Sakura's Sex Saga

BY : Maglag
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Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Card Captor Sakura or Touhou. The original, wonderful story and the characters all belong to glorious CLAMP, and Zun. I don't aim to make any kind of profit out of this writing, I'm just doing it for fun.

Syaoran was dreaming. He knew that because after going to sleep he suddenly found himself in his classroom at Tomoeda High. And there was a working projector passing images of her beloved Sakura.

In skimpier and skimpier outfits. Damnit, Syaoran didn't remember Sakura ever showing so much skin at the swimming pool. Several of those pieces of "clothing" seemed like they could only hold in place by some mysterious magic. How else could those thin strips just so barely cover her nipples while revealing basically every other inch of her perfect body? All with plenty of frills and bows of course. Syaoran blushed a bit, never imagining he had such a pervert mind for having a dream like this.

"You're enjoying it, Syaoran-kun?"-asked a familiar voice to his side, startling the boy and causing him to almost fall from his chair as he turned to see the source. There was his beloved Sakura-chan, dressed in her typical school uniform, smiling cheerfully as always. So innocent... So close... So vulnerable... Well, this was clearly a dream, better to make the best use of it, right? Syaoran gently touched Sakura's cheek with his hand. She chuckled. He kissed her forehead. She remained silent. He started kissing her neck, while his hands moved downward her body, feeling Sakura's soft skin over her clothes. She moaned a bit.

"Sakura-chan is so cute, isn't she? Those are the uniform designs I would just love to dress her up with!" -said another familiar voice from the opposite side. Syaoran turned and saw Tomoyo sitting there with her usual faint smile, dressed in the Tomeda High school student clothes as well. Her presence killed his previous mood a bit.


"Tomoyo-chan, I thought you had agreed to just watch!"-complained Sakura, making a pout with her face.

"But Sakura-chan, I love you! I just can't let Syaoran steal you right in front of me..."-replied Tomoyo with a touch of sadness in her voice, while lowering her right hand to between her legs.

"Wait, what's going on here? This is starting to get just too strange even for a dream!"-interrupted Syaoran-Sakura, have you been playing with your cards?

Haha, you caught me! Yes, I'm using The Dream to combine our minds... But it was Tomoyo-chan who had the idea. Since you're always so shy, she said this would be a great... She also said to bring her along so she could provide the correct... What did Tomoyo-chan call it? Visual stimulation? Ah, point is, we're here and we can do whatever we want without worries! So please continue with what you were doing!-replied Sakura, recovering her cheerful smile while spreading open her legs, revealing she was wearing pink lingerie panties.

"B-but, Sakura, this is wrong! I w-was about to force you without consent! I was about to RAPE you!"

"Well,it would be about time you did me- calmly replied Sakura, still smiling-This is a dream, most of our inhibitions are supressed... I would normally not be able to talk to you like this in the real world, after all-Sakura's fingers moved under her shirt and started massging her still flat breasts-Normally I would only do this kind of thing when I'm alone in my room and I'm sure Kero is asleep... But then Tomoyo-chan told me she had seen me being naughty with myself. She had recordings of it. Many recordings. From different angles..."

The projector on the room suddenly started passing images of half-naked Sakura masturbating. Rubbing her hairless pussy, pinching her pink nipples. Sometimes with her hands. Other times with her wand...

"Tomoyo-chan said if I felt the need to be touched, she could do it."-continued Sakura-"I felt like she really wanted to touch me, but she was my best friend, she certainly wouldn't hurt me. So I let her, and she touched me a lot..."

The projector now showed footage of Tomoyo over Sakura, massaging, kissing, licking her red-headed child's skin, first with them both fully clothed, then both girl's clothes being stripped until they were both naked. And all the time Sakura was completely passive, just letting herself be used by Tomoyo.

"And I kinda enjoyed it... It made me feel funny. But there was something missing... Something that didn't feel right... You know what it was, Syaoran dear?"-asked Sakura, leaning over the boy who had to contain himself from drooling-"Who I really wanted to touch me was you. Not Tomoyo-chan, not my own hands, but yours. And this isn't a recent feeling. It's something I've been feeling for quite some time now. Probably ever since I met you. I was just didn't knew what it was back then, it was a completely new feeling. But if you had just pushed me to the ground from the start, ripped my clothes off, and filled all my holes with your milk... I would have loved every second of it."

"Sakura-chan, please stop listen to me!"-interrupted Syaoran, holding Sakura's shoulders-"Tomoyo has been abusing you, and clearly been filling your head with nonsense. You're confused, you don't know what you're saying. You need to stop this spell before things get out of hand. Children like us aren't supposed to be doing things like this!"

"Oh, that's rich coming from you"-interrupted Tomoyo-"So it is wrong for me to help Sakura-chan better understand her body and feelings, but it is allright for you to have training sessions with Meiling?"

The projector's scenes changed again. This time it showed Syaoran sitting at the couch at his home, reading a book. On the floor between his legs, Mei Ling knelt, completely naked besides her hair ribbons, energetically, licking and masturbating and sucking Syaoran's large cock. It was so big that she had trouble fitting it inside her childish mouth, so big she needed both her hands to properly hold it. Syaoran pretended to ignore her efforts and just focus on the book, but was clearly enjoying the blowjob from his cousin. Eventually, Syaoran's cock started trembling and releasing spurts of thick, white milk over Meiling's face. The poor girl tried her best to drink as much as possible, but between the massive amount and her own clumsiness, most spilled over her hair, her face, her chest and her shoulders. It was unreal how much coming out. Certainly it was related to the boy's natural magic. When it finally stopped, Meiling was half-covered in sticky semen, more drooling out of her open mouth as she stared with a look of defeat at Syaoran's still erect cock.

"No way... It's still up.... My mouth is too sore to continue..."-commented Meiling, panting while rubbing her soaked pussy with her now free hands, covered in cum as well.

"Just give it up"-Syaoran heard his own voice echo across the room, remembering the words he had himself said not that long ago-"You know the family rules. My bride must be talented at marital arts as well as the martial arts.You can't become marry me unless you can completely satisfy me without using your pussy."

"I-I can do it! Just you watch! I'll make you addicted to my body!"-with this words, Meiling suddenly stood up, her eyes burning with energy, and she turned and spread her legs, revealing her pink butthole. Then she leaned backwards to sit over Syaoran's legs, grabbing his dick and slowly driving it up her anus. It was quite an impressive show how she managed to force such a thick shaft into such a small opening, but Meiling had great pride on the flexibility of her body. She just orgasmed two times before Syaoran's cock was fully inside her.

"S-sooo gooooddd!!! I can feel it touching my stomach! Does it feel good for you too Syaoran-kun?"

Syaoran just gritted his teeth and tried to focus on his books as Meiling started moving up and down, gaining momentum. After three more orgasms from the girl, Syaoran's cock finally trembled again, and a trickle of fresh cum spilled out from between the space between Meiling's ass and Syaoran's cock. 

"Y-you're still hard... I can still continue..."-panted Meiling, restarting her bouncing movements and orgasming one more time before she finally lost consciouness and fell backward over Syaoran, who gently holded her, before laying her to rest on the couch's. The boy then removed his still-hard cock from his cousin's ass, letting the cum aculumated inside her spill out, alongside some blood resulting from the intense action. Syaoran sighed, that would take some work to clean up. But before that, he had to finish the hard-on Meiling had left him with. Going to his room, he put one of the many video tapes of Sakura's adventures that Tomoyo had offered him running on his TV, and procceeded to masturbate at the numerous panty shots the blue haired girl seemed to skilled at capturing in camera. Syaoran still came three more times before finally going soft, leaving a massive puddle of semen on the floor on front of him. Meiling then suddenly barged in. Still naked. Still covered in his drying milk. She looked at the mess, and then without a word stepped forward, knelt and started licking Syaoran's seed from the ground.

Meiling, you don't have to do this...-said Syaoran in a tired voice.

"It is all I can do!"-replied Meiling, crying a bit-"You cum more for some  red haired whore on the TV than from my direct love! But why? She just wants to be friends with you! I'm willing to give you my body and soul! Why?"

"Why yes, why were you willing to stick your willy in your cousin's ass and mouth every other day, covering her inside and out with your magic milk, but you're so shy around Sakura-chan?"-asked Tomoyo in a sarcastic tone, smiling.

You can't understand...-replies Syaoran, lowering his head in shame-My family runs on many old traditions. Meiling and me grew up learning them, surrounded by them. I tried to bring this one to see if Meiling would give up on her silly dream... And for how long have you been spying me in my own house?-ended Syaoran, suddenly standing up and staring at Tomoyo with clear anger on his eyes. She stared back without even blink.

"And what are you gonna do, punish me like the big boy you are? Go ahead. Whatever you do to me, it will show your true nature to Sakura-chan."

"Actually..."-said Sakura, moving behind Syaoran and hugging him deeply-"I don't mind you doing it with other girls. I've done it with Tomoyo as well after all. And anyway, we're still both kinda virgins... I didn't let Tomoyo touch me too deeply inside my pussy, I felt like only Syaoran-kun should be allowed to do it. And you didn't enter the true love hole of Meiling either..."

Syaoran sighed, too a deep breath and turned to return Sakura's hug, stroking her hair and smiling for the first time.

"I want to do it with you, Sakura-chan, I really do, but not like this, not in a dream with Tomoyo drooling over us."

"Well, we could would count this as training, right?"

"Hmm, perhaps..."-replies Syaoran, suddenly uniting his lips with Sakura, driving his tongue inside her mouth.


The clock alarm woke up Sakura. She looked around. She was in her room. Nobody else around. One hand holding her summoned wand. The other holding The Dream card.

"Hhhhoooeeeee..."-was all Sakura could say when she noticed her panties were completely soaked. Had she actually managed to unite her, Tomoyo-chan and Syaoran-kun's dreams? Or was all part of her feveverished fantasies?  But the projector images were real. Tomoyo had offered her copies of all the naughty videos they had made so far, as well as the ones recorded from Syaoran's house. Those probably made her more horny than anything else, imagining herself on Meiling's place... But clearly she couldn't satisfy herself anymore just by watching and touching herself, or even letting her best friend touch her. Sakura needed Syaoran to take responsability for the urges he had given her. And Sakura had quite some cards up her sleeve to pull it off...

(To be continued!This chapter may or may have not be written when I was completely drunk)

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