Sakura's Sex Saga

BY : Maglag
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Mistress Sakura, please leave some for me! You already had plenty of master's cock, don't be so greedy!-begged Meiling as she reached to grab her cousin's hardening dick while the red-haired girl was rubbing her face against it while slowly kissing it. She still couldn't help but feel jealous whenever Sakura was hoggling it all for herself.

Ah, Syaoran-kun, your stupid cock just keeps wanting to do naughty stuff...-followed Tomoyo, starting to nibble and lick Syaoran's skin at the top of his dick, exposing the red tip underneath it. Each day she found herself becoming a little more addicted to it.

Geez, Meiling-chan, Tomoyo-chan, don't push, you know well that Syaoran-kun has more than enough dick for all of us...-Sakura smiled as she saw her two friends crave his boyfriend's manhood this much even after all the action they've had that night. That other girls desired Syaoran's body only made Sakura herself desire him even more.

If you keep doing that...-Syaoran didn't have much words for the treatment he was receiving. Three childish mouths and six hands working on his penis soon made the boy release a new load, and the girls gathering at his crotch found their faces and hair soaked with fresh semen.

Geez, such a waste, Master Syaoran. If you're about to cum, you should just shove it inside one of our holes to fill it...-complained Meiling, trying to scoop as much of the warm semen over her body with her fingers and gluttonously eating it. She considered a sin to let a single drop of her cousin's seed fall to don't enter a girl's body.

I think Syaoran-kun just couldn't decide on time which our holes to use, with such three pretty girls to choose from.- Sakura's smile widened as she rubbed the thick strands of semen that had landed on her body, spreading it around herself as if it was body oil. She so much enjoyed its texture against her skin, to feel completely covered on Syaoran's love.

Sakura-chan's so pretty when she's soaked in sperm from head to toe...-Tomoyo moved to lick the red-haired girl. Sakura-chan's naked flesh and Syaoran's semen. She couldn't have enough of that combination of tastes.

Reimu felt somewhat uncomfortable as she saw the three seemingly insatiable girls giggling to each other before returning to compete between themselves to see which one could touch and tease more an exhausted Syaoran's cock. Although now flacid and reduced, almost cute, it was quickly growing up and becoming harder again under the combined love of the three girls. Reimu's pussy and ass were satisfied, but her throat suddenly felt dry and thirsty. She gulped down, before speaking:

Hey, what's so good about sucking a boy's cock?-asked Reimu, not noticing how her own mouth was starting to salivate.

My, don't tell me you never tried doing it, Reimu-chan?-teased Tomoyo, turning her cum-covered face back momentarily to stick her tongue out at the shrine maiden before returning to licking the cock in front of her, making sure her exploring soft tongue rubbed Sakura's own now and then.

Guh, it just seems so filthy to put such a thing in your mouth...-replied Reimu, licking her lips.

Would you like to try it, Reimu-chan?-asked Sakura in a casual tone, keeping her eyes on Syaoran's cock.

It's not like I want it or...-Reimu's words were interrupted by Meiling pulling the tied up shrine maiden from the room's bed and dragging her trough the floor until her face was at a tongue's reach from Syaoran's bulging dick.

When Mistress Sakura offers you the chance to suck Master Syaoran's cock, you accept, bitch!-shouted Meiling at Reimu. She was fed up with the shrine maiden's stuborn resistance to her Master. Meiling would make sure she was fully broken into submission, another loyal wife for the future head of the Li family. Now.

Here, Reimu-chan, try licking it a bit first...-exemplified Tomoyo with her own tongue while smiling wickedly in front of the shrine maiden's face. She understood Meiling's intention and decided to play along. She felt like this Reimu would make a nice flesh slave after being properly taught.

From her new position, Reimu could feel an overwhelming comined smell of piss and semen coming from Syaoran's dick. It made her feel a bit dizzy being so close to it. She found herself wanting to taste it directly more than anything else. Following Tomoyo's demonstration, Reimu opened her mouth and extended her tongue, starting to lick first the skin at the middle, then the tip, getting her first direct taste of the precum oozing out. She didn't dislike the strong taste. Reimu found herself actually greatly enjoying it as she started to lick more energetically before her lips joined the action and she started hungrily sucking the top of the flesh rod standing in front of her. She found herself enjoying the sensation of her lips forced apart by the thick shaft, the hard tip touching the interior of her mouth.

Suck it better, bitch maiden!-Meiling decided Reimu wasn't doing it with nearly enough vigor and placed her right feet on Reimu's back. She then stepped down with it, forcing the Shrine Maiden to suddenly swallow most of Syaoran's cock. She felt the hard dick suddenly slam against the back of her throat, feeling as if suffocating. Unable to go back up due to the strong leg pushing her down, Reimu instinctively tried to close her teeth over the thick thing rammed down her mouth. To her surprise, Syaoran released a short grunt instead of the cry of pain she was expecting, and Reimu then felt the though meat inside her mouth start to grow, forcing her teeth further apart...

Master Syaoran has trained his whole body for combat, including his dick! Bite all you want, bitch, you'll just make him harder and bigger!-boasted Meiling, fondly rememering the few times she had dared to use her teeth on her cousin's penis, and how each time he rewarded such behavior by violently raping her mouth with said penis to the point Meiling thought he would've broken all of her teeth with his cock.

Hey, Meiling-chan, why didn't you ever told me that?-asked Sakura in an annoyed tone. She always took extra care to don't use her teeth on her true love's dick, and now she was learning that could actually pleasure him more?

Oh, well, it does make Master Syaoran get a bit violent...-started to explain Meiling.

Ignoring their talk, feeling only an overwhelming mix of pain and pleasure on his shaft, Syaoran instinctively grabbed the hair on Reimu's head and started to brutally push it down and up over his dick several times. Syaoran made sure that the bitch maiden's body learned that trying to bite him down there only made him more beastly. As he started to fill her throat with load after load of thick cream. Syaoran could feel the shrine maiden squirm as she started to run out of air. Cum started to ooze not only from her stretched lips but also her nostrils as her stomach was filled and there was nowhere else for seemingly endless semen torrent to go.

...And I don't think Mistress Sakura would enjoy being treated like that.-finished Meiling with a grin on her face. She herself enjoyed some rough pain mixed in with her sex, but her Mistress Sakura was a more delicate flower. That made her feel a bit superior.

Sakura however licked her lips in anticipation. If her beloved Syaoran enjoyed that kind of play, then she wouldn't lose to any other girl and learn how to do it, even if it meant having her jaw crushed. But not today. They had to first make sure Reimu was properly tamed as a new pet for her boyfriend.

Only when his cock was spent after shooting multiple loads again did Syaoran pull Reimu's head up to let her breath, still holding her hair. The shrine maiden felt more violated than she had ever been. Her lower jaw was slacking down after getting her mouth raped, allowing everybody else to see the white semen now stored inside her mouth. She couldn't swallow anymore, but she couldn't bring herself to spitting it either. She wasn't very sure if that was because she was getting addicted to the taste or if she feared further punishment for wasting any of Syaoran's seed already inside her.

Sakura smiled as she looked at Reimu's blank eyes. She could feel it, she had been properly forced into submission. She decided to test it. The card mistress gently grabbed Reimu's face and deep kissed her, using her tongue the scoop up some of the semen in the older girl's mouth. The shrine maiden didn't offer any resistance, letting herself be used. When they pulled apart, Meiling repeated the process, before Tomoyo stole the longest and deepest kiss from the shrine maiden, sucking the last leftovers from Syaoran's semen from inside Reimu's mouth that hadn't rolled down her throat yet. Each younger girl enjoying the touch and taste of the lips and tongues of the shrine maiden mixed with the boy's seed. Reimu was left speechless, struggling to recover her breath, a look of complete submission on her eyes.

You look much cuter when you're not angry Reimu-chan!-praised Sakura without any hint of malice. Clearly what Reimu lacked to become a potential good wife was simply some gentle guidance.

Ah... Just do whatever you want with me...-was all that Reimu could let out, her whole body feeling strangely warm

Tomoyo-chan, can you please release Reimu-chan? I really feel like she won't try to do any more bad stuff to us.-requested Sakura, now licking Syaoran's balls, wondering if there was any more milk stored inside them for that night.

With the request from Sakura, Tomoyo bent down and skilfully undid the biddings on Reimu. Reimu's now free hands moved down her crotch and started massaging her sore, semen soaked pussy.

If you would like to to refresh yourself, the main bathroom's clear now. I can mend your robes while you wash yourself.-said Tomoyo, believing the Shrine Maiden had learned enough for the night and thus earned herself this little reward.

...A hot bath would feel good... How long will you take to heat up the water?-asked Reimu with a grateful smile.

As the shrine maiden was bathing, Meiling said she would keep watch over the bathroom while Syaoran excused himself to perform some last magic rituals for the night.

So, Syaoran-kun, if I had given had taken my cards from the start, he would've impregnated me right away?-wondered Sakura, resting her head on her best friend's shoulder.

Who knows? I guess we'll never find out. But I'm sure you'll have plenty of beautiful babies in a few years.-was Tomoyo's calm reply as she pulled her portable sewing tools.

That's quite nice of you to say...

I just can't wait to record the cute Sakura-chan along her cute babies!-squealed Tomoyo with her eyes sparkling, already lost on her delusions.

Hooeee... Wait, maybe I could use the cards as a tarot to discover the answer!

Without delay, Sakura started spreading the cards on the floor as she had done long ago. As she started flipping them, she felt herself enter a trance and her vision blurred...


Sakura was 10 years old, watching a 10 year old Syaoran demand the Clow Cards captured from her so that he could finish the job faster. Sakura felt strange being near him. A feeling she had never felt for anybody else. It made her confused, so she tried to ignore it and resist... But then something changed. Sakura felt an urge wanting to please this chinese boy she had just met. Different from what she fell for her father. Different from what she felt for Yukito. Different from anything she had ever felt for anyone else. She wanted him. Swallowing her inhibitions, Sakura handed over her cards.

Wait, you're really giving them to me?-asked a suddenly confused Syaoran, blushing.

Y-yes. But you have to let me help you finish catching the Clow Cards as well!-firmly declared Sakura, while blushing deeply as well.


Tsk, fine...-replied Syaoran, avertig his gaze from her while slowly grabbing the cards from the red-haired girl. There was a moment of awkward silenc, then he suddenly grabed her arm and started to drag her across the school courtyard.

W-wait, where are you taking me?-Sakura was surprised at the boy's strong grasp and didn't put any resistance.

Syaoran ignored her question and soon found an isolated storage room that didn't seem to have anybody else inside and pushed Sakura inside, knocking her down on the floor. He slammed the door shut and then walked until he was standing right next to the fallen girl.

Hhooeee...-Sakura's mind couldn't really understand what was just happening. She felt a mix of fear and excitement as her eyes met Syaoran's glare towards her. She couldn't move.

The boy then lowered himself over the fallen girl, grabbed her shirt with both his hands, and pulled it in opposite directions, easily ripping the fabric apart, revealing her pink flat chest below.

KYAA! W-what are you doing?-Sakura suddenly felt quite embarassed at revealing that part of her body to a boy. Not even her father and brother had seen her like that for years now.

S-shut up! I have to make sure you're not hiding any more Clow Cards!-said Syaoran as he grabbed and ripped the remaining pieces of Sakura's clothing, until she was left completely naked on the floor. Even the staff key was yanked out from her neck and thrown out unceremoniously together with the pile of destroyed clothing, for the boy was much more interested in seeing more of Sakura's still immature but well developing body.

Syaoran then paused for a moment, admiring the bare skinned girl below him. An healthy pink tone over her whole body, athletic but still feminine. Sakura saw a look on his eyes like she had never seen on anyone else before. Desire, no, beastly hunger, as if the boy was planning to devour her.

No! Don't stare at me like that! I don't want to be eaten!-Sakura crawled back against a corner crying, trying to cover her exposed nipples and pussy with her hands as best as she could.

Syaoran felt his school shorts tighten up painfully as his dick grew inside them and stretched the fabric. He pulled them down, and then his shirt since he suddenly was feeling quite hot, keeping only his briefs, where a quite a large bulge on his crotch was now visible.

Sakura couldn't help but admire the young boy's musculature as he slowly approached her. When he started to use his discarded clothing to tie her up her arms and legs, Sakura tried to resist some more, but the boy skillfully turned her strength against herself, soon immobilizing her limbs. Syaoran proceeded to softly finger her pussy and ass, taking care not to go too deep, licking and caressing her arms and hands, her legs and feets, her tummy and chest, her face and neck, every inch of the girl's soft, firm skin, examining every part of her body with his tongue and fingers. Her cries soon changed to soft moans and he felt her crotch starting to get wet and her tiny nipples stiffen. She seemed quite healthy on top of being pretty. Soon to be of child-bearing age, if not capable right now. His mother would surely approve of this girl, even if she had willingly given up on the clow cards. He then stood up and pulled down his briefs, releasing his massive erect cock right in front to Sakura's face.

You know what this is?-asked Syaoran, starting to slowly jerk himself in front of the girl staring at his member with a mix of fear and curiosity on her eyes.

It's a penis... Father and brother have one... But theirs is much smaller...-Sakura was mesmerized by the bulging piece of meat with large veins at the side and the bulbous head covered with a patch of skin, emanting a smell of piss and something else...

And you know what it is used for?-Syaoran himself wasn't very sure what to do now.

It's what boys use to pee... And also to put their semen inside the girls they love so that they can have babies...-Sakura noticed a thick white fluid starting to ooze from the tip of Syaoran's cock. It didn't look like pee.

And where do exactly in a girl does a boy needs to fit it in?-continued Syaoran, rubbing his cock a bit against Sakura's cheek, making the girl tremble a little from the contact.

Ah... How it was called? My cunny?-Sakura felt a sudden urge to turn her head and try to lick that strange piece of meat, but a part of her mind told her that it would be dirty, since it was from where Syaoran peed.

And where is your cunny?-Syaoran pulled back his cock from Sakura's face, and could swear he saw an hint of disappointment on the girl's face.

B-between my legs... Just below my pee hole...-Sakura was feeling a strange warmth on her body. She suddenly wished Syaoran would piss on her mouth. On her body. On her cunny. She wanted to be made dirty by that boy.

Here?-Syaoran lowered his cock so it now pointed to Sakura's childish, puffy pussy. Not a single hair. Almost like the one of a baby. He rubbed a bit the tip over it.

If you put your penis there... You may make me pregnant...-Sakura really wanted to be able to touch her pussy now... But she wanted more for Syaoran to touch it.

No. I Intend to make you pregnant for sure. You want it?-Syaoran started to push his dick against the girl's pussy, spreading apart her lips and revealing the holes underneath.

Y-yes... Please make me pregnant with your penis! Please make a baby inside me!-Sakura was starting to feel her head warm and foggy from the treatment she was receiving. She didn't understand why was she now begging to bear his children. She just knew she wanted it.

Syaoran started forcing his cock inside the girl's special hole, soon feeling resistance from her tight flesh. He shoved in harder, spreading the girl's walls apart with his hard tool.

I-It hurts!-cried out Sakura, tears starting to roll down her eyes. Syaoran seemed to realize he was basically raping a girl he had just met hours ago and stopped with a sudden feel of shame.

I-I didn't tell you to stop! It's also feeling kinda funny! Keep going please!-begged the tied up Sakura with watery eyes, her face trembling between sadness and happiness.

Syaoran didn't need any more incentive to resume his thrusts forwards, slowly tearing open Sakura's 10 year old vagina, her red virginity rolling down his meat shaft. As he reached deeper inside, Sakura's cries started changing into moans and her blushing face changed to one of ectasy. This excited Syaoran even more and he kept pushing inside her, until he felt the little girl clamp down her vagina walls over his cock as her body spammed and she orgasmed for the first time on her life, her eyes rolling up her head in a look of ectasy while she started to drool out from her mouth. Sakura then felt Syaoran's cock starting to cum inside her, filling her vagina and womb with something warm and creamy. She orgasmed again in sucession.

Sakura-chan's so cute when she comes!-squealed a girlish voice from behind a near piece of furniture.

A startled Syaoran pulled away from Sakura and stumbled over the floor to see where the noise had came from. She saw another girl with pale white skin, long blue hair and wearing the local school uniform, clearly belonging to their class, crouching on the floor and holding a recording video camera with one hand and the other moving rapidly inside her panties below her lifted skirt.

Syaoran grabbed the girl's arm holding her camera and lifted her up. He felt some resistance from her, but she was so weak and light that Syaoran could easily move her around at his leisure. Combined with her long, plain hair and white skin, she felt more like a life-sized doll than an actual girl. Syaoran looked closer at her face and noticed a key difference in her looks between the classroom and this storage room. Before she had a calm, composed look on her face, but now her expression was one of unsatisfied lust and.anxiety. While staring intensely at the tied up and drooling Sakura, still recovering from her double orgasm.

Ah, Tomoyo-chan, you're here too...?-asked an half-dazed Sakura, noticing the blue-haired girl being held by Syaoran.

Of course! I wouldn't miss Sakura-chan's first fuck in the school! I recorded every moment!-Tomoyo's eyes sparkled with joy as she admitted she had been watching her "best friend" getting raped and enjoyed looking at it.

You just stood there watching your friend getting abused?-asked an incredulous Syaoran.

Sakura-chan's wonderful at everything she does! I record her best moments so we can rememer them together!-squealed an excited Tomoyo, still not believing she had managed to get a video of Sakura being creampied by an handsome boy.

Syaoran sighed and easily forced Tomoyo's hand open, taking her camera, helding it high.

Ah. give it back! My precious memories of Sakura-chan!-begged Tomoyo, her face suddenly changing to panic as she helplessly tried to take her camera back from Syaoran. The boy was amused by how little strength she had. He had grown up on a family filled with warrior women after all, and even that Sakura girl at least had showed some good energy on her limbs.

What would you give for this camera, weak girl?-teased Syaoran.

N-name your price and I'll pay it!-replied Tomoyo with a sudden serious face, pulling a golden credit card from inside her blouse.

I don't need money.-replied Syaoran with a frown-Give me your virginity as well.

Tomoyo blushed momentarily at the request. She considered her options. Sakura was still had her idiotic look on her face as cum oozed out from her pussy. Syaoran had just made her his. Sakura would follow and obey him as a good puppy from now on, in particular because she didn't have to worry about the Clow Cards anymore. The boy clearly couldn't be ought off with money either. And he wasn't from Japan so blackmail didn't seem like it would do much. Tomoyo's own body seemed to be the only trading chip she had to remain close to her beloved Sakura.


I'll do it if you let me clean Sakura-chan with my tongue while you impregnate me. And every time you do it together, I want to be there to record it, and after that you can do whatever you want with my body as well, as long as I get some time with Sakura-chan...-replied the blue haired girl in a falsely innocent tone while looking to the floor and twirling her thumbs nervously.

Syaoran had first thought Tomoyo was some sort of crazy friend. Turns out she was a precocious horny lesbian.

It's a deal. Wait just a moment while I set things up...-said Syaoran as he picked up the tied up Sakura and put her over an old wooden table.

Now bend over and hold to it-ordered the boy, and Tomoyo obeyed, grabbing the table edges with her delicate hands. As her 10-year old ass stuck up on the air, Tomoyo's mouth had direct acess to Sakura's pussy soaked in semen. Sakura's pink pussy. How she had longed for it to kiss it, to lick it, to eat her up... Now so close... Tomoyo was so focused with what was in front of her that she barely noticed Syaoran ripping her panties off from her legs, feeling her wet white pussy with his fingers, before positioning his hard cock at its entrance.

When he finally pushed inside, he slided in easier than in Sakura. He wasn't sure if that was because Tomoyo's inner muscles were weaker and could offer little resistance as she was torn apart from inside by the hard shaft, or if Syaoran was simply holding back less with this clearly already depraved girl.Perhaps both. She tried to pull away but Syaoran's strong hands had a tight grasp of her ass. Meanwhile Sakura could see how Tomoyo's mouth lay open for a few seconds as she stared into the ceiling, and then she started screaming in pain as tears came down her eyes. This made Syaoran even more excited and penetrate the doll-like girl harder, that in turn made her scream more, in a vicious cycle of pain and pleasure.

It's alright Tomoyo-chan, it will soon start to feel real good, you'll see-smiled Sakura as she conforted her friends

This made Tomoyo stop crying for a moment, and then she noticed indeed she was feeling a strange warmth in her pussy. A boy was making her feel good with his stupid dick that Sakura had enjoyed. How was it possible? Tomoyo's cries changed to low moans, and she started licking the remains of Sakura's virginity mixed with Syaoran's semen from the pussy in front of her. She found it delicious.

Ah, Tomoyo-chan, what are you doing? I'm dirty down there!-cried out Sakura, not understanding why her best friend was licking her pussy.

The scene from seeing the blue-haired girl eating out the red-haired girl while being pounded from behind excited Syaoran, and he soon creampied Tomoyo as well, cum overflowing out of her tight pussy and down her trembling legs, making the girl orgasm as well. Sakura soon joined them as Tomoyo found her clit and gently nibbled it

Syaoran kept alternating between both girl's pussies for the rest of the day, making the girl being pounded lick the other one's pussy each time, and leaving Tomoyo's camera recording everything. Even as the girls lost consciousness from the exhaustion he kept fucking their limp bodies for another hour, feeling them orgasm even as they had no more energy to move, until his cock finally went limp. He exited the storage room, leaving a naked Tomoyo laying tummy down over a Sakura fallen on the floor, both soaked in cum and sweat and their own piss since there had been no pauses for them to relieve their other necessities and the ended peeing themselves while being fucked nonstop. Syaoran warned them that tommorrow he would repeat everything with them and some more, and was satisfied with seeing them both agree with slight nods of their heads.

As she laid on the floor, her womb overflowing with cum, Sakura felt something else she had never felt before thanks to her magic senses. She ovulated for the first time on her life, not one but two mystic ovums that soon met with Syaoran's magic sperm still moving inside her, quickly fertilizing them. Some may call it was a coincidence, but Sakura then knew it was fate that she and Syaoran were meant to be together forever as she felt twin lifes starting to grow inside of her tummy just a few hours after having met that boy.

The next months were a blur on Sakura's tarot visions. Syaoran quickly and skillfully captured the Clow Cards. He let sakura keep her Sealing Wand, giving her the honor of making the final capturing move on each of the mischievous cards. Syaoran's cousin Meiling arrived at Tomoeda challenging Sakura for Syaoran's heart in a sex competition. Syaoran was the winner, taking both of them. He soon took Naoko and Rei's virginity, and taught Tomoyo's mother, Sonomi, the pleasures of a flesh dick. When they took a trip to Hong-Kong, Syaoran finally rebelled against his cold mother and abusive sisters and raped all of their holes multiple times in a 3-day non-stop orgy, establishing himself as the unquestionable man of the Li family. Syaoran also helped an ancient evil ghost pass onto the afterlife by violating her until she reached heaven. Syaoran later defeated Yue in the Final Judgement by forcing him to turn into a woman angel and fucking her fresh new pussy to complete exhaustion.

And all the while Sakura's tummy started to visibly bulge. Syaoran used the Mirror to produce an illusory double of her old self to go to school and back to her house while she herself now remained most of the time at Syaoran's home, where she learned new techniques in how to use her ass and mouth to pleasure her beloved from Meiling. One day when Syaoran was returning from school, Sakura was awaiting him wearing only long white gloves on her arms and white high tights on her legs, with pink ribbons on her neck, pulses and hips, leaving the rest of her body completely exposed. The contrast between her now clearly pregnant belly and childish chest and pussy seemed to arouse Syaoran. Sakura invited him to hold her stretched belly from behind with both hands. He obeyed and felt small kicks coming from inside the girl's belly.

I'll take responsabilitly... Sakura-chan-said Syaoran blushing heavily.

Sakura smiled in profound happiness. It was the first time Syaoran had called her by his first name. He was a lot more shy with his words than with his body It had felt somewhat weird to start their relationship by uniting their flesh, but now their souls were as one as well.

I love you...Syaoran-kun-Sakura turned her head back and their mouths reached to each other and they took a long, deep kiss while mixing their tongues, also for the first time.


Tomoyo and Meiling's tummies also started showing bulges, only natural since Syaoran creampied them both multiple times every day. Sonomi, Rei and Naoko were soon showing signs of pregnancy as well, and news came from Hong-Kong that her mother and sisters had been sucessfully knocked up as well. Still Sakura would give birth to the first of Syaoran's many coming children.

As Sakura entered her 8th month of pregnancy, her belly had stretched out to an obscene size for a 11 year old girl, as big if not bigger than the rest of her body and falling downward as Sakura had been blessed with twin childs, something that neither of the other girls fertilized by Syaoran seemed to have gotten lucky with. Sakura struggled to even walk upward, but she always had a bright smile on her face, every day a feeling of ectasy from Syaoran fucking her with bigger enthusiasm every day, her close female friend's intimidate affections as every other of Syaoran's lovers seemed to want to lick and kiss Sakura's body for a chance to be blessed with her good fertility, and just feeling the new lifes grow inside her

Eriol appeared with his dirty tricks, and the card captor boy beated the newcomer's challenges one after another by converting the Clow Cards in green Syaoran cards. At the end of their last confrontation, he claimed Ruby Moon and Kaho Mizukias an extra prize for his growing harem. Syaoran became the unquestionable Card Master.

Eventually Sakura gave birth to a cute chestnut-haired baby boy and a cute red-haired baby girl. Not long after that Tomoyo gave birth to a pale but healthy blue-haired baby girl, and Meiling gave birth to a loud-crying baby girl with jet-black hair and an amazing strong grip. Syaoran put female Yue and several of the cards to good use as the children's baby-sitters, leaving him free to use his now even bigger cock to tighten up and creampie the girl's worn-out pussies all over again.


12 year old Sakura blushed and drooled herself at the visions she was receiving from her cards from this alternate reality. But then she managed to recompose herself. Dreaming was good, but she couldn't herself get lost on it. She was still young, she had magic powers, there would be plenty of opportunity for her to bear Syaoran's children on the future! One thing however remained on her mind-if Syaoran had “froze” her first ovulation with magic, would that mean that when he finally removed his charm, he would have twins again? The thought felt her with motherly eagerness. Yes, twins would be best for her first pregnancy...


Reimu exited the Li's apartment main bathroom wrapped up in a towel and with a look of satisfaction on her face. Ceramic tiles. A working toilet. Constant clean water, warm or cold at her preference. This world was looking better and better. That Syaoran had covered her remaining spellcards with sealing jufus and said he would remove them when and if she proved she could be trusted but that didn't worry her too much. They really seemed like nice kids. She didn't even feel annoyed that she had lost some of her spellcards that night. Victor takes the spoils they want, it was one of the very rules Reimu enforced as a shrine maiden in Gensokyo.

Please teach me your family's martial arts! Teach me how to use those needles of yours!-suddenly asked a voice behind her.

Reimu turned and found herself staring back a girl with black hair, parted in the middle, into two buns on either side of her head and the rest hanging down.

Your name was Meiling, right kid?


You're chinese?


You're a normal person that loves martial arts that don't involve inner magic ability and wants to use them to guard something very important to you without actually expecting any significant reward in the future?

H-How did you know that?

I'm good at hunches. But you already looked pretty good at martial arts tonight.

I'm not good enough! I wanted to help and ended squirming on the ground right after starting to fight!

You hit one of my barriers with your bare hands and were still standing. That alone is reason for pride in your martial ability, Meiling.


My borders are both offense and defense. Anybody but me touching them directly will be inflicted with great disabling pain. But you not only resisted it, you also managed to make it budge a bit. I only remember one other person who could do so. She may make a good teacher for you. Not me however, you're asking the wrong person. I kinda fight on instinct. Not something I can easily pass to another...

I'll pay you!-Meiling pulled a large stack of bills, each with multiple zeros, from her blouse. Her allowance from the Li family for the week, a last desesperate gamble. Even if Reimu looked like a piss-poor person, there was no guarantee whatsoever she would sell off her clan's secrets for material gain.

The shrine maiden's eyes flashed at the sight of so much money. She wouldn't need to plunder for food and drink for quite some time with that, in this world or the other. Sure, they usually used old coins in Gensokyo, but Korindou was always willing to trade in other forms of currency.

So, when do we start?-asked Reimu, picking the bills from Meiling's hand.

Now. The night's still young. There's a training room at the end of this hall. Go grab your clothes from Tomoyo and meet me there.



AUTHOR'S WARNING: This last part of the chapter is written in a considerably darker tone and eventually includes much more twisted sex. Read it at your own discretion. If you feel like it's becoming too much for your tastes, then stop, because it will only descend into even more sick stuff. You won't lose much of the plot anyway.



Sakura couldn't resist and decided to peek into that alternate reality a bit more...


Sakura thought that Syaoran's magic trials were finally over and they could lay down and relax for a bit with his harem, spend some time with his many new kids, perhaps go dating with his girlfriends instead of simply fucking their brains out. Alas Clow was a complete dick and had left them last nasty surprise: The Nothing Card, a little whiny bitch that appeared out of nowhere to try to steal everything they had worked so far to build up. When they contacted Eriol for explanations, he told them that this last Clow Card would make the one with greatest magic nearby at the moment she was sealed to forget their feelings and intimiate memories for all other people they cared about.

Sakura-chan, you'll do the sealing, but I'll sacrifice my feelings. I'm sure I'll fall in love with you all over again-stoically told Syaoran to his beloved.

B-but why must be you? I'll rather sacrifice my own feelings than seeing you forget all our memories together!-cried out Sakura, trembling.

Calm down. You're the emotional support of our family. It's your cheerfulness and bright spirit that inspires us-That inspires me to move forward ever since I arrived at Tomoeda. As long as you keep that up, everything will be alright. Isn't that what you always say? Your personal invincible spell?

*Sniff* Very well, Syaoran-kun... I'll seduce you back to me right away, you'll see!

It was the only promise Syaoran ever did to Sakura that he didn't keep. The Nothing Card didn't just make him forget about his loved ones once. She kept draining any new intimate memories. Syaoran became a cold, distant man, unable to open his heart to anyone.

He still felt carnal lust, and kept fucking the girls he had seduced before, still showing preference for Sakura over all others. But it was simply a body memory now. Syaoran still felt animalistic urges and satisfied them by ravishing the bodies of women until he was satisfied, and like a favorite dish, Sakura's flesh pleasured him more than that of any other young woman. Yet he cared not for their feelings. He used and dicarded them as objects when he felt like it, foreplay only to get them well lubricated so he could impale them easier on his now horse-like cock, and no caressing or sweet words afterward.

Sakura did her best to keep her side of the promise, showering her children and those of her friends impregnated by Syaoran as well with as much love as she could, to try to make up for their missing dad. But who would give love Sakura? She still only had eyes for Syaoran, unable to forget their happy memories together. She dressed in fancy clothes, teased him with her every move and word, cooked and sewed for him, even managed to learn some magic tricks of her own with his mother and sister's help. Yet at best Syaoran would simply carnally possess her and just when Sakura believed she had managed to awaken something in the cold man, he would throw away the red haired woman as a worn-out cloth. Sakura and Syaoran got married in public and even had an honeymoon around the world, but it was a political arrangement. The head of the Li clan needed a beautiful, loyal wife to show off in public besides pleasuring him in bed.

Unknown to Sakura, Tomoyo's deep love for her started to turn into vitriolic hate. She could've understood if her Sakura ignored the blue-haired woman's feelings because there was somebody else that was loving her back. But instead Sakura now wasted her charms in an heartless man. It drove Tomoyo mad inside. Still she smiled and kept playing the role of a good friend to Sakura, while slowly and methodically planning a revenge for her scorned love. She started secretly collecting more and more sophisticated torture equipment of all kinds.

Meanwhile Meiling grew cold towards Sakura. She openly blamed her for Syaoran's condition, acusing her of breaking the prophecy by not becoming the card mistress herself and thus taking the Nothing card's curse herself. Sakura tried to argue once that even if she had become the card mistress, Syaoran would've surely found a way to be the one sacrificing his feelings. Meiling replied by delivering a powerful kick strong enough to shatter stone towards Sakura's crotch, piercing her panties and the chinese woman penetrated the red-haired woman's pussy with her foot. The toes moving inside her vagina hurted like hell, but Sakura couldn't pull out the stronger woman's leg out, and was soon fallen on the ground crying in pain while Meiling violated her with her foot with a look of smug satisfaction on her face, penetrating it deeper up to her ankle, almost her knee... Only when Sakura had no more strength to scream or tears to cry, being reduced to little more than a rag doll, did Meiling relaxed her leg and removed it from Sakura's bleeding and abused pussy. This started to become a tradition whenever they met. Sakura said something that displeased Meiling and the chinese woman would violate one of lower her holes with her legs honed by years of martial arts training. Occasionally some of the other of Syaoran's women heard Sakura's cries, but none dared to help her. Meiling was now the strongest of Syaoran's lovers, and also his first. The only ones who may dare to stand up against her were Syaoran's own sisters, but for obvious reasons those favored Meiling over the “japanese slut“ that had stolen their beloved Syaoran's emotions.

21 years old Sakura Kinomoto looked herself on the mirror. She was a young adult woman now with matured curves. She kept in shape despite the many children she had birthed, boasting an elegant and slender body. Except for the two massive balls of flesh and fat hanging from her chest, milk dripping from their nipples. They were big enough that Sakura could easily pull them up towards her mouth and suck her own mother milk nowadays, which she regularly did when she found herself forced to pleasure herself. Her children that were already in school still asked now and then to suck on her lactating tits as well, and Sakura couldn't help but spoil them by satisfying their requests. It felt extremely comforting to hold the smaller bodies close to her oversized chest and letting them suck until satisfied.

Indeed Sakura usually found spiritual solace on her role as a mother. She cared and played with them at every opportunity, taking them to travel, showering them with presents and spoiling the hell out of them at every opportunity, while making sure to teach them good manners and responsibility. Her children grew healthy and became cuter every day Sakura developed deep maternal bonds with the other children of her husband as well. None could deny Sakura was doing a great job as a mother and housewife, except she seemed to favor one particular child over the others: her first and only son. Curiously enough Syaoran's seed, although quite fertile, had produced a single male heir and multiple girls, much like his own father before. And the new boy each day looked more and more like Syaoran when Sakura had first met him. Even when they bathed Sakura could see his cock was developing at a prodigious rate...

Sakura found her showings of affection towards her son become less as those of a mother and more as those of a lover. She started to push her adult tongue into the young boy's mouth when they kissed. She rubbed her cow-like breasts over him at every opportunity. She insisted on bathing him every day, carefully examining his cock for “health reasons”. The boy started to become confused at the way her mother treated him, but he still showed her back signs of affection, making Sakura's heart race, and her pussy tingle.

Finally after his 10th birthday, Sakura couldn't hold back anymore. She took her son to her bedroom when nobody else was around, stripped them both naked and raped him with all her holes. She swallowed his cock and balls whole with her trained throat until she made the boy cum for the first time in his life, savoring his young semen. She made him ride her bare pussy while using her tits as a holding pillow, and then got on all four and ordered him to penetrate her ass. The boy obediently complied at every step, fully trusting his mother. On one side this excited Sakura even more, having discovered a new personal fucktoy quite similar to her husband that actually loved her. On the other it disappointed Sakura that the boy seemed to lack initiative in sexual matters. But it was only natural when she thought about it, the boy couldn't help but see the horny grown woman that frequently smoothered him with her massive breasts as the dominant part. No, what she needed was some innocent cute little girls to teach his son how to become the dominant side on sex...

His twin sister, Sakura's elder daughter, was her first choice. She resembled Sakura herself when she was little, except she had grown her red hair down her waist. She always had shown a great dedication for her brother, beyond simple sibling love, and Sakura suspected that if not the mother, then the sister would've been the one taking the boy's virginity. Well, she had snatched him first. Let that be a lesson for her daughter. Over a private night she taught the young girl how to properly kiss and fingered her holes lightly, before she placed her along his brother and saw how they naturally started fucking like rabbits. Sakura felt happier than she had in years.

She didn't stop there. Soon enough Sakura was seducing her own younger daughters, as well as the other daughters of Syaoran down to 7 years old, teaching them how to use their tiny tongues and fingers to pleasure themselves and others, and then having her son fuck their young brains out. They were probably too young to be impregnated, but Sakura found herself wishing to see those tiny tummies start to swell out like her own had ten years ago... All along Sakura believed she had managed to be discrete, but as always she underestimated Tomoyo's ability of surveillance.

Sakura had never seen Syaoran get as angry as he became after witnessing the videos Tomoyo had recorded of her latest naughtyness. For a moment Sakura hoped this was the dawn of emotions on his side. Instead, it was just cold calculations again. Word coming out that Sakura Li was an incestuous pedo towards her own children would severly damage the image of the Li Clan. Syaoran declared that Sakura was due for some severe punishment. He asked his two next main wifes, Meiling and Tomoyo, for advice. The chinese woman had a strong, somewhat muscled body with sizeable breasts, still not as obscene as Sakura, while Tomoyo remained her delicate and slender doll-like figure, barely having any visible curves, but her long hair and soft pale skin still gave her a strong feminine complexion.

Master-started her cousin in a disciplined tone-Standard penalty would be execution for this kind of shameful act, but Sakura served you well until now. I suggest imprisonment on the catacoms for a few decades so she can reflect on her sins.

I'm also against execution-continued Tomoyo, malice clear in her tone-But only because I believe death would be too good for this dirty cum-hungry whore. No, she must be punished thoroughly....

Sakura couldn't hear anymore as Tomoyo lowered her head to whisper poisonous words in Syaoran's ears, wickedly smiling all the time. When she finished, Syaoran nodded and used the Sleep card on Sakura to make her lose consciousness.

When she woke up, Sakura found herself in a dark room, naked and chained up with her limbs stretched out across the posts of a bed. Ropes had been tied tightly around her shoulders and hips, blocking the blood circulation to her limbs, that felt numb. Syaoran was sitting on a chair in front, while Meiling knelt at his right side with a nurse uniform, while Tomoyo knelt at his left side clad in a leather set with corset, long gloves and knee-high boots.

Begin.-ordered Syaoran, summoning the Sword and placing it on Tomoyo's hands.

The blue haired woman grasped the weapon with elegance and seductively walked towards Sakura, smiling warmly. Then she swinged her weapon down as a flash, and Sakura suddenly could no longer feel her right arm at all. Looking to her side, Sakura saw that she only had a bleeding stump attached to her right shoulder. The blade had been so fast and sharp she hadn't felt anything when it cut her skin, flesh and bone, but now her body started to realize the pain from the amputation.

AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!-Sakura screamed her lungs out.

Tomoyo's smile widened as she licked Sakura's blood from her sword, and slowly walked across the bed, slicing off Sakura's legs one by one and then her remaining arm. The red-haired woman was reduced to a torso with a head, two huge breasts and four short bleeding stumps attached, helplessly moving around. Sakura kept screaming. Was this her punishment? To be reduced to an amputee?

Sakura dear, please quiet down a bit-requested Tomoyo, sitting at her side over the bed.

Sakura kept crying at the top of her lungs, so Tomoyo punched her face. Once. Twice. Thrice. Sakura soon lost count of the number of punches. Tomoyo's arms were weak as always, but she was wearing rough leather gloves and Sakura's face skin was still as soft as when she was a little girl, so soon enough Saukura's face was left a pained bloodied bruise. She then noticed somewhat a relief on her stumps, and saw that Meiling was silently applying healing lotions to the raw wounds before strapping in bandages.

Sakura then heard Syaoran rise from his chair and unfasten his pants, releasing his dark horse-long cock, already erect. He was excited. Having seen Sakura's limbs been sliced away and then her beaten into silence had excited him. He easily lifted Sakura by her arm stumps, and pointed his hard dick at her pussy. She then realized how truly helpless she had become. She couldn't hold anything anymore. She couldn't walk or even stand up on her own. She felt and was completely powerless. All that remained from Sakura were her fuck holes and breasts. Syaoran lowered her mutilated body and violently penetrated her. He moved the amputee Sakura up and down his shaft as if she was a flesh sleeve. She felt an orgasm built up, and as Syaoran filled her womb with his thick cream, He pulled out his still hard cock from her pussy and plunged into her ass, making her scream again. He didn't seem to mind it as he forced Sakura's limbless body up and down his massive meat shaft, tearing her anus. She had no way to resist or change his actions. She could just cry and drool as her ass was raped. Soon Syaoran cummed inside Sakura's guts, and the red-haired woman couldn't help but orgasm again. Her body didn't feel her own anymore. It was Syaoran's body now. As if confirming her thoughts, Syaoran laid her down on the bed, holding her head down and forcing Sakura to start sucking him off, almost dislodging her jaw due to his girth. He raped her mouth for several minutes before directly filling her stomatch with semen, and as he pulled out he finished blowing his load all over her face, hair, tits and body, covering her in his smelly cream, that Sakura had no way to clean from herself.

Quite enjoyable. You did a good job, Tomoyo. I expect you to hold your side of the bargain.-was all that Syaoran said as he stored his cock inside his pants again and closed them, before exiting the room followed by Meiling with her head lowered, neither of them looking back for a moment.

W-why, Tomoyo-chan...?-managed to let out the limbless Sakura between sobs as the blue-haired woman slowly lowered herself over her, massaging her still sore stumps.

Sakura dear, for your sins against the Li Clan you're now Syaoran's personal flesh fuck toy. Sakura's only purpose on life from now on will be to wait for Syaoran to have his carnal urges and fuck Sakura's brains out... But while Syaoran doesn't feel like using you, Tomoyo get to take care and play with Sakura all she wants! I get to bathe you and clean you and feed you... I already have some cute dresses ready to try out on you! It will be just like old times! Plus some brand new toys I'm dying to try out on you! We'll have so much fun...-Tomoyo squealed as she started pulling vibrators of multiple sizes from under the bed, needles, candles and piercing, rope and small hooks, batteries and cables. Sakura started crying again, but Tomoyo didn't seem to mind it.

Everything became even blurrier from then on. Tomoyo stuck all kind of things in Sakura's skin and holes. She personally used huge strap-ons to rape Sakura's pussy, ass and mouth for hours while hungrily sucking her breasts. She recorded everything from multiple angles, then made her watch her compilations when she had to leave. Syaoran visited her at least twice per day to relieve his cock with her holes and cover her inside out with semen. Sakura found out she could still get pregnant as soon her belly started to become round again which seemed to please Syaoran even more. She learned how to crawl trough the floor at slow speed using her remaining stumps, leading to Tomoyo sometimes treating her as an pet, making her move from one side to the other to earn food. Meiling sometimes came to fist her ass, but Sakura's mind was already completely broken. Other women and girls sometimes passed by the room and abused Sakura, but she had trouble recognizing them. Sakura thought she heard some of them call her “mom” or “mommy” before ramming thick dildos in her ass, biting her nipples or ramming tiny arms in her sloppy pussy. Sakura is a good flesh fuck toy. Please use Sakura to your heart's contents. Please mess up Sakura's holes good...


Sakura-chan, snap out of it!

Sakura felt a pair of hands hold her arms. Arms. She had arms! And legs!

S-Syaoran-kun?-asked the trembling girl, recognizing the voice from her beloved.

You were diving too far into alternate realities, Sakura-chan! It's too dangerous!

I was so scared... I won't do it again. Now please hug me...

Syaoran tenderly embraced Sakura, and felt her wrap back her arms and legs around him. Sakura was becoming a bit of a clingy girl. He needed to think of a way to solve that...


(Author's final note: Writing drunk again. And now I really want to write a more detailed AU fic of “Girl Captor Syaoran”, where he not only gets all the cards for himself, but also starts collecting every named free girl on the series. And Eriol's girls, because honestly fuck that dirty old man disguised as a boy. Anyone interested in reading that?).

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