutes of this, Issei ceases his actions. Serafall gives him a cute pout. "Come on, Ise! I love that!" she playfully whines. "There's more fun to come, I assure you," now Issei winks at her.

Issei then gives Serafall another kiss, to which she happily responds to. During the kiss, Serafall pushes Issei down to the bed. She pulls out for air, then again kisses him, making the kiss deeper and feverish. As she lies down on the bed, she pulls from the kiss and is on all fours with Issei under her. Now she is the one dominating. Serfall gives him a smile that's both cute and seductive. "For now, you're mine. My Ise. I'll show you what I can do for you," she declares softly. Serafall sits up, still straddling Issei with her legs and slightly raises her hips up. Feeling her panties being wet and with Issei liking to see what's under her, she begins taking her panties off. She teases Issei by taking panties down slowly and she can see his anticipating and exciting expression. Serafall smiles and slightly giggles, liking his reaction at this.

In more than a minute of slowly taking it off and teasing him, her pink panties are now taken off her as she throws it behind her, not caring where it lands. She doesn't stop there; she then takes off her thigh-length socks off her while still straddling Issei. She knows how much Issei loves to see naked girls, so she's definitely going to give it to him. Now Issei sees is a naked girl right in front of him. She blushes from Issei staring at her, yet she smiles at it, happy to see his satisfied look and that she successfully impresses Issei on her first time. She then looks at the Red Dragon Emperor's erection under his dark red shorts. Serafall's right hand softly goes to his crotch to rub it, making Issei groan in reaction. "Tee hee, you sure pleasure from that and yet you're so hard," Serafall teases. Issei can only writhe under her from her touch on his manly parts. "Wow, the Red Dragon Emperor is quite powerful, yet he's weak when a girl softly plays with his manhood!" Serafall playfully and cutely teases him. She then ceases her own groping on him, knowing she can't let him reach the peak yet.

She then takes his hands and places them o her thighs. "Ise, won't you like to touch anyway of this cute girl's body to make her feel good?" Serafall playfully requests, though she knows what he wants and encouraging him more. "Come on Ise, play with me. Play more with this cute body." Issei does what he's told and his hands wander to touch wherever he feels like touching. Serafall can only sigh and moan in enjoyment from his touches and gropings, especially on her breasts when they go there. With the urge to do the same, Serafall then has her hands on Issei's chest and abdomen, wanting to feel and touch those hard muscles of his. This elicits a deep groan from Issei, to which he allows her to at it while he's still groping her breasts. Her hands wander around his upper body, reveling in the body of the Red Dragon Emperor.

After a little while, Serafall starts to get more horny from Issei groping her breasts and looking at his fine body. Her hands then move down towards his hips onto his shorts. She unbuttons and unzips it in a hurry like an excited girl yet is careful in removing them. Serafall adjusts her position to take out his shorts out and then throws it at the floor, but slowly so she lets Issei knows where it lands. With both lovers now naked, their desires skyrockets, making Issei sitting up and they quickly embrace each other as well as make a deep kiss while pressing their bodies together. Serafall presses her breasts as much as she can into his chest, loving the sensation of his hard body unto hers and knowing Issei loves breasts pressed against his chest, to which she's more than happy to give it to him. Her hands go behind his head and neck to pull him more to deepen the kiss. Their tongues once again dance and duel together, with Serafall also sucking in his tongue and saliva into her.

Issei then goes kisses her neck down to her top chest atop her. He then lowers his kisses all the way down. After doing those, his right hand goes under down to her wetness. She gasps as his fingers play around her hot wet private area. She grabs hold of his heads as tightly as she moans cutely throughout. Issei once again takes her right breast into his mouth as he plays with her while his left hand gropes her buttocks. Her moans became louder as the pleasure becomes more intense and hot than before. He knows she may come soon, but since she didn't let him reach her peak, he thought he can do the same so to tease her too. Issei ends his ministrations and seeing Serafall's cute pout. He then guides her to the bed to let her lie down. With him on top of her, he again goes down to take her into another deep and erotic kiss, their tongues go at it for another round. Serafall holds him as much as she could to her body, letting her breasts get squished by his chest, her nipples scraping across his chest. During the rounds of kisses, his right hand holds her left hand, clasping them together.

After kissing her, his hands go to grope and play with both her breasts, making Serafall writhe in pleasure under him, with Issei hearing her cute and sensual moans. He again goes down to take her into another kiss, hearing her moans within the kiss as he plays with her breasts. This is something he's good at as he does this to his other girls. Satisfied with his fun, Issei feels the urge to now take her. He wouldn't want to let Serafall wait longer after all this fun feeling each other. "So Serafall, shall I go into you now?" he asks before going for it. This is a new girl in his harem, so he's concerned for her being. "Ok then. Go for me Ise. You're so sweet when you ask that," she compliments. Serafall's expression is full of excitement since this is her about to be taken by Issei. "Here I go," Issei opens her legs to see her wetness.

Her arms lying down to her sides and her legs open slightly wide while still giving enough room for him. Issei expertly positions his stiffness in her. He gives one last look at her, pink eyes looking back at him with such excitement and eagerness in her. Serafall softly tells him, "do it", silently demanding him to just go for it. He moves forward, going inside her warm, wet caverns. Serafall gasps and makes a slight moan as he enters in her more. He reaches much inside her as Serafall throws her head back into the pillow, reveling of Issei inside her. Looks like I've taken another girl. And it's one of the rulers of the Underworld. Lucky me Issei thought. "Oh Ise, I can now feel you inside me. I can feel it welcome you with a smooch!" Serafall says, her eyes fill with such desire and excitement. "Do you...feel happy I've taken you?" he asks, staying still to let another girl having her first time with him get adjusted to him. "Of course I am. I'm so happy, I could just burst! I'm so happy I get to do it with you," Serafall says happily, with Issei swears he can see her pink eyes sparkle.

Issei puts himself on all fours, his hands on her shoulders, with her hands holding his wrists. He started with a slow paced thrust so that she could get accustomed to his thrusts. She whimpers and softly moans from his careful thrusts in and out of her. Few minutes later, she's gotten used to his size as she instinctively thrust her hips back to meet his. Her moans increases in volume and becomes constant, with Issei hearing her sounds which is sensational to his hears, hearing Serafall's debut to his love making. "Oh Ise, yes! It feels so good! You feel so good inside me! Do me a lot!" Serafall begins her moans as she's enjoying the pleasure. Issei picks up the pace and thrusts in a moderate pace; though Serafall has gotten used to him, he is still careful in how he does it. Her cute and sexy moans now fill up her simple bedroom, her hands holding his arms. As he pumps in her, Issei looks at her face, seeing the pleasure in them while still looking cute at the same time. Issei also sees her breasts bouncing up and down along with her perk nipples becoming hard and wanting.

She then holds him down as close to her and tight as she could, her hands to his hard back and her breasts get pressed by his chest once more, letting her nipples scrape across them. Issei loves that sensation and Serafall knows it; she had nailed it for the first time with him and is satisfied about it. Issei gets a good close look o her face: she looks so cute, so sexy, so happy. "You're so cute, Serafall," Issei compliments as he loves that cute look of hers which reminds him of Irina mildly. "You're so charming and good, Ise," Serafall compliments back to him, their gaze meet and hold. Issei moves his face forward for another deep, sensual kiss, which Serafall happily welcomes. They can kiss and ravage each other all night if they have to, if it meant to satisfy her scorching desire and she's just having a lot of fun in this. All the work in the Underworld has sometimes felt stressful to her; while she does still have fun, it can sometimes strain her and this is something she'd like to have to de-stress herself. Making love to Ise, feeling the pleasure...I could use this to have fun, relieve some stress. I find it very enjoyable, maybe even addicting. But who cares, I love it! Serafall thought for a moment.

During the kiss, Serafall pulls him in more to let her breasts get pressed harder onto his masculine, chiseled chest, their thrusts onto each other still on a steady pace. Her legs pull his hips into her, now she has her whole self onto his body. Their tongues dueling and dancing with one another and their hips bucking doubles the pleasure they're having. Issei can feel her so wet, tight, warm and smooth. Wanting to pleasure her more, Issei shifts in his position to shift his weight to his left side, letting his right hand grope and play with her left breast while still kissing her and letting her right breast still press tightly onto his chest. It drove Serafall into a pleasured near-crazed state as she moans constantly in his mouth, her tongue going about wildly, her hands pull him harder into her and pressing her chest more against his. They then let go of the kiss as they need air to breathe, though Issei still has hand over her breast, making Serafall moan continuously.

Feeling that familiar sensation as he's about to reach that high, he holds her tight to his, squashing her breasts more to him. Serafall too holds him tight by her hands and legs. Pumping vigorously in her, Issei reaches his climax in her. The sensation of Issei coming inside her made Serafall cry out in such a cutely sounding pleasured shrill. The sensation also made her reach her peak in turn a little afterwards. "Oh Ise!" she cried out in a high-pitched tone. They hold each other as their bodies have such a release and then relaxes. "How was that Serafall?" Issei asks while still panting moderately. "That was great, Ise! Such pleasure, I had so much fun. I could get used to this," Serafall answers. They then kiss each other tenderly yet still erotic. Parting from the kiss a minute later, they look at each other. "So I guess you're now part of my harem?" he begins. "Yup, you bet!" Serafall replies and winking happily. Issei smiles, feeling good about having another girl added to his harem.

"So Serafall, what do you want next?" he asks. "What do you think? You know you love to have more, and I'm eager to have another go!" Serafall answers and she flips Issei over to now be the one above him and straddling him between her legs. The twin-tailed girl looks down at him such adorable pink eyes brimming with desire and happiness; looks like she's having fun at this and wants more. "This time, it's my turn to please you. I'll let you see and feel what I can do. I'm also testing myself to see if I can be another girl that can pleasure you. Enjoy!" Serafall states and proceeds to make him hard again. She swoops down to kiss him deep again. Her hands grab his wrists and put them on both of her breasts, eliciting a cute and erotic moan from her in their kiss, to which she keeps going, knowing this excites Issei. Her hands let go of his hands, letting them do as they please as she holds Issei's cheeks as she kisses him. When parting, she looks down at him with those lovely pink eyes once more, holding his cheeks while smiling at him cutely and confidently.

She's done what she could to make him hard and roused for another round. Serafall begins to move against him, feeling his manhood in her impaling her in a pleasuring way. "You love this, don't you? I can give you more fanservice until you're tired and satisfied," Serafall playfully and seductively tells him. Issei can't seem to say anything legit and only responds with his hands to her thighs and buttocks, groping them. "I thought so," Serafall giggles and is pleased with his response. She moves her hips expertly and erotically, slow at first, making soft and cute moans that are pleasing to Issei's ears. She then puts both hands behind her head, wanting to feel only Issei on her as she does this; her breasts bouncing randomly at their discretion from her movements; her head almost at a high angle, facing the ceiling. Seeing her like this arouses Issei more and he takes in the sweet view of her breasts and her in pleasure like this. Issei loves the sight of her roused nipples as she goes about her sexy movements.

Then giving in to his urges, his hands go from her hips to her breasts. Serafall makes a light gasp from this, but welcomes Issei's hands to her breasts. "Oh yes, Ise! Play with them more!" Serafall takes hold of his hands to push them more into her. Issei's hands expertly play and grope her breasts to his liking and Serafall loves the sensation of his hands on her breasts while she thrusts in him. Serafall looks down at Issei while she does all this, where Issei can see her ecstatic expression on her cute face, her pink eyes glimmer with desire and enjoyment. "Ah! Oh, you make me feel so good! You feel so good inside me!" she moans to him. "Come on, let her hands play with my breast until we come at each other!" she says and Issei can only grunt in acknowledgement. She then leans down lower into Issei, still thrusting into him, her hands on his wrists to ensure they stay with her breasts. She then places her hands onto his shoulders as she keeps on going at this while Issei's hands remain on her breasts.

Serafall moans erotic sounds of pleasure and encouragement into the room, with them being close to his ear. Her hips begin to go fast as she wants more of it, unable to get enough of this. She also wants to arouse him more by continually moaning cutely and sexily, which Issei loves hearing, but hearing it come from a different girl makes it a new one for him as Serafall is a new girl to add to his harem, which makes him happy thinking about it. Serafall enjoys this and is having the time of her life. She has not been having boyfriend/lover throughout her lifetime as her works mainly kept her busy, but now she has a lover and this has been a wonderful one for her, and it feels incredibly good that she will not waste. Both revel in the love and pleasure of one another.

Many minutes pass in their love making and pleasuring one another. Issei can feel it coming now. "Hey Sera, it's here again," he tells her. "Yes! I want it, Ise! Give it all me! Shoot it all in me!" Serafall makes a sexy and rather cute pleading to him, lost in the ecstasy. Not able to contain it, Issei shoots his load into her, with Serafall let out a shrill cry of pleasure. Shortly after, Serafall reaches her climax, the pleasure just overwhelming, lifting her head up to face the ceiling. Issei's hands are still on her breasts and he relishes the view of Serafall facing up. For a minute, Serafall remains in that position until her body settles down and then going down to Issei again. Her hands go on sides of his head as she looks at Issei again with those cute pink orbs of hers, expression of satisfaction and joy on her face. Issei's hands move from her breasts to her thighs and buttocks.

"This is just so much fun, Ise! It's just so awesome!" Serafall says, happiness brimming in her eyes even though she's panting from her effort. "Well, you're great too," Issei replies, complimenting her effort. "Aw, that just makes me happy, Ise. Glad to know I'm another girl that can please you, and I'm pleased too," she replies back and goes to embrace Issei, nuzzling her head on his neck and upper chest. What she's doing reminds Issei of Koneko doing this to him the time when they have their love-making sessions. Mirroring what he does to Koneko, Issei caresses and pets Serafall. After a while, they look at each other and then have another round of deep, sweet kiss. Serafall presses her body down on Issei more and Issei pushes his body to press her body more into him, wanting more of her body on him. After some time, they part for air.

"So Ise, how about just one more round?" Serafall asks. "You alright with that?" he asks. "Well I know you like nice sex, I find it fun so why not. I'll be bummed if you don't want one," Serafall playfully pouts, pretending to be sad. "Heh, right. I don't mind, I like it if you don't mind and is willing to go for it," he says to her. "Of course I do. I might get addicted to this you know, so I'm having fun. I don't want this fun to end yet. This night is special for me," Serafall says. "Very well," Issei says and sits up at the edge of the bed, letting her straddle him. "In this position, eh?" Serafall remarks. "Yeah. So come, Sera. I like to feel you more and you can feel more of me in this," Issei says. "Ok then. Let's go for another fun round!" Serafall cheerfully says and then takes Issei's lips once more for another deep kiss, her hands holding his neck and head to hold him as much as she could.

Serafall keeps on thrusting against his member in her, constantly making sweet, cute and erotic moans continuously as she keeps at it. "Oh Ise! Ah! Oh yes, yes! Ise!" she moans at random, also incoherent at times and just moans over and over from the pleasure. Issei does make some pleasurable grunts of his own, loving the sensation of Serafall. His hands move to her thighs and buttocks, feeling her nice skin and her force as she moves in and out of him. Throughout it all, Serafall presses her body against him and Issei of course enjoys the feeling of her breasts against his chest. He also pushes his chest forward to meet hers, squishing her breasts more in between. Serafall loves the feeling of her breasts against his chest and does as much as she can to get her boobs pressed harder into his.

When their eyes lock onto each other, Serafall gives a cute smile with pleasure on her expression and then seize his lips towards hers, their tongues clashing in another heated and passionate session. Like before, Serafall keeps up the momentum and intensity. She's just having the time of her life. For now, this isn't Serafall Leviathan, one of the four rulers of the Underworld, but just Serafall, a simple girl wanting to have fun and revel in the pleasure. In just this one moment, Serafall forgets her responsibilities for a while.

The twin-tail haired super devil then breaks the kiss to lift her head up, enjoying the pleasures of his stiffness inside her, letting out such cute and sexy moans, her hands still holding his head and neck. Issei puts his face at the base of her neck, planting kisses and sometimes licks them softly. This guest bedroom is filled with Issei's manly grunts and deep moans with Serafall's sweet moans and cries.

Some more minutes pass until they feel their climax coming. "Sera, I'm..." Issei says out, but Serafall understands what he's saying. "Oh yes! Come into me, Ise! Let's come together!" Serafall cries out in excitement, looking into his face. Serafall lets out everything she's got, releasing all her love, desire, also some lust into her thrust to get him to climax. Issei grunts out, louder than the previous ones, reaching his climax. Serafall cries out from his load shooting into her, holding his head tight. Shortly after, she reaches her peak and releasing her juices that intermingles with his. Both hold each other tight, reveling in the ecstasy of the release until their bodies settle down and being calm again.

"Ise, that was so much fun. I think I have the best night of my life," Serafall comments, still panting. "I'm glad you like it," Issei answers. "If you're glad, I'm glad too," Serafall gives a bright and cute smile towards him. "So you're among my girls now, huh?" Issei now asks her. "You bet!" Serafall replies happily and gives Issei another deep kiss. After a minute, they pull out, with Issei falling back to the bed, with Serafall on top of him. Issei holds her while Serafall cuddles into his chest as if she's a cute cat, reminding Issei about Koneko during the times they make love and Koneko does something similar like this.

"So Sera, since it's nighttime, I gotta go back to my room now," Issei tells her. "Aw, I want to be with you more. Or perhaps I can go into your room, if you don't mind," Serafall replies. "Well, sure. Are you alright sleeping with my other girls?" "Sure, I like to see more of your girls. Hope they appreciate me." They then get up and dressed to get to his room. However Serafall is just dressed in simple pair of pink pajamas. Issei finds it still cute, considering its Serafall's and her. They then head towards his room, opens the door and find the girls waiting for him: Rias, Asia and Irina. All of them are naked with Irina being only topless and her only wear is a light blue panties.

"Hey Ise, we've been waiting for you!" Irina greets. Issei is surprised to see her almost naked. "Hey Irina, is that alright being like that?" Issei asks, indicating about being in that from her angel status. "It's no problem. I got my pendant that prevents me from falling and we can make love outside of the 'room' that's made for us," Irina says and both understand what she means. "So Serafall plans to sleep with us? Ok, this is something, but I don't mind," Rias comments.

Issei and Serafall are now walking towards his bed, but Serafall notices something, a door that catches her eye somewhat. She just feels something about it. "Hey Ise, what's that door there?" Serafall asks, pointing her face towards the door. "Oh, that. Do I need to tell?" Issei asks, hesitant to tell her. "Aw, come on Ise! Don't keep secrets from me! I'm one of your girls now, so I gotta know!" Serafall pleads in a cute way. Defeated, Issei tells her what that certain door is. "Honestly, that's a place where the girls perform an erotic dance for me on the pole. And then we make love there." That is all Issei can say. "Ooh, a pole dance huh? Perhaps I can do a pole dance for you too. I will perform that for you, one of these days," Serafall says, winking at him. Issei wonders on how well she'd do well on doing an erotic dance for him. "Well, I'm...looking forward to it," he says. "Oh, you think I'm not that good? When the time comes, I promise that I will turn you on. My performance is sure to please you!" Serafall states. Issei acknowledges, perhaps he does want to look forward on what Serafall can do. She does have a nice body and she is cute.

Issei guides Serafall to his massive bed and Serafall playfully jumps on it. She then takes a look at the rest of the girls on his bed. "Oh, you like to sleep naked with Ise? I think I'll do the same too!" Serafall says as she takes off her pink pajamas and is left only in her pink panties, with her being topless. "Hey, this alright with you?" Issei asks to Rias. "Well, you can't stop her. If that's how she likes it, then I guess I don't mind," Rias can only answer. When she's done taking her clothes off, Serafall then takes notice of Irina. "Oh hey, you have similar style as I do," Serafall greets to her. "Hey, I feel that you seem to be like me," Irina calls back.

Both Serafall and Irina introduce themselves and begin to interacting with one another. They find it surprising they are similar in both appearance and personality. "Hey I think we can get along together," Serafall said, her eyes gleaming. "Yeah, same here. Let's totally get along!" Irina replies happily. With that, Serafall and Irina became fast friends. "You two get along quite fast," Issei comments. "Yes, I found another friend!" Serafall says, taking hold of Issei's left shoulder. "Who would've thought Serafall would be kind of like me!" Irina cheerfully says, also taking hold of Issei's right shoulder.

"One thing, um, lady Serafall?" Asia then speaks up behind Irina. "No need for formalities, you can simply call me Serafall. You're...Asia, right?" Serafall turns to her. "Yes. You may be a high ranking devil, and I respect that, but I will still not lose to you about Ise!" Asia proclaims, hugging Issei from behind. "Oh my, you sure love him, don't you? It's ok, I don't mind. Sharing is caring, right?" Serafall remarks. "That's Asia for you, she just loves sweet Ise very much. I hope you two get along," Rias tells them. "Yes," Asia and Serafall responds.

"Ok, now that we're here, let's all get tucked in," Issei says. "Yes," the girls responded and they say their own good night to Issei. "Sweet dreams, my darling Ise," Serafall sweetly and playfully says, winking and blowing a kiss towards him. Serafall sleeps onto his right side, with Issei's right arm on her. She tucks herself and sleeping cutely beside him. To his left, Asia clings onto his left arm with a topless Irina behind her. Issei looks at Irina. Irina and Serafall sure are similar to one another. They got the same hairstyle and personality to boot. I wonder if I get to be with them together and have fun with these two girls? I could find out eventually. Right now, I'll just go enjoy this and take a trip towards dream land. Issei ponders. With that, Issei sleeps with the rest of the girls in his bed as usual, only this time, a new girl has been added into his harem.



That's my take on the lovely Serafall here. We know how she can be somewhat similar she is to Irina, don't you think? At least that's how I see it. It'd be great to see Serafall still among them and she gets to be part of Issei's harem.

Now I gotta tell you that I'm not intending to let Issei go with Sona; I just feel that they don't have anything going on together. What I see is that Sona isn't really madly in-love with him that much. I also do not intend to do Grayfia; again I don't feel any chemistry between them other than being like motherly or older sisterly towards him. She may be interested in him, but I don't think she's after him. After all, she's the wife of Sirzechs, in case you don't know! Hope that now clears it up and hope you understand. Remember: I don't take requests.

I think that the next girl I plan to do would be Kuroka. Knowing her seductive nature, I like to see her do something quite an erotic show for him. Speaking of which, if you think I'll make a chapter about Serafall doing that, I'm not sure. Maybe it happened when I'm not covering this as Issei goes about his lovely life there. But of course I intend to do Asia doing that eventually; it's cool to see Asia do that, knowing she doesn't want to lose and wants to make a big impression on Issei. In case you're wondering, I'll be doing Ophis and Elmenhilde. I'm also thinking of doing threesomes for Issei to be with like Irina and Serafall, Koneko and Kuroka, Asia and Raynare, the Church Trio, Koneko and Ravel to name a few and some others one of these days. And I'll be doing this "attack of the black-haired beauties" like Akeno, Raynare, Serafall, Ophis and Kuroka eventually. Now apart from debating these choices (because this is not the main point), don't forget to R&R about this chapter if you please.

I now bid you bye for now, hope you enjoy this one and I'll be doing another chapter of my Omamori fic soon enough, hope you can check that out. Until next time, see you later.

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