Sakura's Sex Saga

BY : Maglag
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Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Card Captor Sakura or Touhou. The original, wonderful story and the characters all belong to glorious CLAMP, and Zun. I don't aim to make any kind of profit out of this writing, I'm just doing it for fun.

Author's note: This chapter happens a bit in the past of the current storyline, just after Sakura fucked Naoko, Chiharu and Rika. The idea wouldn't leave my head and I had to write it. Started little but then then I kept adding bits and finally managed to publish this one.

On other news, I'm in China thanks to a PhD scholarship, wee! Moving into a new place and all the bureaucracy took plenty of work and time, the reason I couldn't update this for so long. Let's see if I can catch up my rhythm, still plenty of perverted ideas inside my head screaming to get out...


Tomoeda's streets

Sakura and her closest friends walked to school in the early morning. The card mistress first just grabed Syaoran's hand, blushing. Then she started hugging his arm. Leaning against his shoulder. Sniffing him up close. Licking his neck. Biting his ear. Her hands moving to grope his young firm ass.

Sakura-chan's so cute when she's horny first thing in the day!-squealed Tomoyo, recording everything.

Sakura, people will see us...-blushed Syaoran.

You smell so good, Syaoran... You take bath right away in the morning?-smiled Sakura

Of course we do, otherwise we would stink of sweat from our morning training!-stated Meiling.

Oh, you mean martial arts?-asked Sakura.

And also marital arts. I've managed to record some of them.-grinned Tomoyo, loading a memory card putting her camera on play mod.

On the screen appeared Syaoran and Meiling in their apartment's training room. Both in training clothes, and the boy energetically penetrating the girl, both in exotic positions. But it wasn't wild fucking. It was perfectly rhythmic sex. Syaoran and Meiling moved their bodies in perfect synchronization. Their breathing was as one. Sakura could swear their hearts were beating as one.

You jealous, Sakura-chan?-Tomoyo hugged Sakura from behind, moving her soft hands inside the card mistress's skirt and shirt to directly molest the other girl's private places. Squeezing her immature breasts, fingering her smooth pussy.

Hoe...?-Sakura's brain wasn't really able to process jealousy, so it was now blank, while Syaoran was blushing even more.

Geez, it's just training. I help Master Syaoran practice new sex techniques before he uses them to pleasure Mistress Sakura. Some of those stances will hurt quite a bit if you don't take care. Syaoran would never forgive himself if he dislocated one of your arms or legs by accident. We're both already used to that kind of pain from our training with Syaoran's mother.-sighed Meiling.

Ah, yes, you and Syaoran have always trained your bodies together since you were little. That's why you move so well with each other. I'm so glad you'll go through so much trouble just to make me feel better.

...Yes... -let out Syaoran, as Sakura picked up his arms and had the boy hug her as they walked.

I can't believe Sakura-chan bought that. Even if it's Sakura-chan. I was hoping to get some nice recording of Sakura-chan getting really rough with either of you or perhaps both.-sighed Tomoyo, still using her hands to molest Sakura, who released little moans as she in turn hugged rubbed herself against her boyfriend.

Well, but that video got me kinda excited, so let's make love right now Syaoran!-smiled Sakura.

We're in the middle of the street in broad daylight...-tried to protest Syaoran but Sakura was already summoning her wand and pulling a card:


Sakura grabbed her boyfriend and jumped with him to the top of the nearest building.

Here nobody will see us! Hurry, get your penis out!-Sakura swiftly pulled out Syaoran's shorts and underwear while pulling her panties to the side to expose her pussy.

But we'll be late for class...-Syaoran was silenced as Sakura inserted her tongue inside his mouth while squeezing his balls and cock. Her grip was pretty strong after years of training witg wielding cheerleading batons and magic wands.

The card mistress started to lower her pussy over Syaoran's hardening dick. Her cunt was already wet from Tomoyo's fingers, but even then was still a tight fit. No matter how many times they fucked, it seemed like his cock always needed some work to get inside her. Well, except for when Meiling fisted her beforehand. Or Tomoyo applied plenty of one of her special oils. But the other two girls were down there. Then Sakura had an idea. She didn't dismiss the Jump. Instead she started riding Syaoran's cock with her magically enhanced legs.


Both Sakura and Syaoran moaned in pain and pleasure as their hips crashed against each other with great power. Sakura paused for a moment, then resumed moving. Her leg thrusts were stronger than ever, allowing her to easily move over the whole length of Syaoran's cock with each move. Her pussy felt on fire...


Down on the ground.

Tomoyo pouted:

I can't record anything from here! Meling-chan, please take me to them!

You're on your own, perverted voyeur.-grinned Meiling as she started to jump and climb her way up to the ceiling.

I'll give you a copy of Syaoran's secret photos after that time you returned to China.

Meiling dropped to the ground and picked Tomoyo up in her arms.

Hang on... Damn you're heavy!-complained Meiling as she resumed her climb dragging Tomoyo along.

My, you're so strong Meiling-chan...-Tomoyo started kissing Meiling's cheeks. She was a lesbian after all, and she would be lying if she said she wasn't enjoying being carried like that. The chinese girl blushed a bit, but focused on not falling down.

The two long haired girls arrived to the ceiling in less than a minute, being greeted by the view of Sakura riding Syaoran with mighty leg movements, tiny wings in her feet.

Sakura-chan's so cute when she's fucking in the open!-squealed Tomoyo.

T-Tomoyo-chan? How did yoOOOOOHHHH!!!-Sakura orgasmed from the surprise. Her vagina clamped down on Syaoran's cock even harder, and the boy couldn't hold out any longer either, starting to fill Sakura's pussy with his boy juice. He kept pumping for another minute, giving the card mistress some more orgasms, before she finally rolled to the side exhausted and Syaoran's cock still shot some more cum into the air, covering the ground.

Man, you were fucking master Syaoran while using the jump? Now I'm jealous...-pouted Meiling before getting on her knees and starting to lick the cum that had fallen on the ground.

Owowow my cunny is sore...-said Sakura, carefully touching her pussy

That's what you get for being so rash, Sakura.-sighed Syaoran.

Teeheehee, still worth it.-giggled Sakura, then she seemed to realize something-Hoooeee we're gonna be late!


The gang had managed to reach the class just in time, but Sakura's cunt was still hurting too much for her to sit properly.


The summoned dark cloak was softer than the finest silk. By discretly concentrating it in her seat, Sakura's pussy didn't hurt while she sat down. Actually it felt kinda good. As she lost attention to class, semi-consciously Sakura willed for The Shadow's tendrils to move under its mistress's clothes and caress her young body. Then she looked at Syaoran at her side. She started fantasizing the boy naked. His elegant well fit young body. Sakura spread open her legs, letting the shadow pull her panties to the side to expose her pussy to the air and better caress it. Then she saw Syaoran turn to look at her and blush as he noticed what Sakura was doing. Sakura grinned. She enjoyed masturbation. The card was an extension of her will. Her toy. But Sakura enjoyed masturbation even more when there was someone else watching.

I know that you're peeking at me, Syaoran.-whispered the card mistress at her boyfriend.

Syaoran pretended to ignore her and tried to focus on what the teacher was saying. Just some boring revisons. Sakura decided to extend her fun and had the shadow's tendrils move across the floor and up Syaoran's legs, entering his shorts and starting to wrap around his cock and balls. Sakura smiled as she saw Syaoran blushing under her card's touch. She saw a tent start to form between his legs, straining the fabric, so Sakura willed the Shadow undid Syaoran's shorts in order for his hardening cock to don't rip through the school garments. Syaoran's dick popped out, already oozing precum. Sakura licked her lips. The card mistress ordered the Shadow to fully envelop around Syaoran's cock as a condom in order to contain his cum. She felt him about to cum by the vibrations sent through the tendrils connecting both their naughty places. Sakura bited her lips to supress her own incoming orgasm. The card mistress saw the shadow condom expand as it tried to take all of Syaoran's cum. But the pressure was too much. Syaoran's ejaculation burst through the dark mantle, hitting the underside of his desk that jumped up from the impact! Everybody in class turned to look at Syaoran from the noise and he blushed even more. Sakura skillfully used the Shadow's remains to make Syaoran's cum and cock remained out of everybody else's field of view. She wondered however what would happen if the rest of the class kids saw his wonderful cock covered in semen. The girls would go crazy for Syaoran. Most boys as well. Even the teacher would want a go at the chinese magic dick. But then Sakura herself would also be found with her exposed wet pussy. She would be just as popular as Syaoran if not more. They could handle the rest of the class. But it would get messy and she was sexually satisfied for now. Besides Sakura felt like Syaoran would have a surprise to entertain him later today. Sakura's prophetic instincts told her so.


At class interval

Sakura was chatting with Syaoran and Tomoyo.

Sakura-chan, we can smell it!-Rika suddenly approached.

Hoe, smell what?-asked Sakura, incredulous.

Syaoran-kun's semen! You were using your magic to be naughty in class, weren't you?-Naoko approached along Chiharu.

Hoe... Yes... There's actually plenty left if you want some.-Sakura revealed the shadow from a corner of the room, half covered in Syaoran's now half-dried magic milk. She hadn't felt like dismissing it right away.

Ah, this is the stuff...-Chiharu started licking the white liquid from the black tendrils.

But don't you have your boyfriends to give you cum now?-asked the card mistress.

Please Sakura-chan, we all know you got yourself a stud of a boyfriend, you don't need to rub it in us harder.-sighed Naoko as she slurped as much leftover boy cum as she could.

Hoe...?-Sakura's eyes started swirling in confusion.

Terada-sama, Yamazaki-kun, even Naoko's secret boyfriend, they can't really satisfy us. They're good for one, two shots at best and then get dry. And even then they hardly produce any sperm when compared to each of Syaoran-kun's shots. And theirs doesn't taste anywhere as good as your boyfriend's milk as well. -Rika sucked the Shadowy tentacles like she was starving.

Actually, we were wondering if we can ask you to fuck your boy again?-asked Chiharu, suddenly hugging Sakura and kissing her cheeks.

Don't worry, it's not like we love him, we're just interested in using him as a sex toy.-added Naoko, getting in her knees and starting to lick Sakura's pussy over her panties, who moaned in pleasure.

Pretty please Sakura-chan?-Rika started kissing Sakura's neck from behind, then lowered herself until she was facing the card mistres's ass and started delicately tonguing her anus.

Aaahhh, sure, if that makes you happy...-smiled Sakura as she pressed Rika's and Naoko's heads against her special holes, making sure they ate her good, only letting them go when she finally got a fresh lesbian orgam.

Geez Sakura, don't spoil them like that...-sighed Syaoran as he grabbed Naoko and placed her over the nearest desk to cream first her ass, then her pussy, making sure the girl had multiple orgasms from each of his shots, hoping that it would be properly satisfied for at least some days. He repeated the process with the other two girls without hesitation as Sakura released them. There were more classes that day.

Tomoyo couldn't resist her lesbian urges and silenced the other girl's moans and cries with her pussy while recording everything, then used her own tongue to clean their holes after Syaoran was done with them.

Hmm, where's Meiling-chan?-Sakura wandered out of the room before her “best friend” and boyfriend were finished with the other three girls.

After walking a bit in the school's corridors, Sakura saw Meiling surrounded by a group of school girls all trying to deliver her cute letters with little hearts on them. Meiling sweatdroped while trying to politely refuse them, but the crowd of kids around her pressed on, swooning all over the chinese girl and barely giving her any space to breathe.

Please accept our feelings, Meiling-sama!-cried out several of the girls.

Sakura giggled, not caught completely by surprise from those news. Every girl on the school knew Meiling-chan had once dated Syaoran-kun, but now the chinese boy was dating the tomboyish Sakura-chan and now it turned out Meiling-chan had a lot of secret fans all along. She was, smart, strong, pretty and rich! The school boys felt intimidated by her greatness and just lowered their blushing heads when she looked at them, but the school girls proved bolder, admiring Meiling as a pure paragon of femininity, wishing to get closer to her. It seemed like the smell of Syaoran's magic milk in the room had given them that extra boost to make a combined move on the chinese girl. Then suddenly Meiling leapt over her wall of fans and sprinted away!

Geez, this is such a bother...-sighed Meiling as she ran across the school's corridors, hearing the squeals of her pursuing fangirls.

Dark tendrils suddenly shot from a near door and pulled the surprised chinese girl inside a dark room.

Why were you running away, Meiling-chan? Don't you like being popular?-asked Sakura, revealing herself from the shadows.

W-Why would I care about them, my heart belongs to Master Syaoran and Mistress Sakura only.-blushed Meiling.

Those kids just look like they want to be friends with you, Meiling-chan. It's fine for you to play with them. Look, their panties are all wet.-Sakura pulled out from her pocket a pair of girl's undergarments, filled with the clear smell of a young female's love juices.

...Did you steal their underwear, Mistress Sakura?

Tomoyo-chan taught me it's not right for girls to walk around with dirty underwear. It's only polite that if I see another girl friend with drenched panties, I should take them out, and let their special juice flow freely.

But, Mistress...

You're also all wet down there, Meiling-chan. You liked it when they were rubbing their cute little bodies all over yours, didn't you? You enjoyed them praising you and begging for you to take care of them, didn't you Meiling-chan?

Forgive my impure thoughts, Mistress Sakura. I will discipline my mind better.

Sakura willed the Shadow's tendrils to spread Meiling's legs opened while pulling out her panties, then started eating out the chinese girl's pussy. Her smell and taste were remarkably similar to Syaoran's crotch just like their mouths had quite familiar flavors.

M-Mistress Sakura please stop that!-frowned Meiling, struggling to break free to no avail.

Your pussy tastes so good when you're angry Meiling-chan!-smiled Sakura with her face covered in the other girl's love juices.

I-I don't enjoy this kind of treatment, Mistress Sakura! I'll lick any part of your body to pleasure you, but I'm not a lesbian, I only do it out of duty!

Geez, don't you start with that as well. It took me some time to notice it, but you're so like Syaoran-kun in that matter, holding your desires back. You like licking cunnies, don't you? Also sucking other girl's titties, big or small. You always look so happy when playing with other females.

I-It was just a spur of the moment, an instant of weakness. While Mistress was capturing the cards, I only had close contact with Master Syaoran. Well, and that old butler, but he was polite enough to keep away from our training sessions and then clean up the messes we left.

Tomoyo-chan showed me the videos. You hired high-class whores all the time back in the day with your allowance. You made them feel so good that they started to come play with you for free, then they started offering you presents, then they started to bring their cute daughters to join in the fun...

...Not even Master Syaoran knew about those... I didn't want to risk he falling for any other female...

I can understand you, Meiling-chan. Syaoran-kun is a wonderful lover, but he's still a boy. Sometimes we just feel like being naughty with another girl. Tomoyo-chan taught me that as well. Girls are just so soft, smell and taste so good...

Meiling sweatdropped. The chinese girl always suspected Tomoyo had been training Sakura to become a nymphomaniac lesbian. Seems like she had partially succeeded. But Meiling couldn't claim to remain pure on that matter either.

...Ok, I confess I'm addicted to loving girls. I can't help it, Master Syaoran was the only male in the house and also the youngest, his sisters and mother played with each other a lot and then with me once I started hanging around Master Syaoran. But now I have Mistress Sakura, I don't need any other girl in my life.

Sakura sighed and revealed some sets of photos Tomoyo had done of Meiling fucking with the other two girls when they were horny and Syaoran wasn't nearby. Meiling kissing Sakura's neck. Meiling kissing Tomoyo's legs. Meiling licking Sakura's pussy. Meiling eating Tomoyo's ass. Meiling fingering Sakura and Tomoyo while they kissed. The three girls all over each other in a pile of young soft flesh and sweat, trying to taste as much as possible from the other girls. The only constant was that at the end of each set Meiling was the one still standing, with a smug victorious look on her face, but clearly still ready for more while Sakura and Tomoyo were left panting on the floor, completely exhausted and breathing heavily, unable to move a finger. Meiling always ended forced to furiously masturbate herself to be fully satisfied.

If me and Tomoyo-chan can't satisfy your sexual need for female fun, it's fine if you get other girl friends to help you with that.-smiled Sakura again.

My desires are secondary to those of my Mistress.

Meiling-chan, I want you to satisfy yourself with those girls... As your mistress, I order you to do so.

The chinese girl sighed again. From a martial arts perspective, she saw at least thirty seven ways of killing the card mistress using just Meiling's naked limbs. But she couldn't do it when they first met and the chinese girl hated Sakura's guts. Syaoran wanted a clean competition while card capturing and assassination of the rival was out of the question. And over the last year Meiling had realized just how kind and generous Sakura was, while also a natural at commanding others and imposing her authority. The Li family couldn't really ask for a better woman to marry the main heir. It was Meiling's duty-no-privilege to obey her.

I'll round them up then.-surrendered Meiling.

No need, I already gathered them for you, Meiling-chan.-Sakura smiled innocently as if she was just saying she had baked some cookies for the chinese girl as a token of friendship, and then the room became better illuminated, revealing the school kids who had been harassing Meiling.

The girls were all restrained by The Shadow's tendrils, their mouths gagged and their eyes blindfolded by dark strands so that they coudn't tell what was happening to them nor make any noise. Meiling admired how Sakura had used the card to completely bind the girls without hurting them. The Wood could also be used for trapping others, but branches, vines and leaves had an hard texture, better suited for rough play or punishment. Meiling caressed the Shadow's tendrils tying up the nearest girl. They felt as smooth as the finest garbs. No matter how much the girls struggled it wouldn't even leave a mark on their soft skins while holding them in place.

Well, I'll leave you to play with them now, Meiling-chan.

The Shadow retreated, releasing the bound girls and hiding Sakura again.

W-What just happened? Somebody stole my panties and then closed my mouth and eyes and then I couldn't move...-asked one of the girls as her eyes got used to the light again.

Are you girls ok?-questioned Meiling, trying to keep a straight face.

It's Meiling-sama!

Yes, it's me...

Meiling-sama rescued us!

Ah, I didn't do anything special... -Meiling got multiple free shots of the other girl's exposed and drenched pussies as they stood up and rushed to her side. Some already had little puffs of hair on them, while others still had perfectly clean pink cunnies.

Meiling-sama is so humble!

Meiling-sama is so strong!

Meiling-sama is so pretty!

Geez, stop with the flattery...-Meiling couldn't help but smile and blush as she was bombarded with squealing compliments from the othergirls as they surrounded and started hugging her from all sides.

Meiling-sama please don't leave us again!

Meiling-sama is so warm...

Meiling-sama smells so good...

I want to be Meiling-sama's wife...

I want Meiling-sama to break me with her kicks...

I want to be Meiling-sama's slave...

I want Meiling-sama to crush me with her fists...

I want to be Meiling-sama's plaything...

The other girls started humping their bodies against Meiling's strong frame. Soon some of them released little moans as they climaxed, pausing for a moment only to resume rubbing their still unsatisfied bodies against Meiling, who licked her lips. The little sluts were all ripe for the picking. They were all horny before, but then being captured by the Shadow and released made their hearts race even faster. Meiling decided it was time to take control.

I need you all to strip naked to check for any injuries.-Meiling's voice carried an authoritative tone

Getting naked in front of Meiling-sama...-the girls blushed in hesitation

If it's for Meiling-sama, I'm fine with it!-suddenly said one.

As that girl quickly removed her shirt, skirt and underwear, exposing her body to everybody else, Meiling smiled in approval at her, and the other girls soon followed. Just like their pussies, there were different stages of breast and hip development, with some of the girls already having nice fat globes in their fronts along nice round asses, while others being as flat as Meiling had been when she first arrived in Japan.

My, your chest looks quite swelled...-grinned Meiling as she approached the girl with biggest breasts in the room, each already as big as her head, plus an ass to match. Her body was quite chubby. Seemed like she ate a lot and didn't exercise much. Meiling didn't knew she was supposed to feel jealous or happy about that. She and Sakura were somewhat behind their classmates on that matter. The chinese girl wondered if it was because of all the exercise they got was preventing any fat from building up to properly develop their bodies. They both surely burned a lot of calories every day. Meiling sighed and moved behind the precocious girl and proceeded to slowly caress her provoking tits, feeling their softness and warmth.

So, what do we have here, a little cow? You want to be my pet?-asked Meiling as her hands moved lower over the other girl's body until reaching her wet snatch, the chinese girl started to finger the other female.

Yes, Meiling-sama... Your fingers feel so good Meiling-sama... Ah... AAHHHH!!!

The other girl soon orgasmed from Meiling's experienced fingers, who smiled in satisfaction feeling the young female body tremble in her grasp before letting the spent body collapse to the ground. The other girls looked jealously at their colleague being molested by Meiling, who grinned at them, inviting to approach for their own “examinations”.

Calm down, one at a time... Ah, screw that, just come all at once!

Meiling moved towards the group of naked girls and expertly used each arm to caress and masturbate two girls at a time. The females waiting for their turn tried to grab Meiling's expert hands to play with their own dripping cunts, but the chinese girl was too strong for them. Meiling started feeling bolder. She was in control for a change. She grabbed the nearest girl and inserted her tongue in her, sucking her mouth. Then the next. One by one Meiling carefully studied the immature girl bodies, feeling every inch of their skin, groping their tight asses, tasting their cute mouths, developing tits, tiny nipples. stealing all of the other girl's first kisses as she made them orgasm in pairs and sometimes in triples with the girls who started fingering themselves in advance and cummed when their lips met. Most girls fainted from the new experience right away. Those who didn't succumb to their first climax found Meiling grabbing and turning them around to directly lick their naughty pussies who couldn't be satisfied with just fingers. Soon she stood alone in a victorious pose surrounded by a pile of fallen half-dazed naked girls completely dirty with their own sweat and love juices.

Meiling-sama is amazing...

Meiling-sama please let us be your girlfriends...

Meiling-sama, can you examine us tomorrow too?

What, you think I'm finished with you for today? I'm just getting started. Now it's your time to make me feel good!-smiled Meiling.

The chinese girl slowly undressed, perfoming a slow strip-tease to tease the other girls, who felt their young blood rush again as they saw more and more of Meiling's young skin and flesh being exposed. Her little body was elegant and athletic.

You can start by taking care of my feet, then moving up.-ordered Meiling as she removed her socks, her last piece of clothing besides the ribbons holding her twin tails.


The girls obeyed, starting to timidly to taste her sole and toes, before moving up her legs, kissing her hips and ass, her tummy and immature chest, some of the girls daring to go after her neck even. Meiling moaned as her whole body was kissed by so many soft lips, caressed by so many delicate fingers. The other girls were shy and had no experience, but what they lacked in quality, they easily made up in quantity, arousing the chinese girl.

Don't forget this place.-ordered Meiling, spreading her legs widely to expose her pussy. The other girls blushed harder at seeing it, completely hairless, glittering with Meiling's own love juice.

Soon several tongues moved to start eating Meiling's pussy, some even trying out her ass. Meiling moaned loudly as she finally managed an orgasm of her own, but she was still far from satisfied. She grabbed the heads of two girls, one in front and other behind her, forcing their mouths against her lower holes.

Do it harder. Tongue me as deep as you can!-instructed Meiling, and the girls obeyed the best as they could, having no will left to resist her after having been molested so much by the chinese girl.


Meiling managed to finally reach a proper chain of orgasms as she had another girl's tongue in each of her holes, two more caressing her underdeveloped tits, and her own fingers playing the the largest breasts they could find. She let go of the girls doing their best to pleasure her and they collapsed on the ground again, even more exhausted after working hard to please the dominant girl. As she relaxed, Meiling noticed Sakura observing everything from a corner of the room, partially hidden by the Shadow She rubbed her wand over her drenched panties while the Shadow caressed the rest of her body, trying to satisfy its Mistress's urges. The dark tendrils started to tear bits of her clothes to better acess her warm skin. Meiling couldn't understand if Sakura was losing control of the card, or if she was simply getting bolder, discarding useless inhibitions. Her clothes were just in the way of her lust. Her panties were exposed as her skirt was destroyed, and then too her underwear slowly ripped apart to tease the pink pussy underneath. Meiling decided to offer her Mistress a bit more of the sex show. The chinese girl placed the nearest half-fainted naked girl on her lap and started to slowly insert her fingers in the virgin ass, then her whole hand and half her arm following. The fisted girl couldn't even scream, just drool out of her mouth as her body was wracked by orgasm after orgasm from Meiling pressuring her internal points from inside. Observing everything, Sakura was left completely naked as she commanded the Shadow to molest her whole body, biting her own lips to supress her climax. But Sakura wasn't Tomoyo. She couldn't be fully satisfied just by watching others fuck. The Shadow did her best to satisfy her, but it was a silent cold lover at best, while cute warm girls releasing sighs of satisfaction now stood in front of her. Sakura stood up, and upon noticing her clothes were ruined, she willed the Shadow to wrap around her body like improvised clothing. The result seemed like the Card Mistress was wearing pitch black super-tight lingerie, but it was the Shadow adhering to her body and directly rubbing her cunt and nipples. Then Sakura walked forward and used the Shadow to lift the girls exhausted by Meiling and started to kiss, caress and eat out like the chinese girl had done, imitating her techniques-no, perfoming them even better. Sakura didn't just copy. She improved. She even managed to insert most of her shadow-wrapped arm up another virgin ass, making the fisted girl climax multiple times.

Geez, Mistress Sakura, if you wanted them, you could've said so from the start.

Hoe...Did I do anything wrong? They're too tired to remember which one of us is playing with them now. They'll still see you as their best girl friend when they wake up.-Sakura looked innocently at Meiling as she removed her arm from the fainted girl's ass, clearly not understanding Meiling's complain.

Meiling sighed once more. Just like with Syaoran, Sakura didn't see anything wrong with just taking Meiling's lust interests for herself. There was only one way she could solve this. Meiling hugged and french kissed Sakura. They tasted each other's tongues and spit as the Shadow retreated to bare Sakura's body again. Their tits and cunnies rubbed directly against each other. Meiling then broke the kiss and lifted Sakura in the air, turning her upside down so that each of their heads ended facing the other girl's wet pussies. They licked each other until they achieved three simultaneous orgasms, then Meiling lowered Sakura on the ground, pulling her legs upwards and crossing her own over them, scissoring their cunts together. Sakura moaned like she was in heat as Meiling vigorously moved her hips up and down, pouding the other girl against the ground. That was another of the things Meiling admired in Sakura. Her body was quite solid and strong. Any of the other girls in the room would be crying in pain or breaking something from this kind of rough sex, but Sakura was taking it like a natural. Just a shame she had no interest in martial arts. Meiling made a mental note she would do whatever it took to make sure the children Sakura gave birth to would be properly motivated to training kung-fu as early as possible.

Ah...Harder...Meiling-chan...-cried the card mistress in clear pleasure.

Eventually Sakura was the one fainting first, despite Meiling being the one doing most of the work. With the Card Mistress satisfied for the moment, Meiling went back to to playing with the other girls, teaching them how to properly kiss with their tongues, how to eat another girl's pussy and ass, not giving them a moment's rest. Only when Meiling felt like going any further for the day would just turn them into mindless lesbians did the chinese girl stop and stood up, stretching her arms.

Damn I was needing something like this. No wonder Master Syaoran likes girls so much, they make great fucks.

What were their names again?

Do you give individual names to the food you're about to eat?



Some time earlier

Syaoran was walking on the school grounds, somewhat glad that Sakura had found something else to entertain herself with. He could feel her magic, but she didn't seem to be in any kind of trouble so he didn't worry much. Then a smaller girl with waist-long light brown hair in the Tomoeda school uniform appeared before him:

Hey, Syaoran-kun, look-look!-said the girl in a shy voice while blushing and raising her skirt, revealing her childish panties- I'm itching a lot down here. Can you take care of it?

Syaoran looked at the flashing girl for a few moments in silence, with his trademark “not amused” face, more in disbelief of the girl's behavior than anything else, before sighing:

Look, I don't even know who you are...

My name is Yuuka!

Sorry, Yuuka, but I already have a girlfriend, and even I hadn't, you were just too corny right now. Not sexy at all.

Y-You big idiot! I was doing my best to seduce you!

The girl's face turned red in embarrassment. Then she threw herself at the boy, kicking, punching, clawing, even biting him! Syaoran was caught by complete surprise, trying to pull the girl away from him, but she had got an hold of him and wouldn't let go easily. Syaoran could've easily overpowered her with brute force, but the boy didn't feel like hurting a little girl and decided it would just be best to endure her unexplained tantrum until she got tired. Kinda reminded him how Meiling some times treated him back in the past...

Kinomoto-chan's your girlfriend, isn't she?-asked the girl, latched at Syaoran's back, trying to strangle him.

Ouch... If you already knew that, why did you flash me?

I'm gonna prove I can make a much better lover to you than that bitch!

Suddenly Yuuka's hands lunged inside Syaoran's shorts, looking for something, finding the piece of man meat inside, and pulling it out in the open air! For a moment the girl was paralyzed, admiring Syaoran's flaccid but still quite big penis, clearly never having seen anything like that. Her tiny hands caressed his boy balls, feeling the strange new texture.

Ok, let go of that you brat-ouch!-Syaoran tried to pull the girl away from his penis but she viciously chomped his hands.

Not before I show you what I can do! I bet your idiot girlfriend never did this!

Holding the fat slab of boy flesh the best she could, the girl sticked out her tongue and started to lick it. She seemed to enjoy it as she started lsycking more and faster before wrapping her lips around and starting to suck Syaoran's cock as a lollipop.The girl hungrily gulped down the male milk that started to ooze out from the tip. The taste overwhelmed her. She started to orgasm. The girl hadn't been kidding when she had said her crotch was itching after seeing Syaoran. Wrestling the boy only had left her body feeling even more excited. As she had grabbed Syaorn's cock and smelled it she felt like she was burning inside and only that piece of meat could calm her heat. However while the white thick liquid was satisfying her new urges, it was also making her more hungry. As she pulled back her head strings of saliva and leftover cum connected her lips to the boy's penis, which she scooped with her fingers and gulped down, moaning:


Sweating, Syaoran made a desesperate move. Pulling three ofudas, he threw two at the girl's chest where her nipples would be, discharging an electric current at her immature breasts which made her orgasm again and pee herself. Syaoran followed up with a third ofuda to her dripping crotch, creating a chain reaction through the girl's body that made her experience an even stronger climax than the last two in a row before collapsing in the floor spamming and drooling over a pool of her own piss.

You happy now? Geez, what a rash one...-Syaoran took the opportunity the girl was completely dazed to put his erect cock back inside his school shorts and go back inside the school.

Oh my, I couldn't record Sakura-chan while she's playing with the Shadow, but this was still some good footage.-grinned Tomoyo, revealing herself from behind a near bush with her camera.

Tomoyo proceeded to start carefully cleaning up the smaller girl. With her tongue. She was still a little lesbian at heart, and thus Tomoyo couldn't help tasting the vulnerable female.

Ah, Syaoran-kun, feed me more...-moaned Yuuka as she came back to her senses.

So, Yuuka-chan you have a crush for Syaoran-kun?

Yuuka recognized the Daidouji girl who always hanged near Sakura. They had first met some three years ago when she was trying to restore her father's painting in a museum, although it somehow fixed itself, almost as if by magic. Daidouji was a complete voyeur, always recording everything. Made sense she was stalking Syaoran because Daidouji clearly loved Kinomoto.

O-Of course not! I just want his money! I've made some research and discovered that his family is filthy rich! I won't miss this chance at easy fortune! Although I guess that penis of his would be a nice extra along with it.

Even if you say so, you can't seduce a boy like Syaoran-kun with just that, Yuuka-chan.

But I made him cum right now!

That was just his precum. You didn't get him even half-hard. It's a shame really, you're quite cute and I was expecting Syaoran-kun to fuck your little brains out, but that attitude of yours was all wrong. Even boys need some amount of correct mood to get serious for sex.

Why should I listen to the relationship advice of someone who's always been stuck in the friendzone of that Kinomoto bitch?

You little brat, talking like that... I think you need a lesson!

Tomoyo pulled out a ribbon, and before Yuuka could react the blue-haired girl had elegantly tied her up!

Don't confuse me with Syaoran-kun. I will not hold back against any girl who insults Sakura-chan! Now, off with those dirty clothes!-grinned Tomoyo, pulling a pair of scissors.

W-Wait, what are you doing you perverted?

Tomoyo ignored the smaller girl's pleas and cut out her garments to pieces.

Hohoho, what do we have here? I see that you keep insisting on hiding your true feminine charms, Yuuka-chan.

N-no, don't look at it! Mother said I shouldn't show that part of body to anyone else!

Tomoyo then pulled out a measuring tape and started using it on Yuuka's body, rubbing it along her exposed nipples and crotch.

Oh, stop crying. Here, I've got new clothes for you right here. I made them so they would be extra tight in Sakura-chan, so they should fit like a glove in a girl your size.

D-doesn't matter, you can't keep me like this forever, and when I do I'm seducing Syaoran for good!

Silly girl, I'm gonna show you just how delusional your objective is.

Tomoyo gagged Yuuka's mouth with another ribbon, then picked up the tied up almost naked girl and carried her inside the school



Inside Tomoeda high.

Syaoran rubbed the still aching bite marks on his neck and ears that Yuuka had left him.

Damn, even the school grounds are getting dangerous nowadays. Why didn't I stay inside the corridors?


Syaoran was suddenly pulled into a storage room by four strong arms.

We've been looking for you, Master Syaoran.-grinned Meiling wearing the school uniform drenched in girl sweat and love juices.

Just where did you go, Syaoran-kun? Me and Meiling-chan are hungry. You need to feed us.-smiled Sakura, wearing some kind of tight black lingerie that left little to imagination. It didn't feel like one of Tomoyo's designs. And there was a strong magic aura from it. Syaoran started sweating.

I-I'll go buy something at the cafeteria for you.-nervously smiled Syaoran.

Not that kind of food, silly master.-Meiling moved behind his back and immobilzed his arms with her own

You look just good enough to eat, Syaoran-kun.-Sakura grinned and her “lingerie” projected dark tendrils that wrapped around Syaoran's legs, and the boy recognized it as the Shadow.

Syaoran may've been able to evade one girl's methods or the other, but with the two ganking him he had no escape.


Look closely now, Yuuka-chan.-said Tomoyo as she held the tied up smaller girl with one hand while holding her camera with the other, hiding around a corner.



Sakura hugged Syaoran, softly kissing his cheeks and moving down his neck.

Syaoran-kun, you have some bite marks here... And there's a funny smell on you. A girl's scent. It's not Meiling-chan or Tomoyo-chan or from other of my friends. Were you being naughty with another woman behind my back, Syaoran-kun?

N-nothing happened really, just a crazy girl I bumped into. I got away from her.-Syaoran looked away from Sakura's eyes, blushing heavily.

We can't have that, Master Syaoran. It would look bad on Mistress Sakura's reputation if word got out you run away from little girls. You need to make them know their place. That only Mistress Sakura can control you.-grinned Meiling, tearing open Syaoran's shirt to grab her cousin's nipples and pinch them.

Before the boy could reply or cry, Sakura silenced Syaoran with her tongue, then started to rip his shorts out to play with his cock. Yuuka's eyes widened as Syaoran's cock grew little by little under Sakura's soft caresses until it was considerably larger than last time the younger girl had seen it up close. It could get that big? And it was still getting bigger as Sakura started rubbing her young firm thighs and ass against it? The card Mistress broke her kiss to recover her breath and looked down, then kneeled to better observe Syaoran's crotch.

You see how much Master Syaoran loves you, Mistress Sakura?-asked Meiling, still holding Syaoran's arms behind his back.

Really?-Sakura blushed a bit with an expression of innocent joy as she played with this meat “toy”. She never ceased to be amazed at how it changed under her actions, becoming bigger, harder, oozing tick, white precum...

Sakura, if you fuck me now, you'll be too tired for the rest of the classes...

But I want to make you feel good. I bet this cute penis of yours can't wait to go inside a girl right now, am I right Syaoran?

Allow me to sacrifice my body for you, Mistress Sakura.

No, you also need to go to classes, Meiling-chan... I have an idea! All we need is some warm, tight girl flesh around Syaoran's penis, right?

Sakura turned back and pressed her ass against Syaoran's hard cock. With her hands, she directed her boyfriend's penis below the Shadow tendrils covering her holes so that it slided under her crotch and between her legs until it popped out in her front side, hiding her pussy.

Tee hee hee, Mistress Sakura looks like she has a dick.-giggled Meiling.

Well, it is my penis. It belongs to me now. It does what I order it to do. Isn't that right Syaoran?-asked Sakura, smiling as she started masturbating her boyfriend by moving her hips over his cock.

At her whim, the thin Shadow tendrils covering her crotch moved to tie up Syaoran's dick. Not completely as before but only on certain areas as the card mistress checked which points were more sensitive depending on Syaoran's moans. Sakura was also moaning as her now exposed pussy lips rubbed directly against Syaoran's hard meat. Then she felt it start throbbing and orgasmed just as Syaoran cummed in the air

Sakura-chan's so cute when she's climaxing just from an hard penis rubbing her cunny!-Tomoyo revealed herself.

Oh, hi Tomoyo-chan!-greeted Sakura completely naturally, despite still having a hard cock trapped between her legs.

I've brought a little present for you.-grinned Tomoyo, pulling Yuuka out.

The smaller girl was wearing a closed child-sized coat and not much else it seemed as her legs and feet were naked.

Hi Yuuka-chan! Long time no see!-greeted Sakura, still completely at ease even as Yuuka stared at her naked crotch still rubbing the boy's hard meat.

You know her?-asked Syaoran, surprised.

Yes, but I didn't knew she had come to Tomoeda high. You met already?

Ah... Well. She's the girl that assaulted me earlier...

You're right, she tastes the same.-said Meiling as she moved to lick Yuuka's neck. She couldn't explain why, but something told her the smaller girl had some inner feminine strength....

Hey, Syaoran-kun, why don't you drop that old Kinomoto-chan hag and date a beautiful young maiden like me?-interrupted Yuuka, trying to keep Meiling away from her.

H-Hag...? But I'm still in my early teens!-sweatdroped Sakura.

You can drop the dumb girl act, Kinomoto. I know Syaoran-kun's family is loaded with money and he's the main heir. You're only dating him for the money, just like me.


Why don't you show your real goods to Syaoran-kun and Sakura-chan, Yuuka-chan?-smiled Tomoyo, starting to unbutton the smaller girl's tightly wrapped coat

Wait, no...

Below the coat, Yuuka was dressed with a one-piece swimsuit consisting of little more than pink strips over crotch and nipples. But what was more surprising was her chest. Despite her young age, Yuuka was already sporting breasts each bigger than her own head, now jiggling free from being released from the restraining coat that had kept them compressed. Actually the biggest knockers Sakura had ever seen. The boy and other girls started to bleed from their noses.

Wow, they're real!-cried Meiling as she grabbed and squeezed Yuuka's teats.

Aaahh, so soft... Yuuka-chan, why were you hiding those pretty breasts?-Sakura also moved to touch and massage the young tits now in front of her.

They're not elegant at all! They make me look like a cow! The other girls on my grade used to stare at them all the time and then they started to bully and suck them-OW!

Hmmm?-Sakura looked at the screaming Yuuka with innocent eyes while the card mistress's mouth was now busy trying to swallow as much as she could from one of the younger girl's teats.

OOOOWWW-Yuuka's scream was silenced by Meiling's deep kissing her for a minute, while Sakura sated her hunger for big boobs she never realized she had. Her human friends were all flat chested and even among her cards at best she had some average sized chests... Not that she had ever summoned a card just to suck her tits. “Something for another day” thought the card mistress to herself while enjoying the soft female flesh trapped between her teeth and tongue.

Sakura-chan, you need to be a bit more delicate...-sweatdroped Tomoyo.

Teeheehee, sorry, they just looked so delicious I couldn't resist tasting them.

...Fuck you Kinomoto...-sweared Yuuka as she recovered her breath from Meiling's tongue work.

Hoe...?-Sakura smiled.


Hoooeee...?-Sakura smiled nervously

You're too rough, no elegance at all stupid woman!

Hooooooeeeee...?-Sakura smiled as her eyes started to swirl in confusion.

You're a true monster!

...-Sakura  suddenly smiled silently. A cold, cruel smile

That phrase triggered the card mistres's angry button. The other insults, she could remain calm. She didn't even really understand them. But calling her a monster awakened the memories of all the times her brother had bullied her. And Sakura only forgave her sibling because he helped her a lot in other stuff. However Yuuka had been mostly a nuissance.

So you think you can handle Syaoran-kun?

O-Of course yes!



I'm a little dirty whore that needs to be punished by cock.-”said” Yuuka when she opened her mouth again, her words now being produced at Sakura's whims.

That's better.-grinned Sakura as she started taking control of Yuuka.

I'm a small slutty sister seeking sibling semen.

...Sakura, you really shouldn't do this kind of thing.-sighed Syaoran, glaring at Sakura.

I'm going easy on Yuuka-chan. Really easy.-coldly smiled Sakura

I dream of Syaoran-kun's penis going inside me day and night.-now it was Yuuka who looked confused, as if unable to believe the words coming from her own mouth.

Sakura noticed Syaoran blushing more as he stared at the provoking younger girl while his cock getting a bit bigger and harder. Sakura herself blushed too, feeling wet again. The card mistress noticed Yuuka was also flustered and sweating a bit as she stared at the boy's big erect penis.

Plus you're enjoying this, aren't you Syaoran?-grinned Sakura.

I just kept my perverse boobies hidden because I only wanted Syaoran to enjoy them.

…It doesn't matter if I like it...-blushed Syaoran, his eyes instinctively starting to turn back to the pair of large young breasts just in front of him.

Once you impregnate me, my naughty tits will get even bigger and the other girls will be even more jealous of me.-Yuuka was now staring at Syaoran, just going in with the flow. Her large nipples were erect, barely fitting inside her swimsuit strips, her tiny pussy getting more wet by the moment.

Well, I like seeing Yuuka talk like that to you. You want me to be happy, don't you?

You can do whatever you want with me. Fuck me until I break.

Yuuka started to believe what she was hearing coming out of her mouth. It was her own voice, echoing inside her head.

I want to make big bro Syaoran's cock to grow bigger and bigger until it crushes me. I deserve it.

Sakura-chan's so wonderful when she's brainwashing other girls! But I never imagined you could have such a naughty mind...-sighed Tomoyo.

Hmm? I-I'm just making her say phrases I saw in Naoko's hentai manga she borrowed me. I could never say them myself, hoe...-Sakura nervously smiled.

I want you to take me, big bro. I know that I'm just a stupid tomboysh brat, but please use your little sister when you just need some physical release. I'll be your personal cum dumpster for sloppy seconds or thirds after you've satisfied the other prettier, smarter, nicer girls. -Yuuka's staring at Syaoran with blank eyes, as if she was being brainwashed.

I think Yuuka-chan already learned her lesson, you can let her go now Sakura...-tried to resist Syaoran as his cock became bigger as he couldn't help but glimpse at Yuuka chan's oversized chest ripe for the picking.

The card mistress and Meiling flanked Syaoran. Their wet pussies humped the boy's naked legs, their hands moved to molest his body, pulling his nipples, groping Syaoran's ass. Both athletic girls nibbled on his ears and neck while teasing him:

C'mon, rape Yuuka-chan good. She was asking for it before, Syaoran.-whispered Sakura into the boy's ear.

Break the brat's body and mind, Master Syaoran. Otherwise she'll be trouble for you and the Mistress later on.-whispered Meiling from the other side.

I'll take plenty of pics we can use to blackmail her later. Don't worry, I'll edit your face and voice out Syaoran-kun.-smiled Tomoyo.

As they spoke, their hands moved on to his cock and started masturbating it. The boy groaned as he shot more precum and his male meat became even bigger and harder. Yuuka's eyes widened even more and she unconsciously started to drool a bit from both her upper and lower mouths. Sakura and Meiling grinned at her, as if telling her “You asked for this, so now you'll have to eat it”.

C'mon master, me and the mistress fucked over a dozen other girls silly since last class just for the fun of it, why are you hesitating so much with only one?-grinned Meiling

Then why don't you fuck Yuuka yourselves?-sighed the boy.

Well, she's the one who showed interest in you. I'm just giving her what she wanted, Syaoran.

Fuck me already you faggot!-cried out Yuuka.

Syaoran ended giving in to the girls. He stepped forward and picked up the provoking long-haired tomboy, pulling to the side the swimsuit at her crotch and procceeding to eat her sweet pussy while carefully spreading her tiny lower lips apart with his fingers. Yuuka tasted sweet and fresh. The girl started moaning and used her small hands to press Syaoran's head against her cunny while wrapping her legs around his neck, making sure the boy couldn't pull back.

You disgusting pig, you like licking that kind of thing? Then eat it aAAAAHHHH!!

Yuuka came once, then several more times from the boy's tongue assault. Sakura moved to softly caress Yuuka's now free breasts while nibbling the younger girl's ears. Meiling got on her knees to lick Sakura's own drenched pussy. Having her breasts massaged by the older girl made Yuuka start to scream louder as her pleasure intensified. When Syaoran stopped Yuuka had no strength left on her legs to stand, her body still spamming from her consecutive orgasms.

Syaoran-kun, you also need to satisfy yourself.-pouted Sakura

It's not proper rape if you don't give her the dick, master Syaoran.-pouted Meiling as well.

I want your warm milk in me...-begged Yuuka with the last of her resources.

Yuuka was still capable of some rational tought. Syaoran's dick now looked too big for her holes. Too big for her hands. Too big... Yuuka grabbed her own big breasts and smirked. She tackled her oversized chest against Syaoran, wrapping his engorged cock between her tits!

Oh, a boob job! I only saw those in manga!-smiled Meiling.

You mean Syaoran's mother and sisters never did that to him?-asked Tomoyo.

...Nope. They kinda all prefer hard sex. Closest thing I saw was them almost suffocating poor Syaoran with their breasts.

Yuuka smirked more as she felt in control for once. Syaoran was now moaning and sweating a bit. She was giving him true pleasure. Then she started to feel his dick getting even bigger and harder. Even her breasts started to have trouble fully wrapping around it.

You have to work harder, you stupid brat.-smiled Meiling as she got behind Yuuka and used her hands to stretch the younger girl's swollen breasts, making sure they could properly massage the boy's cock.

You look like you're enjoying yourself, Syaoran...-Sakura stood at her boyfriend's side and started licking the sweat on his face before turning his face towards her and deep kissing him. She pulled his hands, one to press against the beating chest below her imature breast, the other to play with her moist pussy.

Yuuka felt Syaoran's penis starting to throb. Yuuka felt the powerful vibrations directly against her chest and trembled in excitement. Syaoran started to ejaculate all over the younger girl, thick streams of cums, even more than Sakura's thighs had pulled out. Meiling took the chance to pinch and twist Yuuka's fat nipples, making the smaller girl climax screaming in perfect synchronization. As Yuuka fell on her back, exhausted and covered in Syaoran's man milk, Sakura and Meiling pounced upon her like hungry dogs, swiftly devouring the tick white substance over her skin.

Nyaaahhh, Yuuka-chan's tits taste even better now! Syaoran, when I grow some boobies, you'll have to do that kind of game with me...But for now, Yuuka-chan needs your semen inside her cute pussy, not outside.

Sakura-chan's so cute when she's capturing other girls!

This kind of tit genes would make a nice addition to the Li clan.

Please take my slutty virginity big brother...

Syaoran sighed and pointed his flesh sword at Yuuka's small entrance. His tongue and finger technique had helped the girl's body relax and be properly lubricated, but it would still be an extremely tight fit. Syaoran grunted as he pushed inside. Blood came out as her virginity was broken and she screamed from the pain and instant orgasm. However only the engorged tip was inside. Syaoran moved in and out slowly Yuuka squealed as she climaxed again. She had no strength left to move her limbs, but she didn't care as the waves of pleasure spread across her flesh.

You both seem to be enjoying it. Does her pussy feel good, Syaoran?

Not as good as yours, Sakura-chan.

Always the gentleman, master Syaoran.

Nyaaahh... No, wait, fuck her for real Syaoran! You're leaving so much of your cock out!

But she's too small

I don't care, I want Yuuka-chan to get the full experience.

Sakura-chan's so cute when she's imposing her will!

Please.. I beg you... Go all the way in...

She's gonna break...

Sakura decided to pass to action and grabbed the base of Syaoran's cock with both her hands and started to force it more inside of Yuuka. There was a large bulge in her tummy as the large thick penis inside forced her inner flesh apart. Sakura felt that she could push the whole thing inside if she appplied some more strength, but Yuuka was already screaming in joy with an ectasic look on her face as she climaxed nonstop. She was an animal in heat being bred, all thoughts of taking control of Syaoran lost. Sakura felt like Yuuka had already learned her lesson.


Your balls seem about to burst, Master Syaoran, isn't it time to let go your load?

Sakura just ordered me to have sex with Yuuka-chan, not to try to give her a baby.

When I tell you to fuck a cunny, I expect you to do your best to make a child inside it. I wouldn't want to keep the joy of being the mother of your children all for myself.

Sakura-chan is so cute when she's trying to get other girls pregnant!

You know Mistress Sakura, as the future main woman of the Li clan, you'll have the rights for any child that master Syaoran fathers, regardless of who gives birth. They'll be trained to obey and respect you as if you were their blood mother.

Sakura's head started fantasizing. A lot of little kids surrounding her. All looking like smaller versions of Syaorans. Boy Syaorans. Girl Syaorans. All calling her mommy and vying for her attention. Growing up. Big strong men Syaorans, each with their father's cock, easier to control, ready to please her. Women Syaorans with nice juicy tits to feed on.

Mistress Sakura? You're drooling...


Don't. Give. Sakura. More. Weird. Ideas.

Where was I? Ah, yes, fill Yuuka-chan with milk now Syaoran!

Syaoran had stopped his movements some time ago, although his hard cock was now stuck inside Yuuka's tight pussy, squeezing his dick flesh. His balls felt about to burst for quite some time now and he exercised all control. Then Sakura slapped his ass, finally breaking his concentration. Still Syaoran had barely managed to apply a magic seal to Yuuka's ovaries like he had did with Sakura and the other girls he fucked. Not that he wasn't ready to take responsibility for any child he fathered, but the horny and already fertile girls were just fucking for fun and hadn't asked for any babies, so Syaoran would make sure they didn't get pregnant by accident. Or even by Sakura's orders. Somehow he felt like he was cheating on his girlfriend for hiding the truth from her, but on the other hand it would probably be a bigger cheating to get another girl pregnant before Sakura...

Hmmm, so much juice...-said Sakura as Syaoran pulled out his semi-hard penis from inside Yuuka and the card mistress started to clean it up with her tongue.

Sakura just loved tasting the remains of a broken virginity in her boyfriend's cock. A penis who had taught so many cunts the pleasures of being a woman. Sakura could almost taste the happiness it had granted to the young females. Yuuka, with an half-dazed look on her face, got on her knees and started to imitate Sakura's tongue, out of jealousy and curiosity. Both girls could feel the male flesh hardening again under their tongues caresses.

See, Yuuka-chan? Syaoran-kun's penis can make a lot of girls happy. It would be too greedy for her wife to don't share him with her friends.

Yuuka started to realize Sakura was right. She would never be able to control Syaoran through sex. Not by herself at least.

Fine, I'll let you be Syaoran-kun's sex friend.

Want me to teach the little brat some manners with my fists?

Don't try to get in my way, Meiling! You had your chance at seducing him and then you left him!

Well, I guess I canceled our marriage, but, like, we're still close family. Really close.

It seems like Yuuka chan still wants to steal Syaoran-kun from you, Sakura-chan.

Well, then I'll just have to play a bit harder with her.

Wh-Yuuka was silenced as Sakura deep kissed her while hugging her, the tiny immature breasts of the card mistress rubbing directly against the other girl's volutuous tits.

The shadow tendrils wrapped around Sakura started to move to Yuuka's body, and as the card mistress broke the kiss, the younger girl found herself pulled down and her face pushed against the card mistres's crotch

Hmm, yes...-moaned Sakura as Yuuka was forced to eat the older girl's pussy- Tomoyo-chan, eat her stupid cunt please. Meiling-chan, fist her bum.

Both dark haired girls obeyed with pleasure, assaulting  Yuuka's lower holes. She wanted to scream, but she had no voice.

See Syaoran, my friends can fuck somebody else properly when I ask them. You're my boyfriend, why can't you as well?

I would say that when I declared my love for you it implied that I only had interest in having sex with you and not every girl you cross paths with...

Well, now you will fuck my pussy so that Yuuka-chan can watch and learn, so you'll do it properly, ok?

Without waiting for an answer, Sakura pounced on top of Syaoran, grabbing his cock with both hands and driving it inside her cunt. It was still a tight fit despite all the times they had fucked. Sakura was still feeling sore from the morning sex she had with her boyfriend, but her feelings of pride and excitement numbed the pain. Syaoran was hers, and she wanted Yuuka to see that.

See, that's how a real woman fucks-whispered Meiling in Yuuka's ears as Sakura energetically rode Syaoran's penis while holding his head to deep kiss the boy.

Cum in me Syaoran! Give me all your love!-commanded Sakura, and the boy obeyed, unleashing several shots of fresh cum inside her womb. Sakura screamed overjoyed.

Sakura stood up, her belly bulging out, so round it seemed she was on an advanced pregnancy and ready to give birth at any moment. Syaoran's cum inside her was so thick it only flowed out on a small trickle. Sakura held her distended belly with both hands, feeling it heavy and warm. She wondered if that was how carrying a baby was like. The magical girl didn't know yet of the seal the boy had placed in her ovaries, preventing them from being fertilized. One side of her believed she was simply still too young. The other side of Sakura was suspicious. Even if her body was hairless and her titties were still just tiny developing mounds of fat in her chest, something on Sakura's subconscious told her she was already ready to become a mommy. At one point Sakura had feared Syaoran was shooting blanks from his penis, but Tomoyo herself ran some tests on his semen and assured her that the boy's seed was of the highest quality. It was simply that neither of the girls had even had their first menstruation. Not unusual, some girls were simply late bloomer. Tomoyo ran weekly full health checks on Sakura's whole body after all, carefully examining each inch of Sakura's body with her fingers and tongue. Such a good friend.

Yaaawwnnn...Hmmm, sleepy....

Sakura-chan's so cute when she gets tired from too much sex!

Sakura indeed curled in the floor and fell asleep, her summons returning to card form.

I'm free! You win for today, but I'll have my revenge!-cried Yuuka as she started to run away.

Oh no, first clean the mistress's pussy, stupid brat.-grinned Meiling as she picked up the smaller girl and pushed her face against Sakura's crotch, fisting her pussy for good measure.

Now it was Yuuka's turn to lick the card mistres's cunt filled with male milk as the chinese girl raped her with a fist.


Next day

Sakura arrived at school to see Yuuka with her giant breasts barely covered by the school's uniform shirt rubbing them all over Syaoran's face while he was sitting in his desk.

I-I wasn't doing anything Kinomoto-chan!

What are you saying, Yuuka-chan? We're friends, you can play with Syaoran when you want to have fun.

...So you really don't mind me molesting your boyfriend?-Yuuka's teats jiggled with each of her words, the school shirt really not designed to handle that kind of chest size. Tomoyo's masterfully crafted strip swimsuit had actually done a great job of holding them in place.

Nyyaaahhh, you're so cute Yuuka-chan!-Sakura grabbed the younger girl to hug her and shower her with kisses. Her breasts that is.

As Tomoyo and Meiling arrived each picked one of the breasts to start sucking. Syaoran sighed and decided to have some fun as well, inserting his hard cock inside Yuuka's shirt so it would fit nicely under her breasts and come out on top, massaging his male meat against the female chest. That way Sakura could swap her kisses between her boyfriend's dick and the swollen boobs. Seemed like it would be another fun day.



Sakura, Tomoyo and Meiling were having some tea together and discussing girl's stuff.

Sakura-chan, would you have become Syaoran's girlfriend if he was a woman?-asked Tomoyo kinda out of nowhere while recording Sakura.

Hmmm? If Syaoran had a pussy instead of a penis? I guess Syaoran would still be my most special one... But I can check with the cards!

Sakura started her divination on Syaoran being Syaorana. A young athletic magic girl with long brown hair and a longer sword. History developed basically the same. They would've still been rivals at start. Syaorana would've still got a crush on Yukito and got on Toya's bad side. Meiling would've still be Syaorana's self-declared bride and competed against Sakura for the brunette girl's love. Syaorana would've still been the main heir to the Li clan because of his exceptional magic potential. Syaorana would've still declared her love for Sakura before leaving back to China.

They would've had their first sex session basically at the same time and conditions. Syaorana didn't need a cock to drive Sakura crazy with carnal pleasure. They got married. They used magic to make each other pregnant, as well as Meiling and Tomoyo, and they all gave birth to a new generation of cute girls. However what really changed was that with just girls in their close circle of friends, both Sakura and Syaorana started to wonder what good men were for. When Sakura's father passed away of natural cases, the card mistress decided that there were no need of any other human males in this world. Together with Syaoran, they crafted a mighty ritual to erase all filthy men. What was left behind was a world where humanity was composed only of women. All then turned into Sakura and Syaoran's personal lesbian harem. The least they could do for the favor of getting rid of all those idiotic males. The two magical girls could still fertilize their slaves with magic, so humanity wasn't doomed. However it was on their hands. Only those women who amused Sakura and Syaorana would get a chance to become pregnant. The population dwindled in number. A new society arose where satisfying Sakura and Syaorana was the one and only thing that mattered.

So, what are you seeing Sakura-chan?-Tomoyo interrupted Sakura's divination.

Ahahaha, I guess that we would've still become lovers, ahahaha next question please.

My turn now! Mistress Sakura, have you ever thought about using the Twin in Master Syaoran? One feels so good, just imagine what I-eerr-We-eerr-You could do with two!-asked Meiling.

Sakura wondered why she never had used that card before. The Mirror could replicate the looks of somebody else, but not their personality nor their actual abilities. The twin had so much more potential, right?

The card mistress swiftly realized why her instincts had never told her to use the Twins. The clone created by the Mirror was still a card and thus under her control. However the copy produced by the Twin was an independent being. After Sakura turned Syaoran in two to play with the girls, both boys started to compete to see who could better pleasure the girls. Syaoran would not lose to himself. Even if Sakura, Meiling and Tomoyo assured that they loved both boys equally no matter what. One third of the day they were entertained by the first Syaoran. Another third of the day they were entertained by the second. The last third of the time they were entertained by them both. Not only with lots of sex, but also with lots of cooking, Syaoran's other speciality besides magic and physical arts. Sakura, Meiling and Tomoyo's lives became hedonistic heavens. The Syaorans prepared lots of delicious food for them. The Syaorans cleaned them. The Syaorans took them from bed, fucked them, fed them, dressed them up, fed them, fucked them, fed them, took them shopping, fed them, fed them while fucking them, and put them back in bed after they were exhausted, fucking them again into oblivion. Sakura and her friends became completely spoiled. They started to grow fat due to the lack of exercise and constant feeding, first their breasts and asses expanding considerably, then their hips, tummy, arm, legs, necks, cheeks, until all three became three cuddly young blobs of fat. Both Syaorans still loved them. Actually they seemed to want to make the girls even bigger and rounder. Tomoyo tried to keep up with her sewing skills, but as her fingers got fatter, it was harder for the blue haired girl to handle her needles and scissors. And both Syaorans were cooking more and more for them. Soon their clothes wouldn't last the day. The girls tried to wear their old dresses and uniforms but they just broke apart faster as their engorged tummies and teats pushed out. More and more of their cute pink fat broke free from any covers they tried to put on. Even getting through doors started to become harder. Eventually they were stuck in their rooms. Both Syaorans kept feeding them. Sakura started to grow suspicious they were using some kind of magic, but she was now powerless to do anything to stop it, barely able to reach or see anything but her own soft body growing all around her. Whenever she tried to protest one of the Syaoran's would just stuff more food in her mouth, making her grow even bigger. There was no more space in the room to expand, so the walls started to crack as Sakura's body kept expanding. They crumbled down under the pressure and the rest of the house soon followed. Sakura's magic was now out of control, being converted to fat at high speed, her naked flesh crushing the houses in the neighborhood. The card mistress could only flay her arms helplessly as both Syaorans climbed atop her and pulled out their hardened cocks to stuff them simultaneously inside her mouth, cumming directly down Sakura's throat and into her stomach, feeding her wild weight gain...

Sooooo?-asked Meiling, breaking the card mistress's trance.

Hoe...-Sakura didn't even know how to start to explain this one.

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